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Austin Quinn-Davidson is the first woman and openly gay mayor of Alaska's largest city. She hopes to be an inspiration, too.

Austin Quinn-Davidson was sworn in Friday, replacing Ethan Berkowitz, who resigned after admitting to "unacceptable" relationship with TV anchorwoman.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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'How 30 Lines of Code Blew Up a 27-Ton Generator'

After the U.S. unveiled charges against six members of the Sandworm unit in Russia's military intelligence agency, Wired re-visited "a secret experiment in 2007 proved that hackers could devastate power grid equipment beyond repair — with a file no bigger than a gif." It's an excerpt from the new book SANDWORM: A New Era of Cyberwar and the Hunt for the Kremlin's Most Dangerous Hackers which also remembers the late industrial control systems security pioneer Mike Assante: Among [Sandworm's] ac...
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Live Updates: Amy Coney Barrett's nomination advances toward Senate vote

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, announced her support for Judge Amy Coney Barrett during a floor speech in the Senate on Saturday, making...
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Senate GOPers Vote To Advance Trump SCOTUS Pick’s Final Confirmation

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Republicans voted overwhelmingly Sunday to advance Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett toward final confirmation despite Democratic objections, just over a week before the presidential election. The vote was 51-48. Barrett’s confirmation on Monday was hardly in doubt, with majority Republicans mostly united in support behind President Donald Trump’s pick. But Democrats were poised to keep the Senate in session into the night in attempts to stall, arguing that the N...
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US Senate votes 51-48 to advance the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court before final vote on Monday

Senate Television via AP The US Senate on Sunday advanced the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, setting up a final confirmation vote Monday evening. The GOP defeated a Democratic filibuster by a 51-48 vote. If confirmed, Barrett would cement a 6-3 conservative majority on the high court. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. In a rare weekend session, the US Senate on Sunday advanced the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, setting up a fin...
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Murkowski Shifts Stance, Says She Will Vote to Confirm Barrett to Supreme Court

The Alaska senator says she is opposed to the process but doesn’t want to punish a nominee she feels is qualified.
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Murkowski, in a Turnabout, Says She Will Vote to Confirm Barrett

The iconoclastic Alaska Republican said she remained opposed to filling the Supreme Court seat so close to an election but could not...
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Lisa Murkowski will vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) speaks at a committee hearing on Capitol Hill. GREG NASH/POOL/AFP via Getty Images Sen. Lisa Murkowski on Saturday said that will vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Murkowski is opposed to confirming a Supreme Court judge to the court so close to the election, but decided to back Barrett due to her judicial philosophy. "I have concluded that she is the sort of person we want on the Supreme Court," Murkowski said. Visit Business Insider's ...
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Murkowski reverses course, will vote to confirm Barrett to Supreme Court

The Republican senator from Alaska had initially opposed confirming a new justice to the Supreme Court so close to a presidential election.
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Trump tells GOP donors that holding Senate will be 'tough' – report

* Washington Post reports remarks before Nashville debate * President also said he ‘just can’t’ help some GOP senators * How ending Obamacare would kill Fauci plan to conquer HIVShortly after Donald Trump insisted to reporters in Ohio he expected a “red wave” on election day, 3 November, it was reported on Saturday that he told Republican donors this week it would be “tough” for the party to hold on to the Senate.Trump trails Joe Biden in most national and battleground state polls. Democrats h...
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Alaska Sen. Murkowski to support Barrett for Supreme Court

Sen. Lisa Murkowski announced Saturday she will vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett, giving crucial support to President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee before the conservative judge faces a final vote expected Monday.
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The LA Zoo has distinctive native plant types you might want to try in your own garden

At the entrance to the Los Angeles Zoo, I recently encountered three distinctive California native plants you might want to consider for your own garden. Along a ramp leading up to the entrance is a large planting of California wild roses (Rosa californica) that are currently showing off clusters of stunning red-orange hips. At this time of year when most flowering plants have shut down after a scorching summer, the brilliant hips grab your attention all the more. This is the classic color of ro...
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I live in Canada where the temperatures dip below freezing in the fall — this compact patio heater is letting me enjoy my deck well into winter

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Steph Coelho/Business Insider The powerful heat output of the Mr. Heater Buddy Heater let me spend a few more hours outside on my deck at home in Canada, where the winters can be harsh and temperatures dip below freezing even in the fall. With the novel coronavirus making outdoor time more precious than ever, this patio heater extends the time I can comfortably use my outdoor space this season.Its ...
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Senators Collins, Murkowski Vote Against Moving Forward with Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation

Senators Susan Collins (R., Maine.) and Lisa Murkowski (R., Alaska) voted on Friday against moving the Senate into an executive session to allow McConnell to expedite the final confirmation vote that is expected to seat Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.The Senate ended up approving the move to executive session — which allows McConnell to file cloture, thereby overcoming any potential filibuster — by a vote of 51-46. Republicans are attempting to confirm Judge Barrett to the Court be...
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What To Expect On Election Day In Seven States: AK, HI, NM, OR, UT, WA, And WY

The election is less than two weeks away now. Millions of Americans have already voted. And COVID-19 case counts are, once more, climbing. This week, we have our final installment in our series of state-by-state looks at how election officials are trying to keep voting safe in the pandemic, and the chaos that might ensue in this extremely unusual general election. Our last tranche of states includes: Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. In addition to this week’s...
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Coastal permafrost more susceptible to climate change than previously thought

Research led by Micaela Pedrazas, who earned her masters at The University of Texas at Austin Jackson School of Geosciences working with Professor Bayani Cardenas, has found permafrost to be mostly absent throughout the shallow seafloor along a coastal field site in northeastern Alaska. That means carbon can be released from coastline sources much more easily than previously thought.
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Nothing New: How US Politics Turned Tribal, From George Washington To Donald Trump

This article is part of TPM Cafe , TPM’s home for opinion and news analysis. It is excerpted from “Republic of Wrath” by James A. Morone . American politics is loud, angry, and bristling with us versus them. But is there anything new in our screaming political divisions? Do they endanger the republic, as many observers fear? Or should we all take a deep breath as American politics runs through just another rowdy stretch? We can scan American history to explain what is different about th...
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Google said an Iran-linked disinformation campaign targeted 25,000 Gmail users, after US intelligence said Iran was trying to 'influence public opinion' ahead of Election Day

Google CEO Sundar Pichai. KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP via Getty Images Google said a disinformation campaign linked to Iran tried to send 25,000 emails to Gmail accounts. Only 10% of the emails sent to Gmail accounts made it past Google's spam filter, the company said. This came after the head of US national intelligence announced Wednesday that an Iranian campaign was behind a spate of threatening emails sent to registered Democratic voters. The emails purported to be from far-right group the ...
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Google says an Iran-linked disinformation campaign targeted 25,000 Gmail users, corroborating a US statement about threatening emails sent to Democratic voters

Google CEO Sundar Pichai KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP via Getty Images Google said a disinformation campaign linked to Iran tried to send 25,000 emails to Gmail accounts. Only 10% of the emails sent to Gmail accounts made it past Google's spam filter, the company said. This came after the head of US national intelligence announced Wednesday that an Iranian campaign was behind a spate of threatening emails sent to registered Democratic voters. The emails purported to be from far-right group the P...
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Iran Behind Supposed 'Proud Boys' Voter-Intimidation Emails, Feds Allege

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe and FBI Director Christopher Wray joined forces at a hastily announced press conference Wednesday night to issue a warning that foreign actors "have taken specific actions to influence public opinion relating to our elections." Specifically, Ratcliffe said, actors from Iran and Russia had separately obtained "some voter registration information" and were using it "to communicate false informat...
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Mapped: Coronavirus pushes California to nation’s 3rd highest jobless rate

With debate swirling over California’s tough pandemic-limiting tactics, new federal job stats show the state has the nation’s third-highest unemployment rate. Many business leaders think Gov. Gavin Newsom has been too cautious in reopening the state’s economy in the battle to slow the spread of coronavirus. And even the governor has admitted he’s being “stubborn” after a first round of reopenings in late spring were reversed. My trusty spreadsheet found some of the limitation’s economic pain in ...
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US voters are receiving threatening emails from foreign servers warning them to vote Trump 'or we will come after you'

Getty Registered voters in Florida and Alaska have received threatening emails purporting to be from a far-right US group telling them: 'Vote for Trump on Election Day or we will come after you.' The emails, which were obtained by outlets including the New York Times and CNN, appeared to come from an email address linked to the Proud Boys, a far-right US group. But metadata reviewed by CNN and the New York Times indicated that the emails had been sent from foreign servers, and the group's...
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Voters In At Least Two States Received Threatening Emails To ‘Vote For Trump Or Else’

 Voters in Florida and Alaska reported receiving threatening emails telling them to “Vote for Trump or else!” in what appear to be attempts at voter intimidation and have pushed elections officials in those states to contact law enforcement for further investigation.  TJ Pyche a spokesperson for the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections in Florida, told CNN that a flood of emails and calls on Tuesday from dozens of voters about the messages from an unknown person or group had prompted his of...
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625 Aerospace Internships

We talk with a co-founder of the Patti Grace Smith Fellowship which matches interns with aerospace companies. He’s also a former USAF combat pilot and an astronaut who flew on two Space Shuttle missions. In the news, EASA and the Boeing 737 MAX, the NTSB finds that alcohol caused a fatal accident, the U.S. Army plans to review its aviation fleet, expansion opportunities for budget airlines, and a dog evades capture at an airport for 12 hours. Guest Alvin Drew Jr. is the Department of Defen...
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Election officials in at least two states contact law enforcement after threatening emails sent to voters

Elections officials in Florida and Alaska contacted law enforcement Tuesday after registered voters reported receiving threatening emails that said, "Vote for Trump or else!"
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Gun Prohibitionists Cry Foul over Judge Benitez Taking Another 2A Case

Gun Prohibitionists Cry Foul over Fed. Judge Benitez Taking Another 2A Case iStock-1055138108 U.S.A. –-( Federal Judge Roger Benitez in San Diego, who has issued pro-Second Amendment rulings at least twice against California state statutes, was scheduled to hold an evidentiary hearing in another gun rights case Monday morning, and that is eliciting wails from gun prohibition groups. Anti-gun groups are already on the warpath against the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to...
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Large earthquake off southern coast of Alaska prompts tsunami fears, fleeing

A magnitude 7.5 earthquake prompted a tsunami warning Monday for a nearly thousand-mile stretch of Alaska’s southern coast, with waves over 2 feet at the nearest community as the threat subsided.
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U.S. fighter jets intercept Russian bombers near Alaska

U.S. fighter jets intercepted four Russian military aircraft in international airspace near Alaska, NORAD said.
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The clock is ticking on Republicans' Senate advantage

For years the conventional wisdom has been that Republicans enjoy a healthy structural advantage in the race for the U.S. Senate. It's how Republicans were able to expand their majority in that chamber despite a brutal national environment in 2018, and it's how senators representing a minority of the U.S. population will be able to plow forward with Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination before the election, confident that even if they kick away the Senate this year, it won'...
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Big Island beaches closed after Alaska earthquake triggers tsunami advisory for Hawaii

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a Tsunami Advisory for the State of Hawaii on Monday afternoon.
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