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I got a new Kindle!

After many, many years I now have a new Kindle. :D I was gifted a Paperwhite 10th generation for my 19th wedding anniversary. It took me a little time to find even how to change the font and brightness. :rofl: I am amazed how far the firmware has come since 2012. First Impressions: Lighting is seriously improved compared to my PW1, Contrast is much improved. Which is very important to me. I love the bezel design. The flush screen is wonderful. Ability for custom fonts and adding weight to text...
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iOS eReader App Suggestions (ePub, mobi, PDF) TiReader, Yomu, KyBook, etc?

Hello, I am a recent convert to iOS and use my iPad Pro now for everything. One of the few things I’ve yet to settle into is an eReader app. I use a Calibre server hosted on our Linux home media box so I’d like the ability to be able to access that. I’d also like support of ePub, mobi, & PDF at a minimum (possibly the mobi related azw3), as well as ability to sync reading location across iOS devices. Need cloud integration (Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc) and integration from free services ...
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Hacks Help Me please

Hello everyone I try to jailbreak my Kindle Basic 2 (KT3, G000K9) but it isn't working. Please, give me a new tutorial for jailbreak my Kindle, with all instruction! (My version is: 5.10.3)
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Amazon's new entry-level Kindle has a front light so you can read in the dark — it's up for preorder now for $89.99

Insider Picks   writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider Inc. receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. Amazon has taken the wraps off a new entry-level Kindle — and it’s super affordable without compromising on features. The new ebook reader has a modern design, an upgraded e-ink screen with a front light, and support for Audible audi...
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Amazon launches new Kindle with built-in light for Rs. 7999

Amazon has launched a new Kindle (10th Generation) with a built-in light, similar to the Kindle Paperwhite, but this has 4 LEDs compared to 5 LEDs on the new Kindle Paperwhite. This has a 6-inch ( 600 x 800 pixels) touch screen display at 167 PPI pixel density, comes with WiFi 802.11 b/g/n support, has 4GB of internal storage to store thousands of books and offers up to 4 weeks (wireless off) of battery life as the entry-level Kindle that was launched back in 2016. The new adjustable front ...
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All new kindle announced!

All new kindle announced, comes in black and white! $89.99. That's all. :) Here's the link: Released on April 10th. Hmmm, my birthday is April 17th! :D It looks like the replacement for the Basic, as no warm light, no waterproofing, but still, quite exciting. :)
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Amazon updates the $90 Kindle with a front light

Cost has always been a big part of the Kindle line’s appeal at the low end. Amazon’s very good at undercutting the competition, while still managing to provide a workhorse e-reader in the process. Of course, paying $90 for the device comes with a number of cut corners, not the least of which has been the device’s stubborn refusal to adopt the front-lighting found on the rest of the line. Amazon’s just amended that oversight with the latest version of the standard Kindle. The device now featu...
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Bear & Son Cutlery India Stag Bone Pro Skinner ~ Knife Review

Opinion Bear & Son Cutlery 5009D Caper India Fixed Blade Knife Idaho – -( I was recently writing an article for a magazine and was requested to include a knife from Bear & Son Cutlery. Looking at their website, the Bear & Son Cutlery Genuine India Stag Bone Caper 5009 stuck out to me. First off it is a beautiful little knife with a cool looking scabbard. Bear & Son Cutlery 5009D Caper India Fixed Blade Knife First, we’ll go over the features that caught my eye at first blush....
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Why you should care about public computers disappearing from libraries

While I was growing up, a weekend wasn’t complete without a trip to the library. With my allowance jingling in my pocket, I could rent a VHS or CD for just a few coins. And, of course, books were free (provided you returned them on time, which I seldom did). But now, in a world with Netflix and Amazon Kindle, libraries have lost their shine. For me, it’s nostalgia, but for millions of low-income people, they serve as an essential connection to the digital world. Public libraries allow them to ac...
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Bilingual w/Dictionaries

I made an amazing discovery, which everyone else probably knows, about using multiple dictionaries. For years, I've enjoyed reading novels from Britain and the U.S. so I have had two Oxford dictionaries and switch between them depending on the origin of the book. I do this mostly because of the slang terms being used. I want to read some books in Spanish and my Spanish is terrible. I couldn't get the Spanish/English dictionary on the collection with the English dictionaries. It's all by itself....
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Chrome 73 and Send To Kindle extension

Please note that the StK extension does not work in the latest version 73 of the Chrome browser (tested on PC and Mac). Do not update the browser if you use StK.
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PaperWhite 4 screen light

Hi everyone, Does anyone know if it's possible to completely turn off the light with the latest Paperwhite version? I know that it is possible with the Oasis 1 and possibly the Oasis 2. Thanks
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Longest Time to Wait for Trade In Decision?

My kindle was marked as delivered by UPS last February 22, 2019. It's been almost 3 weeks and there's still no decision. I'm not really complaining much as Amazon has given me a couple of bucks 'to apologize for the wait', but I'm still eager to get that 25% ASAP. They said it may take up to a month. What's the longest you had to wait for the trade in decision for Kindle eReaders?:(
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Greek dictionary?

Does anyone know how to get a Greek dictionary for the Kindle? I use the Voyage with the latest version. It can be either online or offline and I'm willing to pay.
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Moon reader pro page options

Hello I have been using MRP for a very long time and started using the Amazon Kindle and was wondering is there an option to MRP to have the pages flip like a book and not scroll? I cannot find an actual manual to using the app and prefer to have it that way. Thank you and thanks for letting me join
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Content Item not Available

On my Oasis 1 I have a book that shows in the content 2 times but is not available if I try to open it. I am sure this has been asked here before but I cannot find a way to get it cleaned up other than a total reset of the device. Does anyone have a better fix?
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Smith Battleplan Folding Knife ~ Review

Smith Battleplan Folding Knife ~ Review. If you're looking for an EDC in which the thumb studs and flipper work, check out the Smith's Battleplan knife. Idaho – -( I recently received a Smith’s Battleplan Knife to test. Right away I must point out two features that work, unlike a significant majority of other knives that I test. The thumb studs and the flipper pop the blade out in record time. Maybe I’m not coordinated, but most of the knives with thumb studs that I test are sem...
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Battery at rest....

Okay, I took my new PW4 and charged it to 100%. The green light came on at 97%. I unplugged the Kindle at 100%, turned on Airplane Mode, and closed the cover. I set the alarm for eight hours. When the alarm went off I checked. It was 99%. I turned off Airplane Mode and closed the cover. I set the alarm for eight hours. I wasn't home when the alarm went off and didn't check till two hours later. Ten hours without Airplane Mode and the battery read 99%. I use two Kindles and alternate them. If I ...
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How terrible (or not) is the relatively recent quick-highlight feature?

Asking mainly out of concern for how the “quick highlight” feature tends to litter the MyClippings.txt file with accidental or erroneous highlights. I use MyClippings a lot and I even have a script for processing it according to my needs. I don’t have quick-highlight on my PW2 yet. It’s still on older firmware. On my device, you have to tap on “Highlight” in the popup menu before your selection is highlighted and copied to MyClippings.txt. This is how I prefer it. But I’d like to update my firm...
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Kindle 5 font size

Hello I'm looking for hack for Kindle 5 (touch 2011) which I can change font size. I installed JB and my language, after this process, the font has increased. I've set the smallest font, but it's still too big for me. I have firmware.
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Does the Oasis track books read?

One of my favorite features about the Kobos is that is automatically tracks what books I've finished vs. what I am in the middle of reading vs. books unread - and I can filter by that status. I read a lot, so this is great to help me track what I've read and what I've started reading but got sidetracked from. However, I am considering buying an Oasis because my second Kobo reader just died (just like the first) within 18 months of buying it and Kobo customer service is complete crap, so I am l...
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kindle paperwhite and calibre

For many years I used a Sony eReader with calibre. So when I bought a Kindle I continued using calibre to manage my ebook library. I just load books from calibre onto my kindle paperwhite when I want to read them. Because of this most of my books are not actually in the kindle cloud. If my kindle were to break or get lost, I would lose my place in all the books I have on there - and I suppose I would also lose things like my bookmarks. Given these circumstances, is there is a way for me to keep ...
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Is it normal for the battery to drain while the device is not active?

I have put my Kindle to rest for over 24 hours and when I picked it up I found that the battery level had gone down 3%. Is it normal? I didn't use it at all and the WiFi was not on.
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Troubleshooting Can someone try this test document?

this is a test azw3 I created that only has the phrase the quick brown fox... in four styles, regular, italic, bold, bold italic. It opens fine with calibre viewer, but voyage with 5.10.3 won't open it. I thought it was my custom fonts but removing the fonts folder and rebooting did not do it. Could someone (preferably on 5.10.3) try it out (file attached) and let me knows what happens? thanks Attached Files test - Unknown.azw3 (10...
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PW4 problem waking up

I have now 3 or 4 times had my Paperwhite wake to a garbled screen: it is as if the screen was horizontally sliced and the slices were interlaced (like cutting a deck of cards in two and shuffling the two stacks together). So I see a sort of ‘double exposure’. The touch screen still responds, so if I tap I’m able to eventually navigate to Settings and then to Restart. (The other way is holding power button until Power dialog comes up with CANCEL RESTART SCREEN OFF options and tap in the right p...
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Content Get full (or shorter) OED on Kindle?

The included Oxford Dictionary of English on the Kindle is fine. But I would love to get the full Oxford English Dictionary (you know, that 20+ volume monstrosity with the whole history of the English language) in epub/kindle format. Or failing that due to the obvious file size issues, at least the 2 volume Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, 6th ed., which I have in paper and supposedly has 1/3 of the entries in the full OED, as well as all words after 1700, and all words from Shakespeare or t...
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Smith’s PP1-Mini Tactical Knife Sharpener Instructions & Review

Opinion For a compact, lightweight knife sharpener to throw in your pack check out the Smith's PP1-Mini Tactical Knife Sharpener. Idaho – -( As I’ve stated before, Smith’s Consumer products is always on the move in coming out with new products for us Outdoorsmen. Today I want to cover a new knife sharpening item called the Smith’s PP1-Mini Tactical Knife Sharpener. For years I’ve known about and used their Pocket Pal Knife Sharpener. I’ve always considered it a good option for...
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Ereader Comparison Chart Help

I'm putting together a massive google spreadsheet to make it easy to compare and find info on current e-readers. Since it's a google sheet you should be able to sort it to find what you're looking for. So what spec categories are missing that should be added?
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Good Idea to Get Kindle Oasis 2?

I'm VERY eager to get a Kindle Oasis 2 but worried about the battery. Considering that it's been more than a year since it was released, should I hold on to my 25% trade-in discount until May 31, 2019 (the expiration of the discount) for a new Oasis with better battery or is the KO 2's battery not as bad as people say it is?
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My 2018 Location Independent Income Report

This post My 2018 Location Independent Income Report appeared first on The Professional Hobo. Each year I publish my own full-time travel expenses, as well as my income for the year. I do this not to set the bar for what you should earn or what you should spend in order to travel full-time in a financially sustainable way; rather – as the years go by and my own income and expenses vary – to demonstrate that there is no bar . Here is my 2018 location independent income report, complet...
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