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Uganda's 'locust commander' leads the battle against a new enemy

The army has been called in to eliminate the insects swarming across Africa, but their mission is dangerous and unendingPhotographs by Edward Echwalu for the GuardianSitting at a plastic table in the garden of Timisha hotel in Soroti, eastern Uganda, Major General Samuel Kavuma takes a drag of his cigarette and looks down at his phone, which has barely stopped ringing for the past hour.A military figure for nearly 40 years, Kavuma fought the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgent group. Now, he’s beco...
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1 cat killed, 1 rescued in San Fernando house fire with 3rd missing

Los Angeles firefighters saved one cat but found another dead Tuesday night, Feb. 25, after a patio and structure fire ignited at a fourplex in San Fernando. The electrical fire started in the covered backyard patio where a large battery was being charged, said Brian Humphrey of the Los Angeles Fire Department. In a statement he said the fire at the property in the 900 block of North Griswold Avenue was reported at 6:11 p.m. By the time firefighters arrived, residents of the home had escaped whi...
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Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen Swims With Pretty Dolphin Girls

The main crew in Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen have helped out more troubled animals as the show ventures to the seaside branch of the main school, introducing a slew of adorable dolphin girls and leading to all the females endowing themselves with tight sukumizu. Omake:
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Alpine ecosystems at risk as tahr population booms in New Zealand

Himalayan tahr numbers reach 35,000 despite controversial culling aimed at limiting them to 10,000A non-native goat-like animal is destroying New Zealand’s fragile alpine regions, and government culling has been unable to keep up with its population booms.The Himalayan tahr was introduced to New Zealand in 1904 as hunting game for sports shooters, and has thrived in the rugged, alpine environment of the South Island. Continue reading...
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Today in Monkey Business, Let’s Follow the Escapades of This Trio of Baboons Who Escaped

Three baboons got up to some monkey business on Tuesday much to the entertainment of Sydney residents who spotted the troop on their escapades and Twitter users who followed the action online. The baboons escape was for a very relatable reason: one was on its way to the Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) hospital for a vasectomy, while the other two were there to help him remain calm, according to The Guardian. While the surgical procedure was intended to allow the baboon to stay with his family “th...
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Japanese Photographer Snaps Charming Scene Of Cats Playing On Cherry Blossom Tree

While cherry blossom season in Japan brings with it a number of sakura-themed beverages and treats, for photographer and mother Chikushi, it brings a beautiful backdrop for pictures of two kittens playing among the sakura trees Chikushi clarified that the kittens are not actually strays living the cherry blossom trees, but attended to by a local man in the southern Izu region. More: Twitter (jp) h/ Source
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Three Scotsmen Arrested for Horse Rape

Three men in north-eastern Scotland have been arrested for having sexual intercourse with horses, as part of an investigation into a nationwide bestiality ring. Law enforcement officers in the frigid Celtic country launched an undercover investigation after pictures of men violating horses and ponies were sent to police and the Scottish society for the prevention […]
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Sydney baboon escape: police confirm three animals recaptured at Royal Prince Alfred hospital

NSW police say they were called to incident next to University of Sydney in Camperdown area of the cityThree baboons have been recaptured after they were spotted on the loose at a major Sydney hospital, triggering a police response and a flurry of interest online.Police told Guardian Australia on Tuesday evening that they were attending “an incident of that nature” when asked if reports of baboons on the loose were true. Continue reading...
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Sydney baboon escape: police called to Royal Prince Alfred hospital over reports of animals on loose

NSW police confirm incident next to University of Sydney in Camperdown areaPolice have confirmed they are on the scene at a major Sydney hospital after at least one baboon was sighted on the grounds.Police told Guardian Australia on Tuesday evening that they were attending “an incident of that nature” but could not confirm how many baboons were involved. Continue reading...
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Coronavirus closures reveal vast scale of China’s secretive wildlife farm industry

Peacocks, porcupines and pangolins among species bred on 20,000 farms closed in wake of virusNearly 20,000 wildlife farmsraising species including peacocks, civet cats, porcupines, ostriches, wild geese and boar have been shut down across China in the wake of the coronavirus, in a move that has exposed the hitherto unknown size of the industry.Until a few weeks ago wildlife farming was still being promoted by government agencies as an easy way for rural Chinese people to get rich. Continue readi...
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Puppy sleeping in truck stolen in Glendale reunited with owner

A puppy that had been sleeping inside a work truck stolen out of Glendale reunited with his owner over the weekend after the vehicle was found Friday, Feb. 21. Cain, a 5-month old bulldog, was found slightly dehydrated, but otherwise in good health, Glendale Police Sgt. Dan Suttles said. The dog was still inside the cab of the stolen truck, which was found with only minor damage by Los Angeles Police Department officers in the parking lot of a church in the northeast San Fernando Valley. Cain,...
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Bear that strolled through CA neighborhood is back in forest where he belongs

The large black bear in this video was observed ambling around a Monrovia, California neighborhood last Friday morning. The bear walked through residential lawns, driveways and rested in a nearby alley. The Monrovia Police Department says officers observed the bear's activities, after people phoned in, and called state Department of Fish and Wildlife workers to the neighborhood. From the Associated Press: The bear was eventually tranquilized and taken to the nearest suitable forest habita...
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Dog Named ‘Lazy’ Who Stays Asleep While Owner Cleans Around Her Adorably Lives Up to Her Name

The call to help around the house can strike any moment. But so can exhaustion. And sometimes it is not on you to answer that call to do anything requiring “effort” — whether it’s sweeping, doing dishes or even being awake to keep someone company while they pitch in. For proof, look no further than this sleepy-looking 11-year-old Golden Retriever dog from Argentina who goes by the name of Lazy. Apt! Look as she rests, fast asleep as her owner sweeps around her. Note how this generous owner is ca...
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Dog Named ‘Lazy’ Who Stays Asleep While Owner Cleans Around Her Might Be Your New Spirit Animal

The call to help around the house can strike any moment. But so can exhaustion. And sometimes it is not on you to answer that call to do anything requiring “effort” — whether it’s sweeping, doing dishes or even being awake to keep someone company while they pitch in. If you could choose a spirit animal that embodies those qualities, you might elect to make it this sleepy-looking 11-year-old Golden Retriever dog from Argentina who goes by the name of Lazy. Apt! Look as she rests, fast asleep as h...
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UK hunting groups call for end to use of lead ammunition by 2025

Call from nine pro-shooting groups comes amid calls for ban to be enshrined in lawLead ammunition used to shoot animals should be phased out and replaced with non-toxic alternatives by 2025, hunting organisations have said amid calls for a ban to be enshrined in law.Global scientific consensus on the risks of lead ammunition has long been established and regularly eating game birds shot with the highly toxic metal can harm the developing brain and damage the nervous system, and children and preg...
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One Tiny Beautiful Thing

When the big picture keeps getting darker, it helps to zoom in.
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‘Call of the Wild’ Casts a Digital Star. Is He a Good Dog?

Filmmakers created their lead canine using computer generated imagery. But the question remains whether audiences will be on board.
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California street shut down after 40,000 bees swarm from hotel

Several people hospitalized in Pasadena after Africanized bees emerge from hotel’s eaves: ‘Something set them off’A swarm of as many as 40,000 Africanized bees sent several people to hospital and closed a street in California, after swarming from the eaves of a Howard Johnson Inn. Related: Ursus urbinus: 'elderly' 400lb bear spotted roaming Los Angeles suburb Continue reading...
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Captive ‘blood slave’ donor dogs could eventually be freed by California legislation

Two bills aiming to eliminate “closed-colony” animal blood banks in California — and free captive “blood slaves,” usually former racing greyhounds — have been introduced in the state Legislature and could finally end the controversial practice for good. On the Assembly side is AB 1953 by Richard Bloom, D-Santa Monica; and in the Senate, there’s SB 1115 by Scott Wilk, R-Santa Clarita. They would legalize a voluntary, human-style blood donation system for animals — something now forbidden in Calif...
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Bear spotted wandering around Monrovia neighborhood is tranquilized

California Department of Fish and Wildlife authorities tranquilized a bear that wandered around in a Monrovia neighborhood for two days. The animal was seen in the early hours going through garbage cans in an alley off Hillcrest Boulevard, near Mayflower Avenue. The state department responded about 8 a.m. and darted the animal shortly after, according to spokesman Tim Daly. WATCH: A large bear continues to meander through a Monrovia neighborhood.
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What do Americans think about fake meat products?

The topic of how we produce food is commonplace and more relevant than ever. After all, the way we choose to grow produce affects waterways, soil and air, which in turn, affects each of us. When it comes to raising animals for meat, the stakes are even higher. Report after report doles out alarming numbers regarding pollution related to the practice. Plus, animal activists frequently remind us about how animals are treated when they are raised as food sources. The rise of fake meat With all ...
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Himalayan wolf lopes towards recognition as distinct species

Animal’s unique adaptation to low-oxygen life can be basis for protection, say researchersWolves living in the Himalayas are to be recognised as a subspecies of the grey wolf, with researchers predicting that the animals will soon be declared a unique species.The wolves surviving at high altitudes in Nepal and on the Tibetan plateau possess a genetic adaptation to cope with the lack of oxygen which is not found in any other wolf, a study reports. Continue reading...
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Truck with puppy inside stolen in Glendale

A man’s work truck along with his 5-month-old puppy were stolen early Thursday morning, Feb. 20, in Glendale, police said. The blue GMC Sierra pickup truck was stolen about 3 a.m. from near Broadway and Orange Street, according to Glendale police Sgt. Dan Suttles. The truck’s license plate number is 6P58119. Cain, a 5-month-old Bulldog, was stolen along with a truck that was left running in Glendale by his owner to keep the dog warm on Thursday, Feb. 20 (Photo courtesy of the Glendale Police...
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Paris launches emergency bed bugs hotline

New campaign includes advice on how to prevent and treat an infestation, and a number to call for expert helpThe French government launched a campaign Thursday, complete with an emergency number, to combat an influx of unwelcome visitors that have left Parisians in despair: bedbugs that have settled in homes and hotels to feed, uninvited, on human blood.After disappearing from France in the 1950s, the insects have made a resurgence, according to the ministry of housing, which cited international...
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Shocked Cat Looking in Two Mirrors at Once Has Extreme Self-Awareness

Christina Aguilera once asked in the 1998 song Reflection “when will my reflection show?” And for a cat staring into two mirrors at once, the answer is now. A photo cat presumably stunned by its own distorted reflection in a circular bathroom mirror and a wall mirror simultaneously has recently got all of the likes on Twitter. It’s far from new, but it appears to have gotten a powerful boost from Twitter user @pinkafloyda who shared the image on Feb. 17, who tells TIME she doesn’t know who ...
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Someone has been dumping bundles of live snakes in pillowcases outside this UK firestation

Someone has been depositing pillowcases filled with live snakes outside of a fire station in Sunderland, northeast England. Last week, 13 pythons turned up and one has since died. The latest collection included 15 corn snakes and a carpet python. Fortunately, those snakes seem to be in decent health, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). From CNN: "We were in the midst of Storm Dennis at the weekend when these snakes, who need heat and light in o...
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Man performs CPR on gecko floating in his beer

A fellow named Brett, aka "Slab," was having a beer with his buddies at the the Amble Inn in Corindi Beach, New South Wales, Australia, when he noticed a gecko in his mug. The gecko wasn't moving so Slab sprang into action, as seen in the video above. Yes, geckos do sometimes play dead as a defense mechanism. But either way, good on ya, Slab! (
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