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Content Opening and Editing MBP1 Files/Download Notes Into Kindle

Hi. Is there a way for me to be able to edit the mbp1 files (aka the annotations and highlights) on PC. I tried opening it using Notepad++ but it gave me gibberish. Is there a way to edit notes on PC and then send it to Kindle and highlight it? I know that if I edit the myclippings.txt it won't show as the actual notes are saved in the sdr folders via the mbp1 file which is why I'm looking for a method to edit the mbp1 and hopefully get custom notes imported and shown on my kindle.
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Getting dictionaries and user guides back?

I'm considering deleting the User Guides (I have 2, 7th and 8th generation) and some of the Dictionaries from Manage my Content and Devices on my Amazon Account. If I do this, will I ever be able to get these dictionaries and user guides back?
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Text going grey

The text on my kindle is black for about one second and then goes grey. This has happened twice now over a period of about a month. I have read other books in-between these two that have stayed black. Any ideas? Thanks for any responses.
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Good Times & Great Guides at the 2020 Safari Club International (SCI) Convention

Opinion Safari Club International Convention USA – -( This past week the SCI convention was held in Reno, which on a side note will move its venue back to Vegas in 2021. It is a fun event to hit up and it is a lot more relaxed and fun to attend than the SHOT. Or maybe the SHOT is more stressful since I’m running from before daylight until way after dark to hit many breakfasts (thank you AmmoLand News), the show and then many times 3-4 dinners/happy hour meetings after the show...
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Jailbreak 0.13.N_dxg fails on Kindle DX 2.5.8

I thought I had this working previously so I may have lingering badness on my Kindle. I did a factory defaults reset, uninstall, install, both with ;debugon and then a ;dm after to get logs. The install fails with "not successful" and it seems the pertinent bits of the log are these. I couldn't find any other reference to this /etc/prettyversion.txt patch failure so am posting here with the full log attached. Thanks for any help you can give. Attached F...
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Troubleshooting Kindle Keyboard still dead after new battery

Hi all, I've done a search and tried many of the suggestions to no avail, so figured it was worth a post to see if there is anything I missed. Kindle Keyboard was showing the "Empty Battery" screen and wouldn't turn on no matter what I tried so I got a new battery from Ebay and installed today. Still showing the "Empty Battery" screen after several hours of charging. I have tried: 15 second reset (screen briefly goes blank, then back to Empty Battery) 40 second reset (screen briefly goes b...
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Better ways to send plain text to kindle other than email?

Hello, I just bought my first ever Kindle, which is a PW4. I do not often buy books but I would like to use the Kindle to read big chunk of text on websites which is more comfortable in eInk than computer screen. I know and I have tested the email to Kindle feature, which I can send specific format of files to amazon and it will convert to a format readable by kindle. This solves most of my problem. But I also want to easily pass the stuff I wrote on my note taking app, i.e. Google Keep, to ...
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Kindle collection plugin for Calibre not working

I have a jailbroken PW4 and I'm trying to use Kindle Collection plugin in Calibre with Librarian Sync. I tried using Update collections (calibre plugin) and Rebuild collections (calibre plugin) but both methods didn't work. Does anyone know how to get this to work? Code: calibre, version 4.9.1 Kindle Collections: Preview report generated 2 collections. ... Collections saved to the Kindle:     Collection  Managed By  Books  Change     ----------  ----------  -----  ------     blog ...
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Firmware update 5.12.4

Version 5.12.4 – February 2020 Here’s what's new: Aa Menu: Over the next couple of weeks, you will see an updated Aa menu that makes it easier to access all font, layout and reading options without leaving your book. Performance improvements, bug fixes, and other general enhancements.
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Amazon is monitoring....

I usually yawn my way through the big brother/paranoia articles but this shocked me. And it is from a BBC news report called How Bezos built his data machine The author used a freedom of information request for all that Amazon have on him... "One spreadsheet actually triggers a warning message saying it is too big for my software to handle. It contains details of the 83,657 Kindle interactions I’ve had since 2018, including the exact time of day for each tap. An associated document divides up m...
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5.11 Tactical ABR PRO Pant and Why I Love Rip-Stop Fabric

5.11 Tactical ABR PRO Pant Idaho – -( I’ve noticed over time that sportsmen are observant. Here’s what I mean by that. They notice what works well in other factions of their lives and adapt it to their outdoor world. Or maybe they just happen to notice gear used in another field that would work in their outdoor world. All you have to do is to think about it for a second and you’ll realize that what I’m saying is true. To my understanding some of the employees at Swab-Its! were h...
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Voyage to Oasis 2019 book transfer.

I finally made the jump to a larger e-reader. I was very much leaning towards the Kobo Forma with its larger screen, but it seemed chunky. The final swing to Oasis 2019 was fonts, kindle won hands down. So I am all excited to start using my new toy. I load all the books using calibre. I know I can just do a copy and paste on my computer but I want to preserve all my collections. I dread the thought of 100's of books outside of their collections. After all, that is it possible to transfer all ...
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Time for Some Nostalgic Knife Sharpening!? ~ VIDEO

Carborundum Knife Sharpening Whetstones Idaho – -( I’ve written a million knife-related articles and taught a bunch of Knife Sharpening/Choosing The Proper Knife seminars. In fact, as I type this article, I’m on a plane headed to the 2020 Dallas Safari Club Conv. & Expo to conduct such a seminar. I’ll conduct three at the SHOT and in Feb. a  Knife Seminar at SCI in Reno. But I thought it’d be fun to write an Old School knife sharpening article. I’ve never done that before. I gu...
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Docs/non-Amazon ebooks not syncing

Hi all! I am having trouble with my non-Amazon ebooks, which work fine on my Kindle but aren't showing up anywhere else. I'd like to access my annotations and sync progress, etc. I've found a few threads on here about similar problems - but the solutions all start with going to 'Manage Your Content and Devices' on the Amazon site, and finding the ebooks listed under Docs there. Mine are not even showing up there - the site tells me 'No Items Found' when I click to look at Docs on my Kindle. A...
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Kindle 11th Gen: Rumours, Speculation, and Discussion

The latest flagship reader from Amazon, the Oasis 3, has an identical body to the 2017 model. Thus, the metal, asymmetrical 7" design will be three years old in 2020. I feel that Amazon and Kobo have been following each others' leads in terms of the implementation of features, with Kobo following Amazon in the shape of devices, while Amazon tried to keep up with Kobo with lighting colour temperature, and larger screen sizes. What Amazon could do in 2020/2021:larger screen: I would love this, but...
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Images for Kindle devices

What's the best format for images in Kindle devices? My images at present are in transparent PNGs, but that produces black backgrounds within Kindle Previewer, so I'm guessing that Kindle doesn't like transparency. Also, what sizes are recommended. I see in the Amazon Kindle guide very large sizes for modern devices, but what's the best rule of thumb? Is there any difference for epub devices (not Kindle)? I have tried to search for answers to this in the threads, but can't come up with anyth...
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Help with Ezpdf please

Dear All, I bought the Ezpdf app for my Kindle to use with cross stitch chart marking. I watched demos on YouTube and felt fairly confident however I am unable to click copy and Find the cross stitch symbols with this app. I can only get the sticky note bar up not the copy search bar. Can anyone help with this app please.
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11 Creative Ways to Make Money Online in 2020

This article has been contributed by Abhishek Talreja. Hardworking and smart business owners seldom have to worry about making money. Several platforms offer online entrepreneurs a way to explore their skills to the fullest. The internet paves the way for individuals to build the right connections, provide products and services and keep earning money. All you have to do is make the most of the right opportunities. Here are some exciting ideas to make money in 2020. 1. Become a Freelancer Freel...
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Does ;ReadingTimeReset still work?

My Kindle's estimated reading time seems to have become uncalibrated, and searching ;ReadingTimeReset on older models always did the trick, but it doesn't seem to work anymore. Does anyone know anything about this?
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Kindle for Android - displaying Personal Docs in Library

I can't get my Personal Docs to show up in my Kindle library any more. I had to re-install Kindle for Android on my phone earlier today and I'm now running Kindle for Android (; with the earlier version, my Library showed both books I'd bought from Amazon and also P/Docs. I could download and read either type. With the new version, I can't get it to display my P/Docs. I've made sure tat "Show Personal Docs in Library" is checked in App settings, I've made sure my new send-to-kin...
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Backup entire book library from Kindle Oasis & re-import onto new device incl. note

Dear Community, I apologize if this question has been asked before. I have looked around here, searched the next like crazy, but have not managed to find anything so far, hence I decided to join this forum, share my problem and ask this expert community for advice. That's the situation: For three years now I have owned a Kindle Oasis reader and have quite a few Amazon- and non-Amazon books on it, the latter bought in various online bookstores which I then successfully converted and uploaded o...
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Troubleshooting Paperwhite 2018, pageturn difficulties

Dear forum readers I am the proud owner of a fine kindle paper white 2018 e reader with the latest software (5.12.3) on it. I experience problems turning pages after 3 or 4 pages. Normally the screen is very responsive when tapping on the right bottom side with my thumb, but every 3 or 4 pages i have to tap like 4 times or swipe read hard to get a page turn. After that, 3 or 4 pages turn correctly. :help: Anyone knows what this could cause?
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The Sypderco Native 5 comes from the factory razor sharp. U.S.A. –-( I’ve tested a few of the knives in the Spyderco Native 5 line. For this Product Review we’re going to test the Spyderco Native 5 C41PSBK5 knife. It has what they call the combination blade which is half serrated and half plain edge. Spyderco has 11 options in their Native 5 line-up. In this line-up they offer up to three bade options on the 11 options: PlainEdge-This is a plain edge. CobminationEdge-The blade ...
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Books app on IPad

1. Running Windows 10 Pro - reading with BOOKS on ipad - converting with EPUBOR 2. PROBLEM: all books (KINDLE) are converted to ePUB with no issues. 3. When connecting iPad to import to BOOKS - most all import with no problem 4. However, there are several books for which the option to import to BOOKS is not available... 5. BOOKS is not in the list to import to and I don't see a way to add it... What am I missing here... Your input is appreciated... Thanks Ed
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Next Oasis sale

I had to cancel my Black Friday order due to logistics. Does Amazon usually have a similar/same sale some other time during the year for their e-readers? Or do I have to wait until BF? Thanks.
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Can we run Function mode in Search & replace during the conversion process?

I came across an issue where if I had a list like this:First item Second Item Third Item after it's converted to MOBI in Calibre it's transformed to this: First item Second Item Third Item I realized that this is an issue with the Kindle and not the MOBI itself (I'm using MOBI and not AZW3 so that I can upload to Amazon Kindle and sync across devices). I found a way to fix this by using the Function mode in Search & replace in the editor. However, I don't see the function mode for Sear...
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to those of you with Oasis 3, question about warm light

I feel that the warm light really starting to show itself around the 14-15 mark on the "warmth" scale, and everything less is just different shades of grey and it feels pretty pointless to me, is your oasis the same? Also, i feel like the maximum (24) warmth lvl could have been stronger? how about you? it's just a strong yellow and i'm getting used to it so fast i feel like i would up it by another number or two if i could ! can you check your oasis? thanks :o
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Spyderco Bow River Fixed Blade Knife – Review

Spyderco Bow River Knife. U.S.A. –-( Some knives catch my eye because of their functional design and some knives catch my eye because of their beauty. The Spyderco Bow River knife caught my eye because she had both of the above attributes. So the Spyderco Bow River knife met both of the above conditions. Spyderco Bow River Fixed Blade Knife At the 2020 SHOT Show, I met with the Spyderco Marketing guru Joyce. We caught up on what had been happening and then she showed me some o...
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This Amazon Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite deal is one for the books

If you resolved to read more in 2020, Amazon has your back with pair of sales on the latest models of Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite. Both e-readers are over 25% off with free shipping on Amazon.
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Kindle memory purgeable

I connected my old Oasis to my Macbook for charging, and went to look at how much memory is available. It says that the capacity is 2.97GB, but that 3.37GB available, next to which, in brackets is says (3.37BG purgeable). I'm wondering if I can do something to free up this space, if indeed it exists?
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