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'Chilling effect on patients': Following backlash, insurance giant UnitedHealthcare delays policy to scrutinize ER claims

UnitedHealthcare's new policy, which could reject as many as 1 in 10 claims, was labeled as "dangerous" by the American Hospital Association.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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Insurance giant's new ER policy called 'dangerous' by critics. It says as many as 1 in 10 claims could be rejected.

UnitedHealthcare's new policy is "dangerous," the American Hospital Association says. As many as 1 in 10 claims could be rejected.       [Author: Naples Daily News]
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Unprecedented - Cyber Attackers Release Secret Key To Save Irish Health System

Lanodonal shares a report from the BBC: Hackers responsible for causing widespread disruption to the Irish health system have unexpectedly gifted it with the tool to help it recover. The Conti ransomware group was reportedly asking the Irish health service for $20 million to restore services after the "catastrophic hack." But now the criminals have handed over the software tool for free.The Irish government says it is testing the tool and insists it did not, and would not, be paying the hackers....
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FBI Says Conti Ransomware Gang Has Hit 16 US Health and Emergency Networks

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said that the same group of online extortionists blamed for striking the Irish health system last week have also hit at least 16 U.S. medical and first response networks in the past year. From a report: In an alert made public Thursday by the American Hospital Association, the FBI said the cybercriminals using the malicious software dubbed 'Conti' have targeted law enforcement, emergency medical services, dispatch centers, and municipalities. The alert did not...
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Here's how much 30 types of hospital workers are paid

Hospital staff watch Intensive Care Unit Nurse Merlin Pambuan, 66, walk out of the hospital where she spent eight months with COVID-19, at Dignity Health - St. Mary Medical Center, in Long Beach, California, on December 21, 2020. Lucy Nicholson/Reuters May 6 to May 12 is National Nurses Week. Jobs in healthcare, medical research, and hospitals have been especially important amid the pandemic. Here are the average salaries of select hospital positions, based on BLS data from May 2020. Vis...
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Xavier Becerra Confirmed To Head Up The Biden Administration’s Ambitious Health Agenda

WASHINGTON (AP/CBS13) – The Senate on Thursday confirmed California Attorney General Xavier Becerra as President Joe Biden’s health secretary, filling a key position in the administration’s coronavirus response and its ambitious push to lower drug costs, expand insurance coverage, and eliminate racial disparities in medical care. The 50-49 vote makes the 63-year-old Becerra the first Latino to head the Department of Health and Human Services. The $1.4 trillion agency encompasses health insurance...
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Navajo Nation Hospital Targeted By Large-Scale Ransomware Hack

An anonymous reader shares a report: When Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services in Gallup, New Mexico, was hit with a cyberattack earlier this year, the hospital's staff had to revert to pen and paper to keep things running. Publicly available details about the hack are scarce, and the hospital has declined to comment beyond confirming that the security breach briefly forced its staff off its computers. But sensitive employee files posted online by a hacker group known for ransomware ...
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Why are hospitals still rationing N95 masks while nation’s stockpiles swell?

By JASON DEAREN, JULIET LINDERMAN and MARTHA MENDOZA | Associated Press Mike Bowen’s warehouse outside Fort Worth, Texas, was piled high with cases of medical-grade N95 face masks. His company, Prestige Ameritech, can churn out 1 million masks every four days, but he doesn’t have orders for nearly that many. So he recently got approval from the government to export them. “I’m drowning in these respirators,” Bowen said. On the same day 1,000 miles north, Mary Turner, a COVID-19 intensive care nur...
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Walgreens and Pfizer become the latest corporations to suspend political donations to Republican lawmakers who objected to Biden's presidential win

A customer walks out of a Walgreens pharmacy store in Austin, Texas Reuters Walgreens has suspended contributions to the 147 Republican lawmakers who opposed the certification of president-elect Joe Biden. The pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer has also reportedly decided to also suspend contributions to those lawmakers for six months.  The two corporations join Amazon, Marriott, AT&T and others in suspending donations to GOP lawmakers who tried to overturn the election.  Some corporations ...
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Answers to your 24 most pressing questions about the coronavirus vaccine, from side effects and costs to when you'll be able to get one

Registered Nurse Stephanie Cal receives the COVID-19 vaccine at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Scott Heins/Getty Images Coronavirus vaccines are the main chance the US has to dig itself out of the pandemic, and 10.6 million people have gotten their first shots so far.  People are desperate to get vaccinated so they can protect themselves, see loved ones, and return to normal. The rollout so far has been slow and messier than planned, but US health officials say they're hitting the gas ...
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United States: D.C. Circuit Upholds Hospital Price Transparency: Regulations Paving Way For January 1, 2021 Effectiveness - Foley & Lardner

On December 29, 2020, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia issued its opinion in American Hospital Association v. Azar (the Opinion)...
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Provider Groups, Hospitals File Motion To Stop CMS From Enforcing Price Transparency Rule

The American Hospital Association and several other entities, including some hospitals, filed an emergency motion to block CMS from enforcing the hospital price transparency rule set to take effect Jan. 1. Provider groups are arguing that complying with the rule would shift focus away from pandemic-related efforts.
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Here's how much 30 types of hospital workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic are paid

Hospital clinicians get into their protective equipment before testing patients for COVID-19 at Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Newton, Massachusetts. Joseph Prezioso/Getty Images Jobs in healthcare, medical research, and hospitals have been especially important amid the coronavirus pandemic. Nurses, doctors, and other hospital staff are at risk of catching the virus themselves as they come into daily contact with patients. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bloomberg found last...
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Scarcity Of Key Material Squeezes Medical Mask Manufacturing

FRESNO (AP) — Rachel Spray is still grieving the loss of her fellow nurse who died after being exposed to the novel coronavirus at Kaiser Permanente Fresno Medical Center. Now, as she stands in front of the gleaming glass and concrete hospital, she says she “dreads going in there” and fears she’ll be next. That’s because like those in many U.S. hospitals, management is rationing supplies, she says, keeping medical-grade masks under lock and key. White House officials say U.S. hospitals have all ...
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Why telehealth won't save hospitals money for a long time, according to Mayo Clinic's technology chief

Telehealth companies are making a lot of promises, from offering cheaper care to reducing inefficiencies in the healthcare system as a whole. Mayo Clinic's Chief Information Officer Cris Ross said some of those promises will take longer than a few months to come to fruition.  Hospitals are still having to pay for all of their old infrastructure while they invest in telehealth programs. In the short term, that means juggling two operating models amid a loss of revenue, he said. Visit Business I...
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Sluggish COVID Data Collection? Trump Admin Floats Using Nat’l Guard At Hospitals

The Trump administration will reportedly suggest Tuesday that governors lean on the National Guard to speed up the collection of COVID-19 data from hospitals. The Trump administration has pressed hospitals to transmit COVID-19 data — including everything from testing numbers, bed capacity and PPE supply levels — on a daily basis. But in emails, officials have expressed frustration at the pace of hospitals’ data reporting. Thousands of hospitals “do not report sufficient data at the frequency ...
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Judge Rules Against Hospitals In Price Transparency Lawsuit

A federal judge ruled against the American Hospital Association and other hospital groups that challenged the Department of Health and Human Services’ new price transparency rules. AHA said it would appeal the decision.
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Dr. Anthony Fauci Is Getting His Own Bobblehead

MILWAUKEE (AP) — The United States’ top infectious disease specialist is getting his own bobblehead. The creation from the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum in Milwaukee features Dr. Anthony Fauci wearing a suit as he makes a motion showing how the nation needs to “flatten the curve” in the coronavirus pandemic. The museum in Milwaukee picked Fauci because many people see the plain-speaking expert on the coronavirus as a hero right now, said co-founder and CEO Phil Sklar. Dr. Fauci...
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Expected coronavirus surge prompts hospitals, state to scramble

Furiously gearing up for an unknown multitude of COVID-19 patients, California has not only secured a 1,000-bed Navy medical ship for the Los Angeles port but is preparing to lease at least two shuttered hospitals, host MASH-style popup care units, secure hotel rooms, recruit health workers from retirement and bring in more medical help from less-stricken states. Some hospitals have already set up tents in their parking lots, not only to brace for the surge of cases expected to overwhelm their c...
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Hospitals Turn To Crowdsourcing and 3D Printing Amid Equipment Shortages

With medical supplies strained by the coronavirus outbreak, health care professionals and technologists are coming together online to crowdsource repairs and supplies of critical hospital equipment. From a report: Doctors, hospital technicians and 3D-printing specialists are also using Google Docs, WhatsApp groups and online databases to trade tips for building, fixing and modifying machines like ventilators to help treat the rising number of patients with COVID-19, the disease caused by the cor...
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'Never a better time to fly': Spirit Airlines is trying to lure customers amid coronavirus, even as health officials urge lockdown to prevent spread

Spirit Airlines emailed customers today an alert on travel deals with the subject line, "Never A Better Time To Fly." This is in contrast with numerous public health experts urging folks that, indeed, it is not a good time to fly to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.  Shares of Spirit stock are down nearly 66% from last month. The airline industry overall bled $41 billion in market value over the month of February. Do you work for Spirit Airlines or another company that's urging cust...
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Looking for Hand Sanitizer Amid Coronavirus’ Spread? Good Luck Finding Any

(NEW YORK) — The hand sanitizers on Amazon were overpriced. A Walmart this weekend was completely sold out. Only on his third try was Ken Smith able to find the clear gel — at a Walgreens, where three bottles of Purell were left. He bought two. “I didn’t want to hoard,” says Smith, a retired biomedical technician in Wichita Falls, Texas. Fear of the coronavirus has led people to stock up on the germ-killing gel, leaving store shelves empty and online retailers with sky-high prices set by th...
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The Coronavirus Outbreak Could Finally Make Telemedicine Mainstream in the U.S.

For years, telemedicine has been pitched as a way to democratize medicine by driving down costs, increasing access to care and making appointments more efficient. It sounds great—until you look at the data, and find that only about 10% of Americans have actually used telemedicine to make a virtual visit, according to one 2019 survey. An outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 could change that. If extreme measures like mass quarantines come to pass, telehealth could finally have its bitt...
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Hospitals Sue CMS Again Over Site-Neutral Payments

The American Hospital Association and the Association of American Medical Colleges sued CMS over a planned $800 million reduction in payments for hospital outpatient services in 2020. The two groups won a similar lawsuit in 2019.
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Health System Pays $575 Million To Settle Anti-Trust Lawsuit

SACRAMENTO (AP) – One of Northern California’s largest health systems will pay $575 million to settle claims that it used anti-competitive practices to bump up costs for patients, the state’s attorney general said Friday, though that falls short of damages sought in a related private lawsuit that could have exceeded $1 billion. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra had sought an injunction to stop the alleged anti-trust practices by Sutter Health, but no monetary damages. The settlement imp...
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5 improvements needed to modernize the American hospital landscape

Over the past 40 years, the number of U.S. hospitals declined by 12 percent, from more than 7,100 in 1975 to 6,200 in 2017, according to the latest American Hospital Association survey. And, yet, despite shuttering nearly 1,000 facilities, hospitals remain the nation’s largest source of health care spending, accounting for $1.1 trillion annually (or 33% of all national health […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Concord and AHA launch $50 mln healthcare fund

Concord Health Partners and American Hospital Association have launched a $50 million venture fund. The fund will invest in early-stage healthcare companies. PRESS RELEASE WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As the health care landscape rapidly evolves, the American Hospital Association (AHA) has been pursuing multiple ways to lead and promote innovation in the field. Today, the AHA is pleased to announce the final closing of the AHA Innovation Development Fund, LP, or “AHA Fund,” a $50 million venture c...
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Argument analysis: Justices grapple with notice-and-comment rulemaking for Medicare and beyond

Medicare was before the Supreme Court yesterday in a case that could have significant implications for administrative law. At the granular level, the case, Azar v. Allina Health Services, concerns whether the Department of Health and Human Services was permitted to change, without notice and comment, an important reimbursement formula for hospitals that treat many low-income patients. That question alone determines the fate of $3 to $4 billion. But the stakes are higher because the case requires...
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United States: Federal Court Concludes HHS Exceeded Authority With Medicare Part B Payment Cuts For 340B Drugs, But Holds Off On Specifying Remedy - Dentons

On December 27, 2018, the US District Court for the District of Columbia concluded in The American Hospital Association, et al v. Alex M. Azar II
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