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IRS Sues Facebook For $9 Billion, Says Company Offshored Profits To Ireland

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Fox Business: Facebook is slated to begin a tax trial in a San Francisco court on Tuesday, as the Internal Revenue Service tries to convince a judge the world's largest social media company owes more than $9 billion linked to its decision to shift profits to Ireland. The trial, which Facebook expects will take three to four weeks, could see top executives including hardware chief Andrew Bosworth and Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer called to testi...
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Hypocrisy is at the heart of Facebook’s refusal to ban false political advertising | John Naughton

Executive Andrew Bosworth’s handwringing about the company’s stance should not blind us to the fact that doing nothing is extremely lucrative for itOn 20 December last, Andrew Bosworth, a long-time Facebook executive and buddy of the company’s supreme leader, Mark Zuckerberg, published a longish memo on the company’s internal network. The New York Times somehow obtained a copy and reported it on 7 January, which led Mr Bosworth then to publish it to the world on a Facebook page. In one of those ...
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In defense of targeting

In defending targeting, I am not defending  , I am attacking mass media and what its business model has done to democracy — including on Facebook. With targeting, a small business, a new candidate, a nascent movement can efficiently and inexpensively reach people who would be interested in their messages so they may transact or assemble and act. Targeted advertising delivers greater relevance at lower cost and democratizes advertising for those who could not previously afford it, whether...
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"Facebook won't change its policies on fact-checking ads promoted by politicians or limit political campaigns' microtargeting abilities, the company said Wednesday."

"Instead, Facebook announced that it will expand transparency around political ads and give its users more control over the ads they see. The decision comes after the company endured more than three months of criticism from Democratic politicians and activists over its decision not to fact-check ads from political campaigns. In that time, Twitter banned political ads altogether, while Google announced changes to how ads can be microtargeted to users.... Facebook's decision to keep its microtarge...
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Facebook won’t ban political ads, prefers to keep screwing democracy

It’s 2020 — a key election year in the US — and Facebook is doubling down on its policy of letting people pay it to fuck around with democracy. Despite trenchant criticism — including from US lawmakers accusing Facebook’s CEO to his face of damaging American democracy — the company is digging in, announcing as much today by reiterating its defence of continuing to accept money to run microtargeted political ads. I nstead of banning political ads Facebook is trumpeting a few tweaks to the ...
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Facebook is the reason Trump got elected, says Facebook exec who ran advertising during the 2016 election, 'but not for the reasons anyone thinks' (FB)

During the 2016 US presidential election, the Russian government used Facebook and other social networks to influence the election in favor of Donald Trump. Facebook and the Trump campaign have both downplayed that influence in the years since. However, in a Facebook internal memo that was leaked to the New York Times this week, Facebook exec Andrew Bosworth said, "Was Facebook responsible for Donald Trump getting elected? I think the answer is yes." Bosworth was in charge of Facebook advertis...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Wednesday. Sonos is suing Google and wants it to stop selling smartphones and speakers in the US, alleging it 'has been blatantly and knowingly copying our patented technology'. It alleges Google has copied includes the tech that lets smart speakers pair and sync. Facebook exec Andrew Bosworth warned fellow employees against using their power to stop Trump's re-election. In an internal memo leaked to The New York Times, Bosworth said he...
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Facebook Exec Says Company Helped Elect Trump And May Just Do It Again

Andrew Bosworth also said Trump's victory was not a result of outside influence but of clever digital advertising.
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Andrew Bosworth Urges Facebook Co-Workers to Avoid Temptations of Influencing Election

Facebook vice president of consumer hardware Andrew Bosworth found himself in the familiar position of defending something he wrote for internal consumption at the company that ended up being publicly leaked. Kevin Roose, Sheera Frenkel and Mike Isaac of The New York Times obtained a copy of a memo Bosworth shared on his internal Facebook...
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Facebook Guy Confused About Lord of the Rings, Many Other Subjects

Getting answers is, in part, what journalism is about, so it gives me no pleasure to state upfront that I have none where Facebook hardware czar and resident loudmouth Andrew “Boz” Bosworth’s recent staff memo is concerned.Read more...
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Don’t Tilt Scales Against Trump, Facebook Executive Warns

In an internal memo, Andrew Bosworth said he “desperately” wanted the president to lose. But, he said, the company should avoid hurting Mr. Trump’s campaign.
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Facebook exec Andrew Bosworth warns fellow employees against using their power to stop Trump's re-election (FB)

Facebook executive Andrew Bosworth has warned employees against trying to use the social network to prevent Trump's re-election. In an internal memo leaked to The New York Times, Bosworth said he "desperately" didn't want Trump to win in 2020 but that the company shouldn't try and stop him. Doing so would endanger democracy and turn Facebook into "the thing we fear," he wrote. Bosworth also compared Facebook to "sugar," arguing that it's fine in moderation but that users must take responsibili...
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Facebook is reportedly working on its own OS now

Facebook is reportedly building an operating system, reports The Information. It isn’t immediately clear exactly where it will be deployed, but the project could help the company move away from using Android to power its hardware. The company presently uses a modified version of Android on its Portal line of video calling devices, as well as its Oculus VR headsets. Andrew Bosworth, who heads up hardware at Facebook, told The Information, “We really want to make sure the next generation has space...
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Facebook is building an operating system so it can ditch Android

Facebook doesn’t want its hardware like Oculus and Portal to be at the mercy of Google because they rely on its Android operating system. That’s why Facebook has tasked a co-author of Microsoft’s Windows NT named Mark Lucovsky with building the social network an operating system from scratch, according the The Information’s Alex Heath. “We really want to make sure the next generation has space for us” says Facebook’s VP of hardware Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth. “We don’t think we can trust the marke...
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Facebook VR VP Hugo Barra is being replaced

Facebook’s VP of VR product Hugo Barra is out after some leadership changes at the top of the Oculus organization. He’ll be stepping down into a new role leading global AR/VR partnerships, while Eric Tseng, Facebook’s director of product management, will be replacing Barra with a new title as head of VR product management. Barra came on in early 2017 after the ouster of Oculus’s existing leadership structure, when then-CEO Brendan Iribe was demoted alongside much of the founding team to lead pro...
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Years of Mark Zuckerberg's old Facebook posts have vanished. The company says it 'mistakenly deleted' them. (FB)

Some old Facebook posts by CEO Mark Zuckerberg have vanished, and the company says it "mistakenly deleted" them. The disappearances include posts about key moments in the company's history, like the acquisition of Instagram in 2012. "A few years ago some of Mark’s posts were mistakenly deleted due to technical errors," a spokesperson said in a statement. Facebook won't restore the posts. Facebook has also made changes to the way it saves its archives of previous corporate announcements and blo...
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14 of the most important early Facebook employees — and where they are now

On March 14, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the departure of two key executives: chief product officer Chris Cox and head of WhatsApp Chris Daniels. Cox and Daniels join a long list of Facebook employees who have left the company. We took a look at where 14 of the most important Facebook employees throughout the company's history are now. On March 14, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the departure of Chris Cox , chief product officer and longtime employee of Facebook. Cox joined th...
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Facebook exec Andrew Bosworth broke the social network's rule on using your real name for 8 years (FB)

Facebook executive Andrew Bosworth is breaking Facebook's rules on using your real name. Bosworth lists his name on his personal profile only as "Boz," his nickname — something ordinary users can't do. Facebook has been repeatedly criticised over its real name policy, which critics say can unfairly penalize LGBTQ users and others. But the double-standard for Bosworth suggests the company is less concerned with enforcing ther rules for its own leadership team. One of Facebook's most high-profi...
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A high-profile Facebook exec was breaking the social network's rule on using your real name (FB)

Facebook executive Andrew Bosworth is breaking Facebook's rules on using your real name. Bosworth lists his name on his personal profile only as "Boz," his nickname — something ordinary users can't do. Facebook has been repeatedly criticised over its real name policy, which critics say can unfairly penalize LGBTQ users and others. But the double-standard for Bosworth suggests the company is less concerned with enforcing ther rules for its own leadership team. One of Facebook's most high-profi...
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Facebook says it will ask employees to take down glowing Portal reviews on Amazon

The reception to Facebook Portal has been, at best, a mixed bag. Between the company’s ongoing privacy woes and a lackluster response, Facebook likely didn’t get the response it was anticipating for its first in-house hardware creation. Still, both the Portal and Portal Plus are floating around the four-star mark over on Amazon. Not too shabby. New York Times columnist Kevin Roose noticed something fishy in all of this, noting on Twitter that many of the verified reviewers on the site bore th...
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A timeline of all of Facebook's scandals in 2018

This list of terrible things Facebook did in 2018 (not including the terrible things it did without getting caught) makes it clear that Facebook is a garbage company. March 29 BuzzFeed News published an internal memo from Facebook executive Andrew Bosworth in which one of Zuckerberg’s most trusted lieutenants calls any effort to connect the world a “de facto good.” “Maybe it costs a life by exposing someone to bullies,” he wrote in June 2016. “Maybe someone dies in a terrorist attack coordinate...
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Facebook denies firing Oculus founder Palmer Luckey for supporting Trump (FB)

Facebook has denied a media report suggesting it fired former executive Palmer Luckey for his right-wing views. The Wall Street Journal said Luckey, the founder of Oculus, was fired after donating $10,000 to a group that posted anti-Hillary Clinton memes and after voicing support for Donald Trump. But Facebook executive Andrew Bosworth has strongly denied this, as has a spokeswoman. There's a wider culture war in Silicon Valley, with conservative supporters claiming most tech firms have a libe...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Friday. Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent a memo to employees about the changes to Google's sexual harassment policy after the walkout. The announcement follows 20,000 employees walking out last week in protest at Google's handling of sexual assault and harassment. Sundar Pichai is ending Google's once famous partying culture by limiting drinking at work and threatening "more onerous actions" if things don't change. Pichai released a list o...
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Facebook says its new Portal device is not a 'data-gathering operation' despite previously acknowledging that it might use your call info to target ads

Facebook's new video-chat and smart-speaker device, Portal, goes on sale in the US today. But Facebook can't shake privacy concerns over its always-on microphones and camera. Consumer hardware boss Andrew Bosworth said Portal is not a "data-gathering operation." This is despite Facebook previously acknowledging that it will collect information on calls to better target advertising. Facebook today launches its $199 video-chat and smart-speaker device, Portal. But it can't seem to shake concern...
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Facebook's new product: every-room cameras for your home

Facebook's newest product is "Portal," a home camera intended to follow you from room to room while you videoconference. The product is presumably overseen by Consumer Hardware VP Andrew Bosworth, last seen telling female Facebook employees to shut the fuck up about the company's top lobbyist throwing a victory party for serial rapist Brett Kavanaugh on the eve of his lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. As Taylor Hatmaker writes on Techcrunch, there's a lot of tone-deafness in the l...
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Boz: Defending Facebook's Portal screens

The social network's hardware chief Andrew Bosworth makes the case for trusting its new video chat screen.
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Some Facebook Employees Are Furious Their VP of Global Public Policy Supported Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court in a 50-48 vote with just one Democrat, Senator Joe Manchin, voting in the affirmative on Saturday, despite massive protests and several allegations of sexual assault by the nominee. Facebook, whose vice president for global public policy Joel Kaplan supported…Read more...
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Facebook is walking a tricky tightrope with its big bet on the next frontier in human interaction, and the future of the company could be at stake (FB)

Virtual reality is the next big thing, Facebook promises — but just not yet. At its annual Oculus Connect conference, the tech giant simultaneously hyped up the potential of VR while downplaying the (limited) inroads the tech has made so far.  The social network needs to convince developers — and investors — to get on board, but without over-promising and disillusioning potential customers. SAN JOSE, California — Facebook's virtual reality ambitions are moving forward, sure, but they're walki...
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At Oculus Connect keynote, original co-founders absent onstage

As Facebook execs took to the stage during the opening keynote for the company’s VR-focused Oculus Connect 5 conference, one thing was clearly missing, the founding team that had built the virtual reality startup Facebook bought for $2 billion in 2014. None of the five original OculusVR co-founders took to the stage at the company’s big keynote, while Facebook executives including CEO Mark Zuckerberg, long-time VP of Ads Andrew Bosworth — now VP of VR/AR — and Hugo Barra, Facebook’s VP of ...
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What to expect from Facebook’s big Oculus Connect 5 keynote

The Oculus Connect 5 conference kicks off tomorrow in San Jose where FB and company will let their latest virtual reality efforts loose and attempt to prove to the world at last that VR is coming and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. Tomorrow is going to be a big day for hardware, though there might not be all that many surprises as Oculus has already been pretty vocal about some of its future plans, we’ll see though. Here’s some of the stuff that we’re expecting to go down tomorrow. Re...
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