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Album Of The Week: Little Kid Transfiguration Highway

Before we begin this week's review, a reminder: Yesterday we launched Save Stereogum: An '00s Covers Comp. It's a collection of over 40 all-new exclusive tracks from your favorite indie stars that we're releasing as part of our new crowdfunding initiative that also offers perks like T-shirts, a Zoom partied DJ'd by your … More »
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Album Of The Week: Pottery Welcome To Bobby’s Motel

Welcome To Bobby's Motel is a nonsensical title for Pottery's debut album, which also makes it a perfect title. It is, obviously, a greeting, which is fitting enough, but beyond that you don't really know whether it's supposed to be banal, or evocative, or what. It sounds like an inside joke, which it probably was. More »
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Album Of The Week: Braids Shadow Offering

Braids have a flair for the dramatic. Throughout their four albums, the Canadian trio have been an outlet for unhinged catharsis. They are masters of outsized emotion, approaching their music with a theatrical zeal that confers everyday anxieties with a heightened, fantastical edge. In the same way that a song in a musical leads a … More »
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Album Of The Week: Coriky Coriky

One night in the long-ago time of February 2020, Ian MacKaye stood onstage in Charlottesville, Virginia and sang these words: "What's surprising is the expectation that we'd ever have a say/ About who'd be standing on that carpet on inauguration day." There was no mistaking that line. Nobody in the crowd had heard the song … More »
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Album Of The Week: Run The Jewels RTJ4

The first song on RTJ4 climaxes with a police standoff. "I got one round left, 100 cops outside," Killer Mike raps. "I could shoot at them or put one between my eyes." Over one of those controlled explosions El-P made his legend on, a beat that sounds like bombs going off underground and in the … More »
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Album Of The Week: 2nd Grade Hit To Hit

2nd Grade's songs are short and insistent, like they were designed for the attention span of someone that's actually in the second grade. There are 24 songs on the band's new album, Hit To Hit, and most of them hover around the two-minute mark. There's little traditional verse-chorus-verse structure to them, but they beg for … More »
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Album Of The Week: Nation Of Language Introduction, Presence

Nostalgia has long since been a dirty word. People use it as a dismissal, of escapism or entrenchment by those too afraid to face contemporary life. But nostalgia is a tool. Like anything, it can be overused, worn down. But when wielded properly, it uses the past and the haziness of memory to try and … More »
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Album Of The Week: Moses Sumney græ

"I insist upon my right to be multiple. Even more so, I insist upon the recognition of my multiplicity. All things encompassed in one." The writer, photographer, and speaker Taiye Selasi recites these words in one of several appearances across Moses Sumney's new double album, græ, on an interlude titled "also also also and and and." Selasi continues, "I … More »
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Album Of The Week: I Break Horses Warnings

The name Warnings naturally suggests something foreboding. Whether reflecting on the signs you missed but should've seen, or imagining what could be around the corner, there is danger in it, there is tumultuousness in it. Maria Lindén's new album as I Break Horses uses the title, and sure enough, plenty of turmoil still lingers in … More »
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Album Of The Week: Car Seat Headrest Making A Door Less Open

Will Toledo is hard to pin down. Even Toledo himself struggles to do it, a friction that has sparked some of his most explosive songwriting. As Car Seat Headrest's driving force, he's a rock star in a world that isn't made for rock stars anymore. Car Seat Headrest are part of a dying breed, an … More »
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Album Of The Week: Elder Omens

The floating world doesn't float the way it once did. Three years ago, the psychedelic Massachusetts power trio released an album called Reflections Of A Floating World, and they had their reasons for picking that title. At the time, frontman Nick DiSalvo said, "The term 'the floating world' comes from a particular period … More »
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Album Of The Week: Laura Marling Song For Our Daughter

Laura Marling has lived a whole life already and she's barely 30. The British folk musician has been releasing albums at breakneck speed since she was 18. Each album has been more mature and refined than the last -- she's built her sound up and broken it back down, crested with 2013's magnificent Once I … More »
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Album Of The Week: Yves Tumor Heaven To A Tortured Mind

Allow me to reintroduce Yves Tumor. Actually, allow "Gospel For A New Century" to do it. More »
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Album Of The Week: Sorry 925

Sorry took a different path. In their early days, they didn't make themselves known by releasing a couple standalone singles, nor did they put out an EP, per se. Instead, they threw two homemade mixtapes online, stringing together their demos, sharp choruses and rough sketch ideas alike. They're a rock band whose initial … More »
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Album Of The Week: Irreversible Entanglements Who Sent You?

"The pope must be drunk!" Camae Ayewa announces. "Stumbling through the streets, spitting out 'Hail Mary'/ The pope must be drunk, eyes closed, nose in the air/ Not saying nothin', not doin' nothin/ Just stumbling in the street/ Mumbling, mumbling, spitting/ Manufacturing god in his own image/ Feeding the flesh of lies to little boys." … More »
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Album Of The Week: Porridge Radio Every Bad

Sometimes you can hear a band's hometown in every fiber of what they do. There's some kind of stylistic calling card, sounds or dispositions that tie them to a specific scene and city and time. There are themes or topics that they fixate on, stories that arise directly from their surroundings or upbringings. But then … More »
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Album Of The Week: R.A.P. Ferreira And The Jefferson Park Boys Purple Moonlight Pages

"I wonder if Chance the Rapper do his own laundry." That's Rory Ferreira, the man formerly known as Milo, about halfway through his song "Laundry." Before even pausing to take a breath, he answers his own question with a question: "Who cares?" It's one stray strand of thought, one that Ferreira dismisses as soon as … More »
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Album Of The Week: Soccer Mommy color theory

Soccer Mommy's music has a distinctive turn-of-the-millennium touch. Twenty-two-year-old bandleader Sophie Allison grew up listening to Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch, pop artists whose clean guitar lines and glossy grunge appealed to suburban teens whose hangout of choice was, by necessity, the mall. The aesthetic of her sophomore album, color theory, is a veritable moodboard … More »
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Album Of The Week: Kamaiyah Got It Made

Kamaiyah made a song with Travis Scott. She made a song with Quavo and Tyga. She made a song with Schoolboy Q. None of them worked out. It's easy enough to see why Kamaiyah, a rap artist with a major-label deal and an internet buzz, would make those moves. More »
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Album Of The Week: Kvelertak Splid

When was the last time a band switched lead singers without slowing down? Throughout rock history, there's plenty of precedent for this kind of thing. It's happened again and again: Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, AC/DC, Genesis, Van Halen, Iron Maiden. In each of those situations, the band became radically different after the big change-up. Plenty … More »
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Album Of The Week: Envy The Fallen Crimson

Nobody likes the second season of Friday Night Lights. On the scale of generally-acknowledged television failures, those 15 episodes have gone down in history somewhere between season five of The Wire and the extended death-rattle ending of Game Of Thrones. Friday Night Lights, which had been so grounded and moving and intensely emotional in its … More »
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Album Of The Week: Frances Quinlan Likewise

In 2005, Frances Quinlan put out her first album under the name Hop Along, Queen Ansleis. She recorded it in the summer between her freshman and sophomore years at the Maryland Institute College Of Art -- hence its title, Freshman Year -- and she handed it out on CD-Rs at the house shows … More »
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Album Of The Week: Andy Shauf The Neon Skyline

Andy Shauf would rather be the storyteller than the story, but his is worth retelling. Shauf, 33, spent his twenties slowly rising out of Regina, Saskatchewan, a city of just over 200,000 in the midst of Canadian flyover country. Landlocked amongst endless prairies and forests, Regina has not generated many musicians of note. More »
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Album Of The Week: The Innocence Mission See You Tomorrow

The Innocence Mission are unheralded masters of folk. The Lancaster, PA group has been around for over three decades, but they've mostly operated on the periphery. For those familiar with them, the band is a deeply regarded treasure, but they're also under-appreciated by far too many. In the '90s, they had a brief brush with … More »
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Album Of The Week: Georgia Seeking Thrills

The best dance songs are about dancing. Dance music is self-referential: Here is a song about dancing that will make you dance. It's a simple transaction. There's a magic to it, an acknowledgement that the song is a tool for you to use to free yourself. "About Work The Dancefloor," the highlight from … More »
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Album Of The Week: Red Death Sickness Divine

DC punk bands don't last. It's a cliché, but it's true. The city of Washington, DC has left a seismic impact on American punk rock over the last four decades or so. But with a few prominent exceptions, the District's best punk bands have a way of flaming out after an album or two. Sometimes, … More »
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Album Of The Week: Blood Incantation Hidden History Of The Human Race

Stop. Take a moment. Ask yourself something. Are you interested in death metal? This is not a philosophical question. Do you enjoy the sound of thundering double-bass judders and overdriven treble-soaked riffage and angry-god roars? Or, at the very least, are you open to enjoying these things? If you're not, that's fine. Nobody will judge. More »
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Album Of The Week: FKA Twigs MAGDALENE

FKA Twigs' music has always been defined by physicality. On LP1, that physicality expressed itself as dominant, aggressive; on the M3LL155X EP, she toyed around with the idea of submission, what it feels like to be consumed. On her long-awaited sophomore album, MAGDALENE, that physicality is desperate, born out of a desire to … More »
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Album Of The Week: Sudan Archives Athena

There's a funny thing that can happen with an artist like Sudan Archives. When Brittney Parks' project first started to garner buzz, it was for an idiosyncratic, specific style she had already figured out -- electronic production, R&B melodies, and an ever-present violin primarily influenced by different West African fiddling traditions. It wasn't quite like anything … More »
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Album Of The Week: Great Grandpa Four Of Arrows

It's exciting to hear a band figure it out in real-time. The building blocks were always there for Great Grandpa. "Mostly Here," the song that closes out their new album Four Of Arrows, is originally from 2015, a shining outlier on their first EP, but here it's the climax of an album that … More »
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