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Spotify to test paid podcast subscriptions this spring via new Anchor feature

During its live-streamed event today, Spotify officially confirmed its plans to launch paid podcast subscriptions on its platform. As a first step, the company will this spring begin beta testing a new feature in its Anchor podcast creation tool that will allow U.S. creators to publish paid podcast content aimed at their “most dedicated fans.” It also opened up signups for this and other new features, starting today. Spotify had hinted at its plans for paid podcast content during its fourth-quar...
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Spotify to launch Spotify Audience Network, an audio ad marketplace

Spotify provided more details today about how it plans to monetize its investments in podcasts. The company said it’s launching a new audio advertising marketplace, the Spotify Audience Network, which will allow advertisers to reach listeners across Spotify’s own Originals and Exclusives, as well as podcasts via Megaphone and creation tool Anchor, and its ad-supported music, all in one place. The company also said it plans to offer podcasts on its self-serve ad platform, Spotify Ad Studio, start...
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Spotify Now Lets You Add Music Tracks to Podcast Shows

Ready to spin some virtual records? Spotify wants to turn its listeners into their own DIY radio-style DJs. Today, the company is launching what it says has been among Spotify users’ most-requested features: a way to add any of the service’s 60 million-plus tracks to a spoken-word audio show (i.e., a podcast). “We really feel […]
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When Leadership is Unstable, Drop an Anchor

Topsy turvy markets. Serial reorgs. Debilitating mid-year budget cuts. Hiring freezes and RIFs. Nebulous succession plans. I’ve experienced all of these and more. Maybe you have too. And like me, you likely felt the weight of “sink or swim” as the only way forward.  Early in my career, I used to sit dead in the water waiting for someone, anyone, to toss me a life preserver. I expected my organization to stabilize and save me in the process. Then, with a mentor’s help, my posture shifted. I di...
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English Muv Luv Alternative Manga Sexily Saves the World

Fanatics of Muv Luv Alternative will likely rejoice as the manga will soon be gracing the West with its hardcore action and occasional sexiness, and likely serving as a great starting point for those entering into the expansive Muv Luv world. The English-translated first volume of Muv Luv Alternative (courtesy of aNCHOR) will ensure readers […]
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How To Create Slides That Will Convince Your Audience

You want your slides to help you to make a powerful pitch Image Credit: Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash When we give a speech, we want to accomplish something. We want to be effective in using the importance of public speaking to get our audience to start to look at their world just a little bit differently. We want our words to have connected with them and caused them to open their eyes just a little bit more so that they can see the world around them in a different light. When we g...
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What NOT To Say When You Are Giving A Speech

There are some phrases that you’ll want to avoid when giving a speech Image Credit: Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash Just think about the last time that you sat down to write a speech. The whole world lay out before you. You could include just about anything that you wanted to in your speech in order to share the importance of public speaking with your audience. You were the master of your own destiny. Or were you? Is it possible that every time that we create a speech, there are some things...
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Spotify’s catalog tops a million podcasts, consumption increased by ‘triple digits’ over last year

Spotify’s podcast business is booming despite — or perhaps, because of — the COVID-19 pandemic. The company says it has now grown its podcast catalog to over a million shows, up from the 700,000-plus podcasts it was reporting just this March. Podcaster listeners are also “more engaged overall” and “listen to more music,” the company noted, which may have helped boost Spotify’s overall listener and subscriber increases in the first quarter. In addition, podcast consumption was up by “triple di...
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Paddling Hard, Going Nowhere

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain. Hebrews 6:19 (NIV) It sounded like so much fun – a family kayaking adventure in Kauai. The brochure described paddling the calm, idyllic waters of the Hanalei River with occasional sea turtle sightings as we meander our way to a private beach for snorkeling. My husband, seven-year-old son, and I arrived at the marina excited to embark on our adventure. As the tour guide was giving us t...
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Anchor expands Record With Friends to make remote podcasting easier across devices

Admit it, even if you’ve never thought about starting a podcast in your life, these last few weeks of isolation have made you consider the possibility. One of the least harmful knock on effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly going to be the launch of A LOT of podcasts. People are bored, stuck at home and hungry to talk and listen to fellow humans. How I (remotely) podcast I wrote a big, long piece about my own experiences yesterday, shifting from in person to online and adoptin...
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Muv-Luv Publisher Coming to Comiket 98 With New Merchandise & Games

The company responsible for the extensive Muv-Luv franchise, aNCHOR, has announced that the series will be making its way to Comiket 98, offering a slew of merchandise both new and old and information on their upcoming titles, Project Immortal and Project MIKHAIL. The aNCHOR booth will be laden with merchandise but will also be selling […]
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The Employment Law Footnote to Local Television Icon Denise D’Ascenzo’s Amazing Career

As someone who grew up in Connecticut and watched Channel 3 news religiously (at least before the internet), Denise D’Ascenzo, the local news anchor who passed away suddenly on Saturday, was one of a kind.  She was professional, authoritative, knowledgeable, and humble. I loved watching her both on the news and during the yearly Muscular Dystrophy telethons that she and weatherman Hilton Kaderli used to host every Labor Day. I didn’t know her other than meeting briefly at a local event or two, b...
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Anchor’s new feature lets listeners leave voice messages for podcast hosts

February’s acquisition of Anchor was a savvy move on Spotify’s behalf. It’s a clever and rapidly growing company that will help the music service get a big leg up in its bid to build podcast operation. For the looks of it, however, the big buy out isn’t making Anchor complacent when it comes to building out its own offerings. The startup has done a fine job providing tools designed to further lower the bar of entry for podcasting. Anchor’s latest feature is an interesting addition on that fro...
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Podcasting startup WaitWhat raises $4.3M as interest in audio content explodes

WaitWhat, the digital content production engine behind LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman’s Masters of Scale podcast, has secured a $4.3 million Series A investment led by Cue Ball Capital and Burda Principal Investments. Launched in January 2017, WaitWhat will use the cash to create additional media properties across a variety of mediums, including podcasts. Investors are gravitating toward podcast startups as consumer interest in original audio content skyrockets. Podcasting, though an infantile...
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Spotify Paid Nearly $340 Million to Buy Podcast Startups Gimlet and Anchor

Streaming-audio giant Spotify shelled out around €300 million, or about $337 million, to buy podcasting companies — producer Gimlet Media and services provider Anchor FM Inc., the company said. The deals for Gimlet and Anchor, announced last week, were primarily in cash, with the total purchase prices subject to closing adjustments, Spotify disclosed the figure in […]
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Spotify says it paid $340M to buy Gimlet and Anchor

Spotify doubled down on podcasts last week with a double deal to buy podcast networks Gimlet and Anchor. Those acquisitions were initially undisclosed, but Spotify has quietly confirmed that it spent €300 million, just shy of $340 million, to capture the companies. That’s according to an SEC filing — hat tip Recode’s Peter Kafka — which deals the transactions which were “primarily in cash,” Spotify said. Kafka previously reported that Spotify paid around $200 million for Gimlet, which, if cor...
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Startups Weekly: Spotify gets acquisitive and Instacart screws up

Did anyone else listen to season one of StartUp, Alex Blumberg’s OG Gimlet podcast? I did, and I felt like a proud mom this week reading stories of the major, first-of-its-kind Spotify acquisition of his podcast production company, Gimlet. Spotify also bought Anchor, a podcast monetization platform, signaling a new era for the podcasting industry. On top of that, Himalaya, a free podcast app I’d never heard of until this week, raised a whopping $100 million in venture capital funding to “esta...
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Spotify acquires Podcast creators Gimlet Media and Anchor

Spotify has announced that it has entered into definitive agreements to acquire Gimlet Media Inc. and Anchor podcast creation, publishing, and monetization services. Gimlet will bring its best-in-class podcast studio with dedicated IP development, production, and advertising capabilities. While Anchor will bring its platform of tools for podcast creators and its creator base. The transactions are expected to close in the first quarter of 2019 and subject to customary closing conditions. Ancho...
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Why Spotify is betting big on podcasting

Podcasting revenues hit $314 million in 2017, according to a third-party survey released last summer. It’s a large number for what’s been historically regarded as a niche and difficult to monetize medium, but still pales in comparison to the additional $400-$500 million Spotify says it’s willing to spend on the space this year alone. Two major acquisitions announced early today already comprise a massive commitment to the category. The purchase of Gimlet was reported to have made up nearly half ...
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Spotify Looking at ‘Broad Range’ of Podcast M&A Deals, Content Chief Dawn Ostroff Says

Dawn Ostroff’s inbox is going to get flooded with over-the-transom pitches from podcast content and tech companies hoping to become part of Spotify’s new $500 million podcasting push. Spotify signaled that it’s a major buyer in the podcast biz, announcing all-cash deals Wednesday to buy Gimlet Media and Anchor. All told, Spotify said it expects to […]
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Daily Crunch: Spotify buys Gimlet and Anchor

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here: 1. Spotify buys Gimlet and Anchor in podcast push, earmarks $500M for more deals Spotify is going after podcasts in a major way in 2019. The music streaming service confirmed that it has snapped up two podcast networks — Gimlet and Anchor — in undisclosed deals. But that’s not all: Spotify also said i...
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Spotify Buys Podcast Startups Gimlet Media and Anchor, Plans Up to $500M in Acquisitions in 2019

Spotify is best known as a music-streaming service — but it’s placing a big new bet on building a podcasting empire. On Wednesday, Spotify announced deals to acquire Gimlet Media, the podcast producer whose shows include “Homecoming,” “StartUp” and “Reply All,” and Anchor, which offers tools for podcast creation, publishing, and monetization services. Terms of […]
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Anchor says it’s ‘powering’ 40 percent of new podcasts

Podcasting’s greatest asset has always been its accessibility — for consumer and creator alike. But even the simplest medium requires a little know-how, and Anchor’s overarching goal has long been to further lower the barrier of entry for those looking to take the leap. It’s not perfect, and it’s not for everyone, but the service done a pretty decent job leveling the playing field for many users. In fact, if Anchor’s self-reported numbers are to be believed, it’s been a major driving force f...
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Anchor Bookkeeping Offers Digital Accounting with Added Services for Small Businesses

With the 2019 tax season fast approaching, you may be looking for an easier way to file your small business tax return. Anchor Bookkeeping looks to solve this problem by offering a new digital accounting service with personalized features including in-house bookkeepers and CPA-approved financial statements. It goes without saying one of the biggest pain points of running a small business is doing the books and keeping an accurate record. Even with all the available tools in the marketplace, own...
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Anchor wants a future where everyone reads Squarespace ads

In the future, everyone will get Blue Apron ad copy. Meantime, Anchor’s helping users monetize their shows with Sponsorships, a new program designed to match podcasters with advertisers.   The feature is pretty straightforward for anyone who’s ever attempted to make some money podcasting, but now it’s integrated into the site’s overall mission of democratizing the podcasting process. Starting this week, Sponsorships will be integrated into Anchor’s platform, letting users turn the feature on ...
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Chat app Line’s games business raises $110M for growth opportunities

Messaging app firm Line has given up majority control of its Line Games business after it raised outside financing to expand its collection of titles and go after global opportunities. The Line Games business was formed earlier this year when Line merged its existing gaming division from NextFloor, the Korea-based game publisher that it acquired in 2017. Now the business has taken on capital from Anchor Equity Partners, which has provided 125 billion KRW ($110 million) in financing via its Lu...
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When You Must Walk through Life-Stirring Change

I swivel in my office chair, wrap my hands around my chai latte, and think to myself, “Now, if I could only wrap my head around this writing project due soon . . .” I move up to my desk and tap tap tap a couple sentences on my trusty laptop, then look up to stare outside the window. Tap, tap, tap, prop my chin up with my hand, and look outside again. I can’t help it, really. I find comfort in its familiar summer view: bluebirds alighting off pines, kitties chasing grasshoppers, containers spilli...
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Anchor launches Listener Support feature to help podcasters get paid

Anchor’s been gaining a fair bit of steam lately with its dead simple mobile podcast editing app. The New York startup has also been branching out in some interesting ways, including the recent launch of a Manhattan-based studio designed to give podcasters access to far better equipment than the usual Skype setup. Today, it’s taking on another key issue with upstart podcasts: monetization. Anchor is launching Listener Support, a Patreon-style subscription service (with a very NPR name) that ...
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Anchor opens a Manhattan studio where people can podcast for free

One of the best things about podcasting is the low barrier of entry. Anyone with a computer, internet connection and a little know-how can launch one. It’s a wonderfully democratized medium. The downside, of course, is that most of them sound terrible. Just really, really awful. Apps are overrun with tinny, Skype recordings. Anchor, the New York based start up behind the podcast editing app of the same name, is helping change that, one small show at a time. The company is opening up its Manh...
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Anchor brings podcast creation and editing to the iPad

Following its relaunch earlier this year as a podcast creation platform, Anchor today is bringing its suite of mobile podcasting tools to the iPad. Like its iPhone counterpart, the iPad version of Anchor lets you record, edit, then distribute your podcast anywhere, including iTunes and Google Play Music. The new app is also customized for touch-based editing, and it takes advantage of iPad features like drag-and-drop and multitasking. The company had originally been focused on short-form audi...
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