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Smart Cities Startups, Upswing, Coder, VanillaSoft & More TX Tech

Let’s catch up with the latest innovation news in Texas.—The Dallas-based Innov8te Smart Cities Incubator has named the six startups in its first program, according to a press release. The startups are using technology to help local governments sync data in currently siloed departments, analytics to help cities measure business and individual tourism, and others. In addition to hosting the startups in the program, Innov8te also features what it calls “Startup City Hall,” a dedicated office for ...
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Just Google It: 7 Questions Every CMO Wants To Know

Google-owned YouTube is a wasteland, but like all wastelands, when you brush aside the layers of dirt and debris, you’re in the position to discover a gem or two. The video that follows may not meet gem status, but it is a find worth noting here. Tara Walpert Levy is VP of Agency and Brand […] The post Just Google It: 7 Questions Every CMO Wants To Know appeared first on Adpulp.
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Buying Supercomputer Pioneer Cray for $1.3B

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise will pay $1.3 billion to acquire Cray, a Seattle business that develops software used in supercomputers and other high-powered machines.High-performance computing technologies, such as those developed by Cray, are seen as central to sorting through “the explosion of data” resulting from innovations in areas like artificial intelligence and data analytics, HPE says.San Jose, CA-based HPE (NASDAQ: HPE) will pay $35 a share in cash to acquire Cray (NASDAQ: CRAY). That pr...
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Apptio Continues Acquisition Spree With Deal to Buy Cloudability

Apptio, a Bellevue, WA-based company that helps corporate technology leaders manage their IT spending, announced Thursday it has agreed to acquire Cloudability, a Portland, OR-based developer of software for tracking cloud-computing expenditures.Apptio’s news release announcing the deal did not disclose any of its financial terms.The deal, which comes on the heels of other acquisitions Apptio has made in recent years, would create a combined company able to offer customers a “mature and powerfu...
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How to Calculate Marketing ROI

Pick a term that is bandied about the most but understood the least in business (especially marketing) and chances are it will be ROI, return on investment. Many marketers are asked by senior stakeholders what their ROI is, how to calculate marketing ROI, or whether their ROI is trending in the right direction. Before we […] The post How to Calculate Marketing ROI appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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What Goals Should I Be Tracking in My Analytics Tool?

What comes to mind when you think of the word “goal”? Most people, myself included, think of personal goals or ambitions for your own life: obtaining a master’s degree, losing 15 pounds, or traveling to every continent. Others think of business goals: reaching an annual sales target, launching a new product or service, or expanding from selling in local to global markets. Analytics goals are different. In this post, we’ll untangle the definition of goals and help you understand what to configure...
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You Ask, I Answer: Tracking Multiple File Goals in Google Analytics

Igor asks, “What if I want to track specific file downloads as goals in Google Analytics? How do you do that?” Igor’s question is a followup from the April 25, 2019 episode. It’s quite simple to track any individual file download as a goal in Google Analytics by using the same methods, but there are […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Tracking Multiple File Goals in Google Analytics appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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Sumo Logic announces $110M Series G investment on valuation over $1B

Sumo Logic, a cloud data analytics and log analysis company, announced a $110 million Series G investment today. The company indicated that its valuation was “north of a billion dollars,” but wouldn’t give an exact figure. Today’s round was led by Battery Ventures with participation from new investors Tiger Global Management and Franklin Templeton. Other unnamed existing investors also participated according to the company. Today’s investment brings the total raised to $340 million. When we s...
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Pendo Adds to Analytics, Engagement Software With Receptive Purchase

Pendo, an analytics business whose software helps companies study user behavior and feedback, has acquired a UK-based startup called Receptive Software. Pendo declined to disclose terms of the deal.Raleigh, NC-based Pendo aims to help its customers—ranging from tech startups to big businesses—make decisions about the design and user experiences of its products. In addition to analytics software, Pendo uses various other features including in-app messaging and retention tools that try to better ...
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No Junk Mail Please: Traditional Marketing vs Digital

It’s the magic word of the business world: marketing. But with the magic comes mystery, and a wide range of ways you can use it to make – or break – your business. Whether you’re a billion dollar corporation or a small startup, experiencing rapid growth or stuck in a rut, marketing is an essential part of setting your business up for success. But marketing isn’t always easy – especially if you’re working with a tight budget and need to make every campaign count. Should you jump onto the latest ...
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Legal Analytics: A Franchise Lawyer’s Most Important Tool [Sponsored]

Franchise lawyers can use analytics to plan better in a legal landscape that is more competitive than ever.
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Is Direct Traffic an Indicator of Brand Strength?

If you’ve gone into Google Analytics lately to look at your website performance, you’ll notice a large chunk of traffic and conversions attributed to “Direct.” It’s tempting to think all those visitors came to your website because they either already know your brand, or saw some kind of offline advertising you did. But in this post, we’ll lay out a few reasons why that isn’t always the case, and what you can do to get a true understanding of your brand strength in Google Analytics. Some Backgr...
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You Ask, I Answer: Marketing Toolbox Must-Haves

Madalyn asks, “Are there any must-have tools in your marketing toolbox?” So, so many! I couldn’t do what I do without the tools I use. Let’s look at the gallery by functional role. Content Distribution: WordPress, Mautic, the various social networks, YouTube, Libsyn SEO: AHREFs, Google Trends, Google Search Console Analytics Data: Google Analytics, Talkwalker, […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Marketing Toolbox Must-Haves appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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Devils Must Fix Broken Power Play

A good power play goes a long way in the NHL. But it’s something the New Jersey Devils lacked this season as they converted on 17.7% of their opportunities, ranked 21st in the league. Injuries played a role in their woes, as Taylor Hall missed all but 33 games of the season, Jesper Bratt missed 31, and Nico Hischier missed 13. It doesn’t help when your top scorers miss that much time, but that’s not the main reason for their struggles. The Devils need Taylor Hall at full health to start n...
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Improve your Small Business’s FICO Score: 12 Things You Should Know

A FICO score remains important for small businesses. Because it helps these businesses get loans. But a recent webinar revealed more. “Financial Innovation and FICO Score: What Does it Mean for Small Business” examined what goes into the FICO score. And it looks at how your FICO score can be improved. How to Improve Your FICO Score Check out these 10 things a small business can do to improve its FICO score. Remember, good FICO scores range from 750 to over 800. While a FICO score of 250 won’t...
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You Ask, I Answer: Augmented Analytics Viability?

Michael asks, “Have you heard of augmented analytics (defined by Gartner)? It seems to me it means your job will get easier in the short run and you’ll be out of business in the long run – if you believe it. I’d be interested in your comments on it.” Augmented analytics is what the rest […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Augmented Analytics Viability? appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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You Ask, I Answer: Tracking Non-Web Content in Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager

Stephanie asks, “How should marketers measure the performance of content that is not web pages?” This is a very straightforward task that requires you to do two things: first, establish what kind of measure it will be (pageview, goal, etc.) and then create the infrastructure in Google Tag Manager. The best, preferred, and most scalable […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Tracking Non-Web Content in Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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You Ask, I Answer: Tracking Non-Digital Marketing in Google Analytics

Stephanie asks, “How can you use Google Analytics to track non-digital marketing like billboards and other real world marketing?” You’ll want to use a combination of two techniques: UTM tracking codes and custom subdomains in your DNS. Watch the video for the complete explanation of how to set it up, what software you’ll need including […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Tracking Non-Digital Marketing in Google Analytics appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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You Ask, I Answer: Paid and Organic Traffic Evaluation in Google Analytics

Stephanie asks, “Is your paid traffic outperforming your organic traffic? Or vice versa?” This is a bit of a misleading question, in the sense that it implies you want to focus on one more than the other. The real goal is to evaluate the synergy of paid and organic traffic working together. As the cliche […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Paid and Organic Traffic Evaluation in Google Analytics appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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Imandra, Innovapptive, Nesh, Kroger Delivery Robots & More TX Tech

Let’s catch up with the latest innovation news in Texas.—Austin-based LiveOak Venture Partners is one of three organizations that led a $5 million investment in Imandra, an artificial intelligence startup based in London, according to a press release. With the funding, Imandra says it will open a US headquarters in the Texas state capital. Other investors were AlbionVC and IQ Capital, based in London and Cambridge, England, respectively. The four-year-old startup makes AI software with tools to...
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From Email Metrics to Inbound Marketing Taking Advertising Options to the Next Level

Email is one of the most direct ways for organizations to reach their audiences on a 1:1 basis, which means that it is a rich source of information for research and new product development. Read more at
Tags: Seo, Analytics, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing Taking Advertising Options

4 Unconventional Ways to Become a Better SEO

Posted by meagar8Let’s get real for a moment: As much as we hear about positive team cultures and healthy work environments in the digital marketing space, many of us encounter workplace scenarios that are far from the ideal. Some of us might even be part of a team where we feel discouraged to share new ideas or alternative solutions because we know it will be shot down without discussion. Even worse, there are some who feel afraid to ask questions or seek help because their workplace culture do...
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You Ask, I Answer: Evaluating Google Analytics Segments

Andrea asks, “How can you determine what segments to evaluate in Google Analytics?” If – and this is a big if – you have the segments you want to evaluate set up in Google Analytics, and you have goals and goal values defined, then you can evaluate segments based on their business impact. Watch this […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Evaluating Google Analytics Segments appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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New Microsoft, Intel Accelerator Seeks Tech to Make Houston Smart

Houston—Sensors that can measure rising waters in real time through internet-connected digital road signs, preventing commuters from driving into flooded underpasses.Traffic signals that use cameras and analytics to adjust the time allowed to cross streets, depending on the individual who is in the crosswalk.Those are among the types of technologies that could be deployed in Houston as a result of the Ion Smart Cities Accelerator, a collaboration between Microsoft and Intel with the city of Hou...
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You Ask, I Answer: The Most Important Google Analytics Task Post-Setup

Stephanie asks, “What’s the first thing you should do once you have #GoogleAnalytics set up on your website?” During the CMWorld Chat yesterday, folks had some terrific questions, so we’ll be tackling each of these in the next few episodes. When it comes to Google Analytics, there’s only one thing you should do immediately after […] The post You Ask, I Answer: The Most Important Google Analytics Task Post-Setup appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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Gathering insights in Google Analytics can be as easy as A-B-C

Today’s customers are deeply curious, searching high and low for information about a product before making a purchase. And this curiosity applies to purchases big and small—just consider the fact that mobile searches for “best earbuds” have grown by over 130 percent over the last two years. (Google Data, US, Oct 2015 - Sep 2016 vs. Oct 2017 - Sep 2018. ) To keep up with this curious customer, marketers are putting insights at the center of the strategy so that they can understand customers’ inte...
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How To Set Metrics And Review Analytics Data With Your Clients

Metrics and analytics data are some of the most important tools of your business. These numbers essentially show you how your business is doing, where you stand in the market, and what kinds of changes need to be made. When you’re sharing analytics data with clients, there are a few different ways to go about it. 1. Find The Right Medium Step one to sharing analytics and setting metrics is to pick the right medium to do so. You can utilize email to send information, but often times info...
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With consumer G+ dead, Currents hopes to make waves in the enterprise

Google today announced that Google+ in G Suite, the last remaining remnants of what was once Google’s attempt to rival Facebook and Twitter, will now be called Currents. We don’t need to belabor the fact that Google+ was a flop and that its death was probably long overdue. We’ve done that. Now it’s time to look ahead and talk about what’s next for Currents. To do that, I sat down with David Thacker, the VP of Product Management for G Suite, at Google’s Cloud Next conference. As Thacker tol...
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How the NFL, Anheuser-Busch are using marketing cloud software

Making the NFL even more popular isn’t easy, especially when it’s competing in places where futbol reigns supreme. But it’s a reality that Aaron Jones, director of fancentric marketing at the NFL, grapples with as he looks to grow the league’s footprint overseas, where the game’s popularity is a far cry when compared to that of the U.S.   For Jones, engagement—and not necessarily sales of products such as jerseys—is paramount. “Streaming is key for us,” Jones says. “How many people are...
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Austin VC Firm LiveOak Venture Partners Closes Second, $105M Fund

[ Updated 4/9/19, 9:45 am ET. See below. ]  Austin—LiveOak Venture Partners announced today it has closed a $105 million fund, its second.The firm’s “Fund II” has already made six investments, including Austin startups Eventador, Osano, and Rollick, and Dallas-based AmplifAI, LiveOak said in a press release. [Information about one investor.] Among those limited partners includes the Houston-based HX Venture Fund, which Tuesday morning said it has invested $5 million.In LiveOak’s six-year his...
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