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Adobe and Zach Braff Turn a Student's Movie Poster into a Real Movie

Inspiration can come from anywhere and anything. As a celebration of spontaneous inspiration and creativity, Adobe Creative Cloud, in collaboration with creative advertising agency Pereira O’Dell launched a nationwide competition for college students to create a movie poster for a film that had yet to be created – until now.The winning poster, created by Boston University student Sam West was selected out of more than 11,000 submissions, and inspired “In The Time It Takes To Get There,” a short ...
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Zach Braff’s Adobe Creative Cloud Film Imagines What Influencer Culture Might Look Like in the 19th Century

The latest film from Adobe Creative Cloud opens to a young influencer--Lucille, played by Florence Pugh--in a grand mansion, grudgingly being coaxed out of the bed she's sharing with one of her handsome kitchen hands by her nagging assistant, Alicia Silverstone of Clueless fame, who reminds her that the only way she can afford this...
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We drove a $48,000 Jeep Wrangler to see if the ultimate off-road SUV could live up to its legendary reputation (FCAU)

The 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is a serious off-roading machine. But can the trail-warrior Rubicon handle everyday life? The answer is that the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon isn't interested in everyday life if there are trails to conquer — and if that's your thing, you'll be happy to spend $48,000 on the vehicle. I've honestly never understood the appeal of the Jeep Wrangler (and before, that the Jeep CJ) to the vast majority of consumers. Sure, the rugged, barebones vehicle makes ample sense — if y...
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'Clueless' cast reunion: As if we wouldn't be thrilled

Alicia Silverstone is still a "Betty" and Paul Rudd is honestly "kind of a Baldwin."
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The Morning Watch: Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Anatomy of a Scene, ‘Clueless’ Cast Reunion & More

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows. In this edition, Us director, writer and producer Jordan Peele breaks down a key scene from his latest movie. Plus, the cast of Clueless reunited for an hour-long panel at Chicago’s C2E2 convention, and Saturday Night Live t...
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My Convention Season Starts With C2E2

C2E2, the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, will take place in Chicago next month, Friday, March 22 – Sunday, March 24, 2019. I’ll be attending, as it’s the biggest show in the Midwest region, and the timing to travel to San Diego or New York rarely works out for me. Top of the guest list for me are two Doctors, David Tennant and Matt Smith, plus a Clueless reunion with Alicia Silverstone (also Batgirl), Breckin Meyer (also Robot Chicken), Paul [...]
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‘The Lodge’ Review: The Next Great Horror Film is Here, and It’s Terrifying [Sundance]

It seems like every year, we get at least one film heralded as “the next great horror movie.” Sometimes, that assessment is overblown. But sometimes, it’s spot-on. This year’s next great horror film is The Lodge, and I am entirely confident in that assessment. It’s going to be nearly impossible for any other fright flick this year to top the atmospheric dread and abject terror on display here. An icy cold mix of The Shining and religious mania run wild, The Lodge opens with a bang, and never le...
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VOTD: Watch Cher’s Speech in ‘Clueless’ Performed by Adam Driver, Andrew Garfield & More

Clueless is one of those generation-defining comedies that has stood the test of time. It’s one of the best representations of the ’90s, albeit with a focus on a very niche demographic of upscale Los Angelenos living a mostly superficial, carefree life. Much of the film’s greatness comes from Alicia Silverstone‘s pitch perfect performance as the teenage Cher, a bubbly, confident and charming spoiled girl who manages to somehow be both down to Earth and up in the clouds at the same time. But wha...
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'90s Fashion Icons: Alicia Silverstone

The definitive it-girl of the '90s. Here how you can get her style! The rumors are true. '90s style has made its way back into the mainstream, and we've got you covered. There are nine 90s fashion icons you need to know about. Last week, I broke down starlet Jennifer Aniston's '90s style. This week, we're going to look at teen idol Alicia Silverstone.  Alicia Silverstone Biography View the original article to see embedded media. Alicia began working when she was six years old as a model. She l...
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'90s Fashion Icons: Liv Tyler

She's rock royalty and her '90s style is still worth copying today. The ‘90s are back, and we’ve got you covered if you want to channel the decade in your wardrobe, or just learn a little something about its fashion stars. Previously, I listed the nine '90s fashion icons you need to know about, and each week I'm breaking down a new one. Last week, we went over '90s rock icon Gwen Stefani. Today it's all about actress, model, and '90s it-girl Liv Tyler. Liv Tyler Biography View the original art...
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Alicia Silverstone Claims Her Son Doesn't Need Medicine Thanks To Vegan Lifestyle

Alicia Silverstone claims her vegan lifestyle with her son allows him to live without medicine.
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The Top 9 Fashion Icons of the '90s

You’ve seen them everywhere—overalls, flared jeans, slip dresses. The '90s are officially back in style. All of our favorite celebrities today, from Gigi Hadid to Dua Lipa, have been spotted rocking the '90s revival. And it's not hard to see why. The era is quirky and nostalgic for all of us, but it can also be a great source of style inspiration if you want to try something new (and old)!So let's take a trip back to when TV shows like Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Sabrina the Teena...
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Clueless Remake in Development from GLOW Writer

Clueless remake in development from GLOW writer 1995’s teen comedy Clueless is the latest film to be getting the remake treatment, according to Deadline. The script will be penned by writer Marquita Robinson best known for the Netflix series GLOW with Girls’ Trip writer Tracy Oliver producing. Given that it’s so early on in development, details are still scarce at this point. The original Clueless is a beloved teen classic, written and directed by Amy Heckerling and based loosely on Jane Aus...
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First Wives Club Series Reboot Adds Three to Cast

First Wives Club series reboot adds three to cast According to , Mark Tallman, RonReaco Lee, and Malik Yoba have joined the cast of Paramount Network‘s upcoming reboot of the 1996 Paramount film First Wives Club. The series also stars Grammy winner Jill Scott, Ryan Michelle Bathe (This Is Us) and Michelle Buteau (Key and Peele). RELATED: Check Out the Red Band Trailer for Paramount Network’s Heathers Reboot The First Wives Club was a comedy film based on Olivia Goldsmith’s bestselling novel...
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10 Best Paul Rudd Roles

10 Best Paul Rudd Roles Paul Rudd is our greatest everyman—he could pass as someone’s dad, someone’s husband, someone’s best friend, whoever. He’s funny but can do drama, he’s charming but can play a bad guy, he really is unmatched in versatility. It’s no wonder the guy can play a Marvel hero, a dumb politician, and a cool camp counselor all in the same year. He’s been on the scene since 1995, but got a pretty big break first when he appeared as Phoebe’s partner on Friends, then an even bigg...
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Halloween Isn't Halloween Unless You're Dressed As A '90s Style Icon

Back in the day, choosing a Halloween costume was no sweat. The morning before the big day, all you had to do was pick from one of the maybe 10 things eight-year-olds dream of being (princess, hippie, cheerleader, the works), and the next day, it was lying on your bed. But alas, those were simpler times. Now that we're adults, the process isn't quite so painless, especially for us ladies. Seriously, did every brand that makes Halloween costumes for women over the age of 14 meet one day and deci...
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Ryan Michelle Bathe Joins First Wives Club Series Reboot

Ryan Michelle Bathe joins First Wives Club series reboot According to Deadline, Empire‘s Ryan Michelle Bathe (This Is Us) has joined the cast of Paramount Network‘s comedy drama series reboot of the 1996 Paramount film First Wives Club. Bathe will be the show’s third lead star alongside Grammy winner Jill Scott (Why Did I Get Married?, Black Lightning) and comedian Michelle Buteau (Key and Peele). RELATED: Check Out the Red Band Trailer for Paramount Network’s Heathers Reboot The First Wives ...
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‘American Woman’ Canceled by Paramount Network

Paramount Network has canceled “American Woman.” The decision to pull the plug on the drama comes roughly two weeks after its first season finished airing on the Viacom-owned cable channel. Inspired by the life of “Real Housewives” star Kyle Richards, “American Woman” starred Alicia Silverstone and Mena Suvari, and followed Silverstone’s character Bonnie, an unconventional […]
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Divorce, Delusion, & LOOKING EXACTLY THE SAME! See What The Stars Of Clueless Have Been Up To Lately!

Clueless turns 23 today, believe it or not, as the high school movie classic hit theaters way back on July 19, 1995. So what have the stars been up to lately? Sadly, Alicia Silverstone filed for divorce after nearly 20 years. At least she's also staging a comeback? Stacey Dash is still the worst, and Paul Rudd is still the best -- and of course has not aged a damn day! See where everyone else has been (below)! CLICK HERE to view "Clueless Stars: Where Are They Now??" CLICK HERE to view "Clueless...
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How Do Your Favorite Celebrities Keep Their Travel Memories Alive?

You have to read throughout this post to have an idea on whether how celebrities keep their travel memories alive! You will learn some of the best tips to create worth-remembering travel memories too from your idols. This will help you a lot especially if you plan to have a remarkable trip with loved ones! Whether it sees new places, meeting new people, or trying out foods, we all love to travel to experience new things (and so does our favorite celebs!) The result? New memories to relish an...
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How Do Your Favorite Celebrities Keep Travel Memories Alive?

You have to read throughout this post to have an idea on whether how celebrities keep their travel memories alive! You will learn some of the best tips to create worth-remembering travel memories too from your idols. This will help you a lot especially if you plan to have a remarkable trip with loved ones! Whether it sees new places, meeting new people, or trying out foods, we all love to travel to experience new things (and so does our favorite celebs!) The result? New memories to relish an...
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‘American Women’ actresses freaked out over their size 12 costumes

Alicia Silverstone and Mena Suvari were reportedly “horrified” when they were handed the clothes for their new show, the ’70s-era sitcom “American Woman.” It wasn’t the outfits that appalled them, costume designer Judy Gellman tells The Post, but the size they were in: 12. “Sizing was different then,” Gellman explains. Indeed, a size 12 then...
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Alicia Silverstone's Son Tried To French Kiss Her After She Let Him Watch Clueless!

Alicia Silverstone was right to think the movie Clueless was "not appropriate" for her 7-year-old son to watch. Because after seeing the 1995 cult classic at the L.A. cemetery, Bear Blu Jarecki kept trying to French kiss his mother like they were at some party in the Valley! But it's okay -- she kept her mouth closed. Watch her tell the story to Stephen Colbert (above)!
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Watch Alicia Silverstone Revive Clueless' Cher For Awesome Lip Sync Battle Video

Cher made a big return for 2018, and it was like, totally non-buggingly awesome.
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Watch Alicia Silverstone Remake The Clueless-Inspired “Fancy” Video For Lip Sync Battle

Actress Alicia Silverstone played Cher Horowitz in Amy Heckerling's teen comedy Clueless, which premiered in 1995. It's one of the greatest teen movies of all time, and when the soundtrack turned 20 I wrote about what made music such an integral part of the film. Cher remains Silverstone's most iconic role, and though she's … More »
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Series Mania Melbourne Heads to Second Edition

“American Woman,” a pilot for a new TV show, created by John Wells and starring Alicia Silverstone, is among the first titles unveiled for Series Mania Melbourne. The TV festival cum market is in its second year in Australia, and will run for four days, July 19—22 as a public event, with July 20 set […]
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Cannibalism used to be a popular medical remedy — here's why humans don't eat each other today

Cannibalism is a clear taboo in our society. But, putting ethics aside, what are the other reasons why you should not eat other humans?  The following is a transcript of the video. Did you know that cannibalism used to be a popular medical remedy? That’s right! In the 17th century, well before Advil  Europeans would ingest ground up mummies for headaches.  And human fat, blood, and bone were used to treat everything from gout to nosebleeds.  Yet cannibalism is largely absent and mo...
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Friends Creator Gives Fans A Ross & Rachel Scoop — Oh, And Crushes Their Dreams!

Sorry, Friends fans, but that much-talked-about reunion is "never" going to happen. During TheWrap's Emmy Series comedy showrunners panel on Wednesday, co-creator David Crane put the nail in the coffin, saying: "Never happening. Never. We did it! It's done." He claims that's all for the best. Why? Video: Enter '90s Nostalgia Heaven As Alicia Silverstone Dresses Up In Her Clueless Costume For Lip Sync Battle! Because what fans really want is the comfort of knowing Ross and Rachel ended up togeth...
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