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North America: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact on Business Aviation

United States, Canada, Mexico & Caribbean United States April 1, 2020 Hawaii Hawaii has put into effect a 14-day quarantine for INTERISLAND travel as well as the quarantine already in place from international and mainland arrivals. It is effective today. Per a declaration by Hawaii’s governor, any arriving passengers and crew will be subject to “Mandatory Quarantine” effective at 12:01 AM HST this Thursday, March 26. Individuals and crew can depart the state at any time during the quar...
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NSSF: Hunting is the Perfect Social Distance Activity

The NSSF recommends hunting as the perfect social distance activity. U.S.A. -( Another casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic that no one saw coming: hunting. While consumer demand for firearms is at record level, and while non-essential activities have been shut down in most states, it is no surprise that Americans would be looking forward to hunting seasons. Hunting is a perfect opportunity to be outside, alone or in small groups, enjoying nature and perhaps being able to bring home...
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Splendid isolation: 8 great wilderness areas to inspire

From Alaska to Patagonia, there's nothing like the wilds to calm the spirit. These eight wilderness areas might inspire future travels.
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Hockey Night In North Dakota?

from Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet, Let’s preface this with the fact that, at this time, we’re all just guessing at return-to-play timelines — but the NHL and NHLPA are beginning to spitball scenarios as to where remaining 2019-20 regular-season/playoff games could be held. One location that’s been mentioned: North Dakota. Several sites would be necessary, but Ralph Engelstad Arena in Grand Forks, N.D., makes sense. Host of the 2005 World Junior Championships, the 2016 World Unde...
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Covid 19 coronavirus: Chaos in the US oil patch as prices plummet

In Montana, a father and son running a small oil business are cutting their salaries in half. In New Mexico, an oil truck driver who supports his family just went a week without pay. And in Alaska, lawmakers have had to dip into the... [Author: [email protected]]
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State governors are taking to smuggling PPE to get around the feds

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is technically a Republican, in as much as calling himself a "Republican" helped him to garner votes in the western part of the state, which is less Deep Blue than the Metro Boston Area. But as far as I've ever been able to tell, Baker has never demonstrated any capacity for principles or beliefs beyond "being governor." I often like to say that he makes Mitt Romney look like he has a spine. In perhaps the most painfully Boston sentence of my life, I once met...
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How bird watching can reduce anxiety and stress during stay-at-home orders

With the stress and uncertainty of COVID-19 weighing us all down, take a moment and enjoy the sounds and beauty of birds. Nature has a way of soothing the soul. And a healthy dose of its solace and respite might be just what we need right now. Studies have shown that bird watching can help reduce anxiety and depression. It’s undeniable that birds bring joy to people of all ages. According to the National Audubon Society, tens of millions identify themselves as birders. Staff at many of the local...
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Aloha Friday Photo: Whale watching experience on Oahu

Mahalo to longtime readers Laura and Marco from Italy for sharing this Aloha Friday Photo. They live in Milan, where the Coronavirus has been especially hard-hitting, but thankfully they are both well, trying to stay positive and looking forward to better days. Laura and Marco shared this context about their photo of a humpback whale’s tail. During our last visit to Oahu, we had a whale watching cruise aboard Star of Honolulu. We so LOVED the ample outdoor space: on the four open decks there wa...
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Google location data shows how much daily life is changing in every state

Google published a huge report of location data this week showing how people's movement has changed during the coronavirus pandemic. The data details changes in attendance at: retail and recreation sites, groceries and pharmacies, parks, transit stations, workplaces, and residential locations. For the US Google broke down the data for each state, showing big differences in how people are reacting to the pandemic. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Google this week released a ...
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STILL FLYING: Humanitarian Cargo Flight of Masks from China to U.S.

While news headlines focus on the decline of international travel, it’s important to remember that many essential and critical missions are still being conducted by the general and business aviation communities. Many of these missions save lives or reunite people with their loved ones. During a crisis like COVID-19, our industry shines. With COVID-19 cases rising and personal protective equipment (PPE) dwindling, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker began looking for alternative ways to sour...
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US Nordic Olympic Women Name Caldwell and Maubet Bjornsen as 2020 Gold Rush Award Recipients (Press Release)

Press Release 50th anniversary of the first U.S. women’s team to compete in a World Championship-level event: The U.S. women’s Nordic World Championship Team in 1970: Head Coach Marty Hall; Gloria Chadwick, chaperone; skiers Trina Hosmer, Martha Rockwell, Barbara Britch and Alison Owen (l-r). (Photo: Hall collection) This week a healthy gathering of the US Nordic Olympic Women, (US NOW), came together in a virtual meeting organized by group members Kikkan Randall, Alison Bradley and Sue Wem...
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2020 Extra Class study guide: E1A – Operating Standards: frequency privileges; automatic message forwarding; stations aboard ships or aircraft; power restriction on 630 and 2200 meter bands

One of the most important things you must do when operating an amateur radio station is to make sure that your signal stays within the amateur radio band or sub-band. So, for example, you don’t want to operate at the very bottom of the phone band, if operating phone, or at the very bottom of the CW/data portion of a band if your operating LSB AFSK. Nor do you want to operate at the upper end of the CW/data portion of the band if you’re operating USB AFSK. The reason for this is that your signals...
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Trump Uses Coronavirus Briefing to Warn About Drug Cartels

A day after finally appearing to acknowledge the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic and the massive loss of American lives, President Donald Trump began his latest White House briefing on Wednesday by shifting the focus to drug cartels and at one point boasting about being “number one” on Facebook. “As governments and nations focus on the coronavirus, there's a growing threat that cartels, criminals, terrorists and other malign actors will try to exploit the situation for their own gain, an...
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This ‘Lego Masters’ contestant made toys for Marvel and a ‘Golden Girls’ Lego that went viral

As a child, playing with Lego sets allowed Sam Hatmaker to build more imaginative worlds than the tiny village on the bottom edge of Michigan where the youngster lived. “We built dream houses and spaceships and whatever we wanted to get us out of that,” said Hatmaker, who as a gender non-conforming person uses the pronouns they or them. “It was a way to escape into any other world I wanted to.” When Hatmaker turned 21, friends brought Lego sets and they spent the night building together. “I woul...
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It’s Census Day: Here’s How Coronavirus Has Changed The Counting Process

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Census Day — the date used to reference where a person lives for the once-a-decade count — arrived Wednesday with a nation almost paralyzed by the spread of the novel coronavirus. But census officials vowed the job would be completed by its year-end deadline. The virus’s spread has forced the U.S. Census Bureau to suspend field operations for a month, from mid-March to mid-April, when the hiring process would be ramping up for up to 500,000 temporary census takers. The bu...
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This ‘Lego Master’ contestant made toys for Marvel and a ‘Golden Girls’ Lego that went viral

As a child, playing with Lego sets allowed Sam Hatmaker to build more imaginative worlds than the tiny village on the bottom edge of Michigan where the youngster lived. “We built dream houses and spaceships and whatever we wanted to get us out of that,” said Hatmaker, who as a gender non-conforming person uses the pronouns they or them. “It was a way to escape into any other world I wanted to.” When Hatmaker turned 21, friends brought Lego sets and they spent the night building together. “I woul...
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Trump and Putin Are All Talk on Oil Price Plunge

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- Well there’s a surprise. During a telephone conversation on Monday, Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin “agreed on the importance of stability in global energy markets.” However, it’s very unlikely either will go beyond extolling stability and waiting for (or pressuring) somebody else to do something about it.Trump, speaking at the White House Tuesday, talked of many meetings that are going to put this all right. He said Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Sal...
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Chronic Wetness - Fatbiking Alaska's Gulf Coast

[Author: [email protected] (Columbus Rides Bikes)]
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Do I Have to Pay My Rent or Mortgage During the Pandemic?

As March winds down, at least 250 million Americans have been told to stay home or “shelter in place” to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Problem is, many can’t help wondering if they can still afford a place to shelter in—if they ever could.Long before the coronavirus pandemic, generous swaths of the United States faced an affordable housing crisis. With millions of Americans losing their jobs and millions more facing unemployment in the near future thanks to a concerted economic shutdown gear...
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No, America’s Response to Coronavirus Isn’t the Worst in the World

The coronavirus pandemic is already a catastrophe. How we fare in comparison to the rest of the world is hardly of paramount importance. Once the Chinese government hid the outbreak, failed to contain it, and then misled the world, there remained little possibility that any nation, much less an enormous and open society like the United States, was going to be spared its devastation.Yet, when the political media isn’t preoccupied with a gotcha du jour, pundits, partisans, and journalists have see...
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Around the World – 10 Web Cam Views for Nature-lovers

Web Cam views are the next best thing to being there. As I write this, smart-thinking governments have clamped down on recreational air travel—a good thing. It’s springtime as I pen this , when I’d normally be putting into place my outdoorsy travel plans but not this time around. Downside: I’m at home glued to my computer.  The upside: I’m at home glued to my computer enjoying a myriad of web cam views from around the world. You see, just because I can’t hike the Swiss Alps or ramble the ...
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‘The Voice’ found this Orange County singer after he’d spent years of paying his dues

Nine words and 17 seconds. That’s all Roderick Chambers had to sing of the Brian McKnight song he’d chosen for his blind audition on “The Voice” to convince judge Nick Jonas to hit his button, spin his chair, and change Chambers’ life forever. Now picture what that was like for Chambers: You just got something you’d dreamed about for years, but there’s still more than a minute of the song to sing, and millions of viewers are watching. Rock singer Tom Petty and his wife Dana arrive at the wor...
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Cocaine Hippos, A New Mexico Raptor, and One Weird Cat: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

We’re heading into the last week of March, though it may not seem that way since 2020 feels like it’s lasted a few decades at this point. A worldwide pandemic will do that. Here’s to hoping that on April Fool’s Day, we’ll all wake up to find this has just been an elaborate, communal dream sequence put in motion by…Read more...
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Comment on sweet potato salad with pepita dressing by Waffler

Yummy. After many fails, i am afraid to buy avocados in Alaska, so i only had some greens to toss in. Would make this weekly!
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Gray whale census and study of species’ health halts amid coronavirus concerns

For the first time in nearly four decades, no one is there to watch the whales. Alisa Schulman-Janiger and a team of volunteers have perched up on the cliff top at the Point Vicente Interpretive Center in Rancho Palos Verdes for 37 years, taking 12-hour shifts daily from Dec. 1 through May 31. They watch whales off Southern California’s coast on their journey from Mexico to Alaska – sometimes they can be seen feeding, other times they frolic, occasionally they mate – always, until now, under obs...
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Your guide to movies currently streaming March 27-April 3

“1917” (R, for violence, some disturbing images and language; available to buy on Amazon Prime, Fandango Now, Apple TV and Vudu) Director Sam Mendes, has similarly taken top technology — and the best cinematography, courtesy of Roger Deakins — to give us a compelling look at World War I through the eyes of two ordinary soldiers asked to perform an extraordinary task. The special sauce here, which you may have heard about: “1917” appears as if it were shot in one seamless take — or two, if you in...
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‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ star Alaska gives glamour tips for quarantine before Digital Drag Fest

After the global spread of the novel coronavirus forced the cancellation of RuPaul’s DragCon, which was set for May 1-3 in Los Angeles, and the bars and clubs shut down in West Hollywood, drag queens and other LGBTQ artists quickly adapted to streaming content to help save their livelihood. “We don’t miss a beat, honey,” Los Angeles-based drag performer Alaska, who was runner-up on season five of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and winner of the second season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars,” said during ...
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Who gets a stimulus check? And beware of coronavirus scams

Retirees, workers and people laid off from work all will get coronavirus-related stimulus checks as long as they have a Social Security number, filed tax returns in 2018 or 2019 and meet the income requirements. The checks will be sent via direct deposit if the IRS has bank account information from previous tax filings. If the IRS doesn’t have that info, expect a check in the mail. People should start receiving relief checks, or direct deposits, within three weeks, according to Treasury Secretar...
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Travel memoirs to read

So the only view you have right now is the one outside your bedroom window. It’s easy to feel cramped, your longing for travel stifled by your equally strong urge to protect public health. There is a way to travel while you’re stuck indoors though. All you need is the right book. These travel memoirs, part personal journey, part travelogue to new and uncharted territories, will lead your imagination on wild adventures to places far beyond the confines of your couch. Dog sled across the arctic...
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LendingTree Report: Refinance Applications Triple in the U.S.

Charlotte, NC – March 25, 2020 (PRNewswire) LendingTree®, the nation’s leading online loan marketplace, released its latest report on the recent growth in refinance applications compared to the same time period in 2019. The economic effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic have led to unprecedented volatility in mortgage interest rates and an overwhelming surge of borrower demand. LendingTree data shows that refinance mortgage applications through LendingTree’s marketplace tripled from a yea...
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