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Sunday Best: The glorious designs of Christian Dior, on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum

More than 200 garments are on display in the "Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams" exhibition at the V&A Museum in London, through July 14.
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Is This Leonardo Da Vinci’s Only Surviving Sculpture?

A small terracotta statue, titled The Virgin with the Laughing Child and housed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, has been attributed to various Italian Renaissance artists, most recently Antonio Rossellino. Now art historian Francesco Caglioti says that “there are a thousand details, which dispel any doubts regarding the attribution [to Leonardo].” — The Art Newspaper
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Christian Dior exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum

Christian Dior was responsible for a "revolution in fashion" and made history in the industry.
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These 2 tech founders lost their friends in tragic accidents. Now they've built AI chatbots to give people life after death

Netflix drama "Black Mirror" once imagined a world in which tech could be used to recreate the dead. Now, people are working to make that a reality. Tech firm Eternime is beta testing an app that will allow users to create a digital "avatar" of themselves after they die. Eternime is not the only firm experimenting with AI technology to give people a voice after death. Business Insider spoke to four people working in and researching the death tech space. They laid out the benefits and dangers o...
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V&A East Announces Initial Plans

V&A East, the Victoria and Albert Museum’s future venue on the former Olympic site in Stratford has unveiled its initial plans. It will combine exhibition and research space. Read more at Art Newspape
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After wrestling with the development of a technology that would create a three dimensional map of the physical world for over a decade, the team at is finally ready to open up its toolkit to developers that the company says has done exactly that. When company chief executive Matt Miesnieks announced the launch of 6D in March, he laid out a vision for its growth that had three goals. The company would build APIs to capture the three-dimensional geometry of the world; it would apply that ...
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Duchess Kate stuns in Erdem at the Victoria and Albert Museum

The Duchess of Cambridge looked incredible on Wednesday, as she opened the Victoria and...
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The 10 Best Photography Galleries In The World

In the digital era, photography has certainly become a staple of everyday life.  We’re being exposed to all kinds of imagery 24/7 and many of us have lost the ability to stop and contemplate images in detail. Because of this, photography galleries represent a perfect getaway for anyone who would like to enjoy photography the “old-fashioned” way – framed and hung. The following list consists of 10 really remarkable photo galleries around the world: 1. Hamiltons Gallery Hamiltons gallery was fou...
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The Mylo Driver Bag Features the World’s First Mushroom-based Leather!

Designed to stay sustainable, natural, and to not cut corners on the experience of owning leather, the Driver Bag features a one-of-a-kind leather alternative… a leather made from mushrooms! Made from the fibrous mycelium found in mushroom roots, Mylo looks and feels exactly like actual leather (it’s apparently difficult to tell the two apart), except without the environmental impact, and is a qualitative step up from faux-leather, given how it looks and behaves exactly like the real thing. In...
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Playing Games Can Be Hard Work. So Can Choosing Which Ones to Display.

Marie Foulston is the curator of video games at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Her first exhibition shows how games can break new ground.
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Marvelous scans of Leonardo da Vinci's journals

London's Victoria and Albert Museum has digitized and posted two of Leonardo da Vinci's personal notebooks. From The Art Newspaper: “The notebooks remind us that Leonardo was as much an engineer as he was an artist. When he wrote in the early 1480s to Ludovico Sforza, then ruler of Milan, to offer him his services, he advertised himself as a military engineer, only briefly mentioning his artistic skills at the end of the list,” (says Catherine Yvard, Special Collections curator at the V&A’s ...
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Xbox controller and mosquito emoji join V&A collection

Snapchat spectacles also among new acquisitions ahead of video games exhibitionAn Xbox controller, a mosquito emoji and a pair of Snapchat spectacles have been added to the Victoria and Albert Museum’s collection.The acquisitions were made as part of the museum’s “rapid response collecting” programme, which began in 2014 and has seen an eclectic range of objects, including an Ikea soft toy, a Jeremy Corbyn T-shirt and a pink knitted pussyhat enter the collection. Continue reading...
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Leonardo da Vinci’s Earliest Notebooks Now Digitized and Made Free Online: Explore His Ingenious Drawings, Diagrams, Mirror Writing & More

Do a search on the word “polymath” and you will see an image or reference to Leonardo da Vinci in nearly every result. Many historical figures—not all of them world famous, not all Europeans, men, or from the Italian Renaissance—fit the description. But few such recorded individuals were as feverishly active, restlessly inventive, and astonishingly prolific as Leonardo, who left riddles enough for scholars to solve for many lifetimes. Leonardo himself, though world-renowned for his talents in t...
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What Will the Future Be Like? These Objects Help Us Imagine

An exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London examines how technological and social change will alter the way we live.
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The game changers: meet the creatives shaking up the gaming world

On the eve of a new exhibition, we talk to six radical designers in an industry that’s evolving at exhilarating speedJust as the kaleidoscopic dramas of Leo Tolstoy’s novel Anna Karenina, the pseudo-non-fiction murk of Alan Moore’s comic From Hell and the domestic pragmatism of Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals meet under the fat banner of prose, so the body of video games becomes an ever broader church. It is impossible to enforce orthodoxy in a medium where shifting technology defines the canvas....
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I Can't Get Enough Of Vintage Laura Ashley Dresses

The prairie trend has reached fever pitch this summer, and you're now as likely to find a dress with an empire waist, ruffled collar, and long sleeves at Topshop as you are at your local vintage shop. Thanks to shows like Picnic at Hanging Rock and Westworld, brands like Batsheva and Ganni, and an industry shift towards the hyper-feminine, the Little House on the Prairie look has gone from farmhouse to fashion in just a few seasons. As someone with a penchant for milkmaid dresses and blouses, i...
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Victoria and Albert Museum tour of British identity

The director of the V&A Museum takes us on a tour of items which explore British identity.
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Fashion News Roundup: July 2018

A J.Crew plus-size collection, free MAC lipsticks, and more news from the fashion trenches this month. J.Crew has teamed up with Universal Standard for a 37-piece collection of plus-size items. Meanwhile, Eloquii has announced an upcoming plus-size collection with Jason Wu which will debut this Fall. London’s Victoria and Albert Museum is planning a Dior exhibition exploring the French couturier’s relationship with British culture. On July, 29, MAC is handing out free lipsticks in honour of Nat...
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How to Spend a Week in London

Published: 07/26/18 | July 26th, 2018 London. The Big Smoke. It’s a sprawling city, covering 607 square miles and home to over eight million people. In fact, London is really a collection of cities. The City of London (aka “The City”) is just 1.1 square miles (and the site of old Roman Londinium). Everything we think of as London today is actually other cities (Westminster, Camden, etc.) that “The City” gobbled up over the years. (Fun fact: The West and East Ends of London are so named because...
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Defying UK Trend, V&A Museum Attendance Up 26%

“A new and less intimidating entrance has helped the [Victoria and Albert Museum] achieve record visitor numbers, bucking a trend of sharp falls across the UK’s museums and galleries. The museum said more than 4.4 million people visited the V&A and its London satellites, Blythe House and the Museum of Childhood.”
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Victoria and Albert

I made a quick trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum which happens to be free. It was opened by Queen Victoria, thus the name. It’s a museum showing all sorts of art, such as glass and ironwork along with clothing and furniture. It’s very well done and huge. I only saw a part of it but gave it my best. A look at the area for displaying clothing. I assume they didn’t do much sitting when wearing a dress like this. A pretty wedding dress and veil. A painting of Victoria and Albert depicting t...
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London's V&A Museum to stage 'reimagined' hit Dior expo

London's Victoria and Albert Museum said Sunday it plans a reprise in 2019 of a Christian Dior retrospective that last year drew record numbers to the Decorative Arts Museum in Paris. The show, to run from February 2 to July 14, promises to be "the largest and most comprehensive exhibition ever staged in the UK on the House of Dior," the V&A said in a statement. "Spanning 1947 to the present day, 'Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams' will trace the history and impact of one of the 20th centuryâ...
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When 77 hats do the lotus position: the cosmic world of Younes Rahmoun

On a journey around the bustling, sun-filled medina of his hometown, the Moroccan artist – a contender for the Jameel prize – shows our writer where he finds inspirationOn a bright spring day, the artist Younès Rahmoun is showing me around his home town of Tétouan, a city in Morocco at the foot of the Rif mountains. Inside the medina – the old walled area and a Unesco world heritage site – he spots a bead on the ground. It’s small, plastic and the least interesting thing I can see. Nearby, men i...
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Posters, banners, boarding passes: Museums try to get a head start on history

Rapid-response collecting — a practice adopted by many western museums — was pioneered by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In 2014, it opened a gallery dedicated to objects acquired after they stirred public debate or looked likely to have historical impact.
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A Meditative Look at a Japanese Artisan’s Quest to Save the Brilliant, Forgotten Colors of Japan’s Past

We might assume that 21st-century technology enables us to produce fabric in all imaginable colors, most of them totally unknown to our ancestors. Yet none of it has ever quite replicated the striking hues achieved by dyers of centuries and centuries ago. That premise underlies the slow and painstaking work of Sachio Yoshioka, whose family's fabric-dyeing heritage goes back to Japan's Edo period of the 17th to the mid-19th century. Having taken over his father's workshop Textiles Yoshiok...
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European Museums Rush To Collect Artifacts In Real Time After Significant Events

Rapid-response collecting was pioneered by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In 2014, it opened a gallery dedicated to objects acquired after they stirred public debate or looked likely to have historical impact. The museum says it hopes they provoke discussion about how objects are changing the way we live.
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The Real Story Behind Frida Kahlo’s Style

A new exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London explores how the artist’s physical disabilities influenced her well-known image.
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In Search of Forgotten Colors

The Victoria and Albert Museum filmed this short four-part documentary about the Somenotsukasa Yoshioka dye workshop near Kyoto, Japan. They make dyes using only natural materials, producing vibrant colors using little-used and often long-forgotten techniques. Sachio Yoshioka is the fifth-generation head of the Somenotsukasa Yoshioka dye workshop in Fushimi, southern Kyoto. When he succeeded to the family business in 1988, he abandoned the use of synthetic colours in favour of dyeing solely...
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London Mayor Reveals Second Plan For £1.1 Billion Arts District At Olympic Park

"Featuring an outpost of the Victoria and Albert Museum, a Sadler's Wells dance theatre and a new home for the London College of Fashion, along with residential towers, the park's planned arts district, once known as Olympicopolis, in tune with [former mayor Boris] Johnson's penchant for ancient Greek, has been reborn as East Bank, with […]
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Ethiopia:Reflections On Ethiopia's Stolen Treasures On Display in a London Museum

[The Conversation Africa] In early April an exhibition called "Maqdala 1868" opened at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. It's comprised of treasures looted from Ethiopia, and so contributes to the ongoing controversy and debate about treasure ownership.
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