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The Kunga Is the Oldest Known Hybrid Bred By Humans

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ScienceNews: Meet the kunga, the earliest known hybrid animal bred by people. The ancient equine from Syro-Mesopotamia existed around 4,500 years ago and was a cross between a donkey and a hemippe, a type of Asiatic wild ass, researchers report January 14 in Science Advances. Horses didn't appear in this region of Asia until 4,000 years ago, centuries after their domestication in Russia. But dozens of equine skeletons were excavated in the early 2000s fro...
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World's Oldest Family Tree Created Using DNA

Scientists have compiled the world's oldest family tree from human bones interred at a 5,700-year-old tomb in the Cotswolds, UK. The BBC reports: Analysis of DNA from the tomb's occupants revealed the people buried there were from five continuous generations of one extended family. Most of those found in the tomb were descended from four women who all had children with the same man. The right to use the site was based on descent from one man. But people were buried in different parts of the tomb...
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Anatolian rug fragments from the Samy Rabinovic Collection

Gallery51 in Philadelphia, PA, is hosting an exhibition of Anatolian rug fragments from the Samy Rabinovic Collection and the exhibition will run through 31 December 2021. Opening hours at the gallery at 51 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, are Tuesday-Friday from 11 am – 6 pm, Saturday from noon – 5 pm. The pieces in the exhibition ‘Jewels of Anatolia: Rug Fragments from the Samy Rabinovic Collection’ were acquired by Samy Rabinovic at ACOR meetings he participated in, during his travels to Anatolia and ...
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India Fossil Outcrops, Horse Domestication, Mars Landscapes

 From the past few days:1) India is rapidly losing fossil rich outcrops to urbanization, expanding agriculture, mining, and unregulated fossil collection.On International Fossil Day, October 23, 2021, the Paleontological Society of India, Pune Mumbai Student Chapter, organized a very informative online symposium on this topic. I have linked to part of the talks held that day. Paleontologist Dr. Rajani Panchang was the moderator. Several young researchers describe their field work and the situati...
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Bus Driver Shortages Continue At Sacramento-Area School Districts

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An Animated History of the Ottoman Empire (1299 – 1922)

History is selective. Or, rather, it’s selected by those in power for their own uses. Nowhere do we see this more than in nationalist re-imaginings of an imperial past, whether it be British, Roman, or, in the case of modern Turkey, Ottoman. “Much has been written,” notes Time magazine’s Alan Mikhail, “about [Turkish president Recep Tayyip] Erdogan’s attempts to ‘resurrect’ the Ottoman Empire or to style himself a sultan.” Erdogan’s turn to hardline Islam has been inspired by one particu...
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Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds Including Oriental Rugs and Carpets

Christies live auction ‘Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds Including Oriental Rugs and Carpets’ 28 October 2021 at 11 am. in London includes 97 carpet lots, and among them some very old Anatolian, Cairene and Syrian rugs and carpets. The viewing exhibition in King Street is open for the public 23-24 October 12pm-5pm, 25-26 October 9am-5pm and 27 October 9am-8pm. Among the highlights of this auction is lot 122, a 16th century ‘Compartment’ rug, probably from Damascus, Syria, lot 129, a late 16t...
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Humphrey Davies and the ‘Tabloid Touch’ Demanded by Translating a 13th-century Charlatan

Jamal al-Din ʿAbd al-Raḥim al-Jawbari’s thirteenth-century Book of Charlatans is not only a comprehensive guide to trickery and scams as practiced in that period in Syria and Egypt — with tricks all the way from India and Morocco — but also a delight to read. It’s full of the wiles of false prophets, quacks, prestidigitators, cat burglars, money changers, pedophiles, horse copers, false alchemists, and—worst of all—women: The author, al-Jawbarī, was well versed in the practices he describes ...
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Ancient DNA reveals origin of first Bronze Age civilizations in Europe

The first civilisations to build monumental palaces and urban centres in Europe are more genetically homogenous than expected, according to genomes gathered from archaeological sites around the Aegean. Individuals from the northern Aegean were considerably different by the Middle Bronze Age, sharing half their ancestry with people from the Pontic-Caspian steppe. These populations were highly similar to present-day Greeks. This supports theories that Proto-Greek and Indo-European languages origin...
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David Cronenberg Returns to Directing With ‘Crimes of the Future,’ Set to Film This Summer

Seven years after his last feature film, Maps to the Stars, David Cronenberg is finally ready to get behind the camera again. A new report reveals the Canadian filmmaker and body horror expert is headed to Greece this summer to film Crimes of the Future. That title will be familiar to Cronenberg fans – the director made a film by that same name in 1970. According to Screen Daily, David Cronenberg is headed to Greece in August to start shooting Crimes of the Future, his first feature film sin...
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Bethan McKernan reports for the Guardian about Turkey’s mission to preserve its fairy tales: The oral folktales of the Anatolian plateau are a remarkable blend of storytelling motifs and traditions, drawing on the Arabian Nights and Brothers Grimm, as well as Kurdish, Persian, Slavonic, Jewish and Romanian influences. Dr Ignatuis Kunos, a Hungarian Turkologist who was one of the first academics to collect and write some of them down in the 1880s, compared the treasures of Turkish folklore to “pr...
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The ubiquitous whelp

Today, I will go on with my story of animal baby names (see the post “A zoological kindergarten” for December 9, 2020). The previous essay ended with the question: “Does whelp have anything to do with wolf?”Where do whelps come from? The Century Dictionary explains: “The young of the dog, wolf, lion, tiger, bear, seal, etc., but especially of the dog; a cub: sometimes applied to the whole canine species, whether young or old.” This definition is broad. Most of us may say that dogs produce puppie...
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Boutique Anatolia Hospitality Group Selects IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System

Family-run and owned Anatolia Hospitality has selected IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (RMS) to manage, control and maximise its data. Anatolia will implement IDeaS initially at its two city hotels with the highest booking dynamic, Anatolia Hotel and Onoma Hotel in Thessaloniki.
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Arts of the Islamic World & India including Fine Rugs and Carpets at Sothebys

Sothebys “Arts of the Islamic World & India including Fine Rugs and Carpets” will take place 27 October 2020 at 4:00 in London. The Islamic art auction includes 9 carpet lots and among them some very old carpets from Egypt and Anatolia. The highlights include lot 453, a ‘Bird’ carpet, formerly in the collections of both Dr. Kurt Zander and Dr. Alfred Cassirer, attributed to Selendi, a town between Oushak, Kula and Ghiordes, circa 1575 and lot 448, The Hirth Mamluk carpet, made in the second half...
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Fine Antique Oriental Rugs XXII at Austria Auction Company

Austria Auction Company’s next specialist carpet auction ‘Fine Antique Oriental Rugs XXII’ 24 October 2020 includes 168 lots and among them some very exclusive antique rugs. Some of the highlights include lot 68, a first 19th century Sunburst Eagle Kazak with an estimate of 25.000-35.000 EUR, lot 140, a first 19th century Karadashli Asmalyk with an estimate of 25.000-35.000 EUR and lot 113, a late 17th century Ladik Double Column Prayer Rug with an estimate of 14.000-18.000 EUR. The auction in g...
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Lycian Coast

Lycia is located along the south western Mediterranean coast of Anatolia and is dominated by massive mountain chains. Its boundaries start at the famous Pamphylian city of Antalya to the west and stretch down to Fethiye on the east. Current knowledge about
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Carpet auction at Netherhampton Salerooms

Netherhampton Salerooms next carpet auction ‘Carpets, Rugs and Textiles’ will take place Wednesday, 16 September at 10.30 a.m. The auction includes 398 lots, and among them Persian, Caucasian, Anatolian, Turkmen, Chinese rugs and textiles. The viewing exhibition is open for the public 14-15 September from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and in the morning of the sale 16 September 8.30 a.m.-10 a.m. Lot 400. Chondzoresk rug, Karabakh district, south west Caucasus, early 20th century, 7ft. 5in. x 4ft. 7in.2.26m....
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Turkey’s Fatih Ozcan on Pride and Masculinity in Sarajevo Competition Film ‘Mavzer’

When a wolf pack attacks the herd of a shepherd living in the mountainous hinterlands of Anatolia, he vows to get a better gun to protect himself, his sheep and his family: a Mauser, the so-called “king of rifles,” and the most powerful gun of its time. He strikes a bargain with a local dealer […]
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‘The Woman King’, Starring Viola Davis, Will Be Directed by ‘The Old Guard’ Filmmaker Gina Prince-Bythewood

The Old Guard director Gina Prince-Bythewood has an exciting project on the horizon. Prince-Bythewood will direct Viola Davis in The Woman King, about a female general leading an all-female military unit in Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries. The film is inspired by true events, and at one point, Lupita Nyong’o was attached to the project playing the daughter of Davis’ character, but that no longer appears to be the case. Variety reports that Gina Prince-Bythewood will direct The Woman Ki...
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Arts of the Islamic World & India including Fine Rugs & Carpets at Sothebys

Sothebys ‘Arts of the Islamic World & India including Fine Rugs & Carpets’ will take place 10 June 2020 at 11.30 am in London. The auction includes 69 carpet lots and among them Persian, Anatolian and Caucasian rugs and carpets from the 16th-19th century. Lot 317. A BAKSHAISH CARPET, NORTHWEST PERSIA. Last quarter 19th century. Approximately 356 by 286 cm. Estimate: 25,000 – 35,000 GBP Lot 313. AN OUSHAK CARPET, WEST ANATOLIA. Late 19th century. Approximately 388 by 370 cm. Estimate: 5,0...
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Islamic art and oriental rugs at Christies 9 June 2020 in London

Christies coming auction ‘Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds Including Oriental Rugs and Carpets’ 9 June 2020 in London includes 66 carpet lots. The carpet lots will be sold in the second part of the auction starting at 2.30 pm. LOT 226. A BAKHTIARI CARPET. WEST PERSIA, CIRCA 1900. Estimate GBP 8,000 – GBP 12,000 Lot 163. A KAZAK RUG, SOUTH CAUCASUS, MID 19TH CENTURY. Estimate GBP 15,000 – GBP 20,000 LOT 189. A LARGE MEDALLION USHAK CARPET. WEST ANATOLIA, LATE 16TH or EARLY 17TH. ...
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The story of “adz”

Part 2I am picking up where I left off last week. The word adz(e) was coined long ago and surfaced more than once in Old English texts. It had several local variants, and its gender fluctuated: adesa was masculine, while adese was feminine. Also, eadesa and adusa have come down to us. Apparently, the tool had wide currency. As will be shown below, adusa may be the form that provides the best clue to the etymology of adz(e). The consonant s in all those forms should have been voiced, but until th...
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Things to do in eastern Turkey

Beautiful coastlines , fascinating archaeological sites, and a vibrant blend of cultures make Turkey, a country straddling Europe and Asia, one of the world’s most unique destinations. However, nearly all of its best-known tourist sites — Istanbul, the Ephesus ruins, Mediterranean seaside towns — lie in the country’s west. In comparison, Turkey’s eastern half remains a mystery to most international travelers. Eastern Turkey, stretching far beyond central Cappadocia, has had a tumultuous past,...
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Sea turtle rescue center mimics the natural ecosystems in Turkey

Located on Iztuzu Beach in Southern Turkey, the Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation Center for Sea Turtles will raise awareness for the wildlife that calls the unique ecosystem home. In true environmentally conscious architectural form, the design was inspired by the natural curves and traces of the beach tides and the surrounding native pine trees and reeds, all of which help to form the ecosystem. KÂAT Architects won the honor of designing the wildlife center in a national competition organize...
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The best neighborhoods in Istanbul

With the global rise in strongmen, it can be easy to forget that Turkey is still a democracy, full of diverse outlooks and points of view. Despite the authoritarian tendencies of President Recep Erdogan, who gets much of his support from conservative, religious Turks, Istanbul recently elected a progressive, opposition candidate as its mayor. That city leader, Ekrem İmamoğlu, has embraced an open, inclusive society — which is only fitting in this vibrant and dynamic city. “It has the East. I...
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Nuri Bilge Ceylan to Head Shanghai Festival Jury

Nuri Bilge Ceylan, the Turkish director responsible for “Three Monkeys” and”Once Upon A Time in Anatolia,” has been named as president of the jury for the competition section at this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival. He will head a jury that decides the Golden Goblet Awards. “Ceylan has a unique film language. He depicts the […]
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History’s Heroic Failures

I like to keep you up to date when I read a book I think is worth your time. I’m now reading Marc Morris’s The Norman Conquest, which is very good. I recommend it. At the simplest level it’s just a good read on a subject of immense historical importance and one with sufficient drama to allow a good writer to keep the reader engaged. But what I really like about it is how Morris approaches a comparatively ancient period with the uncertainty of our knowledge not simply addressed or hinted at but m...
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Israeli Historians' New Study Claims 30-year Genocide Against Anatolian Christians

The Christian population that had made up one fifth of the Ottoman Empire's population was wiped out in waves of violence by successive Ottoman and Turkish republican governments that left Christians a tiny minority in Anatolia, two Israeli scholars have said in a new study.
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Some Holiday Book Recommendations

With Christmas and New Year’s upon us, I thought I would give some book recommendations. As always a few caveats and explanations about my criteria. I almost never read political books or any books about the contemporary world. I read history almost exclusively and usually at least a few centuries in the past. My criteria are deeply subjective. The books I recommend ones that held my attention to the end (most don’t), books I found engrossing and from which I learned new things. A number of the ...
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The Assyrian Women Traders of Ancient Anatolia

Historic documents unearthed during excavations in Anatolia's oldest international trade center, Assyrian Trade colony Kaniş-Karum, have revealed that women made commercial deals and impressed their seal 4,000 years ago.
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