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American Airlines denies man was on flight from Los Angeles

American Airlines had a huge mix-up when they claimed to have no trace of a passenger.
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American Airlines Five Star Adds Blade Helicopters and LAX Private Suite Experience, Now Sells Flagship Lounge/Dining

More premium services on offer are better and American Airlines just announced several. It can be better to buy LAX private terminal access via American, in conjunction with a premium flight, than to buy it direct. Whether helicopter transfers represent a deal is more questionable. Both offerings have been done by competitors over the past two years. The more innovative piece is monetizing access to their excellent Flagship lounge and dining products, which is a nice perk for those interested...
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American Explains How Their Winning Move at New York JFK is Not to Play

At an employee question and answer session with American Airlines leadership this past week American's Vice President - Planning, Vasu Raja, talked about my post about the airline's service cuts at New York JFK. He defends focusing on flying to hubs, a limited number of international destinations, and smaller cities where they have a strong customer base. American has withdrawn from being a player in the New York market, with each retrenchment helping to accelerate the next retrenchment. Ameri...
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ConnectMe Will Be the New Way for American’s Cabin Crew to Solve Flight Problems Before Takeoff

American Airlines executives meet with employees for question and answer sessions called Crew News. This past week an American pilot asked CEO Doug Parker about technology to connect cabin crew with all the functions of the airline to fix problems like Delta flight attendants have. Delta flight attendants have a new update tot heir device so that they can connect and chat with ramp tower, catering, cockpit, crew schedules, passenger service and other teams. They can directly get problems addre...
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Great Business Class Award Availability to Tahiti

French Polynesia is one of the toughest awards to book, because service is limited. There aren't a lot of options for getting there, even if you're willing to connect. The major carrier is Air Tahiti Nui, which serves Los Angeles - Papeete. Air France also operates that route three times a week. United flies three days a week from San Francisco and has good award space in coach. Hawaiian flies Saturday service from Honolulu. Whether or not business class awards are possible is a yes/no propo...
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Top 10 Best Small Business Credit Card Bonus Offers – February 2019

Do you have small business income or work as an independent contractor? Uber/Lyft, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Airbnb? You are eligible to open a small business credit card, which keeps your personal and business expenses separate. If you are not a corporation or LLC, you can apply as a sole proprietorship, with your name as the business name and your Social Security number as the Tax ID number. I did this for years successfully before incorporating my business. Small business credit cards are ...
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American Airlines: 700 Phoenix flight attendants will need to move

The airline is asking for volunteers as it needs 700 fewer flight attendants in Phoenix and 700 more in Dallas/Fort Worth and Los Angeles.
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American Express Airline Fee Credits Appear Not to Be Working for American Airlines Gift Cards Anymore

American Express offers ‘airline fee credits’ on several of its cards. You’re supposed to be able to use the funds for things like seat assignment fees, checked bag fees, and inflight food and drink. I’ve been buying American Airlines electronic online gift cards with my fee credits. It’s not supposed to work, but it has worked. Continue reading American Express Airline Fee Credits Appear Not to Be Working for American Airlines Gift Cards Anymore...
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Half-naked woman shuts down South Carolina airport, leads to flight cancellations

Two American Airlines flights were canceled, one scheduled to land in Florence and another departing from the airport destined for Charlotte.            [Author: The State]
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American Airlines Appears to Be Entering a Death Spiral at New York JFK

American today could have been a real player in New York. Instead the world's largest airline doesn't seem to know what to do - or if they should do anything at all - with the nation's most important air city. They don't serve New York JFK - Zurich. They don't serve Frankfurt. Or Munich. Or Amsterdam. Or Tel Aviv. Or.. Denver. And they keep cutting markets. Continue reading American Airlines Appears to Be Entering a Death Spiral at New York JFK...
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Southern Airways Express Buys Mokulele, Forming the Largest US Commuter Carrier

Though it may not fit your definition of a blockbuster merger, the announcement that will be coming out in just a few minutes that Southern Airways Express is buying Mokulele (but keeping separate brands) is actually a pretty interesting one. On the surface, this might leave you scratching your head. After all, Mokulele primarily flies in Hawai’i while Southern Airways Express flies in Pennsylvania and the Southeastern US. So, what the heck do they have in common? I spoke with Southern CEO S...
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Pilot arrested at Manchester Airport on suspicion of being drunk

American Airlines flight cancelled as a result
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Location and First Sponsors Announced for Cranky Dorkfest DFW

We are just over two weeks away from Cranky Dorkfest DFW, and the details are shaping up nicely. We now have our location and, in a first for a Dorkfest, sponsors. I asked you to RSVP so that DFW could figure out the best location to hold the event and we’ve had just about 200 of you say you’re coming. That is a lot, so it means there was only one good spot to do this… Founders’ Plaza. What: Cranky Dorkfest DFWWhen: Sunday, February 24 from 1pm to 3pmWhere: Founders’ Plaza, 1700 N Airfiel...
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Top 10 Best Credit Card Bonus Offers – February 2019

Updated February 2019. That space in your wallet or purse is more valuable than you think. Credit card companies are fighting it out, offering strong perks and $500+ value for a single card during the first year to encourage you to apply and try it out. These are the top 10 credit card offers that I would apply for right now, if I didn’t already most of them. Recent changes: Replaced Citi AA 50k card offer with limited-time Barclays AA 60k offer. Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards – easy Compan...
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Facebook quietly reshuffles its top sales execs (FB)

Facebook is shaking up its sales execs. Dan Levy, the former head of small business, has become the vice president of product on ads. Carolyn Everson, a Facebook sales exec, has taken on more responsibility and is now overseeing the high-value managed small and medium business accounts. Small businesses are a crucial part of Facebook's business and were highlighted by CEO Mark Zuckerberg as a key focus for 2019. Facebook has reshuffled some of its top sales executives. The Silicon Valley tech...
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An American Airlines pilot was arrested after he was accused of being drunk at an airport in England (AAL)

A 62-year-old American Airlines pilot was arrested at Britain's Manchester Airport on Thursday morning after it was suspected he was drunk, the Associated Press first reported. American Airlines confirmed to Business Insider that a pilot was arrested at Manchester Airport on Thursday morning after being suspected of excessive alcohol consumption. The Greater Manchester Police told Business Insider it arrested an airline pilot "on suspicion of performing an aviation function when over the presc...
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American Airlines takes Phoenix-London route year-round

Demand coming from both leisure and business customers
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'Over-the-limit' American Airlines pilot arrested at Manchester Airport

American Airlines apologises after a pilot is arrested on suspicion of being over the alcohol limit.
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American Airlines expands its Phoenix-London flight to be year-round

After seeing high demand from Europeans, American Airlines will run a daily flight to Heathrow Airport all year instead of seasonally.            [Author: Arizona Republic]
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American Airlines pilot arrested just before transatlantic takeoff

An American Airlines pilot has been arrested on suspicion of being drunk a few minutes before he was scheduled to take off from the UK's Manchester Airport.
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Pilot arrested before Philadelphia-bound flight

An American Airlines pilot has been arrested on suspicion of being intoxicated on a plane before it left for Philadelphia.
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Earn 400 Bonus AAdvantage Miles by Shopping for Valentine’s Day 2019

Effective through Sunday, February 17, 2019 at 11:59:59 in the evening Eastern Standard Time, you can earn 400 bonus American Airlines AAdvantage miles — in addition to the standard AAdvantage miles earned — during the Winter Bonus Offer campaign at the AAdvantage Shopping portal by spending a minimum of... The post Earn 400 Bonus AAdvantage Miles by Shopping for Valentine’s Day 2019 appeared first on The Gate.
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American Airlines pilot arrested on suspicion of trying to fly while drunk

The employee was detained at Manchester Airport [Author: Helen Coffey]
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An American Airlines Pilot Has Been Arrested on Suspicion of Being Drunk

The 62-year-old man was arrested at Britain's Manchester Airport and later bailed
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American Airlines pilot arrested, suspected of being drunk

LONDON (AP) — Police say an American Airlines pilot has been arrested at Britain’s Manchester Airport on suspicion of being drunk. The Greater Manchester Police force said Friday that police “received a report that an airline pilot may have been under the influence of alcohol” at the airport in northwestern England on Thursday morning. Officers […]
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American Airlines flight canceled after pilot arrested on suspicion he was drunk

An American Airlines flight from Manchester, England, to Philadelphia was canceled after one of the pilots was arrested on suspicion of alcohol intoxication.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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American Airlines Cancels Transatlantic Flight Due to Drunk Pilot, Everyone Entitled to Over $500 Apiece

Confronted with proof that American Airlines does, in fact, offer predeparture beverages up front a spokesperson says "Safety is our highest priority and we apologise to our customers for the disruption to their travel plans, we have rebooked them on alternative flights." I asked what was being done for customers and was told that everyone on the flight is being offered 15,000 miles. Of course that is separate from the compensation that passengers are entitled to under EU Regulation 261/2004. ...
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Discounts to insurance: Many ways seniors can save on travel

By David Koenig, The Associated Press Most seniors have more free time for leisure activities including travel, but money is tighter when the paychecks stop at retirement. Retirees who want to travel can make those trips more affordable by taking advantage of senior discounts and through less obvious strategies. Many of the tips offered by travel experts work just as well for anyone, regardless of age, but could be especially valuable for seniors. Among them: — When traveling by air, be flexible...
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American Gets to Keep Its Authority to Fly to China — Without Actually Flying to China

There’s no Open Skies agreement between the U.S. and China. Instead a bilateral agreement lays out what route authorities can be doled out by respective governments. American Airlines dropped Chicago – Beijing and Chicago – Shanghai and Hawaiian Airlines dropped Honolulu – Beijing. American would like to keep their route authority from Chicago to China even while not using it. That would mean preventing any other U.S. airlines from adding China frequencies, which benefits American by avoiding co...
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United courts the well-heeled with more premium seats

United, Delta and American Airlines are engaged in an airlines arms race to grab the most affluent customers.
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