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How to Add a Travel Career Break to Your Resume

The idea of taking a career gap to travel – especially mid-career rather than at the beginning – has conjured up negative assumptions among employers. Sometimes taking a career gap can create the illusion that the individual in question is trying to ‘escape’ or is ‘taking a step back’. While employers’ attitudes towards career break travel are changing, some of these misconceptions still linger. As career-break travelers, we need to be the ones to start showing how this unique personal developme...
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Font sizing

When people submit their SlideMagic documents for conversion to PowerPoint, I still have to peek inside for a second for a quick manual operation. Here is the most common design mistake I see: different font sizes in boxes that are part of the same list or grouping.* Yes, bigger fonts are better, but in case of lists, it is the lowest common denominator th...
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These Are The 8 Most Photogenic Cities In The US. Do You Agree?

So we made a list (and checked it twice) and decided these are the 8 most photogenic cities in the US. Of course, like anything subjective, this is up for debate and we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. So why pick US cities, well, the United States is one of the most diverse countries in the world not only when it comes to culture but also in terms of landscapes and architecture. There are major urban areas, smaller romantic cities with a fairy-tale vibe as well as wild nature...
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YouTubers Rake In Millions Of Dollars Curating EDM Playlists

At 20 years old, Andre Benz may not be old enough to get into clubs or order a beer. But during the past five years he has become one of the most powerful tastemakers in electronic music, combing through new tracks and featuring favorites on his YouTube channels Trap Nation, Chill Nation and Rap Nation, … More »
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