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Twitter's Scrambling to Figure Out Why Its Photo Preview Algorithm Seems Racist

The neural network Twitter uses to generate photo previews is a mysterious beast. When it debuted the smart cropping tool back in 2018, Twitter said the algorithm determines the most “salient” part of the picture, i.e. what your eyes are drawn to first, to use as a preview image, but what exactly that entails has been…Read more...
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Instagram’s hashtag searches gave Trump better treatment than Biden

Instagram apparently handled searches for popular hashtags related to the two presidential candidates differently, pointing Joe Biden search queries toward often negative related hashtags while making no such suggestions in corresponding searches pertaining to President Trump. A new report by the Tech Transparency Project details the strange platform behavior. In the report, the tech watchdog compared searches for 20 popular hashtags related to the Trump and Biden campaigns and found that rel...
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San Diego [email protected] video panel thwarted by YouTube's copyright algorithms

While the world's on lockdown thanks to COVID-19, the organizers behind San Diego Comic-Con opted to hold an online convention, so at least the entertainment industry could continue to enjoy that annual mid-July PR boost. Things began to awry, however, during the Star Trek panel, which featured a table read by the cast of Star Trek: Discovery. As Deadline reports: About 15 minutes into the sprawling offering from the ever expanding Trekverse everything seemed to shut down on Comic-Con’s YouTube ...
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Facebook Researchers Say Higher-Ups Ignored Their Findings on Instagram's Racist Algorithm: Report

During a study in mid-2019, a team of Facebook employees found that proposed rules for Instagram’s automated account removal system disproportionately flagged and banned Black users. When the team approached CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his upper echelon of cronies with this alarming information, they were purportedly…Read more...
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Smart targeting

In the above session from Connect Now, Lee Dickson of demonstrates how the Offrs platform can work to provide you with more than 70% of the listings that will take place in your market in the next 12 months.
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Grading Algorithms Are Fucking Over the Futures of International Students

As any high school senior can probably attest, prepping for college sucks. The global pandemic has made it even more of a stressful nightmare. In some cases, these seniors are relying on a faulty algorithm to decide whether they’ll be able to take classes this fall.Read more...
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A literal minority report: Examining the algorithmic bias of predictive policing

Crime-fighting A.I. is often built on decades of discriminatory policing data
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FTC Issues New Guidance on Artificial Intelligence Technology

Colin Kass, David Munkittrick and Nicollette R. Moser In the largest piece to come out of the FTC’s new focus on emerging technologies, the FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection issued new guidance on the use of artificial intelligence (“AI”) and algorithms. The guidance follows up on a 2018 hearing where the FTC explored AI, algorithms, and predicative analysis. As the FTC recognizes, these technologies already pervade the modern economy. They influence consumer decision making – from what video to...
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Location Tracking, DIY Face Masks, and the Stalk Market: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

Happy Easter, everyone! Or, as I like to call it, “The Day Before I Regret Eating All Those Chocolate Bunnies.” Here’s a question for you, dear reader: Do you start with the ears or the tail first? Or, if you failed decision-making 101 in adulting school and now break out in a nervous sweat at the very idea of…Read more...
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How an 18th Century Explorer Can Help Us Understand the Algorithms Taking Over Our World

We are in the midst of a Cambrian explosion of algorithms. Roughly 540 million years ago, the fossil record tells us that the planet experienced a dramatic diversification of animal life, producing the ancestors of most of the complex organisms that we’re familiar with today. The acceleration of innovation in…Read more...
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Automated Facebook Anti-Spam System Goes Hog Wild, Blocks Links Including Covid-19 Info

Facebook’s automated moderation tools went wild and targeted tons of posts about the coronavirus pandemic and other topics on Tuesday evening, blocking users from sharing articles from legitimate news sources.Read more...
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Lawsuit: ICE Rigged Algorithm to Always Order Arrested Immigrants Be Held in Detention Centers

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials rigged a system called Risk Classification Assessment (RCA) that uses algorithms to determine whether immigrants in custody should be released to always say no, according to a federal class-action lawsuit filed against the agency by the New York Civil Liberties…Read more...
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YouTube’s Plan to Stop Recommending Conspiracy Theory Videos Is Actually Working

The YouTube algorithm is responsible for many a video-viewing rabbit hole—one that critics have pointed to as an effective digital megaphone for spreading wonky conspiracy theories. In January 2019, however, YouTube announced it would begin cracking down on “borderline content” in its recommendations. Well, a Read more...
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Are lyrics getting more repetitive than they used to be?

How do you answer such a wide question spanning so much content? Why, with computer learning algorithms of course! I’m sure you’ve been there. The aux cord is broken, you’re stuck in traffic and each song that plays on the radio feels like it goes on for eternity. “How long is it?”, “Do they just say the same things over and over again?”, “Who is shawty?!” Without feeling too much like an old fogey; it’s easy to feel like modern pop music has become repetitive. But has it really or has ...
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Google's Autoflip Can Intelligently Crop Videos on the Fly to Fit Any Aspect Ratio

Google has released an open-source tool, Autoflip, that could make bad cropping a thing of the past by intelligently reframing video to correctly fit alternate aspect ratios.Read more...
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Do buyers really determine the sales price?

The conversation at Inman Connect New York changed the way columnist Bernice Ross thinks about home sales pricing. Here's why.
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Homesnap launches souped up Homesnap Pro app for agents

Five years after its initial launch, real estate technology company Homesnap has released a new artificial intelligence-powered version of Homesnap Pro.
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New machine learning algorithm produces "near-perfect" fake human faces

Face-synthesizing algorithms often struggle with facial details like eyes and teeth. These features sometimes get pinned to a fixed spot as a head turns, resulting in an uncanny valley dweller. A new algorithm, StyleGAN2, fixes this problem and produces "eye-poppingly detailed and correct images." It can also generate never-before-seen cars, churches, and animals. Image: YouTube
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Very fun algorithm guesses your name with surprising accuracy

Nathan Yau created this fun and fascinating name guessing algorithm. You select "male" or "female," the decade you were born, and then type in the first letter of your name. I tried more than a dozen times for people I know and it nailed it on the first letter about 80% of the time. On those that it screwed up after the first letter, it got it right after I entered a second letter. From the project description: This is based on data from the Social Security Administration, up to 2018. It’s r...
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Meet the 9 Wikipedia bots that make the world’s largest encyclopedia possible

If it wasn't for them, Wikipedia as we know it would devolve into chaos and grind to a halt
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Google Sure Screws Around With Search Results a Lot, Investigation Finds

Google’s search algorithm is a powerful thing—the tiniest tweaks can tank businesses, subtly influence your purchasing decisions, and shape what information you see. Google has long stated that it “do[es] not use human curation to collect or arrange the results on a page,” but a Wall Street Journal investigation has…Read more...
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We need to discuss race in electronic music, and we need a new way to communicate

A social media meltdown reveals some deeper issues in the electronic dance music world – and the ways in which online media are amplifying divisions. These do need to be things we work on, if we believe in what we’re doing in music, and listening to issues around race is something us white people need to work on, to try to do better. This is relevant to music because it’s relevant to making music a place that’s open. Humans and technology melted down this week – but that shouldn’t avail u...
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How a 'Neutral' Health Algorithm Ended Up Hurting Black Patients

A health care algorithm used in hospitals across the U.S. has been discriminating against black patients, according to new research. The study found that the algorithm consistently prioritized less-sick white patients and screened out black patients from a program meant to help people who need more intensive care.Read more...
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A Major Hospital Algorithm Is Biased Against Black Patients

Computers can do many jobs more quickly than humans, but they tend to copy our mistakes—after all, they learned it from watching us. Scientists have found that a major algorithm used in hospitals is biased against black patients, because it’s reflecting racial health disparities that already existed. Read more...
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Do hiring algorithms prevent bias or amplify it and how to get it right?

  In some circles, these algorithms acquire the image of a ‘bias-free stakeholder’ in the hiring process. Often managers assume that because the software is devoid of emotions (unlike humans), using them would mean the complete removal of personally-motivated bias from the hiring process. Any application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) or Machine Learning (ML) learns […]
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How to Outsmart Algorithms and Take Control of Your Information Diet

“Certain algorithms,” says Tim Cook, “pull you toward the things you already know, believe, or like, and they push away everything else. Push back.” In a , the Apple CEO tells graduates to take charge of their information diet. And much as we want to sneer at the irony of a…Read more...
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Seattle Algorithm Marketplace and Manager, Algorithmia, Snags $25M

Algorithmia was founded on the idea that lots of people who write algorithms, from academics to private sector employees, have good products but no way to commercialize them. It launched in 2014 as a marketplace for people who want to buy or sell algorithms, and raised a $2.4 million seed funding round.Today, there’s more to the business, including a service launched in 2017 that helps developers manage and deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in their applications (ke...
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Cryptanalyzing a Pair of Russian Encryption Algorithms

A pair of Russia-designed cryptographic algorithms -- the Kuznyechik block cipher and the Streebog hash function -- have the same flawed S-box that is almost certainly an intentional backdoor. It's just not the kind of mistake you make by accident, not in 2014. [Author: Bruce Schneier]
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New Bill Aims To Hold Tech Companies Accountable For Their Shitty Algorithms

Over the years, tech companies have found a convenient scapegoat for some of their most egregious mistakes in a voiceless part of their operations—their algorithms. But a bill introduced on Wednesday seeks to effectively prevent these automated systems from being an acceptable excuse for bias, unintended or not. Read more...
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The Internet Is Fascinated by the Black Hole News, so Naturally, YouTube Is Recommending Space Conspiracy Theory Videos

The most popular thing on the internet on Wednesday was the first-ever image of a black hole. It was everywhere and for good reason: This is a historical moment, it reinforces Einstein’s theories, and it’s something that’s difficult to wrap your head around.Read more...
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