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Alice: From Dream to Dream

Giulio Macaione makes his US comic debut in Alice: From Dream to Dream, a beautifully illustrated graphic novel about forced empathy, having to learn more about others whether we want to or not. That’s a skill that needs more emphasis these days. Alice and her family have moved back to Cincinnati from Chicago after her father lost his job. She’s forced to share a bedroom with her older brother, which is a problem. Alice shares the dreams of those she [...]
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Tatiana Maslany to Star in HBO’s Perry Mason Miniseries

Tatiana Maslany to star in HBO’s Perry Mason miniseries According to Deadline, Emmy Award-winning actress Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) has been tapped for a leading role in HBO’s forthcoming drama miniseries Perry Mason. Maslany is set to portray the role of the leader of the Radiant Assembly of God named Sister Alice. She joins Emmy winner Matthew Rhys (The Americans), who will be playing the title character. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandA...
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Lebanese Wedding In Athens, Greece at Kefalari Suites

When this Bride approached her planner, Sand+Lace Events, she sought a wedding with an "Alice in Wonderland" vibe and without feeling too themed, that's exactly how this gorgeous Greece fete reads. From the 'maids in their floral crowns to the wildly beautiful tablescapes set below ivy-wrapped trees, Sotiris Tsakanikas had plenty of pretty to document. See it all, right this way in the full gallery!Continue reading on Style Me Pretty
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6 thoughtful and inspiring books for children

Allegories like Orwell's Animal Farm take complex ideas and turn them into an approachable tale. Aesop's Fables ancient insight is still relevant for any human growing up today. The Little Prince teaches children to view the world through a more wondrous lens of reality. The types of books we read in our adolescence can shape us forever. They can help us understand the world in more diverse ways and appreciate the complexities of life. Because of this, books makes these formative years more tha...
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6 thoughtful and inspiring books for children and young readers

Allegories like Orwell's Animal Farm take complex ideas and turn them into an approachable tale. Aesop's Fables ancient insight is still relevant for any human growing up today. The Little Prince teaches children to view the world through a more wondrous lens of reality. The types of books we read in our adolescence can shape us forever. They can help us understand the world in more diverse ways and appreciate the complexities of life. Because of this, books makes these formative years more tha...
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‘Orphan Black’ Alum Tatiana Maslany Joins ‘Perry Mason’ Series at HBO

Tatiana Maslany has signed on for lead role in the upcoming “Perry Mason” series at HBO, Variety has confirmed. The former “Orphan Black” star joins previously announced series lead Matthew Rhys. Maslany will play Sister Alice, the leader of the Radiant Assembly of God, preaching three sermons a day to a hungry congregation and a radio […]
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Objective reality may not exist, European researchers say

In 1961, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Eugene Wigner proposed a thought experiment by which the reality of two observers can diverge by measuring a single photon. Researchers recently tested Wigner's thought experiment and concluded that realities can be made irreconcilable. Do these results put the entire scientific method at risk? Let's not get ahead of ourselves. None Objective reality cannot be known. It's the kind of statement you expect to hear from a sophomore postmodernist or nihilists a...
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‘The Magicians’ Sets the Stakes for a Harrowing Season Finale With “The Secret Sea”

The two major story arcs this season of The Magicians—the journey of the Eliot-Monster and the Library’s steady descent toward fascism—come together in a murderous way this episode and tee up next week’s finale to be one full of more murders. Who will be killed next week, however, remains to be seen: Will the old gods die, hunted down by the Evil Eliot and Evil Julia? Will Quentin and Alice die as they face off against the evil siblings? Will Kady allow herself to be poisoned to death in order...
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‘Coraline’ is About the Fear of Growing Up – And the Realization That It’s Not That Bad

(To celebrate the release of Missing Link, we’re revisiting the stop-motion animated films of Laika this week and discussing why they’re so special. Today: Coraline is an adventure movie where adulthood is the villain.) At first glance, Coraline seems ripe for the haunting of children’s dreams. Henry Selick’s 2009 stop-motion feature adaptation of the Neil Gaiman storybook of the same name is creepy, ghastly, and a little disturbing, with elements that could put an adult-targeted horror film to...
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Alice At The Movies: The MoviePass Patents

Alice’s starring role in patent cases is as important as ever.
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Netflix Has Hired a New Screenwriter to Pen an ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ ‘Wizard of Oz’ Crossover

When you’ve run out of toy franchises to adapt or remakes to greenlight, where else to turn to but the public domain — a veritable playground of decades-old characters ripe for the big or small screen? It’s why we’ve had a million Robin Hood reboots and why we’ll keep seeing the Wicked Witch’s story retold on Broadway. But when doing a straight adaptation has become old-hat, what else is there to do? Throw two characters together in a wacky crossover that sound like it came out of a Disney fan-...
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Alice in Wonderland Byron Theatre Melbourne City Ballet

Melbourne City Ballet’s Michael Pappalardo (Artistic Director) and Brendan Bradshaw (Artistic Associate) pay homage to the well known novel by Lewis Carroll, “Alice In Wonderland”, with this enchanting ballet complimented by one of Tchaikovsky’s most famous scores. ”Alice In Wonderland” tells the story of a young girl who is whisked away to a magical world of wonder. Falling through a rabbit hole she meets magical creatures both strange and mysterious on her adventure to find her way home. 2 Per...
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Royal baby name odds: The runners and riders for Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex’s first child

Last year was one of the most eventful for the Royal family, with the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle, Princess Eugenie to Jack Brooksbank, and the birth of Prince Louis. And while 2019 won't be as jam-packed for the Windsors, there's a whole new reason to celebrate on the horizon - the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's first child this spring. As royal watchers in the UK and abroad wait for the latest arrival, speculation is mounting as to what he or she could be ca...
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Urban Decay Game of Thrones Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

I feel the opening of my review of the Urban Decay Game of Thrones Eyeshadow Palette should have the GOT theme music playing. Or better yet, instead of the original soundtrack maybe Peter Hollens can hum the entire through the entire review! Ok, no dramatics, no crazy intro, let’s just get down to the nitty gritty reviews and swatches of the Urban Decay Game of Thrones Eyeshadow Palette. There are many, many fandoms and a few have been represented in the beauty world. Alice in Wonderland, Wonde...
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Salvador Dalí, Book Illustrator

“Throughout the second half of his life, Dalí had a curious side-project … illustrating the Western canon: Don Quixote and Macbeth in 1946; The Divine Comedy between 1951 and 1964; the Bible between 1963 and 1964; Alice in Wonderland in 1969; Henry V and Henry VI in 1970; The Life of Gargantua and Pantagruel in 1973; and Paradise Lost in 1974. Browsing a shelf of the West’s most renowned titles, it’s surprisingly hard to find one for which he didn’t do the pictures.” – Artsy
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‘The Magicians’ Brings the Ensemble Back Together in “The 4-1-1” – Only to Split Them Apart Again

“The 4-1-1” begins with a lot of the gang back together in New York City, a rare moment on this ensemble show, and one—given all the storylines that need to be tied up in the last three episodes—that’s necessarily short-lived. After Margo debriefs Quentin, Julia, Penny23 and Alice on her musical journey to the desert (she has ice axes to kick the evil god out of Eliot!), the crew splits into different groups again with seemingly disparate missions. Everyone’s Mini-Quests Unearth a Whole...
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Fantasy Epics Are YA’s Next Big Trend — Here’s Where To Get Started

Fantasy books have always been popular in YA and children's literature — long before Harry Potter. But lately, the genre has given authors the opportunity to create rich worlds that draw from culturally specific mythologies or historical periods. In two 2019 books, for example, authors dive back into 18th and 19th century Paris and supernatural twists.In a way, YA fantasy offers a chance to rewrite history, in addition to letting imaginations soar. Through the lens of these YA fantasy books, hi...
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‘Maleficent 2’ Footage Introduces Us to the ‘Mistress of Evil’ [CinemaCon 2019]

While Disney has been remaking their animated films for years, their recent animation-to-live-action craze was kicked-off with two films: Tim Burton’s 2010 Alice in Wonderland, and 2014’s Maleficent. Maleficent retold the story of Sleeping Beauty from the point of view of the villain, played by Angelina Jolie. Now, a sequel is arriving: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. We saw new footage from the film at CinemaCon, and lived to tell the tale. Here’s what we saw. The footage was a behind-the-sce...
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Mini-Reviews: THE DREAMERS by Karen Thompson Walker & THE FAMILIARS by Stacey Halls

I’ve been reading quite a lot now that my commute is five hours long. Daily. I read two books recently, a mixed bag – one, a literary fiction that left me cold, the other a historical fiction that was heartwarming. In an isolated college hall in California, a student falls asleep and doesn’t wake up. She is alive but sleeping. Her roommate, Mei, is right there at the start of what can only be described as a surreal event that snowballs from there. Little by little, people start falli...
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ALICE Accelerates Expansion Throughout Europe

ALICE, the hospitality industry's leading operations technology, expands its reach in Europe with the placement and hiring of several hotel technology sales experts in key markets across the continent. ALICE has grown rapidly worldwide, including 250 hotels signed in Europe in the last 12 months alone. This team will accelerate ALICE's already swift expansion throughout Europe and provide market guidance and support for key European regions.
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Encouraging news and inspiring notes as White House celebrates FIRST STEP Act

This Washington Examiner piece, headlined "Trump announces Second Step Act to help ex-prisoners find work," reviews some highlights from today's celebration of the FIRST STEP Act at the White House today. Here are excerpts: President Trump announced plans Monday for a Second Step Act focused on easing employment barriers for formerly incarcerated people.  "We are proving we're a nation that believes in redemption," Trump said at a White House event celebrating people released under the First St...
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Women rule in these WonderCon 2019 cosplay photos from the Anaheim comic convention

Women are tough, that’s for sure. So, WonderCon fans, we’re here to celebrate the super-strong women of WonderCon 2019. Check out the excellent cosplay game these heroes and villains displayed in Anaheim. Lucy Capuchino switched up Nightmare Before Christmas and dressed a Jack, but she calls herself Jackie outside WonderCon in Anaheim, CA, on Friday, March 29, 2019. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG) Nikki Skelton is dressed as a mashup of the Cheshire Cat from Alice’s ...
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Dumbo Flies to #1 at the Box Office, Captain Marvel Nears $1 Billion

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Dumbo Flies to #1 at the Box Office, Captain Marvel Nears $1 Billion Walt Disney Pictures‘s Dumbo flew to the top spot at the domestic box office, but still short of studio expectations. The live-action remake brought in an estimated $45 million at the domestic box office but managed $71 million internationally for a global debut of $116 million. This mark’s director Tim Burton’s fifth highest opening weekend, besting most of the recent work by the filmmaker and marking hi...
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'Dumbo' wins the weekend box office, but performs worse than expected

Disney's "Dumbo" took in an estimated $45 million over the weekend. That's below industry projections. Jordan Peele's "Us" came in second place with $33.6 million, and now has earned over $100 million domestically (the movie was made for $20 million). Peele is the first African-American writer-director to have multiple movies gross $100 million (the other being "Get Out"). Matthew McConaughey had the worst opening weekend of his career for a wide release movie with "The Beach Bum" only taking ...
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WonderCon cosplay gallery: Check out photos from the 2019 Anaheim convention

WonderCon is here, and it’s brimming with heroes – and villains. And…other stuff. Along with those expected cosplay constructions of your favorites from Marvel, DC and beyond, there’s plenty more to see, which is why we got pictures of it all to show you in our cosplay gallery of the greatest looks and most nefarious crooks of the comic world. Jake Bishop, 9, dressed as Stan Lee, joins other Marvel characters during a group photo outside WonderCon in Anaheim, CA, on Friday, March 29, 2019. (...
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WonderCon 2019: 5 awesome opening day moments, from 9-year-old Stan Lee to the X-Men sneak peek and more

1. Stan and deliver: The death of Stan Lee in November hit every Marvel fan hard, and on Friday at WonderCon, his presence was missed – or it was until a 9-year-old showed up in cosplay as the dearly departed 95-year-old creator of such characters as Spider-Man and the X-Men. “It was a couple of months ago,” said Jake Bishop, a third-grader from Garden Grove, of his decision to cosplay as Lee. “He died, so I thought, ‘That’s a way to make people happy.’” And, boy oh boy, were people happy as Jak...
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‘The Magicians’ Gets Musical Again with “All That Hard, Glossy Armor”

This season’s much anticipated musical episode of The Magicians has some great song covers, which range from sweet ballads to empowering anthems. On the softer side, there’s Hale Appleman serenading Summer Bishil with Al Jolson’s and Bing Crosby’s “Beautiful Dreamer,” as well as getting his groove on to The Pretenders’ “Don’t Get Me Wrong.” On the louder side, we have members of the gang (well, projections of the gang from Margo’s mind) triumphantly singing Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again,” and G...
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10 Best Horror Movie Jump Scares

10 Best Horror Movie Jump Scares For the past 50 years, horror movies have featured a trope that, when done well, provides a rush of adrenaline in an already tense film. We’re talking about the ‘jump scare,’ and there are thousands to choose from. Almost every horror movie features at least some type of jump scare. Whether it’s actually scary or is just the “quirky best friend standing behind you,’ jump scares are usually a good indicator of who is a veteran or a rookie in the world of horror...
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'I don't let dementia stop me from writing my poetry'

Alice, 86, can still recall experiences from her childhood for poems and storytelling.
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There’s an Alice in Wonderland-inspired pop-up coming to LA

If you’ve ever wanted to take a trip down the rabbit hole, now you can…and don’t forget your cellphone. The immersive installation, WonderWorld, is coming to Los Angeles filled with curiouser and curiouser things to explore. It consists of six spaces designed by New York artists inspired by Alice’s adventures. There is a mushroom garden, a giant teacup, a bubble-filled swimming pool and more. Related links See Beyond Wonderland’s daily lineups for San Bernardino 9 Beyond Wonderland DJ sets...
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