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The Expanse Actor Frankie Adams Talks About Bobbie's Most Memorable Season 6 Scenes [Interview]

"The Expanse" had their series finale last week, and packed a whole lot into the last episode, including an amazing action sequence with Bobbie Draper (Frankie Adams), Amos Burton (Wes Chatham), and some rail guns./Film had the chance to talk with Adams about that intense sequence as well as about other aspects of the season (including what Bobbie did after her heart-to-heart with Amos on Ceres) and the show as a whole.Read on for that conversation, though be warned that spoilers for the last se...
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Every Episode Of The Expanse Season 6 Ranked Worst To Best

After a six-season run — three on Syfy, followed by another three on Prime Video — it was difficult to imagine "The Expanse" finding resolution in its infinite space. Based on the novel series by James S. A. Corey (a pseudonym for Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, who also helped write and produce the show), the series' expansive universe had spun so many story threads that tying it all up seemed nearly impossible. In addition, Abraham and Franck told Polygon that the season 6 finale was more of "a ...
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The Expanse's Steven Strait Looks Back On James Holden's Journey To The Series Finale [Interview]

With the final episode of "The Expanse" airing this Friday, /Film had the chance to talk with James Holden himself — actor Steven Strait — about the end of the show.Read on to get Strait's thoughts on portraying Holden's arc through the six seasons of the series and what it was like going back to play a very young and naïve Holden for the show's X-Ray short. There's also some cat talk (if you know, you know), for your enjoyment.And warning! Spoilers for the series finale of "The Expanse" lie ahe...
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The Expanse Season 6 Ending Explained & The Biggest Unresolved Questions

After six seasons and two networks, "The Expanse" aired its last episode on January 14. The final season, which was only six episodes long, provided some closure for the crew of the Rocinante but also left lots and lots of opportunities (ring gates, if you will) open for the world of "The Expanse" to continue growing. We have an overall review of the final episode elsewhere on /Film, but this post will get into the details of the very ending of the final episode "Babylon's Ashes." What happened ...
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The Expanse Finale Ends With An Epic Battle In 'Babylon's Ashes'

We're finally here. This is the last episode of "The Expanse." While a lot of the big character moments and arguably some of the best scenes of the series came in last week's episode, the series finale, "Babylon's Ashes," ties up most (but not all!) of the major threads of the season.Read on for a breakdown of what happened and where the show's creative team have left us when those end credits came up for the last time.Warning! Spoilers before for the series finale of "The Expanse," "Babylon's A...
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The Expanse Forces Everyone To Confront What Side They're On In 'Why We Fight'

In "Why We Fight," the penultimate episode of "The Expanse," more than a couple characters from all sides of the war confront the question about what they're fighting for, and whether they can accept the costs. There are also unexpected alliances, both personal and geopolitical, and revelations that shake some characters to the core.Read on for a breakdown of what we saw, including some insights from the cast about particular scenes in the episode.Warning! Spoilers for "Why We Fight," episode 60...
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The Expanse: Did Amos And Bobbie Do It? [Exclusive]

A lot happened in latest episode of "The Expanse," not least of which was a meaningful conversation between Amos (Wes Chatham) and Bobbie (Frankie Adams) about what really matters when you're fighting in wartime.Right after that touching exchange, Amos goes off to hit the brothel one more time before heading back to the Rocinante. As he leaves, however, he coyly asks Frankie if she wants to join him. "Join you? Or join you?" Frankie asks. Amos says that either option works for him and we get a c...
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The Expanse Takes An Unvarnished Look At The Repercussions Of War In Redoubt

We're in the back half of the last season of "The Expanse," and the war is continuing to have a toll on all sides. That includes Marco Inaros (Keon Alexander), who isn't riding as high as he was at the beginning of the season.Even though Marco and the Free Navy are facing setbacks, that doesn't mean that the Inners are doing much better. And on the personal level, the relationships between characters aren't so great either! Pretty much everything is no-so-great (to put it mildly) for everyone. R...
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The Expanse Is Back, And Everyone Is At Rock Bottom In Strange Dogs

The first episode of the final season of "The Expanse" is finally here! It's so great to have more time with these characters and meet some ... strange new ones as well (sorry, not sorry). Below is my spoiler-full recap/review of season 6's first episode, "Strange Dogs," which also includes some quotes from the cast and creative team about certain scenes.Read on for more and this is your final warning — spoilers abound below for "Strange Dogs!" We're Introduced To Laconia The beginning of "Stran...
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The Expanse Season 6 Has More Than Six Episodes – There Are Six Additional Shorts As Well

Fans of "The Expanse" undoubtedly already know that the sixth and final season is set to premiere this Friday on Prime Video. What they may not know, however, is that the show's last six episodes will each be paired with an additional short that gives us a deeper look at some of the show's main characters./Film had the chance to ask "The Expanse" cast and creative team about these six shorts before they premiere on the Prime Video streaming platform. "Great Little Illuminating Moments" "I think ...
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Best Names For Rottweilers – Our Top Picks For 2021

With the year coming to a close, people are compiling lists of their favorite names for everything from babies to dogs. In fact, one website found that parents named their puppies in 2019 more than they did in 2018 – and it’s no wonder! This is because – unlike other animals – most dog breeds have standard names with only slight variations. The “unique rottweiler names male” is one of the best names for Rottweilers. It’s a unique name that will make your dog stand out from other dogs. It’s poss...
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The Best of the Marine Corps’ Reading Lists

From ancient times til the present, the ideal warrior has been celebrated as a man of both thought and action, with a mind as finely honed as his sword. Since the 19th century, the Marine Corps has directed its members to pursue that ideal by issuing a list of recommended reading to members of its fighting force. In 1989, the reading list was codified, and since then, each commandant (the highest-ranking officer in the Corps) has put out the “Commandant’s Professional Reading List” each year. T...
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Wales full-back Amos to retire at 27 for medical career

Cardiff and Wales full-back Hallam Amos announces he will retire at the end of the season aged 27 to focus on his medical career.
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Tori Amos – “Spies”

Tori Amos is a few weeks away from releasing her new album, Ocean To Ocean. So far, we’ve heard “Speaking With Trees,” and now Amos is sharing the lush, orchestral “Spies.” It’s actually a cheeky peek into the Amos home in Cornwall, England, where “bats and other creepy-crawlies terrorize” the singer’s daughter Tash. Yikes!
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Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak is starting a mysterious space company called Privateer, possibly to clean up debris

Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak is starting up a space company. Sean Gallup/Getty Images Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak is launching an aerospace company called Privateer. Alex Fielding, who founded data firm Ripcord, is starting Privateer with Wozniak. Wozniak didn't say what the business would do, but a press release suggested it may clear up space debris. See more stories on Insider's business page. Steve Wozniak, who cofounded Apple with Steve Jobs, is starting a new space company...
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Steve Wozniak Shares a Video About His New Space Startup

Tonight 71-year-old Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak tweeted ten words: "A Private space company is starting up, unlike the others." The tweet also included the URL for a new video just uploaded tonight to YouTube about a company called Privateer. "Together we'll go far," says the narrator, later offering these thoughts on the people of our planet. "We are explorers. We are dreamers, risk-takers, engineers, and star gazers. We are human. And it's up to us to work together to do what is right and...
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Lily Konigsberg – “That’s The Way I Like It”

Lily Konigsberg has had a busy year. She released a new album with Palberta in January, put out her own greatest-hits collection in May, and just last month teamed up with Water From Your Eyes’ Nate Amos for a new project called My Idea. And she’s not done yet! Today, Konigsberg has announced her proper debut solo full-length, Lily We Need To Talk Now, named after a text she got from Amos, who also serves as this album’s producer. It’ll be out in October and she’s leading things off with the eff...
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Reflection for the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2021

Strength of Faith The LORD took me from following the flock, and said to me, Go, prophesy to my people Israel. Over the months of Ordinary Time, a time dedicated to growth, we focus on how we live out the Christian faith, how we walk in Strength of Faith. Remember, we are focusing on our Strength of Faith.  This week we consider the fact that strength of faith must be expressed in action. Faith is not just an interior journey, nor as the worldly would have us think, a private matter....
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Does what happens at YC stay at YC?

Community has never felt louder in startupland. Bringing people together over a shared interest is innate to human nature. And, coming out of a lonely, draining pandemic, every startup wants to find a way to cultivate community, conversation and camaraderie as part of its value proposition. Last week, though, the outside world got a look at how Y Combinator, one of Silicon Valley’s most famed and feared accelerators, deals with the intricacy and nuance of a scaled, yet still ultra-exclusive, ...
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Is SpaceX reliable? Company goes for 100th successful flight in a row today (ars technica)

Enlarge / Photo of the Starlink payload on top of a Falcon 9 rocket in Florida this week. (credit: SpaceX) SpaceX will attempt to launch another batch of 60 Starlink satellites today—if anyone is counting, this is the 28th overall launch of operational Starlink satellites—at 2:59 pm ET (18:59 UTC) from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. The most notable aspect of today's mission is that it would be the 100th consecutive successful flight for the company. This record dates back to J...
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A Canadian MP accidentally appeared naked on an internal parliamentary video feed

A view of the west block of the Canadian Houses of Parliament in Ottawa, 2019. Michel Comte/AFP via Getty Images A Canadian MP inadvertently appeared on a parliamentary video call without clothes on. William Amos apologized, saying he forgot to turn the camera off while changing after a jog. Canada's parliament is using a mix of remote and in-person proceedings during the pandemic. See more stories on Insider's business page. A Canadian lawmaker accidentally appeared naked in a vid...
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Oopsie! Canadian lawmaker caught stark naked in online House of Commons meeting

Ah, the all-too-common mishap of online meetings! Canadian Parliament member William Amos, who had just come back from jogging, somehow appeared at a virtual meeting stark naked. He later apologized. From AP: "This was an unfortunate error,″ Amos said in a statement sent by email. — Read the rest
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Daughter Of Israel’s Most Famous Author Accuses Him Of ‘Sadistic Abuse’

In the opening lines of her new memoir, the second daughter of Amos Oz, Galia, wrote, “In my childhood, my father beat me, swore and humiliated me. … Not a passing loss of control and not a slap in the face here or there, but a routine of sadistic abuse. My crime was me myself, so the punishment had no end.” Galia’s siblings and mother say they remember Amos, who died in late 2018, very differently. – The Guardian
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Elon Musk made a jab at Facebook, linking the rampage at the Capitol to the social network. It's the latest insult in a years-long feud between Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

Susan Walsh/AP; Erin Scott/Reuters There's no love lost between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.  The billionaire tech CEOs — who helm Tesla and SpaceX, and Facebook, respectively — have been feuding since at least 2016, when a SpaceX rocket explosion destroyed a Facebook satellite.  Since then, they've butted heads over everything from artificial intelligence to Facebook's data-collection practices.  Most recently, Musk tied Facebook to the violent insurrection in Washington, DC, describin...
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‘The Expanse’ Showrunner and Creators on How the New Season Differs from the Books and Choosing to End the Series [Interview]

The Expanse  season 5 takes the crew of the Rocinante from the alien planet of Ilus back to our own Solar System. It’s not much of a spoiler, however, to suggest that things won’t go well for the crew just because they’re back home.  Those who have seen the first three episodes of season 5, which dropped today on Amazon, know that this season will pack a wallop. /Film had the opportunity to talk with showrunner Naren Shankar, as well as Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck (AKA the writing duo ...
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‘The Expanse’ Season 5 Review: The Intense and Thoughtful Science Fiction Series Hasn’t Lost a Step

The fifth season of The Expanse doesn’t have much protomolecule action going on in it. In that regard, it’s different from season 4 , where the crew of the Rocinante found themselves thousands of light-years from the solar system on a planet rife with ancient alien technology.  But even though the protomolecule doesn’t directly interact with humans this season, it still remains the impetus of everything that comes to pass in the series’ latest 10 episodes (or the latest nine episode...
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 On Veterans Day I like to pay tribute to the members ofour family who have served our country from its birth. I don'thave all the details of the service records, and I'm sure I willdiscover more relatives to add later, but this is what I have so far. American Revolution:    Jonathan Barker Jr. My 4x great grandfather Was a Minuteman from Methuen Ma with rank of Sergeant.He responded to Lexington and Concord with his sonsServed in Captain Samuel Johnson's Company inColonel Titcomb's Regi...
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Does it matter if there was a historical Jesus?

Early Christianity was a synthesis of Jewish and Greek ideas and rituals, though it's often presented as brand new. Jesus's teachings can predominantly be traced back to earlier apocalyptic Judaism. An important question persists: Is it the man or the message that really matters to modern Christians? Although Jesus Christ is inextricably linked to Christianity, historically he was a major factor but not the totality of the faith. For the bulk of the last 2,000 years, Christians were more conce...
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AMOS Dry Highlighters: Bible Pen Review

One of the great things about a physical Bible is that you can mark it as you like. Many people use highlighters and pens to underline or add notes to important parts of a text, but today I’m looking at a more unusual Bible pen. The Amos Dry Highlighter. What are dry highlighters? A dry highlighter has a dry center and so is like a pencil or crayon. You rub the highlighter on to the page and it leaves a layer of covering on top of the paper. Because it is a highlighter, the colors are ...
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3 Creative Holiday Marketing Hacks for Local Businesses

. {display:none !important;} .code-block {display:none !important;} .sovrn_ad_unit  {display:none !important;} As the holidays approach, many local business owners are wondering how to boost sales as the pandemic rages on. Consumer confidence has taken a hit, and brands are fearful that the holiday sales season will be another major let-down. “2020 has thrown the business community a few curve balls. One of the things we have learned is that businesses need to focus on their online...
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