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Change is on the Horizon: What's Next for Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World | By Alan Young

Around the world and across industries, marketers now face arguably one of the toughest challenges of their careers. There is, after all, no universally established gold-standard for marketing during a wide-spread pandemic, because a global crisis of this magnitude is hardly 'textbook'. As the media coverage so often reiterates, we now find ourselves in uncharted territory.Although the importance of brand agility and frequent innovation is well-understood by business owners and B2B market...
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Hotel Retailing: It’s Time For a Change | By Alan Young

After opening a hotel with his family in Marrakech in 2010, Pierre Chapoutot learned, first hand, the difficulties so often experienced by independent hotels when promoting their services and inspiring direct bookings.
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Tech Visionary and Entrepreneur Einar Rosenberg Talks About Critical Must-Have Hotel Solutions for a Post-Pandemic World | By Alan Young

The term 'visionary' is hardly a novel concept, especially in an age so defined by digital expertise and thought leadership. But, what exactly defines a visionary? Is it an exceptional idea? A desire for continued innovation? Or, perhaps, foresight for what is to come in any given industry space? In the case of Einar Rosenberg, it is all of the above.
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Thermal Imaging and Its Potential Effect on The Travel and Hospitality Sector | By Alan Young

These days, you can't help but notice that virtually every COVID-19 news clip has repeatedly depicted a person being screened for fever using some device that looks like it is from Star Trek. The use of the non-contact handheld infra-red thermometer has become, somewhat disturbingly, commonplace.
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The adoption of a long-term perspective in a time of crisis: Why now is not the time to let your marketing and communications go dark | By Alan Young

It's been just over a week since the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus, or COVID-19, a global pandemic. Since then, the information surrounding the continued transmission of the virus has evolved at a rapid pace, taking business owners and employees across industries for a wild, and notably scary ride.
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Why Massive Global Events are a Catalyst for Change | By Alan Young

Uncertain times are a catalyst for change, especially within the hospitality industry. Hospitality, after all, has always held a somewhat notorious reputation for being reluctant to change. While other sectors are, by nature, more malleable to new-edge advancements and best practices, our industry often takes its time, testing the waters long before making the commitment to dive in. That is until a global event inspires disruption that simply can't be ignored. A worldwide crisis, natural...
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Want To Step Up Your B2B Lead Generation? You Need to Read This First! | By Alan Young

I have a question for you. How do you get leads in this new economy? "A story is at its best when it's not intrusive, when it brings value to a platform's consumers, and when it fits in as a natural step along the customer's path to making a purchase," explains Gary Vaynerchuk, in his bestselling book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.
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Pop Up Hotels, Autonomous Vehicle Sightseeing and Other Trends to Watch in 2020 and Beyond | By Alan Young

Two decades ago, if I were to have asked you what the world would look like in 2020, what would you have said? Would you have anticipated the steady rise of self-service technology, tools allowing for instant gratification across all aspects of our life, and artificial intelligence? The autonomous vehicle? The seemingly endless runway of possibility stretches before us, with the help of cutting-edge platforms that were once merely a futuristic concept?
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Interview with Amanda Szabo, CEO of ResortPass: How This Visionary Entrepreneur Is Redefining the Hospitality Industry as We Know It | By Alan Young

Every few years, a disruptor comes along in every industry—and it seems like one has now arrived in the hotel space. While living in San Diego in 2015, Amanda Szabo realized two things. Known for its beaches, parks, and inviting climate, San Diego had some incredible hotels to choose from, and this was as close to 'living in a vacation' as she would get. This gave way to her second realization. How can she experience those incredible local hotels, even if just for a day? After all, it did...
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Hotel Guests Are Becoming "Data Nodes" | By Alan Young

Almost daily, employees enthusiastically circle a web address at the bottom of our receipt for us to complete a customer service survey, promising a chance to win a trip for two to some far-away beach, or maybe a shopping spree. Quite frankly, the prompt is so familiar most of us have grown accustomed to tuning it out as soon as the employee begins their spiel, pleasantly smiling as we gather our bags to leave the store. As we navigate a familiar app on our phone, posting to our Instagram...
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How the Rise in Multigenerational Travel is Changing the Hotel and Travel Industry | By Alan Young

In almost any industry, the success of a brand can be tied back to its ability to understand and pro-actively appeal to consumer buying behaviors. Anticipating that behavior often requires an in-depth dive into consumer preferences, and an on-going understanding of how those preferences and expectations vary across groups, scenarios, and other key differentiators.
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StayNTouch CEO and Director of Strategic Partnerships Talk Platform Power | By Alan Young

The last few years have been a whirlwind of innovation for hospitality technology. Despite its longstanding reputation for being resistant to change and slow to adopt technological evolution, the industry has made impressive strides toward reinventing its future. And yet, the gradual implementation of the latest advancements is only half the battle. With the rise of new technology (and subsequently, new technology vendors) comes the synonymous demand for strategic alliances and integratio...
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Hotel Owners Have All the Juice | By Alan Young

Who really has the buying power when it comes to hotel technology purchases?
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Going Beyond Transactions: ‘Conversational Commerce’ and its Impact on the Travel and Hospitality Industry | By Alan Young

It's 2019, and I would argue that there have never been more marketing-related "buzzwords" battling it out for conversational real-estate across thought leadership articles, webinars, white papers and more. Whether it's agile marketing, catering to the 'age of the consumer,' hyper-personalization, or the mobile age — there are plenty of commerce-related silos to get lost in as industry leaders seek out the trends and methods which can best benefit their respective brand and industry. This...
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TripAdvisor Reviews: Good, Bad and Ugly | By Alan Young

TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel site, has long since become a trusted online hub for online feedback around the globe. In fact, amidst the rising popularity of social networks and, by virtue, the influx of social feedback from consumers, TripAdvisor has accrued over 702 million reviews delving into the service/experiences offered at the world's leading hotels and travel listings. That's right… 702 million. This includes 136,000 destinations, 1.2 million hotels, and 975 attractio...
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Paid, Owned and Earned Media: What Matters Most for B2B Travel and Hotel Tech Brands in 2019? | By Alan Young

In a marketing landscape where content is king, you might think it's just a matter of creating and distributing great content. After all, if great content is what every consumer craves from the brands they favor, delivering it should be the easy part — right? But in fact, that's not the case at all. While content is undeniably an integral piece of any modern marketing strategy, business leaders are quick to realize that the curation of valuable and timely content is only half the battle. ...
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Top Luxury Eco-Friendly Sustainable Hotels and Why Travelers Love Them | By Alan Young

Industries across the globe are witnessing the consumer transition into what we like to call the experience economy. Perhaps influenced by the impressive buying power and sheer numbers of the millennial generation, modern consumers are showing a definitive preference for experiential purchasing over material goods. As the Harvard Business Review describes it "within an experience economy, a company intentionally uses services as the stage, and goods as props, to engage individual customer...
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The Innovative Hotels That Are Making Travel Better in 2019 | By Alan Young

Witnessing the gradual advancement and disruption of technology and services is an exciting, and sometimes industry-altering concept, as our world continues to evolve at a seemingly rapid pace to meet modern demands. Generations today know (and love) the likes of Netflix and Crave TV, for example, but many of us also remember the popularity of Blockbuster video — a formerly successful business model which now, doesn't even exist. And those of us who used to cling enthusiastically to our f...
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Acquisitions and Investments - The Travel & Hospitality Industry is on Fire | By Alan Young

In the past, the travel and hospitality industry has been notorious for its resistance to incorporating new and innovative technology into the mix. There have been some early adopters but where other industries were quick to embrace technological change and practices, we were seemingly always one (or more) steps behind. And yet, this year our industry has — perhaps more than any year previous — welcomed disruption from technology solutions and movements positioned to transform every phase...
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Using Agile Marketing in 2018 to Maximize Results, While Minimizing Risk | By Alan Young

It's no secret — the process of building out your 2018 business plan and marketing strategy can, more often than not, feel like gambling. Are you going to wager all your chips (marketing dollars) on black or red, odd or even? Should you make a high bet, or an inside bet? What happens if your bet is a bust? Did you just gamble away the potential success of your business or product?
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Why Travel & Hospitality Brands Can’t Ignore the Power of LinkedIn Pulse for B2B Marketing | By Alan Young

As a hotel or travel brand, if you're not focusing your attention on LinkedIn Pulse, you're missing out on a potentially huge opportunity and audience. In April 2017, LinkedIn reached an impressive milestone, as it confirmed over 500 million people use its professional social network. Yet the platform often doesn't enjoy the same level of affection nor respect as other, seemingly more trendy networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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‘Ducktales’ Review: Rewriting Some History, With Lots More Mystery

Being a kid of the ’90s, I discovered Ducktales near the end of its popularity. Though my Disney Afternoon interest leaned more towards Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers or Gargoyles, it was always obvious that there was something special about Ducktales. With Indiana Jones style adventure and the humor of the McDuck crew, Scrooge and his family never lost their sparkle. But since I didn’t really get to experience Ducktales in its heyday, I was excited to check out the new reboot on Disney XD. And w...
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Restaurants on Master of None

AZIZ ANSARI and Alan Young’s Master of None is back with a second season — and a second round of must-visit restaurants, bars, and outdoor markets. This meal-by-meal guide will make you an expert on every foodie experience showcased on the hit Netflix show. Bon appetite! Episode 1 “The Thief” The start of the season sees Dev in the small Italian town of Modena, where he has been studying the art of pasta-making at Boutique del Tortellino. As a birthday gift to himself, he dines at Hosteria Gi...
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12 wanderlust-inducing shows

If you’re a traveler , check out these twelve Netflix shows, where the settings and local cultures can have as much presence as the characters. Master of None Season two of Aziz Ansari and Alan Young’s hit Netflix show starts off in Modena, Italy—where Dev has been learning how to make pasta like a local—before heading back to Brooklyn. From A-list hotspots to secret speakeasies, foodie experiences are infused into the show. Watch the latest season, wipe the drool from your chin and then p...
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The Impact – And Importance – Of Virtual Reality in the Hotel Industry | By Alan Young

Imagine a traveler considering a stay at your hotel. Your potential guest "virtually" walks through one of your luxury suites, exploring all the amenities and even taking in the sweeping view from the window. Or a guest staying in your hotel aims their smartphone in any direction to discover information about nearby attractions and to find their way to the pool. Welcome to the world of augmented reality (AR).
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The Travel Booking Conundrum: Closing the Gap Between Browsing and Transacting on Mobile | By Alan Young

During the summer of 2016, Puzzle Partner was lucky enough to become a business partner with Phocuswright, the unrivaled leader in travel intelligence and research. In their latest report titled "U.S. Mobile Shipping and Booking," Phocuswright addresses one of the biggest challenges for travel and hospitality brands in today's mobile-centric world; how to ensure that consumers book trips and hotels after their search process is completed and that they finalize their booking where they...
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Enough Room for Everyone? How Hotels are Meeting the Airbnb Challenge | By Alan Young

Everybody has a place to live. And thanks to Airbnb and other rent-by-owner sites, everybody can turn their spare room into a moneymaking short-term rental. In the taxi industry, this sharing model let Uber crush the cab companies.
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Make your digital marketing sustainable with evergreen content | By Alan Young

Evergreen content is content that continues to be relevant to your audience well after it is first published. Alan Young, CEO and Co-Founder of Puzzle Partner Ltd., explains how to maximize the effectiveness of this timeless, and highly valuable, content.
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An Insider’s Irreverent Guide to Travel in 2017 | By Alan Young

It's been a heck of a year, hasn't it? Most of us are ready to say a big Sayonara! to the hangover that 2016 has become. But really, on the whole, the travel industry had a pretty solid year. While next year doesn't register signs of dramatic growth in the number of travelers, it does appear that travelers will spend more when they do travel.[i] Capturing that revenue will be more important than ever with the uncertain political and economic landscapes. Here's where the opportunities ...
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The New ‘DuckTales’ Casts a Bunch of Actors You Probably Really Like

I’ve been very curious about Disney XD’s upcoming revival of DuckTales for close to a year now, ever since they revealed the show’s terrific art style and teased imagery that suggests an adventurous tone. While I enjoyed the original cartoon as a youngster, it’s Carl Banks’ original Donald Duck comics that shine brightly for me these days – if the new show can capture the spirit of those stories, it may count me among its fans. We still don’t know what this series will truly feel like, but we n...
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