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Accessibility on Social Media; Tips for Ensuring Your Social Content is Accessible

Quick question – is your social media team taking the necessary steps to ensure your social content is accessible to all audiences, including those with sensory disabilities? Today, there are 466 million persons in the world with disabling hearing loss and 2.2 billion people that have a vision impairment or experience blindness. If your social teams aren’t taking the extra steps to create an accessible experience for everyone on social media, you’re excluding billions of people from being abl...
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The pursuit of improving accessibility on social

We all know it’s hard enough to make it big on social media; but what if social media was the one making it harder for you? It’s estimated that almost a billion people around the world (AKA 15% of everyone everywhere) live with some form of disability – and that’s not even accounting for temporary and situational disabilities. And when a web user feels that digital content isn’t inclusive or accessible enough for them? They don’t even complain about it. 71% of them just leave .  That’s it,...
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