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What to do in Prague for 2 days

The essential of historical Prague in just 48 hours The historical centre of Prague is a compact area which – provided you have a good itinerary – can be reasonably visited in just two days without missing out any of the essential sights or the general image of the city in the past and nowadays. The early medieval town started to develop along  both sides of the Moldau (Vltava) river, upon and underneath several hills that provided the necessary visual safety point. The settlement has natural...
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Day Three 2019 Junior Nationals (Press Release)

(Press Release) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 15, 2019 Contact: Joey Caterinichio, Event Chair, [email protected], (907) 229-6427 Josh Niva, Chief of Media, [email protected], (907) 301-5287 Alaska’s Kramer, Schumacher complete individual race sweeps with classic mass start wins at Friday’s 2019 U.S. Junior Nationals racing  Final day of individual racing sets up Saturday’s JNs finale: The freestyle relays Gus Schumacher (Alaska Winter Stars/Team Alaska), center, won the ...
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Wildflower etiquette: Stay on the trails, and don’t stop traffic

Take pictures of the wildflowers. Just don’t take pictures in the wildflowers! That’s one of the main messages that wildlife and park officials across Southern California are trying to get out this spring as they anticipate a great season for wildflowers following abundant winter rain — and large crowds turning out for the colorful display. Sitting or lying down to take a selfie or even walking off an established trail can damage both existing flowers and the next generation that would have grow...
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Medical roundup

Sued if you do, sued if you don’t: drugmaker faces lawsuits over failure to provide Fosamax warning that FDA told it not to provide [Jim Copland, James Beck on Merck Sharp & Dohme v. Albrecht, pending at Supreme Court] On new APA masculinity guidelines, Sally Satel cuts to the point: will they improve the success of therapy for people seeking help? [Washington Post] What does it mean to say the opioid litigation might follow the tobacco model? [Rob McKenna, U.S. Chamber] Citing fate of ear...
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Tuesday round-up

Briefly: In the wake of the recent decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit in Robles v. Domino’s Pizza, holding that the ADA requires businesses to make websites accessible to the disabled, NFIB urges the Supreme Court to “clarify, once and for all, whether the ADA covers digital spaces.” In The National Law Journal, Courtenay Brinckerhoff and Daniel Shelton look at Helsinn Healthcare S.A. v. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc., in which the court held that the sale of an invention ...
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United States: Albrecht Oral Argument – Better Us Than Them - Reed Smith

We've reviewed the transcript of the oral argument in Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. v. Albrecht, No. 17-290 (U.S.), e.g., the United States Supreme Court appeal from the horrible decision in In re Fosamax (Alendronate Sodium) Products Liability Litigation.
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Using a Fake Hand to Defeat Hand-Vein Biometrics

Nice work: One attraction of a vein based system over, say, a more traditional fingerprint system is that it may be typically harder for an attacker to learn how a user's veins are positioned under their skin, rather than lifting a fingerprint from a held object or high quality photograph, for example. But with that said, Krissler and Albrecht first took photos of their vein patterns. They used a converted SLR camera with the infrared filter removed; this allowed them to see the pattern of the...
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Wednesday round-up

The justices wrap up the first week of the January session today with one oral argument, in Franchise Tax Board of California v. Hyatt, in which the court will consider whether to overrule a precedent that allows a state to be sued in the courts of another state without its consent. Richard Re previewed the case for this blog. Clotilde Le Roy and Jarrett Field have a preview at Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute. In his first Supreme Court opinion, Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote for...
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Argument analysis: Gleaning the FDA’s meaning for impossibility pre-emption

Much of the federal government may be in shutdown mode, but the Supreme Court is still open for business. The Supreme Court opened its January session Monday morning with argument in Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. v. Albrecht, a case about the workings of the Food & Drug Administration (still partially open) and when the agency’s actions may insulate drug manufacturers from state tort suits through “impossibility pre-emption.” An important and often-used litigation defense for manufacturers, impossib...
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Argument transcripts

The transcript of oral argument in Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. v. Albrecht is available on the Supreme Court’s website; the transcript in Obduskey v. McCarthy & Holthus LLP is also available.   The post Argument transcripts appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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Deezer’s CEO wants to make their mark in 2019

Deezer have held their own whilst rivals like Spotify and Apple Music dominate music streaming and after their best year yet they’re on track to carve their niche this year. French music streaming service Deezer has successfully managed to carve out success, battling against streaming giants like Spotify and Apple Music. They didn’t launch in the US until 2016 but have still managed to gain a dedicated user-base and continue expanding around the world despite being, as CEO Hans-Holger Albrec...
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Monday round-up

This morning the Supreme Court kicks off the January argument session with oral arguments in two cases. The first is Merck Sharp & Dohme v. Albrecht, which raises questions about whether a state-law failure-to-warn claim is pre-empted by federal law regulating the safety and efficacy of prescription drugs. Elizabeth McCuskey previewed the case for this blog. Garion Liberti and Tayler Woelcke have a preview for Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute. The second case today is Obduskey v....
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This week at the court

The Supreme Court will release additional orders from the January 4 conference on Monday at 9:30 a.m. There is a possibility of opinions on Tuesday at 10 a.m. On Monday, the justices hear oral argument in Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. v. Albrecht and Obduskey v. McCarthy & Holthus LLP. On Tuesday, the justices hear oral argument in Herrera v. Wyoming and Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v. On Wednesday, the justices hear oral argument in Franchise Tax Board of California v. Hyatt....
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Argument preview: Revisiting impossibility pre-emption

When state law and federal law conflict, the Constitution’s supremacy clause provides that federal law displaces, or pre-empts, state law. Pre-emption issues permeate prescription-drug safety litigation because the Food and Drug Administration regulates the safety and efficacy of prescription drugs under federal law, while state tort law provides the remedy for patients injured by the use of FDA-approved drugs.  Prescription drug manufacturers frequently raise “impossibility pre-emption” as a de...
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Hackers Make a Fake Hand to Beat Vein Authentication

Devices and security systems are increasingly using biometric authentication to let users in and keep hackers out, be that fingerprint sensors or perhaps the iPhone's FaceID. Another method is so-called 'vein authentication,' which, as the name implies, involves a computer scanning the shape, size, and position of a users' veins under the skin of their hand. But hackers have found a workaround for that, too. From a report: On Thursday at the annual Chaos Communication Congress hacking conferenc...
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The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: December 8, 2018

Cuckoo clock in stall at Christmas Market, Cincinnati The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: December 8, 2018 Another week of Advent, another week closer to Christmas, and here we are. Welcome to our weekly Brunch, where things are beginning to take a decidedly holiday tone. There’s egg nog on the buffet (Michael Spencer’s favorite), greens, poinsettias, and candles on the tables. Come, sit, and let’s enjoy Brunch together! • • • It’s Christkindlmarkt time!… Christmas market in Berlin by Franz Skarbi...
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Election Day 2018: A nation on edge heads to the polls

By CLAIRE GALOFARO, MARTHA IRVINE and SHARON COHEN , WASHINGTON —  Michael Gregoire marched along a downtown sidewalk in the tense days before the midterm elections, waving a hand-painted sign at passing traffic: “DEFEAT REPUBLICANS 2018.” “The survival of the country is going to depend on this election,” he said as another man stopped for a moment to argue. The strangers faced each other from opposite edges of the great American divide, Democrat versus Republican, both convinced the election is...
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The best Christmas markets in Europe

Christmas is already around the corner. You may be in denial because your tan lines have yet to fade, but summer is waning and it’s high time to start planning your holiday travels. Between the mulled wine, carols, and delicious sweet treats, organizing a trip to a Christkindelsmärik in Europe is a surefire way to make you want to skip fall altogether and head straight into December. So, this year, plan for a perfectly wintry holiday experience at one of these seven amazing Christmas markets ...
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Empirical SCOTUS: The big business court

The current Supreme Court is friendly toward big business. How friendly? If the court’s trajectory continues, perhaps as friendly as any court dating back to the Lochner era, when laissez-faire policies permeated the court’s rulings. Prominent scholars, most notably Lee Epstein, William Landes and Richard Posner, have found empirical support for the proposition that the current court is more pro-business than previous iterations. (That study was recently updated through the 2015 term.) This post...
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Festival d’Aix-en-Provence (2), Ariadne auf Naxos, 14 July 2018

Théâtre de l’Archevêché Images: Festival d’Aix-en-Provence 2018 © Pascal Victor / artcompress   Music Master – Josef Wagner Major-Domo – Maik Solbach Lackey – Sava Vemić Officer – Petter Moen Composer – Angela Brower Tenor, Bacchus – Eric Cutler Wig-Maker – Jean-Gabriel Saint Martin Zerbinetta – Sabine Devieilhe Prima Donna, Ariadne – Lise Davidsen Dancing Master – Rupert Charlesworth Naiad – Beate Mordal Dryad – Andrea Hill Echo – Elena...
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Akron Beacon Journal's New Publisher Talks About the Future of the Newspaper

The Akron Beacon Journal’s new president and publisher spoke at the Akron Roundtable Thursday about the newspaper’s future under its new owner, Gatehouse Media. Bill Albrecht, who filled the role in May , said the newspaper might be a fully-digital product in the future and that editorial page decisions will remain local. He also said that local news is important to the paper. “Our franchise is local. Even though Akron and the Beacon Journal are considered more of a metropolitan area or a metrop...
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United States: Breaking News – Supreme Court Grants Review In Fosamax Preemption Case - Reed Smith

Today, on the last day of the United States Supreme Court's 2018 Term, the Court issued an order granting review in Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. v. Albrecht, No. 17-290 – which is the Supreme Court docket name
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Justices clean up cert docket before summer recess

James Ho may have been confirmed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit late last year, but today the Supreme Court ruled that a case that he filed before taking the bench, on behalf of a Kansas woman who alleged that police officers violated her civil rights when they tried to stop her from praying in her own apartment, can go forward. The justices emphasized that the lower courts should have interpreted her pleadings more generously because she had acted as her own lawyer in early pr...
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Magnificent new show of Scott Albrecht's deconstructed, typographical art opening in San Francisco on Saturday

This Saturday (6/30) in San Francisco, Brooklyn-based artist/designer Scott Albrecht opens "A Forgiving Sunset," a large solo exhibition of new woodworks, works-on-paper, and steel sculptures. Scott continues to amplify his blend of artistic vision and exquisite craftsmanship in captivating works that are based in simple typographical forms but manifested from his puzzle-like assembly of numerous individual pieces of paper, wood, or, now, steel. “The work for this show pulls from a range of e...
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Live blog of orders (Update: Completed)

We live-blogged to discuss Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement and the Supreme Court’s orders from its final conference of the term. Former Kennedy clerks Jeffrey Pojanowski and Michael Dorf joined us. The justices added seven new cases to their merits docket for next term: Herrera v. Wyoming, Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v., Gamble v. United States, Nieves v. Bartlett, Franchise Tax Board of California v. Hyatt, Obduskey v. McCarthy & Holthus LLP and Merck Sharp & Dohme C...
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Relist Watch: The final countdown

John Elwood provides his best guess about October Term 2017’s last relists. Every June, before the justices leave town, they have one last impromptu conference to consider – and usually dispose of – all the cases relisted after their last scheduled conference. In recent years, that has overwhelmingly happened on the last Monday of June, which is also typically when the court hands down the last opinions of the term; the resulting order list is usually released the following day. They’re running ...
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Zuckerberg didn’t make any friends in Europe today

Speaking in front of EU lawmakers today Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg namechecked the GDPR’s core principles of “control, transparency and accountability” — claiming his company will deliver on all that, come Friday, when a new European Union data protection framework, GDPR, starts being applied, finally with penalties worth the enforcement. However there was little transparency or accountability on show during the session, given the upfront questions format which saw Zuckerberg cherry-p...
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EU is livestreaming Zuck’s hearing — reluctantly

As the European Parliament’s ‘Mr Privacy,’ Jan Philipp Albrecht, said: “It is a bad sign that Mark Zuckerberg only wants to answer the questions of selected Members of the European Parliament behind closed doors.” That’s an understatement! It’s also a pretty dreadful sign that the heads of the European Parliament’s biggest political groups were so happy to go along with this idea. It begs the question: what are the trying to hide? Zuckerberg’s culpability or their own inability? Albrecht himself...
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Outlander Renewed for Two Seasons and Will Return This November!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Outlander renewed for two seasons and will return this November! Good news, Outlander fans! Starz announced today that their Golden Globe-nominated original series, Outlander, will premiere its fourth season this November 2018 and has also been renewed for seasons five and six! The announcement was made by Chris Albrecht, Starz President and CEO, in association with Sony Pictures Television. You can check out the new Outlander season four images in the gallery below! “Fans...
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Starz CEO Chris Albrecht Lists Beachy Santa Monica Home (EXCLUSIVE)

Veteran entertainment industry executive Chris Albrecht, president and CEO of the Starz network, has listed his Santa Monica, Calif., home with an asking price pushing up on $8 million. Albrecht acquired the clapboard-clad residence — a beachy, modern-minded West Coast take on an East Coast traditional — just over two years ago for $7.15 million. […]
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