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The CEO of guitar icon Fender says the company was looking into an abyss when the coronavirus hit — but now the company expects record 2020 sales

Este Haim of the eponymous LA band Haim checks out an American Professional II bass. Fender The coronavirus pandemic and national lockdowns spurred a much-needed revival of the guitar business. Fender had been on track to post robust 2020 sales, but in March it had to idle its factories in the US and Mexico. Unexpectedly, demand for guitars skyrocketed, and now CEO Andy Mooney figures this year could set a record for sales. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Fender CEO And...
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Guitars reportedly cool again

Despite reports of their death in the Washington Post back in 2017, it appears that guitars are, in fact, still alive — and indeed, might even be cool once more. As The New York Times reports, in the aptly titled "Guitars are back, baby!" A half-year into a pandemic that has threatened to sink entire industries, people are turning to the guitar as a quarantine companion and psychological salve, spurring a surge in sales for some of the most storied companies (Fender, Gibson, Martin, Taylor) t...
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Fender, Apple Music Partner For Fender Songs App Powered By 7Digital

[UPDATED] Fender has partnered with Apple Music to launch the Fender Songs app which allows users to stream, practice, play along and perform to millions of songs on guitar, ukulele or piano and provides learning paths, lessons with instructors, video-on-demand, chord charts, tablature and more. Users can also reference targeted song selections to enhance learning and skill, and exercise-based curriculum. The app is powered by UK based  7Digital ’s B2B music-as-a-service platform which...
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Fender is continuing to grow its digital business by professionalizing online music instruction

Fender has launched Fender Songs, its latest digital product. Fender Songs joins Fender Play, Fender Tune, and Fender Tone to form a suite of online music tools. Fender CEO Andy Mooney called Fender Songs the 73-year-old company's "next logical" step as it seeks to grow its business. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The Fender Musical Instruments Corporation has been around for over 70 years. But in the past few, it's entered a lively new phase of business, under the leader...
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Fender is celebrating the final season of 'Game of Thrones' with 3 custom-made electric guitars, and there's one for each of the main houses

Fender has created a trio of Custom Shop guitars to celebrate "Game of Thrones." The axes are based on iconic Fender designs and will sell for $25,000-$35,000. The collaboration is the result of Fender's guitar-playing CEO connecting with the guitar-playing showrunner of "Game of Thrones." Visit for more stories. If you wanted to come up with an epic book series and TV show that would appeal to fans of heavy metal and progressive rock, you'd probably create "Game of Thro...
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50% Of New Guitars Sold To Young Women

The gender has been a significant issue in the music industry for a number of years, with women often getting marginalized or in other ways receiving the short end of the stick. A positive indicator that change is finally coming however, reveals that half of the guitars sold in the US and UK are going to young women. _______________________________ Guest post from Haulix Daily The gender gap in music has been a hot topic of debate for years. It seems for every one female-lead or all-...
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Eureka moment

Andy Mooney went from Scottish miner's son to earning billions for Disney and now running guitar firm Fender.
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How one man's eureka moment earns Disney $3bn a year

Andy Mooney went from Scottish miner's son to earning billions for Disney and now running guitar firm Fender.
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Half of New Guitar Players Are Women, Fender Study Finds

Fender has released a new study that shows women comprise 50% of new guitar players in the United States and the United Kingdom. The guitar manufacturer consulted with Daniel Levitin, a neuroscientist and musician, for the study, which found that half of “all beginner and aspirational players” are women. Fender’s CEO Andy Mooney said the […]
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Fender has discovered that guitars aren't just for rock stars anymore — and they could help your mind stay young as you age

Fender partnered with a research consultancy and a neuroscientist to learn about guitar players. The results of that research suggest that playing guitar could contribute to well-being. A surprising number of new guitar players have no rock-star ambitions whatsoever. Fender has also gathered interesting data from its Fender Play online learning system, which launched last year. When it comes to guitars, and electric guitars in particular, no company is bigger than Fender. The 72-year-old comp...
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Fender has unveiled a lineup of acoustic guitars that electric players will love

Fender recently launched a new range of extroverted acoustic guitars. Lately, the company has been rolling out new products in areas where it traditionally hasn't competed strongly. I checked out the range at an event in New York. Fender is arguably the most successful electric-guitar brand on the planet. Its Stratocaster and Telecaster designs have been played by everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Lucinda Williams, in every imaginable musical genre. Much of the time, those guitars are plugged in...
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Fender is filling the biggest gap in its product lineup with a new range of effects pedals

Fender does some of the most iconic guitars and amps in the world, but the California-based company has never been big in effects pedals. Effects are an important market now for modern players. Fender has rolled out a lineup of six pedals that were carefully designed and feature several innovations. I got to try them out and was initially impressed. The Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is perhaps the best-known guitar brand in the world. At some point or another, musicians will encount...
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Fender Strums Up Demand With Guitar Lessons

“Give a man a guitar and you give him an afternoon’s amusement. Teach him to play guitar and you give him a lifetime of amusement.” – Ancient Chinese proverb Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, U2 and Billy Corgan have all played Fender guitars. The brand, of course, has always figured everybody should play one. Now it is doing something about it. Using what it calls a micro-learning strategy (“Hear it, Learn It, Play It”), Fender is looking to create a new generation of guitarists ...
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Fender Play: Lessons in rock ‘n roll for millennials

You would think that in an age where kids choke themselves to death with utterly pointless electronica and other mind-numbingly useless forms of modern ‘music’ that a brand like Fender would be struggling to put lines of blow and bottles of Jack Daniel’s on the table. But in fact, Fender is alive and well and tackling the 21st century with a verve of innovation that’s sure to see young guitar players furiously swinging their products into studio amps in no time. Fender Play is an online video su...
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Disney Baby: How to Create Thin Value

Marketing to preschoolers is so passe. Disney is setting its sights younger. Much younger. Disney Baby , the company's controversial new venture, aims to cultivate brand loyalty in the delivery room, and even sooner. The New York Times describes the new program thusly: "A Disney representative visits a new mother [sometimes within just hours of giving birth] and offers a free Disney Cuddly Bodysuit, a variation of the classic Onesie. In bedside demonstrations, the bilingual represent...
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