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Can majority rule survive America's widening political divide?

If Joe Biden maintains his steady lead in national polls over President Donald Trump through Election Day, Democrats will win the popular vote for the seventh time in the past eight presidential elections -- something no party has achieved since the formation of the modern American political system in 1828.
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Analysis: Can majority rule survive America's widening political divide?

If Joe Biden maintains his steady lead in national polls over President Donald Trump through Election Day, Democrats will win the popular vote for the seventh time in the past eight presidential elections -- something no party has achieved since the formation of the modern American political system in 1828.
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People Are Petitioning For Eric Andre To Host ‘Ellen’, As Is Right And Just

Courtesy of It seems we are on the cusp of a new era Considering everything that’s going on right now, like the Trump administration doing everything possible to gut the United States Postal service and with it, the very fabric of democracy in this country, the ever-growing number of COVID-19 hotspots spreading across America due to the reopening of schools against the recommendations of like, every expert we should be listening to, and fun stuff like the giant friggin’ volcan...
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Sen. Sasse Tells Trump ‘America Doesn’t Have Kings’ in Response to Recent Executive Orders

Senator Ben Sasse (R., Neb.) doubled down on his criticism of President Donald Trump’s recent executive orders in a tweet on Monday afternoon, saying “no president” has the power to make such unilateral policy decisions.“No president — whether named Obama or Trump or Biden or AOC — has unilateral power to rewrite immigration law or to cut taxes or to raise taxes,” Sasse said. “This is because America doesn’t have kings.”> Mr. President- > I understand that you’re mad. A few thoughts…. > ⁰⁰(1) ...
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Uncle Sam says it's perfecting autonomous AI-powered drone, vehicle swarms to 'dominate' battlefields

Don't panic... still in the testing phase The US Army Research Laboratory says it is experimenting with reinforcement learning algorithms to control swarms of drones and autonomous vehicles to overwhelm and dominate America's enemies.…
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Could Coming To America 2 Be Heading To A Streaming Service?

Will it be yet another 2020 release to skip theaters?
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Kelly Clarkson to fill in for Simon Cowell on "America's Got Talent"

Simon Cowell will be sitting out Tuesday and Wednesday's episodes of "America's Got Talent" due to an injury, but thankfully, the talent competition knew just who to call for a moment like this.
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The ‘Black-ish’ Episode That ABC Didn’t Want You to See is Now Streaming on Hulu

In 2018, ABC made a very expensive mistake. After approving the production of an episode of its popular sitcom Black-ish, the network decided to shelve the episode just days before it was supposed to air. That decision did not sit well with the show’s creator, Kenya Barris, who ended up leaving The Walt Disney Company and signing a mega-deal with Netflix instead. But now, thanks to America’s grappling with racial injustice in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, a new batch of executives at ABC E...
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‘America’s Got Talent’ Recruits Kelly Clarkson to Fill In for Simon Cowell After Bike Accident

Kelly Clarkson will temporarily take over for Simon Cowell on the “America’s Got Talent” judging panel. The news comes after it was reported over the weekend that Cowell underwent back surgery over the weekend following a bike accident. “My friend, Simon Cowell, is doing better now but was in an accident and won’t be able […]
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Don’t Look Now, Doc, but America’s Original Influencer Bugs Bunny Just Turned 80

It was the second week of February 1961, and Mel Blanc was in deep trouble. Two weeks earlier, the "man of a thousand voices" who'd given breath to a slew of cartoon characters ranging from Porky Pig to Speedy Gonzalez, had been driving his Aston Martin down Hollywood Boulevard when a college kid in an...
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Bon Appetit Magazine Only $4.95 per Year!

Such a great price on this magazine! Bon Appetit Magazine : 1 Year Subscription for only $4.95 (for up to 3 years) with coupon code: LIVINGRICH About Bon Appetit:  Bon Appetit is THE guide to fabulous food. This magazine subscription is America’s leading food, wine, and entertainment magazine. Each issue is filled with a range of... Read More
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Why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would be a disastrous duo in the year of George Floyd

The theme of this rotten year is racial justice. America needs a fix to our criminal justice system, not a reminder of just how broken it really is.
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‘MacGruber’ Series Finally Ordered at Peacock, Ya Friggin’ Turds

The game has changed. But the players are the same. MacGruber is officially coming back as a TV series exclusively on NBCUniversal’s streaming service Peacock. The series was said to be in development back in January, and now it’s officially been given a series order. Peacock announced the MacGruber series order at NBCUniveral’s Television Critics Association virtual press day today, nearly eight months after the series went into development. It’s not clear if this is meant to kick off an on...
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How old 14 of the world's richest people were when they first became billionaires

Not all billionaires join the three comma club at the same age. Bill Gates may be richer than Mark Zuckerberg, but the Facebook CEO became a billionaire when he was nearly a decade younger. Oprah Winfrey became a billionaire at age 49. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. When Bill Gates became a billionaire in 1987 at 31, he was the youngest person to ever join the three comma club. In 2008, Mark Zuckerberg took that title when he reached billionaire status at 23.  But not all...
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Trump administration announces major midband spectrum auction for 5G

5G is increasingly coming into focus as a set of technologies that has the potential to dramatically expand the quality, bandwidth, and range of wireless connectivity. One of the major blocks to actually rolling out these technologies though is simply spectrum: there just isn’t enough of it available for private use. 5G needs spectrum at very low frequencies to penetrate buildings and increase range, and it also needs high frequencies to support the huge bandwidth that future applications will r...
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The Monday Roundup: Truck bloat, Rad story, Black voices, and more

Welcome to the week. Here are the most noteworthy items we came across in the past seven days. Black voices and Bicycling: Must-read content from major cycling media outlet Bicycle Magazine, who devoted their cover(s) and issue this month to first-person accounts of bicycling while Black from leaders and leading voices. Climate failures: Economist Joe Cortright eviscerates Metro’s 2020 transportation funding package for its feckless approach to major greenhouse gas emission reductions. P...
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Will Forte’s MacGruber Gets a Series Order at Peacock

Will Forte’s MacGruber gets a series order at Peacock Peacock has officially given a straight-to-series order to Emmy-nominated writer-actor Will Forte’s forthcoming action-comedy series MacGruber, based on Forte’s popular Saturday Night Live parody sketch of 1980s series MacGyver. The announcement also came with the release of a new video which you can check out below, teasing Forte’s return as the titular special operations agent. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStan...
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Apple Ranked Twelfth in Fortune Global 500 for Revenue, Third for Profit

Apple has ranked third in the annual Fortune Global 500 list of the world's largest companies for profit, and twelfth for revenue. This year's Fortune Global 500 companies' operating income reached a record high of $33 trillion, close to the combined GDP of China and the United States. Together, this year's Fortune Global 500 companies employ 69.9 million people worldwide and are represented by 32 countries. Wal-Mart was again the world's largest company, for the seventh consecutive year. Ap...
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The Same Racist Rhetoric Used To Oppose D.C. Statehood Keeps The Federal Government Dysfunctional 

This article is part of TPM Cafe, TPM’s home for opinion and news analysis.  The House’s passage of legislation approving D.C. statehood in late June marked a milestone in the political struggle for full enfranchisement of the district, which, until recently, was a majority African-American city, and would become America’s most predominantly African-American state. The bill, passed largely along party lines, met pushback from Republicans who recycled the same racist rhetoric opponents of stateho...
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Fargo Season 4 Sets New Premiere Date For September

Fargo Season 4 sets new premiere date for September After getting delayed for five months, FX has finally announced the new release date for the upcoming fourth season of their black comedy anthology series Fargo with production set to resume in Chicago later this month. Originally scheduled to debut last April, the Chris Rock-led season will now be premiering with back-to-back episodes on Sunday, September 27. You’ve waited long enough. #FargoFX officially returns SEPT 27 on FX & #FXonHulu...
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Varney: Trump playing hardball with China like no other president

For the first time in a generation, America is pushing back on China. On all fronts, President Trump has called a halt to China's aggressive expansion.
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New Trailer for South Korean Spaceship Blockbuster 'Space Sweepers'

"Why do I have to do all the dangerous work?" Fellow space movie geeks, you don't want to miss this one! EonTalk has released an official trailer for a South Korean space epic sci-fi movie called Space Sweepers, being distributed by a studio called Merry Christmas Entertainment (yes, that's seriously the name). Set in 2092, Space Sweepers tells the story of a crew on board of a spaceship called "Victory" (or "The Victory"?) trying to escape the destruction of Earth - and make some money whil...
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The dangers of the chemical imbalance theory of depression

A study at Harvard's McLean Hospital claims that using the language of chemical imbalances worsens patient outcomes. Though psychiatry has largely abandoned DSM categories, professor Joseph E Davis writes that the field continues to strive for a "brain-based diagnostic system."Chemical explanations of mental health appear to benefit pharmaceutical companies far more than patients. The pharmacological revolution began with tranquilizers. Miltown was the country's first "blockbuster" drug. Toute...
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Susan Rice on the Biden ticket would be dangerous for America, Rep. Waltz warns

Republican Rep. Michael Waltz says Obama's former national security adviser as vice president would be a 'total debacle' and 'slap in the face' to the U.S. military.
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World Reacts With Alarm As US Tops 5 Million COVID Cases

ROME (AP) — With confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. hitting 5 million Sunday, by far the highest of any country, the failure of the most powerful nation in the world to contain the scourge has been met with astonishment and alarm in Europe. Perhaps nowhere outside the U.S. is America’s bungled virus response viewed with more consternation than in Italy, which was ground zero of Europe’s epidemic. Italians were unprepared when the outbreak exploded in February, and the country still has one ...
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Hogue Knives and Damasteel Donate Ultimate Steel Spectacular $1K Donation Knives

Hogue Knives and Damasteel Donate Ultimate Steel Spectacular $1K Donation Knives U.S.A. –-( Hogue Knife Rights, America's foremost advocacy organization for knife owners, is proud to announce that Hogue Knives, this time with support from Damasteel, has taken it up a notch with their fifth limited edition $1,000 Donation Bonus Knife generously donated for Knife Rights' Ultimate Steel Spectacular annual fundraiser. Each donor who contributed $1,000 in the Ultimate Steel before th...
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People Are Searching in the Suburbs More Than Ever Before

– Remote work, desire for more space is driving home shoppers to less dense, relatively nearby metros – After a brief pause, home shoppers are increasingly searching outside their metro area – Interest in the Northeast heats up as Midwest, South and West cool – Majority of views from residents of the 100 largest U.S. metros went to suburban properties in their metros Santa Clara, CA – Aug. 10, 2020 (PRNewswire) America is looking to move again, and the COVID-19 pandemic is influencin...
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QOTD: Your Choice for a Seventies Sleeper?

Today’s Junkyard Find, despite its dilapidated nature, delivered a jolt of adrenaline right when it was needed most. Monday mornings can be a slow-to-rouse affair, but the ’73 Century Gran Sport was a car aimed at reducing the sudden onset of depression afflicting America’s drivers. It still carries that same therapeutic effect. Yes, the Seventies — […] The post QOTD: Your Choice for a Seventies Sleeper? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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The 2021 Honda ADV150 Reviews Make It Sound Like an Awesome Scooter

I’m Going to Have to Test Ride One Soon I’m a fan of adventures and small bikes and scooters, so I was excited when Honda announced the ADV150 adventure scooter for the U.S. market. I wanted one right away. The bike is based on the PCX, which is ugly as sin but a reliable, practical, and easy-to-ride scooter. With some minor upgrades, Honda has taken the PCX, made it look tough (ish) and added some suspension travel and power outlets. Now the first ride reviews are coming in. I’m sad I wasn’t ...
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Joe Biden needs Black voters. So why does he keep insulting us?

Biden seems to think a mythical ‘special relationship’ with the black community allows him to get away with offensive commentsIf the 2020 election was left up to white Americans, Donald Trump would be given a second term. According to the recent Hill-HarrisX poll, 50% of white voters would vote for Trump if the election were held today. So once again, it is up to Black voters to save America from itself.But when one considers how drastically the Democratic party needs the Black vote to perform f...
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