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Car-free Sundays are the norm in Colombia's capital city, Bogot

Imagine your city without cars — every single Sunday. At first, you might be frustrated by the inconvenience and inability to complete errands, but once you embrace the throngs of bikes, recognize your friends and neighbors among the people out for a stroll or attend a Zumba class at what was once a congested intersection, it’s likely to become one of your favorite traditions. For 45 years, the Colombian city of Bogotá has closed its major roads for Ciclovía, a weekly event where cyclists and p...
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UK report says local authorities not pushing for alternative transportation fast enough

In the UK, a newly published report has shown that Local Authorities nationwide are failing to tackle their own transport emissions by continuing to opt for diesel and petrol vehicles, even after being made aware of the damaging impact upon the local population’s health and in some cases despite penalizing private motorists for making the same choices. It also reinforces calls for the introduction of biofuels such as a greener petrol known as E10 which help to displace fossil fuels in the short-...
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Travelers who don't fly

If you actually stop to think about it, flying in an airplane is a pretty crazy thing to do. At its core, what you’re essentially doing is catapulting through the sky in a metal tube at 500 miles per hour. Not for the faint of heart, it would seem. But according to the International Air Transit Association, over 3 billion people fly each year. Statistically, a crash occurs in only one out of every 1.2 million flights. You may be thinking, “Well that’s a one in 1.2 million chance that I’m doome...
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Carless in San Francisco

Not every San Franciscan drives a Prius or a Tesla. Plenty go greener than that, foregoing cars altogether. And since SF is crammed onto a seven-mile-wide peninsula, there’s no room for urban sprawl, which makes it a great place to go carless. The only catch is those hills… there are so many of them! Here’s how best to navigate the city without a car: 1. Walking Photo: Steven M Dean San Francisco emerged as a city with the 1849 gold rush, decades before the automobile, unlike many other we...
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uber's flying and autonomous cars

Uber is taking new steps to demonstrate its drive to conquer the world’s transportation economy. During the summer of 2017, the multi-billion dollar company based in San Francisco launched UberBOAT, a boat taxi service that is only available in Croatia (for now). You can use UberBOAT to connect to over 1,000 islands in the Adriatic Sea for around $400-500 USD, or rent a boat for the entire day for a little more than $1,000 USD. Courtesy of UBER But bringing a taxi app to the high seas is f...
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How To Get Your Office To Commit To A More Sustainable Workplace

Want to save energy, materials, water, and money? Create a more sustainable workplace by implementing some of these ideas The post How To Get Your Office To Commit To A More Sustainable Workplace appeared first on Sustainablog.
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