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Alaska Offers 58-Year-Old Ferry for Free to the Philippines

The state of Alaska is trying to dispose of a 58-year-old ferry, and even has offered to give it free to the government of the Philippines.
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Alaska Sees 49% Increase in Syphilis Infection Rates in 2020

Alaska health officials say 361 cases of syphilis were reported in 2020.
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Frumpy Middle-aged Mom: I bought a cowboy hat in Montana, but it wasn’t easy

I just got back from Montana, which is a state in the Rocky Mountains, in case you’ve never been there. They have about as many beef cattle as they do residents, based on my observation driving around that we saw herds and herds of Angus beef on the hoof, and we seldom saw herds and herds of people anywhere, except in Bozeman. When you do see people, they’re often wearing “cowboy hats,” which some of you may know from watching old movies. I bought myself a cowboy hat while I was there, but it wa...
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Moose enjoys a summertime swim in Alaska's Jewel Lake

Anchorage's 1,500 resident moose are a regular sight in the area, , especially at the beginning and end of summer. Barbara Bridges via Storyful       [Author: Storyful]
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10 Things in Politics: Klobuchar's elite club of donors

Good morning, and welcome to 10 Things in Politics. If this was forwarded to you, sign up here.I'm the Insider politics reporter Oma Seddiq, filling in for Brent Griffiths. Send me tips at [email protected] or @omaseddiq.Here's what we're talking about today:What gets you access to chats with Sen. Amy Klobuchar;A (brief) chat with the guy who led Biden's vaccine rollout;Trump reportedly wanted the DOJ to investigate 'SNL'.With Jordan Erb.Developing: New York's prima...
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Alaska Man Pleads Guilty in Death, Abuse of 10-Year-Old Girl

An Alaska man linked to the 2018 death of a 10-year-old girl has pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and sexual abuse of a minor.
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Scientists Might Have Spotted Tectonic Activity Inside Venus

Venus might be hell, but don't call it a dead planet. Amid surface temperatures of up to 471C and surface pressures 100 times greater than those on Earth, new research suggests the planet might still be geologically active. That's encouraging news to people who think it could once have hosted life (or that it might still be able to). From a report: Earth's lithosphere (its crust and upper mantle) is made of "plates" that move around and crash into each other, resulting in mountains, deep ocean t...
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Trump backs challenger to GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski who voted to convict him in second impeachment trial

GOP Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka. AP Photo/Mark Thiessen, File Former President Trump has backed Kelly Tshibaka over Lisa Murkowski in the 2022 Alaska Senate race. Trump continues to smart over Murkowski voting to convict him in his second impeachment trial. Tshibaka, the former state commissioner of administration, has several Trump alums in her campaign. Sign up for the 10 Things in Politics daily newsletter. Former President Donald Trump on Friday backed a Republican challenger to GO...
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Trump backs Murkowski challenger, says GOP incumbent has 'got to go'

Former President Donald Trump endorsed Alaska Republican Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka Friday, saying the GOP incumbent Lisa Murkowski...
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This GOP senator is now Enemy No. 1 for Trump

On Friday afternoon, former President Donald Trump made it official: He is actively working to oust Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski in next year's Republican primary.
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Alaska Special Legislative Session Limps Toward End

The special legislative session is limping toward a bitter end, with Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy and House majority leaders sharply disagreeing over the adequacy of the budget passed by lawmakers earlier this week.
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Trump endorses Kelly Tshibaka, Murkowski’s challenger in Alaska’s Senate race

Donald J. Trump has been following the race closely, his advisers said, hoping to unseat Senator Lisa Murkowski after she voted to...
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Appeals Court Panel Orders Review of EPA Decision in Alaska

A split federal appeals court panel has sent back for legal review a 2019 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency decision to withdraw proposed restrictions on large-scale mining in Alaska’s Bristol Bay region.
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Donald Trump endorses Kelly Tshibaka for Senate in race against Lisa Murkowski

Former President Donald Trump endorsed Alaska GOP Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka on Friday, pledging to campaign against Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who voted to convict him of inciting the deadly insurrection at the Capitol on January 6.
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Trump endorses Kelly Tshibaka for Senate in race against Lisa Murkowski

Former President Donald Trump endorsed Alaska GOP Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka on Friday, pledging to campaign against Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who voted to convict him of inciting the deadly insurrection at the Capitol on January 6.
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Mike Pence heckled with chants of ‘traitor!’ at conservative Christian conference – live

Former vice-president jeered at Faith & Freedom summitMcConnell says voting rights proposal is ‘rotten to the core’The inner circle egging on Trump and fueling his election lie 7.20pm BST More than 300 coronavirus vaccine doses have been administered since Joe Biden took office in January, the White House announced in a press release.“Today, thanks to the President’s COVID-19 strategy, the virus is in retreat. 300 million shots have been administered in 150 days, COVID-19 cases and deaths ha...
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Comment on chocolate ice cream sandwiches by Tamar

This looks delicious! One question – do you think this same cookie recipe could be used as a base for your baked Alaska recipe? We made that for my daughter’s birthday last year and it was epically delicious but its one challenge was the difficult to cut brownie base layer. I’m thinking this could be a great alternative??
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A major cruise line will welcome back fully vaccinated customers this fall - here's where it's sailing to

Princess Cruises' Grand Princess ship, which will resume sailing in September. Princess Cruises Princess Cruises will resume US-based cruises this fall, more than a year after stopping all trips. The cruises will bring passengers from California and Florida to destinations like Hawaii and the Caribbean. Guests must be fully vaccinated, and provide proof of that vaccination. See more stories on Insider's business page. Princess Cruises has announced it will resume sailing in US wate...
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Alaska Governor Calls Budget Passed This Week 'Defective'

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy has labeled as “defective” the state spending package passed by lawmakers this week.
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Alaska Legislative Leaders Approve Retroactive Allowances

Alaska legislative leaders have agreed to allow lawmakers to collect retroactively an allowance for the special session now nearing its end.
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Alaska hiker found alive after being attacked by bears

Fina Kiefer, 55, had contacted her husband asking for help early Tuesday after multiple bears charged at her on Pioneer Ridge Trail near Palmer.
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Alaska Hiker Chased off Trail by Bears Flags Down Help

Authorities say a hiker who reported needing help following bear encounters on a trail reached a road and flagged down help.
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Alaska hiker found alive after reported missing and chased by bears

An Alaska hiker whose whereabouts were unknown for nearly two days, after she reported being chased off the trail by bears, was found...
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Alaska hiker reported missing was found alive after being charged by bears

A missing hiker in Alaska was found alive Wednesday after being charged by multiple bears, officials said.
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Hiker reported missing after being chased by bears found alive

A missing hiker in Alaska was found alive Wednesday after being charged by multiple bears, officials said.
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I'm a 32-year-old who booked 2 cruises this summer. People think they're tacky and dirty, but they're still the best way to vacation.

Halee Whiting on a cruise in 2019. Halee Whiting Halee Whiting, 32, lives in Rochester, New York, and loves cruises - she says she's been on 15. She's embarking on Royal Caribbean's Bahamas cruise and is excited to reconnect with cruise buddies. She said it was a no-brainer to book the trip. Here's her story, as told to Jamie Killin. See more stories on Insider's business page. I'm taking my first post-pandemic cruise this month out of the Nassau Cruise Port in the ...
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Alaska searchers look for hiker who reported being charged by bears

The solo hiker was found Wednesday as searches for the day were ending because of weather.
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Missing Alaska Hiker Found With Injuries After Apparent Bear Attack

By Yereth RosenANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) -An Alaska hiker who went missing after calling her husband to say she had been charged by bears was...
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Search on for Alaska Hiker Charged by Bears on Mountain Trail

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) - Search teams in Alaska were looking on Wednesday for a hiker who has been missing since early Tuesday morning when...
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