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Love and Politics Go Awry in James Sturm's 'Off Season'

None Three things I strongly suspect are true about graphic novelist James Sturm: he is or has been married, he has kids, he doesn't have a dog head. Of the three, I'm least certain of the last. I also really, really hope he didn't vote for Jill Stein instead of Hillary Clinton in 2016, but honestly I have no idea. The latter comment is oddly central to Off Season, a graphic novel set in the aftermath of the 2016 US presidential election, which both frames and represents the marital turmoil of...
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Question of the Week: What do you think about third-party candidates for president in 2020?

In most any other democracy on Earth, having a third- — or fourth-, or fifth- — party candidate become a major player in a presidential or prime ministerial election would not be an aberration at all. It would be the norm. In our nation, though the names of the two strongest parties often changed up until the mid-19th century, no third-party candidate has ever won the presidential election. Not that such candidates have not had an influence on presidential polling. In 1912, Theodore Roosevelt, w...
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Board Question #91971: The writers in 2012 weren't too keen on answering Board ...

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,The writers in 2012 weren't too keen on answering Board Question #68368, citing it was tedious and there was no known reason. Looking at the dates, there was a reason: something big happened within a day or two of the date listed (New York Times, September 10th 2001 tipped me off). I won't repeat the question, but what might be the big events that this reader was subtly referencing? (and for bonus points, something that did happen on that unsuspecting overlooked day in his...
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President Trump’s State of the Union Changed History ~ VIDEO

Opinion USA – -( President Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address was that kind of speech. If you have not seen it, you should watch it online. Reading it will only convey 10 percent of its power. It was the interaction of the President with the members of Congress and the audience in the galleries that was so compelling. The emotions of that night matched anything President Ronald Reagan achieved in his addresses to Congress. From the early mentions of people in the gallery – ...
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Africa Roundup: Zimbabwe’s net blackout, Partech’s $143M fund, Andela’s $100M raise, Flutterwave’s pivot

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa. More posts by this contributor Partech is doubling the size of its African venture fund to $143 million Zimbabwe’s government faces off against its tech community over internet restrictions A high court in Zimbabwe ended the government’s restrictions on internet and social media last month. After days of intermittent bla...
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House lawmakers finally let climate scientists set the record straight

For the past couple of years, the Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology has publicly disparaged and disputed climate science.  The lawmaking committee's official Twitter account promoted blogs from Breitbart News arguing that the climate is cooling, called the government's own 2,000-page climate report "a press release from environmental pressure groups," and cited an article that labeled the historic Paris climate agreement a "fossil-f...
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The Three Major Problems with a Carbon Tax

When it comes to energy policy, Washington has one resource that appears infinitely renewable: carbon-tax proposals. Al Gore proposed a carbon tax back in 1992. The latest iteration of the carbon tax is the “carbon dividend” plan, which was endorsed last month by a group of Nobel-winning economists, chairs of the Federal Reserve, and two former Treasury secretaries.
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The Washington Post Super Bowl ad is a great ad for the product — journalism — but where can I get it — at The Washington Post?

There are ads that make you want to drink soda but don't make you want to drink the soda the ad is for. It may even drive you toward a competing brand....Okay? So when The Washington Post offers this lofty paean to journalism at its most courageous and noble, I am touched...... but it's with sadness and longing for something I don't believe I can ever have. And indeed, the ad itself exemplifies the problem because it puffs and deceives and lures and titillates. It deals in sentimentality and sen...
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Howard Schultz defends voting record as he considers independent 2020 presidential run

Howard Schultz, the billionaire former chief executive of Starbucks, who is considering running as an independent candidate in the next US presidential election, has defended his voting record. Mr Schultz, 65, blamed his busy travel schedule and a lack of local engagement for missing dozens of state, county and midterm elections. “Listen, I traveled all over the world. It’s not an excuse,” Mr Schultz told a packed auditorium. “I’ve not been as engaged locally as perhaps I could have been”.  He m...
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Sandra S Froman For NRA 2019 Board of Directors: Interview + VIDEO

USA – -( Sandra S. Froman is running for re-election to the 2019 National Rifle Association board of directors. Eligible NRA voting members, please consider her for your vote when completing your NRA-BoD ballots.  Sandra is a past president of the NRA and a Benefactor Member and a self-proclaimed CCW activist. Fredy Riehl: Your name will be on the ballot once again for the 2019 NRA Board of Director when ballots arrive at the end of January 2019. What business or changes do you ...
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Connecting African software developers with top tech companies nets Andela $100 million

Andela, the company that connects Africa’s top software developers with technology companies from the U.S. and around the world, has raised $100 million in a new round of funding. The new financing from Generation Investment Management (the investment fund co-founded by former Vice President Al Gore) puts the valuation of the company at somewhere between $600 million and $700 million, based on data available from Pitchbook on the company’s valuation following it’s previous $40 million funding. P...
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Sustainable Ocean Alliance nets $1.5 million donation from Benioffs

Healthy oceans are on the minds of Marc and Lynne Benioff, and they showed it today with a $1.5 million donation to the Sustainable Oceans Alliance, a new non-profit attempting to promote and incubate conservation-focused startups. The money will considerably expand the organization’s upcoming Ocean Solutions accelerator. Benioff is due to appear Wednesday evening on a panel at Davos about the “ocean economy,” at which he seems likely to mention the donation. He joins rather a powerhouse lineup ...
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Davos 2019: Jacinda Ardern calls for environmental 'guardianship', as Bolsonaro alarms activists - live

Rolling coverage of the first day of the World Economic Forum in Davos, including appearances from Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro, Mike Pompeo, Sir David Attenborough and New Zealand PM Jacinda ArdernArden: World leaders must get on the right side of history on climate changeGreen activists says Bolsonaro threatens Amazon rainforestPompeo on ‘winds of change’ such as BrexitCiti CEO says Brexit will go down to the wirePrince William interviews Attenborough (rather gently) 5.22pm GMT More news from D...
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Regardless of whether it ends his term, impeaching Trump have five likely benefits

Yoni Appelbaum's longread in The Atlantic on the case for impeaching Trump draws on heterodox interpretations of the Clinton and Johnson impeachments, as well as the Nixon impeachment, to argue that despite (or even because of) the Senate's near-certain inaction on impeachment, there are real benefits to impeaching Trump, which is looking very likely if accusations of suborning perjury before Congress are true. Appelbaum argues that history's verdict on the Clinton and Johnson impeachments ...
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What Has & Does The NRA Do Anyway?

Opinion What Has & Does The NRA Do Anyway? USA – -( If you are a regular reader of AmmoLand News you’ve seen that the flood of the anti-NRA forces are out in full force, one of the activists even said they hoped that Cuomo was successful in destroying the NRA!? So this leads many members to a question… What does the NRA do? What has the NRA done, that no one else could do to keep your rights safe. Without the NRA Hillary Would Be President. The NRA spent an estimated $100 mill...
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Why Strategy & Tactics Matter in Defending the Second Amendment

Lyndon Baines Johnson signing the Gun Control Act of 1968 into law – but he wanted it to include a licensing and registration scheme. (White House photo) United States of America – -( Okay, folks, now we get to the next step after we have determined just what our present situation is. Our objective is simple: Securing our Second Amendment rights and a legacy of freedom for future generations. There is just one problem: Michael Bloomberg isn’t going to give up his dreams of disar...
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Africa Has an Amazing Future

Chief David Mashupha of Basutoland is at left, with one of his generals in 1900. I was born 59 years later and not too far away (by Africa standards).Colin Turbull once observed that there was a loneliness in the heart of the African of his era (1962) in that they knew their past was in leather shields but that their future was in Cray computers. How could they possibly get from one to the other?In truth they are getting it done.Today, I hop in a taxicab driven by a Nigerian, and I make a joke ...
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Oh, Shit. I’m 55.

Here are 55 things I believe to be true. 6:53 am, January 4th, 2019 When the dentist suggests you buy the expensive fluoride toothpaste, do it. 25 bucks for toothpaste is way cheaper than any other dental work you’ll have done, even a basic cleaning. If you can find boring work for nice people that pays your bills, take it. Glam work that makes you suffer — financially, ethically, some third way — is overrated compared to paying your bills and using non-work time to do things y...
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The Powerful Role Confusion Plays In American Elections

Made possible by A TLANTA, GEORGIA — When Georgia State University student Nicholas Perry went to vote for the first time at Atlanta’s Liberty Baptist Church on Election Day, he didn’t understand why poll workers made him cast a provisional ballot. His address on file was for his home in Dacula, Georgia, he was told, but Perry said he had updated his registration to his campus address. He tried to argue, but the line of people waiting to vote was long and the poll workers’ patience was limit...
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Why NASA open sourced the Rover

The host of the Command Line Heroes podcast, Saron Yitbarek, kicks off each episode with a sound-studded description of an event that sets the stage for the topic of the episode. Sometimes it's a speech from Al Gore, and sometimes its the Mars Curiosity Rover landing.You should go have a listen.In the final episode recap, Yitbarek walks us through "how open source fuels some of humankind's grandest projects."read more
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Al Gore Says President Trump’s Climate Change Stance Could Be a ‘Perverse Step Forward’

Gore has spent years raising awareness of global warming
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Voters Shrug as Energized House Democrats Vow Action on Climate

“The risks are that it can be divisive,” said Kalee Kreider, a one-time adviser to former Vice President Al Gore. Party leaders have already vowed to convene hearings on the Trump administration’s efforts to roll back Obama-era climate rules, and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi has promised to revive a special House committee focused on global warming.
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A List of Weird Facts

Helmed by someone with a knack for asking good questions & telling interesting stories and followed by nearly 100,000 people who have fascinating tales to tell, Nicole Cliffe’s Twitter account is an internet gem. Last night, Cliffe tweeted “Tell me your fav weird fact” and the replies kept me busy for quite awhile. Here are a few of my favorites: “The low German (plauttdeutch) word for vacuum is Huulbessen. Literally translated it means Screaming Broom.” [email protected] “From the time it was disco...
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US, Saudi, Russia 'insulted' key global warming report: Al Gore

Former US vice president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Al Gore on Tuesday slammed the world's top oil producers -- his own country, Saudi Arabia and Russia -- for "insulting" a key and alarming report on climate change. A bloc of 44 small island nations -- many facing an existential threat from storm surges engorged by rising seas -- had called on the UN climate body to "welcome" a UN report on limiting global warming to 1.5C (2.7F) above pre-industrial levels.
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Half of the world is now officially online, but several thorny new problems now threaten the digital economy

About half of the world's population is now online, the World Economic Forum said in a new report. But the transformation to a digital economy and society faces some big challenges, the forum said. Among the biggest are that the pace of internet adoption is slowing markedly and trust in the digital economy is waning. The internet has reached a major milestone — half of the world's population is now online. The digital transformation of economies and society continues apace and promises a rang...
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A look back at the Willie Horton ad

Amid the coverage and commentary commemorating the passing of George H.W. Bush, it was nice of the media to debunk the 1992 New York Times front page story characterizing the 41st president as being flummoxed by a supermarket scanner. Written by a reporter who wasn’t present at the event, it was — in today’s parlance — fake news. It was even classier for former Newsweek editor Evan Thomas to reiterate his mea culpa for his magazine’s bizarre 1987 cover story calling an acclaimed war hero a “wimp...
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Judge rejects challenge to winner-take-all election system

BOSTON (AP) — A federal judge on Friday dismissed a lawsuit challenging the winner-take-all system Massachusetts uses to assign its Electoral College presidential votes, rejecting the argument that it violates the principle of “one person, one vote.” The case is one of several spearheaded by the onetime lawyer for former Vice President Al Gore that […]
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Tap dancing, lies, and handguns: Inside the new Roger Ailes documentary that is both fascinating and terrifying

"Divide and Conquer" is a new documentary about the life and career of ousted Fox News chairman and CEO, Roger Ailes. Director Alexis Bloom talked to Business Insider about trying to push away the myth of Ailes to show who the real man was (Ailes died within a year of resigning from heading Fox News in 2016 after sexual misconduct allegations). But the movie also highlights Ailes' ego-driven life that included a fortified office and the need to embellish everything.   Exploring the life and t...
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Remembering George H. W. Bush

Today is the national day of mourning for George Herbert Walker Bush, one of the best presidents for science and computing. He created PCAST, the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. Bush signed the High Performance Computing Act (introduced by Al Gore), that powered computing research and the Internet through the massive growth of the 90's. His administration started the Human Genome Project and the US Global Change Research Program. He appointed the first and so far onl...
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A Brief History of the NRA Executive Vice President Position

Editors Note: This is AmmoLand News' first article in a series examining the role, challenges, and future of the NRA Executive Vice President position. A Brief History of the NRA Executive Vice President Position: Current CEO Wayne LaPierre. Fairfax, VA – -( For nearly three decades, Wayne LaPierre has been the face of the National Rifle Association. While he has been out there, fighting to preserve our Second Amendment rights, many who oppose our Second Amendment rights call hi...
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