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Ready For A Career Pivot?

A career pivot could be just what you need – or must do – in times such as these. For some, a career pivot will be a luxury and for others it will be a necessity. Especially in tumultuous times, the facts of life can create situations that may seem adverse but that often lead to great future opportunities. Take some time to reflect on whether you need a career pivot and read on for some thoughts from Amy Goldstein and Randi Rosenblatt from a recent presentation on the topic. Breaking up with you...
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COVID-19 pandemic roundup

Liability exposures are a major roadblock to reopening. Over to you, state and federal lawmakers [Jim Copland, City Journal] “Can reopened businesses use waivers to fight coronavirus lawsuits? Probably not” [Daniel Fisher, Legal Newsline] The structural reasons America is so good at turning out cans of soda and so awful at turning out COVID-19 tests [Paul Romer] Links we haven’t rounded up previously on the testing debacle: Alec Stapp, The Dispatch; Michael D. Shear, Abby Goodnough, Sheila Kap...
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Employers Need to Put Their Best Foot Forward Too

by Amy Goldstein of Grayson Allen, Inc. Things certainly have changed in a hurry.  We went from a robust market to a pause unlike any we have ever seen.  The good news is that despite current circumstances, many companies are still hiring.  If your company is one that is moving forward with filling open positions, you want to put your best foot forward to attract top talent.  Just as companies may be hesitant to hire until there is more certainty, the best candidates are likewise giving more tho...
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Afraid To Ask? Don’t Be – You May Be Pleasantly Surprised

Afraid to ask for assistance? To connect on a social platform like LinkedIn? Don’t be, you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised. While many talk about the downsides of technology and screentime eating away at personal lives, the positives are there as well. Technology is great at connecting people more easily than ever before – and many are ready, willing and able to lend a helping hand by answering a question, making an introduction or giving you feedback on an idea you have or a potential care...
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Monday round-up

On Friday, a group of Democratic-led states and the House of Representatives asked the Supreme Court to grant expedited review of a lower-court decision striking down part of the Affordable Care Act. Amy Howe has this blog’s coverage, in a post that first appeared at Howe on the Court. Mark Sherman reports for AP that the coalition of states “asked the Supreme Court for a fast-track review of a recent court ruling that declared part of the statute unconstitutional and cast a cloud over the rest....
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What Is Your Brand?

Your brand is key to your success, whether you realize it or not. No, you don’t have to be an Instagram influencer or YouTube powerhouse, but you do have to carefully curate your professional identity and image in all of its incarnations. Read on for Amy Goldstein’s take, and know that if you handle yourself well, recruiters and jobs will come to you. “Do you think of yourself as a brand?  You should! It is time to recognize that we need to be strategic and thoughtful about how we present our...
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What's Ahead For The Towns Where GM Is Shutting Operations

What happens when General Motors leaves a town? NPR's Ailsa Chang speaks with Washington Post reporter Amy Goldstein, who covered the exit of GM from Janesville, Wis., for six years.
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Monday round-up

This evening President Donald Trump is expected to announce his nominee to succeed Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Robert Costa and Robert Barnes of The Washington Post report that Trump said yesterday he was “close” to a final decision; Maggie Haberman, Adam Liptak and Michael Schmidt of The New York Times report that “he might need to extend the process well into Monday.” When he does make the announcement, Trump – who “has warned his associates against leaking his next Supreme C...
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“Religious liberty becomes a main focus for conservatives in Supreme Court nomination”

“Religious liberty becomes a main focus for conservatives in Supreme Court nomination”: Amy Goldstein of The Washington Post has this report.
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Board Question #91292: What is the best book (or two) that you've read ...

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,What is the best book (or two) that you've read in the past year?-Owlet A: Dear Owlet,Well, the obvious answer is Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson. My next choice would be either Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight or A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman.-Sky Bones A: Hi Owlet! The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory is just so good. It's a romcom that's hilarious and well-written. I laughed; I cried; I laughed more. Also, she has another book coming o...
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Writers for The Washington Post and BuzzFeed win Lukas award

NEW YORK (AP) — Staff writers for The Washington Post and BuzzFeed News have won awards for investigative nonfiction books. The Post’s Amy Goldstein won the $10,000 J. Anthony Lukas Book Prize on Tuesday for her portrait of a Wisconsin community, “Janesville: An American Story.” For the first time, judges handed out two Lukas Work-in-Progress […]
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2018 Tom Tom Founders Festival, April 9-15

Spring is upon us – and with Spring, so comes the annual Tom Tom Founders Festival, in Charlottesville, VA, from April 9-15. Tom Tom Founders Festival is an inclusive, community-centric event that convenes business entrepreneurship with civic innovation with arts, music, culture, and food – and is the only U.S.-based festival to do so. With 20,000 attendees in 2017, Tom Tom Foundation is expecting larger audiences this year, flocking to see the headliners and participate in the group activities,...
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Barack Obama’s favorite books of 2017

As he did in the years when he was President1, Barack Obama shared a list of his favorite books that he read in 2017: The Power by Naomi Alderman Grant by Ron Chernow Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City by Matthew Desmond Janesville: An American Story by Amy Goldstein Exit West by Mohsin Hamid Five-Carat Soul by James McBride Anything Is Possible by Elizabeth Strout Dying: A Memoir by Cory Taylor A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward Coach Woode...
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Recommended Marketing Podcasts: Week of December 18

Podcasts are a great way to educate yourself. Whether you’re on the train, in the car, at your desk, or anywhere in between, this medium is an incredible vehicle for supplementing your industry knowledge. Every week, I’ll be sharing with you some of the best marketing podcasts around, spanning the whole marketing landscape. Whether you’re new to podcasts or you’re a seasoned listener, I know you’ll find value in each weekly round-up. Let’s get listening, shall we? (Oh, and Merry Christmas and H...
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The 6 best business books of 2017, according to economists, editors, and professors

Some of the biggest ongoing business stories of our time, from the personal and political effects of increased globalization to the confrontation of ingrained sexism in Silicon Valley, are reflected in this year's list of best business books from McKinsey and the Financial Times. Since 2005, McKinsey and FT have assembled an annual panel of experts to select the most insightful and well-written books in the genre. This year's panel includes FT editor Lionel Barber, Mozilla chairwoman Mitchell B...
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Comment on peach shortbread by Amy Goldstein

Wow! I have never browned butter for baking before. I spent more than an hour anxiously googling trying to figure out if I somehow screwed this up because it did not freeze until nearly 2 hours went by. But, it finally did, perfectly, and the smell was so good before I even combined the dough. I love your recipes. I feel like I just learned a new secret magic trick! Thank you!
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Legal Resume Writing – Helpful Hints

Amy Goldstein, founder of Grayson Allen, Inc., a New York based attorney search and career consulting firm, provides helpful hints for those preparing a legal resume: “Incredibly talented lawyers who write flawless agreements and briefs get stuck on the basics of resume writing every day.  This is no surprise.  As a lawyer, you weren’t taught how to write a resume.  Although your first thought may be that it shouldn’t be difficult, once you get started, your next thought may well be that it is n...
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Trump's First-100-Days Agenda Still Under Audit, We Guess

Like what you read below? Sign up for HUFFPOST HILL and get a cheeky dose of political news every evening! Donald Trump has already attacked the disabled and the poor, so it makes sense that he is now going after the meekest, most helpless breed of human: Canadians. The Huffington Post is now HuffPost ; “The” and “ington” look forward to spending more time with their families. And Barack Obama accepted $400,000 to speak at an event hosted by a hedge fund, because with his paltry $65 million...
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Take Control of Your Search – Engage a Legal Career Coach

By Amy Goldstein of Grayson Allen, Guest Contributor You’ve decided it is time to explore the market and look for new opportunities. As part of this process, you should reach out to the recruiters you have worked with in the past to see whether they are aware of any open positions for which you might be a good candidate and to ensure you are on their radar as positions open in the future. At the same time, you must recognize that more and more companies are filling positions directly through net...
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'Janesville' Looks At A Factory Town After The Factory Shuts Down

Washington Post reporter Amy Goldstein talks about her book Janesville: An American Story, that's about a factory town in Wisconsin that lost its lifeblood when its factory shut down.
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Books of The Times: In ‘Janesville,’ When the G.M. Plant Closed, Havoc Followed

Amy Goldstein chronicles in vivid, sophisticated detail the evisceration of life in a Wisconsin town after the loss of its major employer.
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Monday round-up

This morning the Court will hear oral arguments in CRST Van Expedited v. EEOC and Betterman v. Montana.  Ross Runkel previewed CRST for this blog, with other coverage coming from law students Ben Rosales and Thomas Nomura Kim for Cornell’s Legal Information Institute.  Rory Little previewed Betterman for us, with other coverage coming from law students Ben Einhouse and Victor Pinedo for Cornell. Profiles of Judge Merrick Garland, who has been nominated to succeed the late Justice Antonin Scalia,...
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"For Merrick Garland, a methodical life of ambition"

"For Merrick Garland, a methodical life of ambition": Amy Goldstein and Tom Hamburger have this front page article in today's edition of The Washington Post. And The Associated Press reports that "Supreme Court nominee formed lasting bonds at Harvard."
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Monday round-up

Coverage and commentary relating to the death of Justice Antonin Scalia and the battle over his successor continue to dominate Court-related news.  A report that the president has narrowed his shortlist to three candidates comes from The Washington Post, while Dylan Matthews of Vox profiles six potential nominees. Coverage relating specifically to Judge Sri Srinivasan, often mentioned as a potential candidate for the Court, comes from Alexander Bolton, who at The Hill discusses liberal groups’ c...
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"Will the U.S. Supreme Court get its first Asian American justice?"

"Will the U.S. Supreme Court get its first Asian American justice?" Amy Goldstein of The Washington Post has this report. And Catherine Ho of The Washington Post reports that "Interest groups gear up for what may be biggest Supreme Court fight since Robert Bork."
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Tuesday round-up

Yesterday the Justices issued orders from their March 4 Conference.  Lyle Denniston covered the order list for this blog.  Other coverage of the summary reversal in V.L. v. E.L., in which the Justices ruled that states must recognize an adoption by a same-sex parent that occurred in another state, comes from David Savage of the Los Angeles Times, German Lopez of Vox, Richard Wolf of USA Today, Danielle Blevins of Talk Radio News, Samuel Lieberman of New York, Adam Liptak of The New York Times, N...
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Medicaid recipients should get jobs and pay premiums, new chief says

The Trump administration’s top official for Medicaid has urged states to alter the insurance program for poor and disabled people by charging them insurance premiums, requiring them to pay part of emergency room bills and prodding them to get jobs. [Author: Amy Goldstein]
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