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Google's Autoflip Can Intelligently Crop Videos on the Fly to Fit Any Aspect Ratio

Google has released an open-source tool, Autoflip, that could make bad cropping a thing of the past by intelligently reframing video to correctly fit alternate aspect ratios.Read more...
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Do buyers really determine the sales price?

The conversation at Inman Connect New York changed the way columnist Bernice Ross thinks about home sales pricing. Here's why.
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Homesnap launches souped up Homesnap Pro app for agents

Five years after its initial launch, real estate technology company Homesnap has released a new artificial intelligence-powered version of Homesnap Pro.
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New machine learning algorithm produces "near-perfect" fake human faces

Face-synthesizing algorithms often struggle with facial details like eyes and teeth. These features sometimes get pinned to a fixed spot as a head turns, resulting in an uncanny valley dweller. A new algorithm, StyleGAN2, fixes this problem and produces "eye-poppingly detailed and correct images." It can also generate never-before-seen cars, churches, and animals. Image: YouTube
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Very fun algorithm guesses your name with surprising accuracy

Nathan Yau created this fun and fascinating name guessing algorithm. You select "male" or "female," the decade you were born, and then type in the first letter of your name. I tried more than a dozen times for people I know and it nailed it on the first letter about 80% of the time. On those that it screwed up after the first letter, it got it right after I entered a second letter. From the project description: This is based on data from the Social Security Administration, up to 2018. It’s r...
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Meet the 9 Wikipedia bots that make the world’s largest encyclopedia possible

If it wasn't for them, Wikipedia as we know it would devolve into chaos and grind to a halt
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Google Sure Screws Around With Search Results a Lot, Investigation Finds

Google’s search algorithm is a powerful thing—the tiniest tweaks can tank businesses, subtly influence your purchasing decisions, and shape what information you see. Google has long stated that it “do[es] not use human curation to collect or arrange the results on a page,” but a Wall Street Journal investigation has…Read more...
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We need to discuss race in electronic music, and we need a new way to communicate

A social media meltdown reveals some deeper issues in the electronic dance music world – and the ways in which online media are amplifying divisions. These do need to be things we work on, if we believe in what we’re doing in music, and listening to issues around race is something us white people need to work on, to try to do better. This is relevant to music because it’s relevant to making music a place that’s open. Humans and technology melted down this week – but that shouldn’t avail u...
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How a 'Neutral' Health Algorithm Ended Up Hurting Black Patients

A health care algorithm used in hospitals across the U.S. has been discriminating against black patients, according to new research. The study found that the algorithm consistently prioritized less-sick white patients and screened out black patients from a program meant to help people who need more intensive care.Read more...
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A Major Hospital Algorithm Is Biased Against Black Patients

Computers can do many jobs more quickly than humans, but they tend to copy our mistakes—after all, they learned it from watching us. Scientists have found that a major algorithm used in hospitals is biased against black patients, because it’s reflecting racial health disparities that already existed. Read more...
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Do hiring algorithms prevent bias or amplify it and how to get it right?

  In some circles, these algorithms acquire the image of a ‘bias-free stakeholder’ in the hiring process. Often managers assume that because the software is devoid of emotions (unlike humans), using them would mean the complete removal of personally-motivated bias from the hiring process. Any application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) or Machine Learning (ML) learns […]
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How to Outsmart Algorithms and Take Control of Your Information Diet

“Certain algorithms,” says Tim Cook, “pull you toward the things you already know, believe, or like, and they push away everything else. Push back.” In a , the Apple CEO tells graduates to take charge of their information diet. And much as we want to sneer at the irony of a…Read more...
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Seattle Algorithm Marketplace and Manager, Algorithmia, Snags $25M

Algorithmia was founded on the idea that lots of people who write algorithms, from academics to private sector employees, have good products but no way to commercialize them. It launched in 2014 as a marketplace for people who want to buy or sell algorithms, and raised a $2.4 million seed funding round.Today, there’s more to the business, including a service launched in 2017 that helps developers manage and deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in their applications (ke...
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Cryptanalyzing a Pair of Russian Encryption Algorithms

A pair of Russia-designed cryptographic algorithms -- the Kuznyechik block cipher and the Streebog hash function -- have the same flawed S-box that is almost certainly an intentional backdoor. It's just not the kind of mistake you make by accident, not in 2014. [Author: Bruce Schneier]
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New Bill Aims To Hold Tech Companies Accountable For Their Shitty Algorithms

Over the years, tech companies have found a convenient scapegoat for some of their most egregious mistakes in a voiceless part of their operations—their algorithms. But a bill introduced on Wednesday seeks to effectively prevent these automated systems from being an acceptable excuse for bias, unintended or not. Read more...
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The Internet Is Fascinated by the Black Hole News, so Naturally, YouTube Is Recommending Space Conspiracy Theory Videos

The most popular thing on the internet on Wednesday was the first-ever image of a black hole. It was everywhere and for good reason: This is a historical moment, it reinforces Einstein’s theories, and it’s something that’s difficult to wrap your head around.Read more...
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Sure Is Easy to Find a Cybercriminal Group to Join on Facebook, Researchers Find

You might have a certain idea of where cybercriminals congregate. Maybe you imagine a black hoodie operator working at night on the dark net or something out of Mr. Robot. In fact, these things are often much more simple and mundane than they seem.Read more...
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Exploring machine learning for music, live: Gamma_LAB AI

AI in music is as big a buzzword as in other fields. So now’s the time to put it to the test – to reconnect to history, human practice, and context, and see what holds up. That’s the goal of the Gamma_LAB AI in St. Petersburg next month. An open call is running now. Machine learning for AI has trended so fast that there are disconnects between genres and specializations. Mathematicians or coders may get going on ideas without checking whether they work with musicians or composers or musicologi...
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France Is Getting a New, Algorithmically Designed Keyboard Layout

French and English share the same 26-character alphabet, but additional accents, symbols, and punctuation make it challenging for Francophones to use keyboard layouts designed for English speakers. The solution so far has just been to learn to adapt, but researchers led by Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland,…Read more...
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Your next home will be the one that finds you

Discovery in the future will be less like Columbus stumbling on the Americas and more like using an app to book a room through Hotel Tonight.
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The Annoying Posts in Your Facebook News Feed Will Soon Come With an Explanation Box

One of the enduring criticisms of Facebook is that the News Feed is a black box. Starting this week, however, the box will suddenly take on a shade of dark gray.Read more...
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PH5 is Revolutionizing Knitwear With Algorithms

We speak with Mijia Zhang and Wei Lin about transforming an antiquated technique with technology, sustainability and a distinct aesthetic The last time knitwear experienced seismic change was during the Industrial Revolution. Automation and large-scale machinery increased quantities and overall accessibility of fabric. Since then, there’s been little progress. “It hasn’t developed in decades,” Wei Lin—founder of the womenswear label PH5—says with a sense of …
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Spotify expands personalization to its programmed playlists

Spotify this morning announced a major change to how its playlists will operate, with the news that some of its previously human-curated playlists will now be personalized based on listeners’ tastes. Before, Spotify offered personalized playlists like Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Daily Mixes, among others, to offer users a way to enjoy the music they like and be introduced to new songs and artists that fit their interests. However, these were clearly separated from the curated playlists p...
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The NYPD Now Has an Automated Tool to Help Them Recognize Patterns in Crimes

The New York City Police Department has developed a pattern-recognition tool called Patternizr to sort through mountains of files related to “hundreds of thousands of crimes logged in the NYPD’s database,” the Associated Press reported on Sunday.Read more...
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Intel Reveals Ideas on Promoting AI in U.S. as Chinese Growth Looms

Even as the executive order President Trump issued last month on artificial intelligence furthered the conversation about a developing national strategy for the sector, it was met with certain criticism. A common complaint was that the plan won’t implement itself.“The administration’s American AI Initiative includes all of the right elements; the critical test will be to see if they follow through in a vigorous manner,” Jason Furman, who helped compile a report on AI for the Obama administratio...
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Batshit QAnon Book Is Currently One of the Highest Ranked Politics Books on Amazon

A book promoting the batshit insane QAnon conspiracy theory is currently ranked in the top 75 most popular books on Amazon, according to a report by NBC. Amazon also promoted the book on their books division home page, where it was listed under the algorithmically generated category “Hot new releases.”Read more...
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San Francisco to Expunge Thousands of Cannabis Convictions With Help From an Algorithm

Last year, the San Francisco District Attorney’s office said it was teaming up with Code for America, a nonprofit that aims to better government through technology. The goal was to use a Code for America algorithm to identify and expunge criminal records that could be cleared by California’s Proposition 64, which…Read more...
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By now, many consumers know that uploading a photo, video, or other file to “the cloud” on a service like Google or Facebook often means storing it in a data center. But the computer servers inside data centers don’t just store information—they are constantly processing complex algorithms and using energy to glean new insights for the companies that store it.A Seattle-based startup,, is attempting to build a business on the belief that it could also be possible to run machine learning a...
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Foot Traffic Startup Scraffic Mulls New Funding, Machine Learning

San Antonio—Scraffic, a small startup that helps retailers count foot traffic in their stores, has gone international.The San Antonio-based business, which has four employees, now has customers in the Philippines, Spain, Portugal, and Canada, as well as users in the U.S. Scraffic found opportunity to expand in international markets like the Philippines because there are fewer competitors, says Ryan Ward, Scraffic’s chief operating officer. Founded in 2016, the company’s price point helped, too:...
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YouTube expands test of its Instagram-like Explore tab to more devices

YouTube is expanding the test of its “Explore” feature, a new discovery tool it first introduced as an experiment within its iPhone app last year. Similar to Instagram’s Explore page, the new YouTube feature aims to introduce users to a diverse set of personalized recommendations so they can more easily find something new to watch. The test is now available across devices, and has been updated to also suggest smaller, up-and-coming YouTube creators, the company says. The changes to Explore we...
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