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7 Netflix-Serien, die binge-worthy & kürzer als 30 Minuten sind

Weißt du, was das wirklich Schöne an Friends ist? Es ist nicht die Chemie zwischen diesen sechs Freund:innen. Dass du die Höhen und Tiefen der Darsteller:innen nachvollziehen kannst, ist es auch nicht. Gunther, der wahre Held der ganzen Serie, hat auch nichts damit zu tun. Das Beste an dieser Kultserie ist, dass die Episoden superkurz sind.Wir wissen natürlich, dass die Länge einer Sendung nicht unbedingt etwas über ihre Qualität aussagt. Friends ist schließlich bis heute eine der beliebtesten ...
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I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson Sets Season 2 Premiere Date

Netflix has announced that the streamer’s sketch comedy series I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson will return for its second season on July 6. I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson Season 2 premieres July 6! — Netflix (@netflix) June 8, 2021 RELATED: The Sandman Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek Released for Netflix’s Adaptation Detroiters star and Saturday Night Live alum Tim Robinson’s hilarious series pokes fun at life’s most bizarre and mundane situati...
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America: The Motion Picture's First Trailer Is More Chaotic Than Patriotic

We all know the stories: George Washington cut down that cherry tree...with his Wolverine-like retractable chainsaws. Paul Revere sped through the night, warning people the British were coming, because he was a robo-centaur. And then they formed a rock band with Sam Adams, Geronimo, and more. Right?Read more...
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‘America: The Motion Picture’ Trailer Wants to Start a F**king Revolution

Since we’ll be returning to a relatively normal summer routine this year as the coronavirus pandemic winds down, there’s no better time to celebrate the United States of America. Netflix has just the ticket to usher in our renewed Independence Day celebrations with the outlandish new animated movie America: The Motion Picture. Touting the untold, historically accurate, real story of America, this new movie from producers Phil Lord & Chris Miller takes the story of the Founding Fathers and turns...
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Channing Tatum Leads a Revolution in America: The Motion Picture Trailer 

Netflix has released the official trailer and key art for their newest animated film America: The Motion Picture, featuring a voice cast led by Channing Tatum as George Washington. The video features Tatum’s George Washington in an alternate historical timeline where he leads a revolution against Benedict Arnold and King James, with the help of the unlikely group of individuals that he assembled. The film will be available for streaming on Wednesday, June 30. RELATED: Wish Dragon Trailer Previe...
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HBO Max Hires ‘Superman and Lois’ Director For ‘Green Lantern’ Series

Lee Toland Krieger, who this year has already directed two episodes of The CW’s Superman and Lois and two episodes of the Netflix fantasy series Shadow and Bone, has been hired as one of the directors of HBO Max’s upcoming Green Lantern series. The show is being produced by Arrowverse mastermind and mega-producer Greg Berlanti, and will introduce audiences to “a multitude of Lanterns” instead of focusing on just one ring-wearing superhero. According to The Direct (via The Hollywood Reporter)...
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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Eighth and Final Season to Premiere in August

The eighth and final season of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” will premiere on August 12. The new season will kick off with two back-to-back episodes starting at 8 p.m., with new episodes airing each Thursday. Starring Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher, Season 8 follows NYPD’s 99th Precinct’s Det. Jake Peralta and Capt. Raymond Holt and their lovable […]
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The Final Season of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Set for August Premiere, NBC to Air Two Episodes Each Week

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has set a premiere date for its eighth and final season. The cop comedy delayed its return in the wake of mass protests against police brutality, and this latest and last season was completely reworked as a result. Now, the final season will premiere on NBC in August. In addition to that, it looks like NBC will be airing two new episodes back to back every week, which will effectively bring the show to a close faster than if it were unfolding on a normal weekly schedule. ...
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‘Hotel Transylvania: Transformania’ Trailer: Drac and His Pals Are Turned Into Humans

Dracula (Adam Sandler) and his goofy band of horror character friends have made audiences laugh in three Hotel Transylvania movies already, but in the upcoming fourth film, they’ll be appearing like never before: as humans. In Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, Drac and his pals find themselves on the wrong end of Van Helsing’s special “Monsterfication Ray,” which turns monsters into humans, and humans – including the well-intentioned Johnny (Andy Samberg) – into monsters. Check out the new tra...
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How Andy Samberg And Selena Gomez’s Hotel Transylvania Characters Will Come ‘Full Circle’ For Hotel Transylvania Transformania

The directors of the final Hotel Transylvania movie shared what's next for Johnny and Mavis.
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Hotel Transylvania: Transformania Trailer Teases Some Monstrous Changes

Sony Pictures has released the official Hotel Transylvania: Transformania trailer for the upcoming final installment of their hit animated franchise, starring Andy Samberg and Selena Gomez. The video features Samberg’s Johnny as he tries to gain Drac’s full acceptance by turning into a monster. However, when his transformation device malfunctions, Drac along with the monsters in the hotel will go through some unlikely transformations as they all turn into humans. Check out the video in the play...
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Sony’s Hotel Transylvania: Transformania Teaser Debuts For Final Installment 

Sony Pictures has released the first Hotel Transylvania: Transformania teaser for the upcoming fourth and final installment of their blockbuster animated franchise Hotel Transylvania, confirming that the official trailer will be coming this Monday, May 17. Further plot details haven’t been revealed yet, but the studio is teasing that fans should expect to see some monstrous changes to the hotel in the upcoming film. Transformania is currently slated to arrive in theaters on July 23, 2021, which...
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Everything You Need to Know About All the Movies Netflix is Releasing This Summer

This morning, Netflix released their 2021 Summer Movie Preview, featuring the first footage from over 30 movies that will be released between April and August. Since there are so many movies, we wanted to make sure you knew as much as possible about them ahead of time, so we’ve rounded up some trailers, first look images, synopses, and all the information you need to know about the full roster of Netflix 2021 summer movies. So let’s get to it. 2021 Netflix Summer Movies List Fear Street T...
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Netflix Summer Movie Preview Trailer Teases Over 30 Movies Between April and August

Netflix has a lot of money to throw around. In fact, they have roughly $17 billion that they’re spending on content for their streaming library in 2021 alone. That would explain how they’re packing the summer movie season with over 30 movies from the end of April through August. The Netflix Summer Movie Preview has just been released, featuring footage from the many releases that audiences will hopefully be eager to check out this season. On top of new glimpses of  Zack Snyder‘s zombie heist mo...
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Everything is Not Awesome As Andy Samberg Apologizes For LEGO Movie Song

"Everything Is Awesome" was the earworm of 2014.
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Netflix’s Never Have I Ever Season 2 Adds Common in Recurring Role

Netflix’s Never Have I Ever Season 2 adds Common in recurring role Oscar-winning rapper-actor Common (Selma) has officially signed on for a recurring role in the upcoming second season of Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher’s coming-of-age dramedy Never Have I Ever, which is scheduled to make its return this summer. According to EW, Common is set to portray the role of Dr. Chris Jackson, who will be the love interest to Poorna Jagannathan’s Nalini, and is being described as a suave and debonair der...
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Fans are saying the same thing about Brooklyn 99 star's new film Palm Springs 

Brooklyn 99 star Andy Samberg's new film Palm Springs has finally premiered...
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Final Season Begins Production

Brooklyn Nine-Nine final season begins production Melissa Fumero took to Instagram to share a new behind-the-scenes photo from the set of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, confirming that production on the upcoming eighth and final season of the hit NBC sitcom has finally begun. Unlike previous seasons, the final season will only be airing ten episodes which are scheduled to premiere sometime this year. Featuring Fumero, Terry Crews and Andre Braugher, you can check out the full set photo below!   ...
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Disney’s Live-Action Chip ‘N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers Begins Filming

Disney’s live-action film Chip ‘N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers begins filming Following yesterday’s announcement for the production start of Disney+’s Peter Pan & Wendy, it looks like another live-action Disney project has also moved forward. The Lonely Island took to Instagram confirming that filming on Disney’s upcoming live-action/CGI hybrid film adaptation of Chip ‘N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers has finally begun. The project was officially announced last December during Disney’s Investor Day. There, ...
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Palm Springs 2020 Should Win the 78th Golden Globe Awards

Palm Springs is a directorial debut for Max Barbakow, otherwise a very fine screenwriter. It is flawless. Unfortunately regarding the Golden Globe nominations, it is listed just for the Best motion picture, musical or comedy, and for Best Actor in a motion picture, musical or comedy for the SNL alumni, Andy Samberg. This is a […] The post Palm Springs 2020 Should Win the 78th Golden Globe Awards appeared first on Rodolfo Grimaldi Blog.
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Craig Robinson-Led Untitled Comedy Gets Series Order at Peacock

Craig Robinson-led untitled comedy gets series order at Peacock Peacock has officially given a 10-episode series order to Brooklyn Nine-Nine creators Dan Goor and Luke Del Tredici’s upcoming comedy project which will be led by  Craig Robinson (Hot Tub Time Machine). This news comes after a week since it was confirmed that Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be concluding its run with the upcoming eighth season. This also marks Robinson’s first major TV project as the lead after over two years since starr...
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Oscar Underdogs Like Mads Mikkelsen and Andy Samberg Deserve Love and Can Still Be Winners

Things always gets intense in Oscar season, and voters may feel overwhelmed by the huge numbers of contenders (streaming and sometimes in theaters) that are hoping for some love. This year, as always, several films are getting the bulk of attention, while other movies may need a little extra love. So we are offering some […]
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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Ending with Upcoming Season 8, Which Will Debut Later Than Expected

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is coming to an end. The Andy Samberg-led show will wrap up in the forthcoming eighth season. And in a double-whammy of sad news for fans of the show, the eighth and final season was supposed to premiere during the 2020-2021 TV season, but has now been delayed until the 2021-2022 season. The beloved comedy series, which was canceled by Fox and saved by NBC, was one of the dozens of productions forced to shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic last year. But the show was...
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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' is delayed until next season, when the case is closed on NBC's cult comedy

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine," NBC's cop-precinct comedy starring Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher, will end its run after 153 episodes and a delayed final season.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine to Conclude After Upcoming Eighth Season

Brooklyn Nine-Nine to conclude after upcoming eighth season Though still working on the next outing of the acclaimed police workplace comedy, NBC has announced that the forthcoming eighth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be the end of the road for the Emmy-nominated and Golden Globe winning series. RELATED: Hulu’s Shrill To End After Forthcoming Third Season if ( ! ezoic_test() ) { PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || ...
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Golden Globe Awards nominee reactions: ‘Mank’ team, Andy Samberg, John Boyega, more

The nominees for the 78th annual Golden Globe Awards, which will take place on Feb. 28 and air on NBC with hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, were announced today. Three female directors have already made Golden Globe Awards history as it is the first time The Hollywood Foreign Press has honored more than one female in a single year in the best director category. Emerald Fennell is nominated for “Promising Young Woman,” Regina King for “One Night in Miami” and Chloé Zhao for “Nomadland.” Previous G...
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Complete list of nominees for the 2021 Golden Globe Awards

LOS ANGELES — Complete list of nominees for the 78th annual Golden Globe Awards: Best motion picture, drama: “The Father”; “Mank”; “Nomadland”; “The Trial of the Chicago 7”; “Promising Young Woman.” Best motion picture, musical or comedy: “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”; “Hamilton,”; “Music”; “Palm Springs”; “The Prom.” Best motion picture, foreign language: “Another Round”; “La Llorona”; “The Life Ahead”; “Minari”; “Two of Us.” Best actress in a motion picture, drama: Frances McDormand, “Nomadland...
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‘Mank’ leads all Golden Globe nominees with 6

NEW YORK — David Fincher’s “Mank” has topped Golden Globe nominations with 6 nods, while Netflix dominated Wednesday’s announcement thanks to both its films and television series. The nominees for best motion picture drama are: “The Father”; “Mank”; “Nomadland”; “The Trial of the Chicago 7”; “Promising Young Woman.” The nominees for best musical or comedy film are: “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”; “Hamilton,”; “Music”; “Palm Springs”; “The Prom.” The nominees for best television series, drama, are:...
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2021 Golden Globes nominations are underway

NEW YORK — The reading of nominations for the 2021 Golden Globe Awards has begun. The nominees for best motion picture drama are: “The Father”; “Mank”; “Nomadland”; “The Trial of the Chicago 7”; “Promising Young Woman.” The nominees for best musical or comedy film are: “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”; “Hamilton,”; “Music”; “Palm Springs”; “The Prom.” The nominees for best television series, drama, are: “The Crown”; “Lovecraft Country”; “The Mandalorian”; “Ozark”; “Ratched.” The nominees for best te...
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