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Looking for Inspiration: Ambient Advertising

As the world of marketing gets more and more cluttered every day, it's forcing advertisers to get creative. In marketing, the term 'ambient' means placing the ads at unusual places or unconventional places where you wouldn't expect an advertisement. The idea behind ambient advertising is to surprise consumers with its placement at unusual, unexpected or wacky ad spaces. "The first thing that will catch your eye when you are looking at an ambient advertisement would be its unusual location. Th...
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Reebok Creates A Popup Gym Bus Stop Shelter To Get People Moving

If you ever get bored while waiting for the bus, Reebok just created the best bus stop shelter for you. JCDecaux Colombia just transformed 6 bus stop shelters into outdoor gyms for Reebok’s “The Gym is Everywhere” marketing campaign. Trainers waited at the bus stop shelters to inspire people to get moving. They had people to pullups, pushups and more! Afterwards, they took a photo and uploaded it to social media to share their accomplishment. It’s hard to tell from the video if they got any priz...
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TiVo Hilariously Pranks Moviegoers with Annoying Commercials #tivoprank

Advertising breaks may turn out very annoying, especially when they ruin your watching experience. Many consumers try every possible way to avoid them, whether it’s about TV or online commercials. How do you react though when you’re having an advertising break at the least expected moment? It was just another day at a movie theatre right outside Denver with people watching ‘Spectre’, when right at the movie climax a 2-minute advertising break was inserted. Everyone got confused, angry and annoye...
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