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20 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Score On Amazon

While the V-Day cop out is to cruise through your corner drugstore to grab a box of chocolates and a teddy bear that looks like its lived in an arcade claw machine, that doesn't have to be your only last minute gifting option. Sure, those traditional gifts are appropriate, but February 14 is about showing your love and appreciation for your S.O. or your friends, so something more meaningful and catered specifically to their personalities will win you extra points. But don’t get in a tizzy, find...
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Amazon is trying to lure retailers to its cloud platform with the promise of making them more like (AMZN)

Amazon is pitching Amazon Web Services as a way to enable retailers to become more like's own retail operation. It's in the face of stiff competition from competing cloud providers Google and Microsoft, which have beefed up their offerings. AWS will still likely lose at least some of its retail business, as retailers move to what they see as more neutral platforms that can offer the same benefits. On January 11, Phil Thompson, industry CTO for retail at Amazon Web Services, stood i...
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How Penguin Has Strengthened Its Publishing Empire

Privately owned, the company has moved deliberately, while publicly traded competitors like HarperCollins (which is owned by News Corp) and Simon & Schuster (CBS) have had to fend off pressures from shareholders. It has not used its gargantuan size—it controls more than half of the traditional literary marketplace according to many estimates—to take back territory from Amazon. Instead, it has focused on building equity and ensuring that it publishes the next generation of bestsellers.
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Sony's upcoming video games aren't being sold on Amazon — and nobody knows why (AMZN)

Games published by Sony Interactive Entertainment are no longer available for preorder on Amazon. That includes many anticipated exclusives for Playstation 4. Customers noticed the change in April, around the time that "God of War" was released. Amazon usually courts gamers with perks like 20% off preorder titles for Prime members. Nobody — not even Amazon customer service — seems to know what's going on. Gamers can no longer preorder some hotly anticipated Playstation 4-exclusive games on A...
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You can drop everything and read Bezos’ annual letter to shareholders : Have a high standard

We don’t do PowerPoint (or any other slide-oriented) presentations at Amazon. Instead, we write narratively structured six-page memos. We silently read one at the beginning of each meeting in a kind of “study hall.” Not surprisingly, the quality of these memos varies widely. Some have the clarity of angels singing. They are brilliant and thoughtful […] The post appeared first on NextBigWhat..
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Unicorn turns evil with a squeeze

Don't chase Glenda Glitterpoop the unicorn ($41, Amazon). Instead, squeeze it, transforming its beatific unicorn face into a snarling monster. It's washable, too, so you can squeeze it again and again! Glenda measures 8.5" tall and she's a fast one so catch her quickly! She will go from "awww" to "ahhh!" with a quick squeeze behind the ears This mystic Feisty Pet is a rare beast! What a lucky find! Stuffed with polyester fibers and is surface washable Here's essential video of Glenda turnin...
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Why the $5.80 Item I Just Ordered on Amazon is a National Problem

Has the USPS created a pricing disaster that destroys smaller US retailers while subsidizing Amazon and Chinese competitors? I just now ordered a $5.80 radio antenna from Amazon.  It is arriving in two days, with free second day shipping, courtesy of my Prime membership.  If I’d ordered another $29.20 worth of stuff, it could have been delivered today, also completely free. We should all be delighted at the convenience and the value of Amazon’s service.  I certainly am, and I buy things on Amaz...
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Tesla Is Not A Car Company

Tesla may be a car company today, but Tesla won’t be a car company in 15 years. Rather, Tesla will be a full stack, vertically integrated clean energy company. They may still produce cars, but cars will represent a fraction of total profits.For a sense of scale, consider that Tesla generated $7B of revenue in 2016. Of that, Tesla does not even break out non-automotive revenue, meaning that their battery/solar business today is small fraction of total sales.To substantiate the bold assertion abo...
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