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Boosted by celebrity endorsements and a controversial research program, clinics are peddling stem cell autism treatments questioned by experts

A researcher holds a box containing vials of human embryonic Stem Cell cultures from the freezer at the Burnham Institute on November 3, 2004 in La Jolla, California. Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images From Central America to Ukraine, unlicensed clinics are offering stem cell therapies as a treatment for autism.  Stem cells used mainly to treat blood disease. Their effectiveness on autism is unproven and the FDA has not licensed their use for the condition. One prominent clinic providing such tre...
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Ignore the Bad Advice — All Kids Need Autism Screening (Op-Ed)

Alycia Halladay is the chief science officer of the Autism Science Foundation. Universal screening for autism improves the lives of kids with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other developmental disorders. This practice needs to continue uninterrupted, despite a statement the United States Preventative Services Task Force made recently in JAMA.
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