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Vampire Strippers – review

Director: Royce Davis Release date: 2021 * Contains spoilers * date according to Amazon, the film credits weren’t forthcoming and at the time of writing there was no IMDb page Oh my word but some films are just bad. I must admit that just the utilitarian poster for this one had my spidey senses tingling (also the lack of an IMDb page) when it showed up on Amazon Prime Video as a purchase (or rent) to view. I was sceptical but, nevertheless, it went on my watchlist and then, one day, it turned...
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Evil On Queen Street: Bloodlust – review

Director: Matt Spease Release date: 2019 Contains spoilers This low to no budget offering is actually the third film in a sequence but, from what I can tell, it is the first with a vampire theme. There is one moment of back exposition that might lose a viewer coming in to this one unsighted on the other films (as I was) but mostly it stands alone – which is a positive of course. As I started watching this, I had a silent inward moan as I thought it was going to be a chore but, despite myself, f...
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Violet’s Prey – review

Director: Kelly Thompson * Release date: 2020 Contains spoilers * the film credits Kelly Thompson as director – Amazon credits cinematographer Seth Sosslau. Lockdown themed films were a sure thing, and this film backdrops the Covid-19 pandemic but then fails to do anything except have it as a mentioned backdrop. It is, without a doubt, a micro-budget film and it gives me no pleasure to write negative reviews of such films but… The film is poor, there are good ideas but the filmmakers had neit...
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Honourable Mention: The Gray Man

The Gray Man was a 2007 film that was directed by Scott L. Flynn and was based on real life serial killer Albert Fish (birth name Hamilton Howard Fish). The reason it is a suitable subject for TMtV is that Fish was known as the Brooklyn Vampire – another case where the moniker vampire was given to a real-life killer, though another name he was given was the Werewolf of Wysteria. Along with the Gray Man, vampire was one of several nicknames he was given but he did claim, as well as being a canni...
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Amazon UK tells Tesco veteran Knee Hoget to run a store - Eminetra

Amazon UK tells Tesco veteran Knee Hoget to run a store   Eminetra
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Vampires of Avonmouth – review

Author: Tim Kindberg Published: 2020 Contains spoilers The Blurb : Avonmouth, 2087. David has had to exile himself from his beloved daughter. Everything changes when a ship arrives from West Africa, carrying a vampire who hungers not for blood but mental energy. David finds himself falling in love with the woman she hunts – despite himself. For he is carrying his own monstrous secret inside. And it wants to get out. A gothic science fiction story of mental enslavement – by systems of oppressio...
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Amazon UK poaches Tesco veteran Tony Hoggett to run stores - Reuters

Amazon UK poaches Tesco veteran Tony Hoggett to run stores   Reuters
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Bad Hair – review

Director: Justin Simien Release date: 2020 Contains spoilers So, let’s get this up front – vampiric hair weaves. There, it has been said. But this horror comedy has a serious heart and a message about the exploitation of black women and black culture, along with the social politics around black hair (poignant as I post this, given the recent and systemically discriminatory ruling of the Olympic Committee around swim caps). It looks to explore how black culture is used, flattened and broken for ...
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My Heart Can't Beat Unless You Tell It to – review

Director: Jonathan Cuartas Release date: 2020 Contains spoilers The vampire genre is often used as a medium to explore issues. In the case of My Heart Can't Beat Unless You Tell It to, I read the film as an exploration of the life of a care-giver, of the pressures that come to bear – obviously exaggerated as the one they care for is a vampire but such exaggeration can offer insight… What the film also does is offer the viewer a relentlessly bleak vision that didn’t offer a character to overly s...
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Vampires Are Real – review

Director: J.R. Timothy Release date: 2020 Contains spoilers This is a really odd film to review. It is essentially a 1’ 40’’ improv (cut down from a reported 2’ 20’’ according to IMDb). How much you can then enjoy the film depends both on the quality of the improv but also your tolerance for it. In this case I ended up being quite taken by the two loser characters at the heart of the film, which kept me engaged but the engagement was limited. The film takes the form of a mokumentary that follow...
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Honourable Mention: Meet the Blacks

Directed by Deon Taylor this was a 2016 horror spoof and it came onto my radar as the sequel, The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2, is a vampire-based film. I thought it was probably useful, whilst waiting for its home release, to watch the original. As I was aware that this film spoofs The Purge, I have to admit I wasn’t foreseeing writing an article for the blog. Then as the film opened, we get an illustrated sequence explaining the backstory – which is basically that Carl Black (Mike Epps)...
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Short Film: The Moon, The Bat, The Monster

This short film was around the 6-minute mark and directed by Robbie Dias. It starts with science nerd Helena (Emily Schlachter) who is working on DIY wormhole technology. Her efforts are disturbed by Roxy (Cinthya Brasil) who enters Helena’s room swigging from a hip-flask. Helena covered her work so, of course, Roxy beelines for it and manages to knock some classic monster collectables into it. That night Helena has a nightmare about the classic monsters and a nearby cemetery. She forces Roxy t...
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Bats – review

Directors: Scott Jeffrey & Rebecca Matthews Release date: 2021 Contains spoilers Also known as Bats: The Awakening, I will do something with this that I don’t normally do with films and quote the blurb (from it’s Amazon description, identical on IMDb): An alien virus that once wiped civilizations out in ancient times through out (sic) time has returned overnight by a mysterious thunderstorm infecting all the bats in the area causing them grow into grotesque giant carnivore man-eater monster ba...
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The Soul Collector – review

Director: Harold Hölscher Release date: 2019 Contains spoilers The Soul Collector was originally called 8 and is a dual Tswana and English language film hailing from South Africa. The name 8 has a significance but is not really explained and the frustrating aspect of the film is that there are moments that beg for more narrative explanation that is simply not forthcoming. Of course, a little mystery can be good and allow the audience to fill in the blanks but whilst this tries to do that, it s...
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Use of Tropes: Eyes of the Dead

Perhaps this should be titled ‘Use of Trope’ as there is only one used, but it is a doozy. Eyes of the Dead was a 2015 film directed by Ben Samuels (and released as a Samuels Brothers Film), this was for all intents and purpose a zombie outbreak film. It used the conceit that it was filmed in POV, taking Eddie’s point of view – played by Ben Samuels himself. This wasn’t the POV of a found footage film, rather it was all through the eyes of one character and looked, it seems, to capture the imme...
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Amazon sellers say the supply-chain crisis might limit their Prime Day stock. One said he still had $60,000 of products stuck on the Ever Given container ship.

Amazon Prime employee Alicia Jackson hunts for items at the company's urban fulfillment facility that have been ordered by customers, in New York. AP Photo/Mark Lennihan Amazon Prime Day kicked off on Monday, but some sellers say they are going in with stock shortages. One seller told CNBC he still had goods on the Ever Given ship, and would "severely limit" his Prime Day 2021 involvement. Experts say small traders could lose out because larger ones could afford to stock up in advance...
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Looking for Something to Suck: The Vampire Stories of R. Chetwynd-Hayes – review

Author: R. Chetwynd-Hayes Editor: Stephen Jones First published: 2014 Contains spoilers The Blurb : In these exsanguinating stories, Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes masterfully reinvents the vampire genre as he introduces the reader to a cleaning woman who discovers she is working for Dracula's son; a couple trapped in a house created by the mind of a centuries-old vampire; a young boy whose ancestor is depressed by his undead existence; a creature of darkness that sucks the life-force from its victims,...
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Honourable Mention: The Wings of Dracula

Lucas Alifano as Seward This is a “zoom play”, directed by Starina Johnson and the script of which was written by a friend, David MacDowell Blue. This friendship is one of the reasons for giving this an Honourable Mention (rather than reviewing the play), the other being that I have watched a few zoom plays over lockdown and they all suffer to a greater or lesser degree for not being more traditionally staged. In this case, the Fierce Backbone company really did make the best of the...
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Vamp or Not? The Guardian

Recently I was having a conversation with my friend Leila about jubokko – a type of yōkai tree that amounts to a vampiric tree. Sometimes claimed of folkloric source, it may have been invented by GeGeGe no Kitaro creator Shigeru Mizuki. However, it is a tree (often found on the sites of battlefields) that has become yōkai by drinking the blood of the dead and now subsists on human blood. When cut it bleeds. The conversation turned to the 1990 William Friedkin directed film The Guardian – but I ...
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Sabotage: Book 2 in the Occupation Series – review

Author: Jeff Dawson First published: 2018 Contains spoilers The blurb : June 22nd, 1941. Hitler launches Operation Barbarossa. He defiantly states that when the door is kicked in, Stalin’s corrupt government will collapse. German forces stream across the open plains, devouring everything in their path. There is nothing to stop them, or is there? The clans have melded together and for the moment are working as one. They buried Stephan and are looking for quarters where Nicole and Dmitri can bir...
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Tokyo Ghoul (2017) – review

Director: Kentarô Hagiwara Release date: 2017 Contains spoilers So, I have previously looked at the first two seasons of the Toko Ghoul anime as a 'Vamp or Not?' Within that I looked at the close relationship between vampires and ghouls in comparative mythology and early vampire literature, I examined the specific tropes in the series and concluded that Tokyo Ghoul should, likely, be classed as vampire or, at the very least, of genre interest and a vehicle that uses vampire tropes. I don’t int...
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Honourable Mention: Buck Wild

This 2013 film directed by Tyler Glodt is a buddy/zombie comedy flick that sees four city slickers, as it were (although they are perhaps not too slick), heading into the Texas countryside on a deer hunting expedition at Buck Wild ranch. Humour is sought from the character interaction, a hillbilly exploitation vibe and zombies – as an outbreak occurs roughly when they arrive. However, it is the source of the zombie outbreak that is the reason for this honourable mention. Buck Wild ranch is owne...
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Transfusion: Vampires Versus Robots – review

Author: Steve Niles Artist: Menton3 Contains Spoilers The blurb : In a future overrun by out-of-control machines and monsters, a handful of human survivors try to fight their way back to a normal life. But what is normal in a world where both monsters and machines need human blood? And which are the real bad guys? Find out in this horrific new story by 30 Days of Night co-creator Steve Niles and menton3, the demented artist behind Monocyte! The Review : In an apocalyptic world a group of huma...
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Lilin’s Brood – Review

Directors: P.W. Simon & Artii Smith Release date: 2016 Contains spoilers The Lilin were a form of Jewish demon that became tied into the Lilith myth and are known as the offspring of Lilith and Samael, they are more often called Lilim. So, having said that it is clear that, with this film, we are looking at the Lilith mythology as a basis for the story. We are also in the world of found footage again. Though, as the main characters are a group of camera wearing Investigative journalists called ...
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The Amityville Harvest – review

Director: Thomas J. Churchill Release date: 2020 Contains spoilers Where to start? Well, it isn’t an Amityville movie, not in how I know them (though I have to admit I have not stayed abreast of the various films). Rather it is a vampire film set in the town of Amityville. Probably so that it could play off the other franchise’s name. It also is not a harvest. Harvest would suggest a deliberate gathering of the crops – as I’ll mention later, there doesn’t really have seemed to be a deliberate e...
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Use of Tropes: The Retreat

The Retreat is a 2020 film that was directed by Bruce Wemple and is a film that concerns itself with the wendigo. However, there can be some overlap between wendigo and vampire and this uses a trope from the vampire genre very knowingly. It is also a film that plays with psychosis and insanity and whilst I felt that it did so very well, I could understand why some would dislike that aspect as it disjointedly bounces through perceived realities. That sense of altered perceptions starts from the ...
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Waiting for Dracula – review

Directors: Domiziano Arcangeli & Steve Oakley   Release date: 2012 Contains spoilers Part filmed in low-budget filmmaker David DeCoteau’s house (or so it appeared to be), which he himself used as the set for films such as 1313: Boy Crazies and Immortal Kiss: Queen of the Night, this has the distinction of having less story than one of the householder’s films and yet there was an element to this that was both savvy and did bring to mind a later film… I’ll get to that. One of the directors, Ste...
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Vamp or Not? Breeder

This is a 2020 Danish film directed by Jens Dahl and I suppose it sits within the Torture Porn sub-genre (kind of, as I’ll discuss it pulls short) and then veers off into revenge territory. However, there is a central premise around defying aging that made my friend Leila wonder if I had seen it and whether I thought it might be classifiable as Vamp. That, you will see, became a slightly tricky answer to find. The film starts with a woman, Mia (Sara Hjort Ditlevsen), riding her horse in an indo...
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Meine Spielsucht kostete mich über eine Million Euro – und ich bin erst 28

Triggerwarnung: In diesem Artikel geht es unter anderem um Suchtverhalten, Suizidversuche und Depression. Seit über einem Jahr verbringen wir den Großteil unserer Zeit zu Hause – oft vor unseren diversen Bildschirmen. Obwohl der nicht enden wollende Lockdown die meisten von uns gelegentlich an den Rand des Wahnsinns getrieben haben dürfte, gibt es ein paar eindeutige Gewinner der Corona-Krise, und dazu gehören eindeutig die Online-Casinos. Das wissen sie natürlich auch selbst, und trotz st...
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