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Profound Intro – “Midnight City: The Encephalon of a Ghetto Child” (Album)

“Midnight City: The Encephalon of a Ghetto Child”, the latest project by Profound Intro out of Los Angeles.
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C-Black – “Unlimited Dreamer” (Album)

Rising New York based Hip Hop artist C-Black drops his new album titled “Unlimited Dreamer“. 
Tags: New York, Jazz, Albums/Mixtapes, C-Black

Brody Merlot x Mysterious – “Gladys LP” (Album)

New album by rising underground Hip Hop artist Brody Merlot titled “Gladys LP“, entirely produced by Mysterious.  Its a nostalgic project paying homage to the legendary studio in the N. College Hill area on Cincinnati, where the duo met and honed their skills along with many other notable emcees.  The album features Fenix 6, Deion, Janell, Reazon, YS and Queen Rein Supreme!  
Tags: Jazz, Mysterious, Cincinnati, Gladys, Albums/Mixtapes, Brody Merlot, N College Hill, Deion Janell Reazon

Jade River – “Full Circle” EP

Fresh off the momentum of his “A New Suspiria” project with Myka 9 and preparing for his 2019 releases with long time musical collaborator Ariano, Jade River brings us a surprise 3 song EP, “Full Circle“.
Tags: Jazz, Albums/Mixtapes, Myka, Jade River, Ariano Jade River

Gxjira – “d a n n y” (Album)

Rising underground Hip Hop artist Gxjira from Columbia, SC releases his new album titled “d a n n y“, which is a dedication to his father who past away 2 years ago. d a n n y by Gojira
Tags: Jazz, Columbia SC, Albums/Mixtapes, Gxjira

Savage The Poet – “Jordan Year” (Album)

Brooklyn’s very own Savage The Poet drops poetic verses and savage bars on his new project, “Jordan Year”. 
Tags: Brooklyn, Jazz, Albums/Mixtapes, Savage The Poet

Eptos Uno – “Hacer Historia” (Album)

“Hacer Historia”, new highly anticipated album by Mexico City based Hip Hop artist Eptos Uno.  Known for his affiliations with Red Bull Battalla de los Gallos, Universal Music Mexico, and founder of SpitMX, 2019 is expected to be Eptos’ biggest year of notoriety to date starting the new year right with this explosive album.
Tags: Mexico City, Jazz, Albums/Mixtapes, Español, Eptos Uno, Eptos Uno Known, Gallos Universal Music Mexico

Lil’ Nuts – “Straight Out of Concord” (Album)

   Rising Belmont, New Hampshire based underground Hip Hop artist Lil’ Nuts releases his new album titled “Straight Out of Concord“.
Tags: Jazz, Albums/Mixtapes, Lil' Nuts, Belmont New Hampshire

Versoul – “Soulrise” (Album)

Rising San Francisco, CA based female emcee Versoul releases her debut album titled “Soulrise“. 
Tags: Jazz, San Francisco CA, Albums/Mixtapes, Versoul

Daytona Hanzo – “The Harder They Fall” (Album)

Rising Hip Hop artist Daytona Hanzo releases his new hard-hitting album titled “The Harder They Fall“.  You can also stream this album on YouTube! 
Tags: Jazz, Albums/Mixtapes, Daytona Hanzo

L.H. – “Phaided” (Album)

Rising Chicago, IL based Hip Hop artist L.H. drops his new album titled “Phaided“!  Exclusively on CDBABY!
Tags: Chicago, Jazz, Albums/Mixtapes, L.H

Vibe-One – “T​.​M​.​O​.​L​.​R.” (Mixtape)

Rising Cincinnati, Ohio Hip Hop native Vibe-One drops his new highly anticipated mixtape titled “T​.​M​.​O​.​L​.​R.”  This is a must listen for all real Hip Hop heads! T.M.O.L.R. by Vibe One
Tags: Jazz, Albums/Mixtapes, Vibe-One

Third Eye – “”Welcome To The Cohiba Lounge” (Instrumental Album)

Rising Adelaide, South Australia based Hip Hop producer Third Eye releases his new instrumental album titled “Welcome To The Cohiba Lounge“.  This is a impressive 30 minute journey into the flavorsome style of one of Australia’s best up and coming hip-hop producers. 
Tags: Australia, Jazz, Adelaide South Australia, Albums/Mixtapes, Third Eye

Mister Castle – “7” (Album)

Rising Chicago based Hip Hop producer Mister Castle releases his latest instrumental album “7“. 
Tags: Chicago, Jazz, Albums/Mixtapes, Mister Castle

Ihy Feel aka Jaquiel TheVoice – The Natural Project (LP)

ihy Feel is the artist formerly known as Jaquiel TheVoice is a very powerful artist within the music industry. His flow and style have the potential to really change the game as we know it today. The name of the album is “The Natural Project” and it is fire. Stream “The Natural Project” now. Follow ihy Feel on Twitter: @ihyfeel
Tags: Arizona, Jazz, Albums/Mixtapes, Jaquiel TheVoice, lhy Feel, The Natural Project

Ill Advanced – “Sheep In Wolfs Clothing” (Album)

Rising Pittsburgh, PA based underground Hip Hop artist Ill Advanced releases his new album titled “Sheep In Wolfs Clothing“.  Entirely self produced,  he takes a more lighthearted approach than usual, he expresses his values and concerns, remaining true to himself. Sheep In Wolfs Clothing by Ill Advanced
Tags: Jazz, Pittsburgh, Albums/Mixtapes, Ill Advanced

Parallax – “Auditory Vision” (Album)

Rising east London based underground Hip Hop artist Parallax drops his new highly anticipated album titled “Auditory Vision“. 
Tags: London, Jazz, Parallax, Albums/Mixtapes

Wystelands – “#RIP2018” (Album)

Rising Brisbane, Australia based underground Hip Hop artist Wystelands releases his new album titled #RIP2018, which is a collection of singles he released in 2018.  Be on the lookout for his upcoming album #CHANGE2019, set for release on January 1, 2019.  You can also stream this whole project on Youtube! #RIP2018 by Wystelands
Tags: Jazz, Brisbane Australia, Albums/Mixtapes, Wystelands

Hollaween – Pallbearer Drip (LP)

After laying the groundwork on a smaller scale, Ohio recording artist Hollaween is ready to take his act to the mainstream with the release of his new effort, titled, Pallbearer Drip. Set to be his big break, the new project is a 10-track body of work that showcases Hollaween’s undeniable potential as a major label prospect. Known for his unique tone, versatile flow, cadence, and melodic vibe. Sticking to the facts on the project, Hollaween combines his one-of-a-kind meandering flow with im...
Tags: Jazz, Ohio, Mission, Walton, Albums/Mixtapes, Jay Z Tupac Biggie, Rich Porter, Hollaween, Pallbearer Drip, Yo Gotti Ready, Instagram Follow Hollaween

Kid Faze – Money Matt Monopoly (Mixtape)

Kid Faze, born Matthew Fontil, is a Miami native who knew that music was his calling from a young age. Under the influence of his uncle, Marze Frascati, he was encouraged to write his first raps in the 5th grade. Then, after getting an iPod in the 8th grade and making several visits to his friends who collected music, Faze discovered the likes of The Notorious B.I.G., Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, T-Pain, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, and T.I. He understood that it would not be easy ...
Tags: Jazz, Miami, Orlando, University of Central Florida, UCF, Albums/Mixtapes, Faze, Kid Faze, Matthew Fontil, Money Matt Monopoly, Marze Frascati

The Late ’80s – “The Hell Below” EP

The Late ’80s (Alain The Don x Bred Wondah) releases their new EP titled “The Hell Below“, entirely produced by Bred Wondah.  Available on all streaming platforms. 
Tags: Jazz, Albums/Mixtapes, The Late '80s

Lo Profile – “A Lawnmower And A Gas Can” EP

Rising Buffalo, NY based underground Hip Hop artist Lo Profile drops his new EP titled “A Lawnmower And A Gas Can“. 
Tags: Jazz, Albums/Mixtapes, Lo Profile, Rising Buffalo NY

Smitty Bandz – “Kreative Xpressions 2” (Album)

New project “Kreative Xpressions 2” by rising underground Hip Hop artist Smitty Bandz!  The second chapter in the Kreative series, a diverse project of personal expressions. 
Tags: Jazz, Albums/Mixtapes, Smitty Bandz

joMi – “SAMO” EP

New EP by rising Oakland, CA based Hip Hop artist joMi titled “SAMO“.
Tags: Jazz, Oakland, Albums/Mixtapes, Jomi

DroHouse Music – “The Preroll” (Mixtape)

Rising independent Hip Hop label DroHouse Music releases their first highly anticipated mixtape titled “The Preroll“, featuring some of the hottest mexican/latino underground Hip Hop artists today!  Guests such as Playdeville, Bones LA, Opina, TrippyG, NarcoTechs, Big Erok, Annimeanz and many more. Production by Prote J on the beat, Beatz Wit a Passion, Beats By Talent, Kid VI amd Paupa.
Tags: Jazz, Albums/Mixtapes, Beatz, DroHouse Music, Playdeville Bones LA Opina TrippyG, Erok Annimeanz, Prote J

G-dot & Born x Soulslicers – “Drippin Soul” EP

Boston rap duo G-dot & Born have joined forces with Swiss production tag-team Soulslicers to release their “Drippin Soul EP”.
Tags: Boston, Jazz, Born, Albums/Mixtapes, G dot, Soulslicers

2Pac & MF Doom – “Makavillain” (Mixtape)

2018 is ending on a all-time Hip Hop note with this 2Pac & MF Doom “Makavillain” Mixtape, a mashup by Spute Ardell, sure to resonate with all underground heads.
Tags: Jazz, 2pac, Albums/Mixtapes, Mf Doom, Spute Ardell

Dax Mpire – Dark Summer (EP)

Dax Mpire returns with Dark Summer. The score to a short film that won’t be shot, Dark Summer is an act/track project that wove full-length traditional song structure with smaller more intimate pieces of music that create instant feelings that then fade away into the next scene. Entirely produced by Rochester native Dark Summers who masters the classic sound reminiscent of the golden eras finest production. Featuring Ag da coroner and shady records exec burnitdown, Dark Summer keeps lyricis...
Tags: Jazz, Rochester, Empire, Albums/Mixtapes, Dark Summer, Dax Mpire

Fla$h GME – “Voice Of Reason” Vol. 2 EP

New EP “Voice Of Reason” Vol. 2, by rising Hip Hop artist Fla$h GME. 
Tags: Jazz, Fla, GME, Albums/Mixtapes, Flash GME

Mitchell James – “Nice To Meet You” EP

Rising Fresno, CA based underground Hip Hop artist Mitchell James releases his second EP titled “Nice To Meet You“!
Tags: Fresno, Jazz, Albums/Mixtapes, Mitchell James