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Maple Chicken And Biscuits

This was a new creation of mine that won unanimous rave reviews from the family! The flavors are spectacular and it is way easier than it looks. The sweet maple flavor adds the most delicious and delightful taste! This Maple Chicken and Biscuits is sure to please the whole crew and trust me, will be requested again! [Author: Andrea N.]
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Cheeseburger In Paradise Soup

Oh, my stars, this was sooo good! There’s only 2 things that would’ve made it better. If I was eating it in a Tropical oasis and Jimmy Buffet was singing Margaretville. Ok, maybe a Margarita itself would make it even better too. [Author: Andrea N.]
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Cream Cheese & Bacon Cucumber Bites

It’s a great little appetizer for parties and not loaded with tons of calories and fat. I like to serve them for lunches with croissant sandwiches. Ingredients [Author: Andrea N.]
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Chicken Noodle Casserole

I was craving a comforting chicken casserole And this was an amazing one to put together. I made it while the boys were all home and they scarfed it down and I had a couple nice dishes of it for leftovers. [Author: Andrea N.]
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Sock It To Me Cake

Do you want to indulge in the most moist, lovely looking cake on the planet? Well, Sock it to me because I found the cake for you and I'm just dying to have a brunch now and serve it with mimosas and egg casserole, lol. [Author: Andrea N.]
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Amish Apple Fritter Bread

This apple fritter bread bakes up so nice and has the most delightful flavor that almost anyone would find yummy. I know someone who doesn’t really like apples, but still loves this delightful loaf of apple goodness! [Author: Andrea N.]
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Party Sliders

Aren’t sliders just so darn fun? I definitely feel like it’s a party when yummy little slider sandwiches are served! [Author: Andrea N.]
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