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CBS13 Investigates Problems With ‘My Turn’ Vaccine Sign-Up Tool

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Experts say the US has turned a major corner in its coronavirus outbreak, with cases at their lowest point in 4 months

People wear protective face masks while shopping at the Union Square Greenmarket on September 19, 2020 in New York City. Noam Galai/Getty Images Daily US coronavirus cases have fallen roughly 74%, on average, in the last six weeks. Experts are hopeful that the US outbreak has turned a corner. Economist Ian Shepherdson predicted the "effective end of the US COVID crisis" before May. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. As coronavirus vaccinations ramped up in the US at th...
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Mother And Son Found Safe After Bloody Crime Spree

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Police Search For Mother And Son After Bloody Crime Spree

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Sheriff: Stockton Man Arrested For Antioch First Responders Drive-By, Discovery Bay Murder

ANTIOCH (CBS13) – A Stockton man suspected of a drive-by shooting that injured a firefighter and paramedic in Antioch is now accused of murdering a person in Discovery Bay, according to the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office. The first responders were shot in a drive-by while assisting a person who was suffering a medical emergency on Saturday night, authorities said. Just before 9 p.m., they arrived at the 1900 block of Auto Center Drive to tend to the citizen when the suspect, identified Sun...
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Firefighter, Medic Shot In Antioch Drive-By While Tending To Citizen Suffering Medical Emergency

ANTIOCH (CBS13) – A firefighter and a paramedic were shot in a drive-by while assisting a person who was suffering a medical emergency in Antioch on Saturday night, authorities said. Just before 9 p.m., First responders arrived at the 1900 block of Auto Center Drive to tend to a citizen when a suspect in an SUV drove by twice and fired several shots at the group, the Antioch Police Department said. The paramedic, a 51-year-old man, and the firefighter, a 38-year-old man, suffered what police sai...
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The US isn't prepared for a new, more infectious variant to be dominant by March - even with vaccinations underway

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, wears two masks during a briefing on November 19, 2020. Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images The more contagious — and possibly deadlier — coronavirus variant first found in the UK could become dominant in the US by March. But the US might not finish vaccinating its most vulnerable populations until April. Relaxed restrictions may allow the variant to run rampant, leading to hospitalizations and deaths. Visit...
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California is now the 4th state to report cases of the more infectious coronavirus variant found in South Africa

Alameda County workers line up to receive coronavirus vaccines outside St. Rose Hospital in Hayward, California on January 8, 2021. Jessica Christian/The San Francisco Chronicle/Getty Images California is the latest state to report cases of the more transmissible coronavirus variant found in South Africa The variant, first identified in in October, has been found in at least four US states. The variant seems to partially evade immunity gained in response to vaccines or infection with the o...
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California prosecutor will not charge second former officer in the 2009 killing of Oscar Grant

Following the reopening an investigation into the 2009 fatal police shooting of Oscar Grant, no charges will be brought against a second former Bay Area Rapid Transit officer, the Alameda County district attorney said in a statement Monday.
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Elon Musk moved to Texas

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Tuesday that he has moved to Texas, confirming months of speculation that the billionaire would leave California, a state of which he has become increasingly critical. Musk confirmed the move during an interview at the The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council annual summit. His remarks confirmed a CNBC report that Musk had told friends of his intent to move to Texas. The move coincides with a number of SpaceX and Tesla-related projects in Texas, the sale of se...
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Elon Musk moves foundation to Texas, fanning relocation speculation

By Dana Hull and Laurel Brubaker Calkins | Bloomberg Elon Musk has moved his private Musk Foundation to Austin, Texas — another sign the billionaire may be relocating to the Lone Star State. The foundation, which was based in California, created an entity in Austin over the summer. The two merged, according to a certificate of merger filed with the Texas Secretary of State in October that Musk signed. The surviving entity is located in the state capital’s downtown area. Musk’s Space Exploration ...
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Martin Jenkins Sworn In As First Openly Gay Justice On CA Supreme Court

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP/CBS13) — Gov. Gavin Newsom swore in Martin Jenkins as the first openly gay justice on the California Supreme Court Jenkins was sworn in on Friday in a virtual rather than in-person ceremony because of coronavirus safety restrictions. “In swearing in Justice Jenkins today, our state once again makes history, and we elevate an extraordinary Californian to the bench,” Newsom said in a statement. “The people of our state could not ask for a finer jurist or better person to ser...
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Court Rules NRA Lawsuit Against Alameda County Can Proceed

NRA teamed up with other defenders of the Second Amendment and sued four Northern California counties for closing gun shops and ranges as non-essential businesses. IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A. -( Earlier this year, the NRA teamed up with other defenders of the Second Amendment and sued four Northern California counties for closing gun shops and ranges as non-essential businesses under their emergency COVID 19 orders. The lawsuit alleged that those four counties violated our members’ Second...
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Some California Counties Winding Down ‘Project Roomkey’ Hotels For Homeless

SAN FRANCISCO (AP/CBS13) — Some California counties are pushing ahead with plans to wind down a program that’s moved homeless people into hotel rooms amid the coronavirus pandemic despite an emergency cash infusion from the state aimed at preventing people from returning to the streets in colder weather as the virus surges. Gov. Gavin Newsom recently announced $62 million for counties to move hotel guests into permanent housing or to extend hotel leases that were part of “Project Roomkey,” which...
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Livermore Cold Case Rape Suspect Gregory Vien Dies From Injuries Sustained In Nail Gun Suicide Attempt

A Livermore man being tried for two 1997 cold case rapes has died from injuries sustained in a suicide attempt with a nail gun, the Alameda County District Attorney announced Friday.
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Tesla is on a hiring spree to try to reach 500,000 annual car deliveries, and is recruiting part-time staff because it doesn't have to buy them laptops, according to a report

Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk. Reuters In the past two months alone, Tesla has hired around 1,000 additional sales and delivery staff across North America, sources familiar with the matter told Electrek. Sales are booming for the electric vehicle company. In October, Tesla posted its most profitable quarter ever. But it must ramp up deliveries if it hopes to reach its 500,000 target for 2020. Tesla is increasingly hiring part-time staff, the sources said. This is because these staff have fewer b...
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COVID-19 hospitalizations are rising all over California

As health experts feared, patients being treated for COVID-19 in California’s hospitals have soared in the weeks following an initial spike in transmission of the virus. The total rose to 3,683 in the most recent update from the California Department of Public Health — the state’s most active hospitalizations since Sept. 1. Similarly, the number of new cases also reached its highest point since Aug. 17, an average of about 7,967 per day over the past week, after there were 6,595 reported around ...
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Up To 160 Votes Not Counted Due To Voting Center Error In Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP/CBS13) — Poll workers at a voting site in Oakland incorrectly told up to 200 people that their paper ballot was only a receipt and that it could be taken home, leading to the votes not being counted, a coalition of voting rights advocates alleged in a complaint to Alameda County’s registrar of voters. The groups said the errors occurred on the campus of Mills College, where some voters who used an electronic device to mark their ballot were wrongly told it was keeping a digit...
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Martin Jenkins, The First Openly Gay Justice, Confirmed To California High Court

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California has confirmed its first openly gay justice to the state Supreme Court. On Tuesday, the Commission on Judicial Appointments unanimously confirmed Justice Martin Jenkins, praising him for his “brilliant intellect, first-class temperament, and boundless humanity.” Jenkins was nominated last month by Gov. Gavin Newsom to replace Justice Ming Chin, who retired on Aug. 31. During a news conference last month, Jenkins said his identity as a gay man has been “perhaps...
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Meet Kamala Harris, America's vice president-elect

Scott Olson/Getty Images Democratic nominee Joe Biden is projected to win the presidency, making running mate Sen. Kamala Harris vice president-elect. Harris makes history by becoming the nation's first vice president-elect who is a woman, Black, or of Indian descent.  Before joining the US Senate, she served as the district attorney of San Francisco and as the attorney general of California. She had competed against Biden in the crowded Democratic primary before bowing out in December. T...
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Verily's COVID Testing Program Halted in San Francisco and Oakland

Amid fanfare in March, California officials celebrated the launch of a multimillion-dollar contract with Verily -- Google's health-focused sister company -- that they said would vastly expand COVID testing among the state's impoverished and underserved communities. But seven months later, San Francisco and Alameda counties -- two of the state's most populous -- have severed ties with the company's testing sites amid concerns about patients' data privacy and complaints that funding intended to bo...
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No California amusement parks can reopen right now under new state guidelines

None of California’s small and large amusement parks closed for seven months by the coronavirus pandemic can reopen right now under the new COVID-19 health and safety guidelines issued as part of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy. California issued long-awaited theme park reopening guidelines last week, but the new rules could leave small parks closed for weeks or months and major players like Disney and Universal unable to return until early 2021 or next summer. Sign up for our...
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California needs a better election system

On April 28, the Election Integrity Project California notified Secretary of State Alex Padilla that its analysis of the state’s official voter registration file found more than 458,000 registered voters who were going to be mailed a ballot even though they had likely died or moved. None of these registered voters had voted or updated their registration since November 2008 or earlier, and 178,000 had never voted, yet all remained classified as “active” voters. EIPCa’s data analysts also found th...
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PG&E Considers More Fire-Prevention Power Shutoffs In 19 Counties This Week

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PG&E Power Shutoffs Possible This Week For Customers In 19 Counties

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Forecasted high winds and dry conditions could bring another Public Safety Power Shutoff event this week for Pacific Gas and Electric Co. customers in Northern California. Gusty winds and extremely dry conditions prompted the National Weather Service to issue a Red Flag Warning from late Monday night through Wednesday morning. The NWS says there will be a brief break in the winds on Wednesday before stronger winds return through Friday. A Fire Weather Watch has been issued f...
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Firefighters Deploy To Northern California Amid New Wildfire Threat

SAN FRANCISCO (AP/CBS13) — Fire crews from across the state were being deployed to Northern California, where hot, windy conditions Wednesday renewed the threat of fire in the region where massive blazes already have destroyed hundreds of homes and killed or injured dozens of people this year. Most of the huge fires that erupted over the past eight weeks are now fully or significantly contained and skies once stained orange by heavy smoke are blue again. Containment means that firefighters have ...
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Convicted Bay Area Rapist Awaiting Trial In Mental Hospital For 14 Years Ordered Freed

SAN FRANCISCO (AP/CBS13) — A convicted Bay Area rapist who spent 13 years in prison and nearly 14 years in a state mental hospital while awaiting a trial that never came was ordered released Wednesday by a state appeals court. The First District Court of Appeal in San Francisco agreed with a lower court judge who said there had been a “systemic breakdown in the management” of Terrance Butler’s case, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. However, Butler will remain confined while prosecutors deci...
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California prosecutor will reopen investigation into the fatal shooting of Oscar Grant

Alameda County District Attorney's Nancy O'Malley's decision follows demands from Grant's family.
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Alameda DA to reopen Oscar Grant case, as family demands charges against second officer

Alameda County prosecutors said Monday they would reopen their investigation into the fatal shooting of Oscar Grant by a BART police...
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Alameda County District Attorney To Reopen Fatal 2009 Bart Police Shooting Of Oscar Grant

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley announced Monday afternoon that her office would reopen the fatal BART Police shooting case of Oscar Grant, who was killed at the Fruitvale BART station early New Year’s Day 2009.
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