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Blaming Liam Scarlett’s Death On Cancel Culture Is Just Another Way To Shut Victims Up

Reactions such as choreographer Alexei Ratmansky’s social media post that claimed “Cancel culture is killing” are deeply harmful – they place “a burden of guilt on victims who may have come forward during the investigations, at a time when the ballet world is finally reckoning with the way it has normalized abuse over time.” – Dance Magazine
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Back In The Dance Bubble

At the beginning of the pandemic and its ballet shutdown, choreographer Alexei Ratmansky had big plans. Then reality hit, and he’s spent hours organizing his photos and posting to Instagram. Hurray for the return to a dance bubble. – The New York Times
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How Miami City Ballet Pivoted

So far, donors have been generous. Nearly 87 percent of those who bought tables for the canceled gala donated the sums to the company. Before scrapping their plans, the company had budgeted to spend $23.5 million this season. That’s been slashed to $11.5 million, largely by canceling in-person performances, postponing a $3 million production of Alexei Ratmansky’s “Swan Lake,” furloughing half the staff and reducing dancer contracts from 40 weeks to 27 weeks. The company’s $1.9 million federal P...
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VIDEO: American Ballet Theatre Dancers Rehearse Alexei Ratmansky's THE SEASONS

A video has been released of ABT Principal Stella Abrera Radetsky and ABT Soloist Thomas Forster in their third hour of rehearsal for Alexei Ratmansky's 'The Seasons' with ABT Ballet Masters, Irina Kolpakova and Nancy Raffa. [Author: Stage Tube]
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Whoa: How you can become Johnny Utah in the stage adaptation of ‘Point Break’

Like the mythical 50-year storm that Patrick Swayze’s character Bodhi Sattva surfed into eternity in “Point Break,” the live stage adaptation of the 1991 bromance classic starting Swayze and Keanu Reeves as former college quarterback-turned-FBI agent Johnny Utah, returns after a years-long hiatus. But unlike Bodhi, who meets his beautifully tragic end by giant wave as Johnny Utah says to him “Vaya con dios,” the audience can survive the “Point Break Live!” show at the Los Globos venue thanks to ...
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15 theater productions to see in Southern California this week, Feb. 28-March 5

LOS ANGELES COUNTY ‘A Body of Water’   The Actors Co-op Theatre Co. presents a play by Lee Blessing about a couple who wake up in an unfamiliar house and are confused and worried about why they are there. When: Show runs 8 p.m. Friday-Saturday; 2:30 p.m. Sunday through March 15. Also, 2:30 p.m. Feb. 15 and 22. Where: Crossley Theatre, 1760 N. Gower St., Hollywood. Tickets: $35; $30 ages 60 and older; $25 students.  Information: 323-462-8460. ‘Human Interest Stor...
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Theater: ‘Home’ finds its heart in the humans that occupy a dwelling

Ask someone to draw a picture of a house, and chances are you’ll get a line drawing that is a box topped with a triangle. But ask that same person to illustrate a home, and it’ll take them a bit longer to figure out how to put pen to paper. “House” and “home” are sometimes used interchangeably. Yet, they have divergent associations and meanings. That’s what Geoff Sobelle noticed as he was deep into the development process for the collaborative performance piece that he named “Home.” “It’s a lit...
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Choreographer Alexei Ratmansky unveils his latest work, ‘Of Love and Rage,’ in Southern California

Even among elite choreographers, Alexei Ratmansky early on generated great excitement. American Ballet Theatre hired him the nanosecond he left the celebrated — but notoriously hidebound — Bolshoi Ballet, where he was artistic director from 2004 to the end of 2008. ABT created the new position of Artist in Residence just for him. His primary task: to create new ballets. But that shorthand hardly summarizes the impact Ratmansky has had since moving to New York City in 2009. America’s second oldes...
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Review: Alexei Ratmansky Finds a New Voice at City Ballet

In his latest work, this world-class choreographer has pushed himself, releasing something that seems to have been bottled up inside.
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‘How Am I Going to Dance to This?’ Ask New York City Ballet Dancers About Ratmansky’s Latest Music Choice

The plaintive question came from Sara Mearns as she and her colleagues listened to the decidedly avant-garde music choreographer Alexei Ratmansky had selected for his new work, Voices. Ratmansky’s response: “There is no musicality, just your own.” – The New York Times
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The Christmas holidays mean ‘The Nutcracker’ ballet will be performed all over Southern California: Find one to see

It’s a time-honored tradition, seeing “The Nutcracker” during the holidays. The fairy-tale ballet, which was not well received when it premiered in Russia in 1892, has become a Christmastime staple in the U.S., with many ballet companies earning nearly their yearly revenue from “Nutcracker” performances. The original production featured choreography by the legendary Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov. George Balanchine created his own version in 1954. These days, companies perform “The Nutcracker” in ...
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Mariinsky Ballet brings the classics to Southern California

We should all be able to agree on this: The Mariinsky Ballet is at the pinnacle of classical dance. That wasn’t always the case. Though the historic St. Petersburg company produced unique talents such as Pavlova and Baryshnikov, it was forced to play catch up after decades of political and cultural isolation that followed the 1917 Russian Revolution. When the door finally cracked open in the 1980s, there were new choreographers and ballets to discover — with “new” meaning just about anything and...
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Why Alexei Ratmansky Wanted To Choreograph A Shostakovich Triple-Bill

“More than any other composer, his music reflects his life, his situation, his country and his times. … I’ve always felt this very personal connection. It’s hard to explain but when it plays, my brain responds. I have steps in my head, I see images and drama. Even in Shostakovich’s symphonies, which some people consider heavy.” – The Guardian
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Top Posts From AJBlogs 06.11.18

Refreshing an Old Story American Ballet Theatre premieres Alexei Ratmansky’s remounting of Harlequinade. ... read more AJBlog: Dancebeat Published 2018-06-10 Infernal “Heavenly Bodies”: How the Directorless Metropolitan Museum Went Astray Where’s Max Hollein when we really need him? Several “what-were-they-thinking?” moments jolted me recently at the Metropolitan Museum, reaffirming my belief in a bedrock principle of museum management: ... read more AJBlog: CultureGrrl Published 2018-06-11 Lorr...
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Review: ‘Harlequinade’ Has Charming Baubles, but Why Do It?

Alexei Ratmansky’s reconstruction of Marius Petipa’s 1900 ballet has charm. But our critic wonders if it really works as theater.
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Ratmansky Reconstructs The Original Steps Of Petipa's 'Harlequinade'

Marius Petipa created the commedia dell'arte-themed ballet in 1900, and it remained in repertory in St. Petersburg for almost 30 years; when later versions were choreographed by Lopukhov, Gusev, and Balanchine, the actual movement was a combination of steps passed down orally and newly created in Petipa's idiom. For American Ballet Theater, Alexei Ratmansky went […]
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In ‘Harlequinade,’ Gestures Dance, and Dances Tell Stories

Alexei Ratmansky is restaging Marius Petipa’s ballet not by patching together known versions, but by going to back to a written source.
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Critic’s Notebook: At New York City Ballet, Hits, Misses and Daring Dancers

The company’s winter season ended with a bit of enchantment from Alexei Ratmansky — and some great dancing, including by Adrian Danchig-Waring.
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12 top-tier productions of ‘The Nutcracker’ you can see in Southern California

It’s the season for traditions. Christmas tree decorating, ice skating, gift-giving, family dinners and for some, an annual trip to see “The Nutcracker” ballet. But before the production became the holiday staple it is today, “The Nutcracker” was met with some criticism from its late 19th century Russian audiences. Often, only the second half was performed and even then, it was relegated to being labeled a children’s ballet. When the production finally reached the United States in the 1940s, it ...
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At American Ballet Theater Gala, All Is the Same but Different

The gala program, with two premieres (one by Alexei Ratmansky one by Jessica Lang), demonstrated how this troupe has been changing.
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Alexei Ratmansky And His Favorite Composer

Marina Harss talks with the choreographer and Leonid Desyatnikov, the only composer from whom Ratmansky has ever commissioned a score. Their sixth collaboration is about to open at American Ballet Theater.
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Alexei Ratmansky’s Elective Affinity, Musically Speaking

Mr. Ratmansky keeps returning to Leonid Desyatnikov’s music. The two talked about their new work, Ukraine, their Jewish backgrounds and their Soviet upbringings.
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New Yorker Recipe problem

Hi! It looks like the New Yorker has updated their website, and subsequently, the recipe no longer works. Also looks like their RSS feeds have vanished (although you can access the magazine RSS feed by changing 'articles' in the URL to 'magazine'). Here's the error message I'm getting: Spoiler: Fetch news from New Yorker Magazine Conversion options changed from defaults: verbose: 2 output_profile: 'generic_eink' base_font_size: 12.0 Resolved conversion options calibre versio...
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When Ballet Is Your Life, What Does Life After Ballet Look Like?

For a generation of ballerinas, Wendy Whelan was a walking goddess. The former New York City Ballet principal dancer joined the company at 17, and was quickly singled out for promotion and praise. She served as a muse for multiple then-up-and-coming choreographers and would go on to have more new ballets made for her than any other dancer in the company’s history. She became the defining American ballerina of her generation. All the while, she says in a new documentary, she was asking herself, ...
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Ratmansky To Reconstruct Petipa's Original Version Of 'Harlequinade'

"One of the 21st century's greatest choreographers is taking another drink from the fount of classical ballet: Alexei Ratmansky plans to create a new Harlequinade next year for American Ballet Theater, a reconstruction of Marius Petipa's ballet Les Millions d'Arlequin."
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Top Posts From AJBlogs 05.10.17

New York City Ballet premieres a New Ratmansky Work Alexei Ratmansky’s Odessa for New York City Ballet. New York City Ballet’s 2017 Spring Gala is a testament to the acumen acumen of the company’s supporters. ... read more AJBlog: Dancebeat Published 2017-05-10  
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Here's A Very Brief History Of Ballet, Told Through Incredible Costumes

If there's one thing you can do for yourself (or with someone else) that's not only pleasing to the eye, but good for the soul, it's treating yourself to a night at the ballet. Save for nights like prom, a wedding, or, say, the Met Gala, there's nothing quite like getting dressed up for a night of dance at NYC's Lincoln Center. As everyone taps their way into the David H. Koch theater, by way of patent leather oxford dress shoes and ornate heels, fashion plays an audible and visual part of the ...
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Misty Copeland Injured And Out Of Action (But Another Star Makes A Surprise Appearance)

Copeland, suffering from a stress reaction in one leg, withdrew from the premiere run of Alexei Ratmansky's Whipped Cream in Southern California. But to keep the balance of star power intact, ABT snuck in the long-recovering David Hallberg, recently returned to the company.
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Top Posts From AJBlogs 03.16.17

NEA Funding: Beyond Votes, We Must Grow the Applause The President’s budget proposal to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts is merely an “opening argument.”  A very long legislative process now begins which will, hopefully, culminate in a budget that reflects moderation ... read more AJBlog: Audience Wanted Published 2017-03-16 It’s A Matter of Taste-And Touch And… If three, as the old saying goes, makes a trend, the museum world is past that and into institutionalizing the idea of mul...
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John Malveaux: Self: American Ballet Theatre & Segerstrom Center for the Arts present "The Nutcracker." Misty Copeland danced Dec. 9 & will return Dec. 16 & 17

John Malveaux   of   writes: American Ballet Theatre and Segerstrom Center for the Arts present Alexei Ratmansky’s sumptuous production of  The Nutcracker . Misty Copeland danced Dec. 9th and she will return Dec. 16th and 17th. Misty has donated services to MusicUNTOLD to promote diversity in ballet. See cover photo. [Author: William J. Zick]
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