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Stream ShooterGang Kony’s New Album Red Paint Reverend

The 21-year-old Sacramento rapper ShooterGang Kony has been making music for a few years now. Last year, he broke out nationally with the extremely thorough Second Hand Smoke mixtape and with "Charlie," a stupidly funky Bay Area anthem. But now that he's earned some attention, ShooterGang Kony is going in a different direction, … More »
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Stream Power Alone’s Debut Album Rather Be Alone

There is something extremely cleansing and gratifying about hearing a bunch of people taking stock of the world around them and using all of their sincerity and conviction to say, "No. No. Fuck that." Maybe that kind of all-directions anger won't change anything in the world, but there's still value in coming out and saying … More »
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Stream Bones’ New Album Offline

Over the past decade, a white hesher from middle-of-nowhere Michigan has quietly become one of America's most influential underground rappers. Around 2010, Elmo O'Connor started releasing music under the name Bones, and he's been frantically cranking out music online ever since. Bones raps about depression and drugs in jittery stop-start flows over lo-fi beats that … More »
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Stream Young Nudy’s New Mixtape Anyways

The Atlanta rapper Young Nudy has come up rapping on the bleary, chaotic beats of ascendant producer Pi'erre Bourne. Nudy was the first artist of any note to work with Bourne, and last year, the two of them teamed up for the collaborative album Sli'merre. At the time, I mostly heard Nudy as … More »
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Stream Bib’s New Album Delux

"Bib" is a good name for the Omaha band Bib. It's a good name because they sound like they're drooling all over themselves. Bib's music is a sloppy, raw, intentionally ugly take on hardcore punk. There's a lot of murky old-school garage rock in what Bib do, and there's plenty of unstable and tape-hissy Japanese … More »
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Stream Seed Of Pain’s New Album Flesh, Steel, Victory…

The South Florida band Seed Of Pain play a fervent, intense, blood-gargling form of metallic hardcore -- one built on riffs and grooves and screams. It's a visceral, physical sound, and it kicks a whole lot of ass. Today, the band -- which shares members with other Florida bands like Ecostrike and Envision -- releases … More »
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Stream Duke Deuce’s Memphis Massacre 2 Mixtape

For a glorious and all-too-brief moment in the early '00s, crunk music crossed over. Fearsome, gothic chant-based Southern fight-rap -- music that had developed on the Memphis underground before spreading to cities like Atlanta and Miami -- became actual straight-up pop music. It ruled. Crunk has never fully gone away; you can hear its influence … More »
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Stream Califone’s First Album In 7 Years, Echo Mine

In the early years of this millennium, Califone were one of the most prolific forces in indie rock. Year after year, the Chicago experimentalists -- led by Tim Rutili, previously of bluesy sonic explorers Red Red Meat -- would return with a rewarding new collection of tunes at the intersection of folk, noise, post-rock, and … More »
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Stream Vein Side Project Fleshwater’s New Demo

Back in 2018, the Boston hardcore band Vein released Errorzone, a splattering and overwhelming debut album of frantic chaos, time-signature switch-ups, titanic choruses, and occasional bursts of shit like jungle breakbeats. The album, influenced both by nu-metal and by the math-damaged hardcore of Dillinger Escape Plan, was a powerful beast, and it's made … More »
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Stream Mutually Assured Destruction’s Fever Dream EP

You guys like Danzig? I like Danzig. Glenn Danzig's voice -- that utterly committed theatrical baritone demon-howl -- is one of my favorite sounds in the world. There are no singers who sound anything like Danzig, and there are very few who even try. That's one of the things that, to me, is so exciting … More »
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Stream Soakie’s Self-Titled Debut EP

There's a vocal style -- one pioneered in the early '90s by riot-grrrl game-changers like Kathleen Hanna and Allison Wolfe -- that I'm going to call "feral sarcasm." They always sounded so utterly disgusted with everyone around them that they had to go into ironic-overdrive sneer-mode; it's the only way they could properly address all … More »
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Stream Pop Smoke’s New Mixtape Meet The Woo 2

Last year, the Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke released "Welcome To The Party," the single that might go down in history as the big breakout moment for Brooklyn drill music. The New York version of the genre is a mellow, melodic, heavy-hearted take on the original Chicago drill, and it's closer in sound and … More »
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Stream Green Day’s Father Of All Motherfuckers And Watch Their New Video Starring Gaten Matarazzo

The official title of the new album from arena-punk veterans Green Day is Father Of All... But the album's actual title, the one that we're apparently supposed to use, is Father Of All Motherfuckers. Apparently, even 26 years after Dookie, Green Day don't have the sway to put the word "motherfucker" in an album title. More »
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Stream Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats’ Surprise New Album UNLOCKED

Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats, separately, were behind some of the best albums of 2019 -- Denzel Curry with ZUU and Kenny Beats with his Rico Nasty collaboration, Anger Management -- and they've made the very wise choice to link up for a project. Today, they're putting out a new album called UNLOCKED, … More »
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Stream Buggin Out’s Self-Titled Debut EP

The Chicago/Milwaukee band Buggin Out, mostly made up of DePaul students, play a profoundly fun version of hardcore. They're fast and intense, but they don't draw too much on metal, and they make sure that there's always a catchy bounce to what they do. Singer Bryanna Bennet has a scratchy, rhythmic delivery, and guitarist Peyton … More »
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Stream Saigan Terror’s New Album Anatomy Of Saigan

Japan has a long, strange, proud tradition in punk and hardcore -- one that goes way beyond the great Envy, whose new album is beautiful. Decades ago, authentically terrifying Japanese bands like GISM, Gauze, and Disclose were making wild, squalid, ugly music and building up oral-tradition legends. Today, Saigan Terror, a Tokyo band … More »
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Stream Typecaste’s Between Life EP

Next week, the Long Island/Boston band Typecaste will head out on tour, opening for fellow metalcore monsters Sanction, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, and Vamachara. I wonder how those other bands are going to feel about playing to rooms full of dead bodies. Because based on the absolute brutality of Typecaste's new EP, those shows are going to be … More »
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Stream Initiate’s Lavender EP

Oh shit. Oh man. Listen. Dude. The Southern California hardcore band Initiate has been putting out music since 2016, and they released a much-liked debut album called Before Long... in 2018. Today, they're following it up with a new EP called Lavender, and I have to tell you: Holy shit. It fucking rips. More »
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Stream Navy Blue’s New Album Àdá Irin

Navy Blue is Sage Elsesser, a 23-year-old Los Angeles-born pro skateboarder and occasional rapper who has been making insular, lo-fi rap music since 2015. In that time, Navy Blue has made connections with some of the brightest minds in music. He teamed up with Earl Sweatshirt on Earl's single "The Mint," and he's … More »
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Stream Tha God Fahim’s New Album Lost Kingz

Atlanta rapper Tha God Fahim is a sort of hardass mystic, a guy with one foot in the dirt and another on the astral plane. Fahim, a frequent collaborator of far-out New Jersey enigma Mach-Hommy, is one of many on the present-day rap underground who's inspired by the sound of mid-'90s New York rap but … More »
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Stream Lil Wayne’s New Album Funeral

Just one week ago, rap legend Lil Wayne announced his new album Funeral. Today, the new LP is out in the world, and we can now fully confirm that it has nothing to do with Arcade Fire. Wayne's Funeral is his 13th official studio LP, though if you count mixtapes and collaborations and … More »
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Stream Cardo’s New Album Game Related

The Texas-via-Minnesota rap producer Cardo has helped make some truly huge songs -- Drake's "God's Plan," Travis Scott's "Goosebumps" -- but he's always been driven toward long-term collaborations and underground passion projects. Cardo has made full-lengths with people like Pi'erre Bourne and Nef The Pharaoh, and he's done some of More »
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Stream Fly Anakin’s New Album At The End Of The Day

For a few years now, the members of the Richmond, Virginia rap crew Mutant Academy have been steadily cranking out ridiculously solid throwback rap music. Their constant thrumming beneath-the-surface presence reminds me a bit of Griselda Records, back in the era when people were just starting to figure out who they were. The Mutant Academy … More »
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Stream Glean’s Demo 2020

Glean are a young hardcore band from San Diego with a big, chunky, melodic sound. In their seesawing dynamics and their bruised, passionate hooks, Glean recall the early-'90s moment when some of the architects of hardcore's early days started branching out and striving for alt-rock acceptance: Bob Mould with Sugar, Walter Schreifels with Quicksand. You … More »
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Stream The Turning Soundtrack Feat. New Music From Kim Gordon, Warpaint, Alice Glass, & More

Today's the day: The Turning, Floria Sigismondi's feature film adaptation of Henry James' horror novella The Turn Of The Screw, is officially out. So is its soundtrack, which features an impressive collection of mostly female leading lights from the alternative and indie realm. More »
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Stream Higher Power’s New Album 27 Miles Underwater

There's something fascinating about the very idea of the hardcore band that has the potential to cross over. It's not an easy thing to do! Right now, there's a tiny cadre of bands who came out of the DIY basement scene and managed to grow to the point where they get booked at gigantic rock … More »
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Stream Ghouli’s Nothing EP

Judging by name and cover art, you would assume that Ghouli were funereal doom metal or something. They are not. Instead, the Richmond band make a fast, wound-up form of DIY hardcore punk, one that's both nervous and fearsomely angry. Up until now, the band only had a demo to its name. But … More »
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Stream Stunna 4 Vegas’ New Album Rich Youngin

There are a lot of new rap albums out today -- Mac Miller, Eminem, Madlib and Oh No, the expanded Dreamville compilation, plenty of stuff that we'll never even get around to posting. But if you can spare any time within this onslaught, you should probably spare … More »
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Stream Madlib & Oh No’s New Album The Professionals

Two of our finest hazily adventurous rapper/producers were born into the family. Madlib and his younger brother Oh No have both been making music for many, many years. Most of the time, though, they have not been making music together. Over the years, Madlib and Oh No have linked up a few times to record … More »
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