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Valentine’s Day: A watered-down pagan Lupercalia

Modern Valentine's Day is a far more restrained version of the pagan holiday it replaced. During Lupercalia, Romans got naked, drunk, and there was whipping involved. Romantic cards? How about simulated penetration? None There's hardly a warmer or fuzzier holiday than Valentine's Day each February 14. It was created in 496 by Pope Gelasius I, or maybe Felix III according to historian T.P. Wiseman. Among those who helped reshape it into a day of romance were Chaucer and Shakespeare, and after H...
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Would Jesus have wanted Christianity?

The reason it's hard to love our "neighbor" is because, from an evolutionary standpoint, people outside of our groups have always been suspected as possible threats. The way to love "others" is by engaging with them long enough that we begin to see, in them, ourselves. That is, we see our own struggles and challenges reflected back.Bell believes that the "last thing" Jesus wanted to do was found a religion that would divide humanity even more. Jesus would be "mortified," Bell says, that his foll...
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