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‘The LEGO Movie 2’ Cast Includes Social Media Icon/Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice, walking meme machine and all-around good sport, took some time away from holding the entire fate of the United States on her shoulders to lend her voice to The LEGO Movie 2 cast. Ginsburg will be playing herself, in LEGO form (of course). I’m pretty sure this makes Ginsburg the first Supreme Court Justice to appear in a cartoon, except for that time Earl Warren appeared as the voice of the Galloping Ghost on an episode of Scooby-Doo*. In 2018, Ruth...
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BB-8 Got to Kick Some Ass in This Week's Star Wars Resistance

Having BB-8 on Star Wars Resistance was a stroke of genius. Not only does it allow fans to have one of the most popular characters from the movies on the show, we know where he is during those movies. BB-8’s presence sort of a becomes a ticking clock because, eventually, he and Poe will head to Jakku and things will…Read more...
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‘How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’ Brings Poster Legend Drew Struzan Out of Retirement

Drew Struzan has left behind a legacy of some of the most iconic movie posters of all time, with his posters for films like the Star Wars saga, the Back to the Future trilogy, the Indiana Jones series, The Thing, Blade Runner, and more, cementing his status as one of today’s the most influential pop artists. But the movie poster legend is effectively retired, making his last poster for 2015’s The Force Awakens. But one animated franchise has brought Struzan out of retirement. Struzan has emerge...
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‘The Little Mermaid’ 30th Anniversary 4K Blu-ray Release Brings All-New Bonus Features

The Little Mermaid is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and to commemorate the beloved Disney classic, the film is being released on 4K Ultra Blu-ray and Digital HD next month. Aside from getting the movie in the highest possible quality, fans will also be treated to some new special features, including a celebratory discussion and musical performance with composer Alan Menken and some of Disney’s most beloved leading ladies. Get the full rundown of The Little Mermaid 4K Blu-ray and d...
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‘Glass’ Could Shatter $60 Million During Opening Weekend, ‘LEGO Movie 2’ Tracking For $55 Million Opening

The box office tracking numbers have arrived, and M. Night Shyamalan‘s new superhero sequel Glass could end up having the highest-grossing opening weekend of any of his films thus far. Meanwhile, The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is currently on track for an opening somewhere between $45-$55 million in its first weekend, a significant drop from $69 million the original movie pulled in during that stretch. Get more details below. The Hollywood Reporter has the latest bit of Glass box office t...
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‘The LEGO Movie 2’ TV Spots: Batman is No Longer a Bat-chelor, More Awesome New Footage

Warner Bros. has released a slew of new The LEGO Movie 2 TV spots that tease some awesome new footage from the highly anticipated The LEGO Movie sequel. The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where the residents of Bricksburg (now Apocalypseburg) must defend their home from alien invaders and deal with the arrival of new potential allies/enemies, including Tiffany Haddish’s character Queen Watevra WaNabi. Watevra features heavily in the new The LEGO Movie ...
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Full US Trailer for Stop-Motion 'Captain Morten and the Spider Queen'

"You're no captain, and that's no ship." The Orchard has released the official US trailer for a stop-motion animated film titled Captain Morten and the Spider Queen, which is actually more of a kids fairy tale despite that ominous title. This premiered at the Annecy Film Festival last year, and is getting a direct-to-VOD release in the US in February. The film is about a ten year old boy who is waiting for his sailor father to return home. He accidentally floods a cafe and is magically shrun...
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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse's Most Triumphant Moment Still Rules in Lego Form

There are many incredible moments in Into the Spider-Verse. My personal answer? All of it. It’s just...all of it. But even among the most incredible bits, the moment Miles takes his leap of faith and swings high is the ultimate—and it’s just as good whether it’s in the film’s incredible animation style or in Lego.Read more...
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Watch this marvelous animation that summarizes humanity in five minutes

Director Fabio Friedli animated 3,000 images to tell the story of humanity "from a seed to war, from meat to love, from indifference to apocalypse." “It is such an excessive amount of things, shown in such a short time, you are never able to perceive everything,” Friedli told Vimeo. “I like to believe it’s one’s subconscious that chooses what you see, hear and feel, depending on what is occupying your head and heart at the moment. No one has the same first ‘In A Nutshell’ experience.”
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The Art Of Kazuchika Kise Book Review

Kazuchika Kise is a veteran animator/director that has worked on some of the most highly acclaimed anime films out there, with titles like Patlabor 2 : The Movie, Ghost In The Shell, Evangelion, Blood The Last Vampire and many more. This art book features a huge collection of anime art work from the titles mentioned above, including genga ( keyframe drawings ) to character designs and colored illustrations for the numerous films he worked on. All the material showcased are fantastic, but the ...
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Tickets for ‘How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’ Early Screenings Go on Sale Today

Fandango is inviting How to Train Your Dragon fans to its hidden world three weeks early. The ticketing company is teaming up with DreamWorks Animation to offer How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World early screenings on February 2, nearly a month before the film is set to hit theaters, with tickets going on sale today. Tickets for the limited engagement How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World early screenings go on sale today on Fandango. The first screening, will be held on February 2...
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Complex Math Made Simple With Engaging Animations: Fourier Transform, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Neural Networks & More

In many an audio engineering course, I’ve come across the Fourier Transform, an idea so fundamental in sound production that it seems essential for everyone to know it. My limited understanding was, you might say, functional. It’s some kind of mathematical reverse engineering machine that turns waveforms into frequencies, right? Yes, but it’s much more than that. The idea can seem overwhelming to the non-mathematically-inclined among us. The Fourier Transform, named for French mathematic...
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John Lasseter Fields Questions on Sexual Harassment From Concerned Skydance Employees

Outcry exploded following John Lasseter‘s hiring at Skydance Animation a year after the animation magnate stepped down from his roles at Disney and Pixar in the wake of unspecified sexual harassment allegations. Lasseter stepped into the role of chief at Skydance Animation merely nine days after his contract expired with Disney, which many in the industry saw as too little time for Lasseter to be held accountable for his actions. Lasseter and Skydance CEO David Ellison turned to a town hall to ...
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Wayhomer Review #190: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

It’s Episode #190 for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, in which our protagonist is blown away not only by badass animation and a kickass story, but also by the fact Spider-Ham is in a feature film. Direct link. Written by Phil Lord & Rodney Rothman, based on a story by Lord, which was based on characters created by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, and about twenty-six other people Directed by Bob Perischetti, Peter Ramsey & Rodney Rothman Starring the Voices of Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson, Hai...
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‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ Clip: Watch the Entire “A Place Called Slaughter Race” Musical Sequence

Every Disney princess deserves their big sweeping solo song, and in Ralph Breaks the Internet, Princess Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) got one — albeit an appropriately offbeat one. The young video game racer and quirky princess got her own solo song penned by the legendary Disney maestro Alan Menken in a song that is equal parts self-deprecating and inspirational, in the vein of both Wreck-It Ralph movies. But boy does Vanellope sing her little heart out about murderous street racing in the full ...
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The LEGO Movie 2 Confirms Gal Gadot, Margot Robbie & Jason Momoa as Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn & Aquaman

The LEGO Movie already gave us the minifigure version of Justice League, and they all came together again in The LEGO Batman Movie. But when we see a few of the DC Comics superheroes in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, they’ll have different voices than we’ve heard before, but they’ll still be very recognizable. Gal Gadot, Margot Robbie and Jason Momoa have all been confirmed to lend their voices to the LEGO minifigure versions of their live-action DC Extended Universe characters Wonder Woman...
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Did You Win Acclaimed Animated Drama TEHRAN TABOO On DVD?

We've got two DVDs of the acclaimed Iran animation to give away. Read more >>> [Author:]
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Sequel Bits: ‘Avatar’, ‘Toy Story 4’, ‘Glass’, ‘Bird Box’, ‘The Amityville Murders,’ ‘Mallrats 2’, ‘The LEGO Movie 2’, ‘Mary Poppins’, ‘Rambo 5’

In this edition of Sequel Bits: Bob Iger talks the future of Avatar. Check out a new image from Toy Story 4. Watch a comic book-style trailer for Glass. Will there be a Bird Box sequel? The Amityville Murders trailer takes you back to that famous haunted house. Kevin Smith pitched a Mallrats sequel series to Hulu, Netflix and more. Behold a new poster for The LEGO Movie 2 Mary Poppins Returns sequel in early development. Sylvester Stallone shares yet another Rambo 5 image. The big Disney-...
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Fan-Made Breath of the Wild Animation Astounds

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has still been leaving quite an impact on players as a special fan animation has appeared, demonstrating an inspiring level of quality that will surely convince those who have yet to play the game into pursuing it. The animation has Link fighting against two dangerous Guardians:
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Pixar’s Announces New Short Film Program, SparkShorts

Pixar shorts have long pioneered storytelling and animation techniques, and now the animation studio is unveiling a whole program focused on just that. The SparkShorts experimental storytelling initiative cultivates new creative voices inside and outside of Pixar, and will unveil its first three short films next week at Hollywood’s El Capitan Theatre for an exclusive one-week run. The shorts will then be made available online in Pixar’s first-ever YouTube exclusive launch in the weeks that foll...
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An Animated History of Cats: How Over 10,000 Years the Cat Went from Wild Predator to Sofa Sidekick

Dogs sees us as their masters while cats sees us as their slaves. - Anonymous The next time your friend’s pet cat sinks its fangs into your wrist, bear in mind that the beast is probably still laboring under the impression that it’s guarding the granaries. Anthropologist Eva-Maria Geigl’s animated Ted-Ed Lesson, The History of the World According to Cats, above, awards special recognition to Unsinkable Sam, a black-and-white ship’s cat who survived three WWII shipwrecks (on both Axis and...
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‘The Grinch’ is Now the Highest Grossing Christmas Movie of All-Time

Christmas is over, but Illumination Entertainment’s new take on Dr. Seuss’ classic story How the Grinch Stole Christmas has proven to have some impressively long legs at the box office. In fact, The Grinch box office has passed the $500 million mark at the global box office, making Universal’s holiday hit the highest grossing Christmas movie of all-time. Variety has The Grinch box office update with the film landing $500,497,753, which is well past Home Alone‘s worldwide haul of $476,684,675....
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John Lasseter is Now in Charge of Skydance Animation, Time’s Up Issues Statement Condemning the Hire [Updated]

Update: Time’s Up, the organization that seeks to provide safe working environments for women in Hollywood and beyond, has condemned Skydance for hiring Lasseter. You can read their full statement at the bottom of this article. Our original piece follows. After a year away from the animation industry due to a public fallout with Disney and Pixar over misconduct allegations, John Lasseter has a new high-profile job at a different company in Hollywood. Only nine days after Lasseter’s contract exp...
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Skydance Hires Alleged Sexual Harasser John Lasseter, Apparently Doesn't Care About the Women Who Work There

Little over one year after former Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animations Studios chief creative officer John Lasseter was ousted over alleged multiple instances of sexual harassment, Skydance has decided it’s fine to put its own female employees at risk by hiring him.Read more...
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New ‘Star Wars Resistance’ Trailer Includes a ‘Force Awakens’ Villain, Series Renewed For Season 2

Star Wars Resistance returns from its winter break in just a few days, and now Disney Channel has debuted a new trailer showing some highlights of what fans can expect when the animated series makes its big comeback. One of those highlights is a crossover with a key moment in Star Wars: The Force Awakens that involves one of that film’s major villains. Plus, the show has officially been renewed for a second season. Check out the new trailer and learn more below. Star Wars Resistance Trailer ...
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Every Single Animated Short on the 2019 Oscars Shortlist is Available to Watch Online

Best Animated Short has long been a category overlooked by audiences — maybe they’re too experimental, too niche, too idiosyncratic. But perhaps the largest reason they’re overlooked is because no one has seen them. Apart from Pixar and Disney animated shorts, which reach the highest audiences thanks to their placement in front of theatrical releases, Oscar-nominated animated shorts often suffer from engagement scarcity, nearly always kept offline even after the shortlist is announced. This was...
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‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ Characters Could Get Their Own Animated Series

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse may not be as successful at the box office as the usual theatrical offerings starring characters from Marvel Comics, but the film has garnered plenty of acclaim from critics and fans alike. Now that the movie came away with a victory for Best Animated Film at the Golden Globes over presumed frontrunner Incredibles 2, the film might have longer legs at the box office, which could make a sequel an even bigger deal. But the potential for the Spider-Verse to expand...
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‘Space Jam’ Sequel ‘Skate Jam’ Almost Happened, Starring Tony Hawk

A Space Jam sequel is currently in the works with LeBron James in the lead, but at one point, we almost had a very different follow-up. According to skateboard legend Tony Hawk, Warner Bros. approached him in the early 2000s to star in a film called Skate Jam, which would presumably feature the Looney Tunes characters riding skateboards and saying things like “Sick shred, bro! Now hit the halfpipe!” Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?), the box office failure of Looney Tunes: Back in Action ...
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Netflix Animated Anthology ‘Love, Death & Robots’ Coming from David Fincher and ‘Deadpool’ Director Tim Miller

David Fincher and Tim Miller aren’t exactly names I associate with each other, but both filmmakers are now involved with the upcoming Netflix animated anthology Love, Death & Robots. The series will feature a variety of genres, with 5 to 15 minute episodes presented in 2D animation, photoreal CGI, and more. Different teams of filmmakers from all over the globe will have a hand in creating the series. It would be pretty cool if David Fincher made another movie again. But in the meantime, we’l...
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How ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ and ‘Akira’ Are Forever Connected

This article contains spoilers for Akira and the Batman-centric DCAU films and TV shows. A giant explosion of light and sound. Biker gangs and crime-ridden streets. A city run by crooked politicians and a militarized police force. A flawed hero who operates outside the law and is pitted against a villain who thrives on chaos. All these make Batman: Mask of the Phantasm , the spinoff film of Batman: The Animated Series , one of the most iconic representations of the DC Comics hero ever put ...
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