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Mary Hollis Inboden On Bringing Reality Into The Multi-Cam Sitcom With Kevin Can F*** Himself [Interview]

The dark comedy "Kevin Can F*** Himself" centers around Allison Devine-McRoberts, a long-unhappy housewife buried so long in the shadow of her immature husband Kevin (Eric Peterson) that she reaches the end of her rhetorical rope: she needs out. She only sees one path forward, and that is to kill Kevin and reclaim her own life. She ends up finding an unlikely partner in crime with her neighbor Patricia (Marry Hollis Inboden), a mainstay of the family's life whose own path of self discovery leads...
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Lives Of The Mayfair Witches TV Series Officially Moving Forward At AMC

Start brushing up on your New Orleans history and start shopping for turtlenecks to hide your pretty neck, because 2022 is going to be the year we get a full-blown Anne Rice television universe, courtesy of AMC. According to Deadline, the network has greenlit a series order for "The Lives of the Mayfair Witches," based on the Rice trilogy of the same name. While Variety reported that AMC had bought the rights to both the Mayfair Witches books and Rice's " The Vampire Chronicles," only the latter...
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Here's Where You Can Stream Or Buy Every Season Of Mad Men

(Welcome to Where to Watch, which provides a clear and simple answer to the question, "Hey, where can I watch this thing?" In this edition: Mad Men)"Mad Men" was one of the shows that made people care about AMC. Between that and "Breaking Bad," anyone who was interested in TV (specifically very charismatic and also very bad protagonists) was tuning in to get their fix of Walter White, and, in this case, Donald Draper. I know many people cite "The Sopranos" or HBO writ large as their gateway to g...
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The Tragedy Of Macbeth Will Unleash Sound And Fury In IMAX

You've heard of Shakespeare in the Park? That's old news. Shakespeare at the Cinema — and specifically, Shakespeare in IMAX — is where it's at these days.We knew Joel Coen's "The Tragedy of Macbeth" would have a limited theatrical release starting on Christmas Day, but what we didn't know and what has my eyes widening even as I type this is that Coen and company are taking the "see it on the biggest screen possible" mantra of cinephiles to heart with a special IMAX event this Sunday, December 5,...
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Anne Rice’s ‘Lives of the Mayfair Witches’ Series Gets Greenlight at AMC

AMC has officially ordered a series based on the Anne Rice “Lives of the Mayfair Witches” novels, Variety has learned. The cabler has ordered eight episodes of the show, which is titled “Mayfair Witches.” It was originally announced that AMC had opened a writers room for the series in August under their script to series model. […]
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AMC's Spiderman NFT helped generate the movie chain's second best one-day sales for 'No Way Home' premiere, CEO Aron says

SpidermanLong Visual Press AMC said its Spiderman-themed NFTs helped drive the second-biggest one day movie ticket sales.  CEO Adam Aron said on Twitter all 86,000 NFTs were fully committed by late Monday.  The movie-theater chain has beefed up its meme-stock reputation by diving into the crypto space. Sign up here for our daily newsletter, 10 Things Before the Opening Bell. Spiderman movie sequel "No Way Home" has generated the second biggest one-day ticket sales in AMC Entertainment's h...
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Kevin Can F*** Himself Is F***ing Itself For The Last Time With Second And Final Season

If you haven't already tuned in to AMC's dramedy, "Kevin Can F*** Himself," now is the time to experience the great dramedy starring Emmy award winner Annie Murphy of "Schitt's Creek" fame. Murphy plays Allison McRoberts, a housewife from Worcester, Massachusetts trapped in a cringeworthy marriage to the titular Kevin, an irresponsible, insensitive, idiotic, and straight-up emotionally abusive manchild who acts like a character written by an A.I. bot who has only watched "King of Queens" and "Fa...
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‘Kevin Can F*** Himself’ to End With Season 2 at AMC

“Kevin Can F*** Himself” will end with its upcoming Season 2 at AMC, Variety has confirmed. The news comes after the show was renewed for a second season in August. The dark comedy series stars “Schitt’s Creek” alum Annie Murphy as  Allison McRoberts, a woman we all grew up believing we knew: the prototypical Sitcom Wife. […]
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Here's Why Movie Dialogue Has Gotten More Difficult To Understand (And Three Ways To Fix It)

I used to be able to understand 99% of the dialogue in Hollywood films. But over the past 10 years or so, I've noticed that percentage has dropped significantly -- and it's not due to hearing loss on my end. It's gotten to the point where I find myself occasionally not being able to parse entire lines of dialogue when I see a movie in a theater, and when I watch things at home, I've defaulted to turning the subtitles on to make sure I don't miss anything crucial to the plot.Knowing I'm not alone...
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‘Insecure’ Alums Jean Elie and Mike Gauyo Score ‘Send Help’ Series at AMC’s Allblk

Allblk, AMC Networks’ streamer for Black content, has greenlit “Send Help,” a coming-of-age dark comedy created by “Insecure” recurring star Jean Elie and writer and story editor Mike Gauyo. “Send Help” will follow Fritz (Elie), a young first generation Haitian American struggling to overcome the challenges of “making it” in Hollywood, while coming to terms […]
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Here are the 10 meme stocks held by an upcoming ETF that will invest in heavily shorted companies

Investors have become more cautious about US stocks in recent weeks.Johannes Eisele/Getty Images The convergence of stimulus checks and millions of new retail investors led to a boom in so-called meme stocks this year.The movement was led by epic short squeezes in GameStop and AMC Entertainment as investors YOLO'd their stimulus checks.These are 10 meme stocks that will be included in the upcoming Roundhill Meme Stock ETF.The meme stock boom of 2021 that launched left-for-dead stocks like ...
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AMC, Sony Will Hand Out NFTs To 'Spider-Man' Advance Ticket Buyers

AMC and Sony Pictures are giving away 86,000 NFTs to Stubs Premiere, A-List and Investor Connect members who buy or reserve tickets for Spider-Man: No Way Home showings on December 16th. Engadget reports: Redeem a code through a special website and you'll get one of 100 designs available through the more eco-friendly Wax blockchain. You'll need to order your tickets through the AMC Theatres website or mobile app when pre-orders launch on November 29th. If you qualify, you'll get your code on Dec...
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AMC is offering 86,000 NFTs to retail investors and movie theater rewards members who preorder Spider-Man tickets

Tom Holland as Spider-Man in "Spider-Man: No Way Home."Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures AMC and Sony Pictures are offering 86,000 NFTs to early buyers of the latest Spider-Man film. The offering caused online ticket sales "to soar to the highest ever," AMC CEO Adam Aron said. Only rewards members and AMC retail investors can get an NFT with a pre-order of Spider-Man premiere tickets. AMC is offering thousands of NFTs in conjunction with early movie-ticket sales of the latest Spider-Man movie.The ...
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Sony and AMC Offer NFTs to 'Spider-Man' Advance Ticket Buyers

Movie theatre chain AMC and Sony Pictures are giving away 86,000 Spider-man NFTs to people who buy/reserve tickets for December 16th's premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home. The special tickets go on sale tonight at midnight EST on the AMC web site and app (available only to people who've signed up for one of the chain's special perks programs like Stubs Premiere, A-List, and Investor Connect). "The movie ticket must be scanned at the theatre when the guest arrives for the movie," explains the m...
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Hawkeye Showrunner Jonathan Igla Was Inspired By Mad Men And ... Hallmark Movies?

The first two episodes of "Hawkeye" are now streaming on Disney+, which means that we can probably expect no shortage of "Hawkeye"-related news in the coming weeks as the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to dominate the movie and TV water cooler. MCU newcomer Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), is front and center for the show's first episode, so much so that it almost plays like The Kate Bishop Show (not a bad thing, for fans of Steinfeld's Apple TV+ series, "Dickinson," which is also streaming ...
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Reddit traders are waxing nostalgic over the pre-short squeeze days of GameStop — from $13 a year ago to $200 today, many are holding on for more gains ahead

GameStop store.VIEW press/Getty Images Reddit day traders are reminiscing about GameStop shares in double digits a year ago.  Since then, the army of retail investors have driven a more than 1,400% rally in the stock. In a post, traders said the company had even further to rally.  Reddit day traders are reminiscing about the time last year when GameStop stock was less than a tenth of what it's worth now."One year ago today GME closed at $13.90. Today GME closed at $213.90," one Redditor s...
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Everything We Know About Better Call Saul Season 6 So Far

It might be ending, but "it's all good, man!"Showrunners Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould's methodical and quiet storytelling in "Better Call Saul" had made it one of the best television shows of all time. Some argue that the "Breaking Bad" spin-off has even managed to outsmart its predecessor.Here's a quick recap: "Better Call Saul" takes place six years before the events of "Breaking Bad," following Bob Odenkirk as James "Jimmy" McGill on his journey to becoming a respectable lawyer. Across the ...
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Regal Cinemas will take cryptocurrencies as payment, following the lead of meme-stock favorite AMC

Regal movie theater.Shutterstock Regal Cinemas is now accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for movie tickets and popcorn. The company will accept dozens of forms of digital payments, including bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and dogecoin. The theater chain is following AMC, which made a similar announcement earlier this month. Movie-theater chain Regal Cinemas is the latest to add cryptocurrencies as a form payment.The company, which has more than 500 theaters, will accept dozens of digital pay...
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Trolls 3 Will Return The Franchise To Theaters In 2023

Since Troll dolls are clearly immortal, it's only fitting that their movie franchise continues to live forever. The inspiring adventures of Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and Branch (Justin Timberlake), two trolls who live in a magical musical kingdom, will continue on in a currently untitled third film in the franchise. Hoorah? While the main cast members are assumed to reprise their roles, there's no official word on anyone's return, including franchise director Walt Dohrn.Back in 2016, the infamous br...
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Avoid politics at Thanksgiving and talk about markets instead. Here's a refresher on the craziest stories this year, from meme stocks to NFTs.

The Thanksgiving turkey.Hiroko Masuike/Getty Images Markets have been on a wild ride in 2021 amid new phenomena like meme stocks, NFTs, and DAOs. The year began with shares of GameStop soaring and is ending with a DAO trying to buy the US Constitution. Here are 10 conversation starters about markets to avoid politics at Thanksgiving this year. Forget politics at your Thanksgiving dinner this year. Talk markets.Think about everything that happened this year, starting with an army of retail tra...
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10 things before the opening bell

Pool/Getty Images Welcome to 10 Things Before the Opening Bell.If this was forwarded to you, sign up here. Plus, download Insider's app for news on the go – click here for iOS and here for Android.Let's jump in. 1. Biden taps Fed Reserve Chair Powell for another term, but change is in the air. The president nominated Jerome Powell for a second term as head of the central bank, citing his "steady leadership during an unprecedented challenging period." Powell has been a highly dovish Fed...
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AMC CEO Adam Aron has led insider sales at the theater chain as executives cash out $70 million in 2021

AMC CEO Adam Aron.REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni AMC insiders have cashed out on $70 million worth of shares in the company this year, led by CEO Adam Aron. Aron sold $25 million of AMC shares earlier this month in an effort to diversify his estate planning. AMC stock has risen nearly 2,000% this year thanks to bullish retail traders. AMC insiders have cashed out on $70 million worth of shares in the company this year, with Chief Executive Officer Adam Aron leading the sales. The sales, compiled and r...
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AMC The Ultimate Screen Clock 12.0a.1

A multifunction desktop clock with reminders.
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A Federal court dismissed a class action lawsuit by retail investors claiming Citadel Securities and Robinhood conspired to halt GameStop trading

In this photo illustration the WallStreetBets page seen in the background of a silhouette hand holding a mobile phone with Reddit logo.Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images A Miami district court dismissed the retail-investor lawsuit against Robinhood and Citadel Securities. The lawsuit claimed the two firms conspired to halt meme-stock trading on January 28. The district court judge said the conversations may be "suspicious" but not enough to prove wr...
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AMC Plus Boards Dominic Cooper, Douglas Booth Spaghetti Western Series ‘That Dirty Black Bag’ (EXCLUSIVE)

AMC Networks streamer AMC Plus has acquired spaghetti western drama series “That Dirty Black Bag” from Bron Studios and Mediawan’s Palomar. The series features an all-star cast including Dominic Cooper (“Preacher”), Douglas Booth (“The Dirt”), Niv Sultan (“Tehran”), Guido Caprino (“The Miracle”), Christian Cooke (“The Promise”), Travis Fimmel (“Vikings”) and Aidan Gillen (“Game of Thrones”). […]
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10 things before the opening bell

Getty Images Welcome to 10 Things Before the Opening Bell.If this was forwarded to you, sign up here. Plus, download Insider's app for news on the go – click here for iOS and here for Android.Join us TODAY for an exclusive Insider webinar: The future of crypto and its path to mass adoption. Sign up here.Let's jump in. 1. Americans are ramping up spending into the holiday season. The latest Census Bureau report tells us consumer spending in October saw the biggest jump since March, to t...
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AMC will accept shiba inu for online payments by next quarter, according to the chief executive

Shiba Inu and umbrellazoljo AMC will be accepting shiba inu online in the next two to four months, CEO Adam Aron said on Monday.    Aron said online payments company Bitpay had agreed to support shiba inu for purchases of movie tickets and concessions. Aron recently ran a Twitter poll asking if the company should take the meme token as payment - 81% said "yes". Sign up here for our daily newsletter, 10 Things Before the Opening Bell. AMC Entertainment, the largest movie theater chain in the U...
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Shiba Inu to be accepted as a mode of payment in AMC theatres

Adam Aron, the Chief Executive Officer, of the world’s largest movie exhibition company AMC announced on Monday, that the company will soon be able to accept cryptocurrency Shiba Inu, as a mode of payment for buying tickets online. Aron added that AMC Theatres is set to become the first Bitpay client to accept SHIB. Earlier, Aron noted that the company has been trying to find a way to accept SHIB ever since he set up a Twitter poll on October 29 asking his followers whether AMC should accept SH...
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Ryan Cohen's Twitter is starting to look like Elon Musk's, and GameStop's retail traders are loving it

Ryan Cohen.Courtesy of Ryan Cohen; Chewy; GameStop; Olly Curtis/Future Publishing via Getty Images; Reddit; Samantha Lee/Insider Ryan Cohen's Twitter account is taking on a new persona that's similar to Elon Musk's.  Cohen, GameStop chairman of the board, has 230,000 Twitter followers, while Musk has 63 million.  The Chewy cofounder is working to transform GameStop into the Amazon of gaming.  Ryan Cohen's Twitter account is starting to look a lot like Elon Musk's. The Chew...
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A retail trader who quadrupled her AMC holdings to half a million dollars is trolling Citadel's Ken Griffin with plane banners and truck ads

Ken Griffin. Heidi Gutman/CNBC/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images Heidi Gutman/CNBC/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images 40-year-old Katherine Larsen isn't backing down on trolling Citadel Securities and Ken Griffin. She's bought plane banners and mobile truck ads to "spread awareness," Institutional Investor reported. Larsen quadrupled her AMC investment to more than half a million dollars since January, II reported. One retail trader isn't letting up on h...
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