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Alzheimer's nasal vaccine to enter human trials for the first time, spurring renewed hope for preventing the disease

A laboratory worker tests a nasal spray (not related to Alzheimer's) at the Pharma and Beauty factory in Saint-Chamas, France, on January 21, 2021.Nicolas Tucat/AFP/Getty Images Brigham and Women's Hospital is spearheading the first human trial of an Alzheimer's nasal vaccine. The vaccine is designed to prevent or slow the progression of the disease. It uses a drug, Protollin, to stimulate immune cells to remove sticky plaque from the brain. Alzheimer's treatments seemed like ...
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As gene-editing moves mainstream, a pioneer in the field is testing whether it could prevent Alzheimer's

Beam Therapeutics cofounder David Liu.Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images Scientist and biotech cofounder David Liu is one of the pioneers of drugs that can edit DNA. His lab is developing therapy that could prevent Alzheimer's by installing a protective gene. Liu was named one of Insider's 100 People Transforming Business in 2021. David Liu is best known as one of the pioneers of the experimental science of editing people's genes.Liu's laboratory at the Br...
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Walmart has hired a new executive to lead its care organization

Hello,Welcome to Insider Healthcare. I'm healthcare editor Leah Rosenbaum, and today in healthcare news:Walmart has hired a new executive to lead its care organization;A startup wants to make it easier for doctors to spot and manage cognitive issues in older adults;The CDC voted to offer a low-dose Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to kids. If you're new to this newsletter, sign up here. Comments, tips? Email me at [email protected] or tweet @leah_rosenbaum. Let's get to it... ...
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"'The Larry Project,' neurotic and tender by turns, evolved into a much more emotional, all-encompassing undertaking — in which the absent Larry, whom Ms. Upson never met..."

"... expanded into the artist’s muse, her lover, her persecutor and, ultimately, her doppelgänger. By the end, no clean distinction was left between artist and subject; the two had become doubles. One drawing in the Hammer Museum show bore the words 'I am more he than he is.' The project ended in 2011 with a performance at a Los Angeles gallery at which she dragged a charcoal-and-wax mannequin of Larry on the walls and floor inside a plywood cube until the effigy disintegrated, symbolically tur...
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The head of the FDA is calling for an investigation into her agency's controversial decision to approve a new Alzheimer's drug

Interim FDA Commission Janet Woodcock. Tom Williams/Getty Images Interim FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock has asked for an outside investigation into an Alzheimer's drug approval. The agency approved the drug, Aduhelm, last month, despite a lack of evidence showing the drug slowed the disease. Officials from Biogen and the FDA worked closely together to revive the drug, raising concerns. See more stories on Insider's business page. The top leader at the US Food and Drug Administra...
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A new Alzheimer's drug exposes a 'fundamentally flawed' part of how the US pays for drugs

Hi, Good morning, and welcome back to Insider Healthcare. I'm Andrew Dunn, and today in healthcare news:A new Alzheimer's drug exposes a 'fundamentally flawed' part of how the US pays for drugs;The US will likely miss Biden's July 4 vaccination goal;GlaxoSmithKline faces a critical investor day as activist investor pressure increases.If you're new to this newsletter, sign up here. And let me know what we should be paying attention to going forward: [email protected] On t...
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What a controversial drug approval could mean for future Alzheimer's treatments

Hello,Welcome to Insider Healthcare. I'm Lydia Ramsey Pflanzer, and this week in healthcare news:A controversial Alzheimer's drug approval poses some big challenges for the future of the field;We chronicled the history of Noom, which raised $540 million from top investors after spending a decade trying to crack the weight-loss app business;Amazon and Walmart face off on discounting prescriptions.If you're new to this newsletter, sign up here. Tips, comments? Email me at [email protected]
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2 top experts resigned from a key panel after the FDA approved a new Alzheimer's drug

Hello,Welcome to Insider Healthcare. I'm Lydia Ramsey Pflanzer, and today in healthcare news:Two top neuroscience experts resigned from an FDA panel after the agency approved a new Alzheimer's drug;Amazon and Walmart's latest battleground is cheap prescriptions;Transcarent, a startup backed by Livongo veterans, just raised $58 million at a nearly $500 million valuation.If you're new to this newsletter, sign up here. Comments, tips? Email me at [email protected] or tweet @lydiar...
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Dr. Peter Attia on Longevity Drugs, Alzheimer’s Disease, and the 3 Most Important Levers to Pull (#517)

“Caloric restriction, dietary restriction, time restriction. You’ve probably heard me go on and on about my framework, the three levers. Always pull one, sometimes pull two, occasionally pull three, never pull none.” — Peter Attia Dr. Peter Attia ( is a former ultra-endurance athlete (e.g., swimming races of 25 miles), a compulsive self-experimenter, and one of the most fascinating human beings I know. He is one of my go-to doctors for anything performance or longevity ...
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We just got the first new Alzheimer's drug in nearly 2 decades

Hello,Welcome to Insider Healthcare. I'm Lydia Ramsey Pflanzer, and today in healthcare news:On Monday, the FDA approved the first new Alzheimer's drug in nearly two decades;Primary care company One Medical wants to tap into senior care by acquiring competitor Iora Health;We looked into an old Medicare policy that could get in the way of patients accessing the newly approved Alzheimer's drug.If you're new to this newsletter, sign up here. Comments, tips? Email me at [email protected]
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The FDA just approved the first new Alzheimer's drug in 18 years

Dr. William Burke going over a PET brain scan at Banner Alzheimer's Institute in Phoenix. Biogen's drug was tested against carriers of the APOE gene, which is linked to Alzheimer's, and non-carriers. Matt York/Associated Press The FDA on Monday approved the first new Alzheimer's disease treatment in nearly two decades. Biogen had initially deemed the drug a failure and shut down two late-stage trials. Experts were divided on the drug. One analyst had estimated a 15% chance ...
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Highly recommended — "The Father" (the film Anthony Hopkins won the Oscar for).

 We watched this on Amazon Prime last night (paying $20 for the privilege). If anyone is wondering why the Oscar went to Hopkins, they need only watch the movie. This is a very cleverly structured depiction of elderly dementia, where what we see is the point of view of the person whose perceptions are deeply impaired. I won't say more than that other than it does the opposite of insulting your intelligence. It's not a heart-warming, sympathetic portrayal of unfortunate disease. I saw one revie...
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Scientists are reaching a new understanding about Alzheimer's disease

Hello,Welcome to Insider Healthcare. I'm Lydia Ramsey Pflanzer, back after a week away to ski and feeling refreshed. Today in healthcare news:Scientists have a new way of thinking about Alzheimer's disease;Pfizer's and Moderna's shots are 90% effective out in the real world;See the investor presentation Crossover Health gave at a January investor conference.If you're new to this newsletter, sign up here. Comments, tips, tricks for successfully scheduling vaccine appointments ...
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uBiome's cofounders have been charged with fraud

Hello,Welcome to Insider Healthcare. I'm Lydia Ramsey Pflanzer, and this week in healthcare news:Amazon's plans to launch a nationwide telehealth business are now official;Companies shared with us how they're tapping into a polarizing Trump-era policy that lets them ditch their health plans and send workers to buy their own coverage;New data on an Alzheimer's drug showed mixed results in patients.If you're new to this newsletter, sign up here.I'll be out next week, so you...
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This startup wants to use food as medicine for older people

Hello,Welcome to Insider Healthcare. I'm Lydia Ramsey Pflanzer, and today in healthcare news:The download on some mixed Alzheimer's drug results;Meet the startup that wants insurers to pay for seniors' groceries and meal kits;What we're doing wrong in the fight against COVID-19.If you're new to this newsletter, sign up here. Comments, tips, recipes? Email me at [email protected] or tweet @lydiaramsey125. Now, let's get to it... Patients with Alzheimer's and deme...
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California Sues Major US Nursing Home Operator Over Ratings

SACRAMENTO (AP) – California’s attorney general and local officials sued the nation’s largest senior living home operator Monday, alleging the company misled consumers on quality ratings and broke laws intended to protect patients when they are discharged from a facility. The suit centers on Brookdale Senior Living Inc.’s 10 California-based skilled nursing facilities. The company endangered the health of “tens of thousands” of patients and forced families to hurriedly find them new homes by fai...
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New data on Eli Lilly's experimental Alzheimer's drug backs a hotly debated scientific theory, but shows mixed benefits for patients

Patients sit inside the Alzheimer's Foundation in Mexico City Thomson Reuters Eli Lilly's experimental treatment slowed down cognitive decline by 32% in a midstage trial. But the drug missed most of the secondary trial goals, including one watched by experts. An Eli Lilly executive told Insider the data was mixed, but very exciting. See more stories on Insider's business page. The latest test of Eli Lilly's Alzheimer's disease drug ended with a mixed bag of results, bu...
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Cassava Sciences jumps 16% on meeting with FDA paving the way for phase 3 study of Alzheimer's treatment

Westend61/ Shares of Cassava Sciences jumped as much as 16% on Monday on news that it successfully completed an end-of-phase two meeting with the FDA for its Alzheimer's treatment Simufilam. The biotech company will be moving forward with a pivotal phase-three study in the second half of this year.  Simufilam is a novel drug that targets "both neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration. Sign up here for our daily newsletter, 10 Things Before the Opening Bell Shares of Cassava Sciences jumped...
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Tech for Change

From 3D-printed prostheses to burgers grown in science labs to smarter mobility for the elderly or infirm (or just helping us get more sleep at night), tech improves our lives every day in a million ways beyond simply making things more convenient. Tech can have a meaningful impact — that’s why we call it Tech […]
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The FDA is delaying a controversial Alzheimer's drug decision. Analysts say that's a good sign.

Atthapon Raksthaput/Shutterstock The FDA is currently examining a Alzheimer's disease drug developed by Biogen and Eisai. Outside experts have said data from two halted trials don't prove the drug is effective. Regulators pushed back the decision deadline to June 7, at latest. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The Food and Drug Administration is delaying its decision deadline for Biogen and Eisai's hotly debated Alzheimer's disease drug, a move that analysts said bodes w...
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Want to stop cognitive decline? Wine and cheese could help.

Iowa State University researchers found that red wine, cheese, and a weekly serving of lamb could help reduce cognitive decline.The observational study is based on a decade of research conducted at the UK Biobank. The team also found that excessive salt could help promote diseases of dementia. The world is not in want of diet advice. Paleo living, vegan lifestyles, eating for your blood type, seasonal and regional eating, low sugar, Mediterannean ingredients, low fat, high fat—numerous bestsel...
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An election week for the history books

Welcome to Business Insider's daily healthcare newsletter, your daily dose of pharma, biotech, and healthcare news. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every weekday. Hollis Johnson/Business Insider Hello,I'm not sure what I thought election week was going to look like amid a pandemic, but I do think it was a humble reminder that 2020 might still have some more surprises up its sleeves.Hello from Wisconsin, where I've been posted up part of this week ahead of the second l...
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The promise of the first new Alzheimer's drug in nearly 2 decades

Welcome to Business Insider's daily healthcare newsletter, your daily dose of pharma, biotech, and healthcare news. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every weekday. Hollis Johnson/Business Insider Hello,While we wait to hear more about the results of the presidential election, here's the latest in healthcare news.Today: Good news for Biogen's experimental Alzheimer's drug, why massive health insurers like UnitedHealth Group are surging, and the US surpasses 103,000 dail...
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Bio Roundup: CRISPR Kudos, Bristol Myers’s Buy, RNAi Alliance & More

It’s October: a time of days growing shorter, leaves changing color, and phone calls in the wee hours that rouse scientists from slumber notifying them they’ve won the highest honor in their fields.This week, the 2020 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine was awarded to Harvey Alter, Michael Alton, and Charles Rice, whose research led to the discovery of the hepatitis C virus. Their work paved the way for blood tests and new medicines that can cure the infection. In chemistry, the Nobel was awa...
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Bio Roundup: MESO’s Miss, Pfizer’s Cancer Bet, Vaccine Promise & More

Amid the bombast of Tuesday’s presidential debate, viewers caught some discussion about the response to the coronavirus pandemic and efforts to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. In the crosstalk, the president made an unsupported claim that we are weeks away from having vaccines.It’s true that some pharmaceutical companies are already manufacturing their COVID-19 vaccine candidates for broader use. This production ensures that vaccine product is ready for distribution upon receiving a regulatory deci...
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Bio Roundup: Grail Acquisition, Libra’s Launch, Tau Trial Results & More

In biotech, you can go home again. Four years ago, Illumina spun out cancer diagnostics startup Grail. This week, the gene sequencing giant announced it is acquiring Grail in an $8 billion cash and stock deal.Grail set out with the goal of developing a diagnostic test that detects cancer from the genetic snippets tumors shed into the blood. The idea is to diagnose cancer well before symptoms show, giving clinicians a better chance to treat the disease. Grail has tested its technology in tens of...
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Bio Roundup: SeaGen Scores, Dyne’s Debut, Microbiome Moves & More

Gilead Sciences CEO Daniel O’Day has spoken openly about acquisitions as a way to build up the company’s drug pipeline. This week, it made its biggest buy yet.The $21 billion Immunomedics acquisition brings to Gilead a cancer drug that many analysts project will become a blockbuster seller. Some of those analysts think Gilead might have overpaid but the company says there were competing offers. The drug, sacitizumab govitecan (Trodelvy), is what’s called an antibody drug conjugate (ADC). This d...
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Grifols Moves Deeper Into Proteome R&D With $146M Deal for Alkahest

Alkahest, a company that analyzes blood proteins to develop therapies that address neurological disorders including Alzheimer’s disease, is set to be acquired by partner Grifols in a $146 million deal.Grifols (NASDAQ: GRFS) announced Tuesday that it is acquiring the shares of privately held Alkahest that it does not already own. Barcelona-based Grifols says the deal will help it discover new therapies for age-related diseases.Alkahest develops its therapeutic candidates by analyzing the proteom...
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Biotech Roundup: FDA Culpa, Tricida Trips, Freenome’s Funding & More

Among the casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic: the credibility of government agencies entrusted with protecting public health.The FDA this week granted emergency use authorization for convalescent plasma as a treatment for infection by the novel coronavirus. FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn and Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alez Azar both misrepresented the magnitude of benefit shown in the clinical data used to justify the decision. Public health officials have said more rigor...
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Judge Being Investigated For ‘Erratic’ Behavior To Retire After Revealing Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Judicial ethics case takes a 'heartbreaking' turn.
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