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"Lo and behold, the great philosopher’s number was listed right there, next to those of mere mortals. But who should be the one to call Rawls?"

"No one volunteered for this daunting task. So Anjan nominated me. 'You should talk to him,' he said, 'because you guys have a lot in common.' The idea that a world-famous political philosopher would have anything in common with an obscure high school sophomore struck me as ridiculous. Still, a part of me was flattered by Anjan’s suggestion that I should be the one to call Rawls. So I let him persuade me. With trembling fingers, I dialed Rawls’ number, half-hoping that he wouldn’t be home. It tu...
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5 Leadership Traits for the New Now

We were all excited about 2020 and the future of work, new projects, and new dreams. And then came COVID-19. Needless to say, it has influenced the entire industry sector. A ton has changed for us; remote working, decentralization, changing workplace culture, and communication methods are just some initial impacts, and more is yet to come. Being a successful leader is never easy. They need to exhibit some really effective leadership qualities that help them achieve more significant goals and tar...
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The Daily Edit – Forbes India: Anjan Das

Forbes India Creative Director and Photographer: Anjan Das Heidi: Did you shoot and series and then curate this work? Anjan: I have been brainstorming in my head about this idea (Against all odds), revolving around how the livelihood of people have been affected during this pandemic. How to approach the subjects? What would be that common link/connection? Prepared a storyboard, listed down some professions which were badly hit & people who were associated with it. Started to conn...
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5 Critical Lessons for Founders During the COVID Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the world go into a standstill. Its impact can be felt not only on personal lives but for disrupting varying areas of businesses as well. With every government in the world issuing some form of a lockdown or other, businesses (especially small) have been negatively impacted. It has resulted in a drop in business activity, supply chain disruptions, and cancelled travels, and postponed meetings. A distinguishing feature for organizations during such trying times is h...
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How a Cloud-based Platform Can Impact Your Employee Engagement Efforts

The most important trait/gift that nature gave us humans is the ability to adapt to change. It is because of this trait that we could come so far. Every invention we made was accomplished with only one intention in mind, and that was to simplify our efforts to achieve more. The echoes of our progressive character can be felt in every aspect of our lives, including our work culture. We moved on from getting involved in hard physical labor to a much easier sedentary working style. However, every d...
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A software guy left his job to be self employed – His complete story

One of our readers, Anjan had shared his experience of leaving his salaried job last year to become self-employed . He wrote a detailed experience of his journey on one of the posts so I am reproducing his message in form of article here. (note that this was shared last year, but I am posting […] The post A software guy left his job to be self employed – His complete story appeared first on Online Financial Planning in India - Jagoinvestor.
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My Soul is Blooming with Exquisite Magnificence

Is it all true, O my ever admirer.The beam of my sparkling eyesAre full of mystery, like the nor’wester, is it true?My tender lips seem red as fervent of a young bride.O my admirer, is that all true?My soul is blooming with exquisite magnificence.Heavenly music sounds with each of my steps, is it true?Not being able to locate me drops of dew gets dislodged.The bliss of morning light is meant for me, is it true?Frenzied wind is anxious to meet my scorched cheeks.O my admirer is it all true?- Son...
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Matthew Billingsly to Adapt ‘Stringer’ Starring ‘Hundred Foot Journey’s’ Manish Dayal

Matthew Billingsly, who penned the Black List script “Code Name Veil,” will adapt “Stringer: a Reporter’s Year in the Congo.” “The Hundred Foot Journey” actor Manish Dayal is set to star. Dayal, Laura Hersh and Dan Spilo of Industry Entertainment optioned the project last year and will produce. The novel follows “Anjan” (to be played by Dayal) who turned... Read more »
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Capricoast: A kitchen in the making

It’s been three months since we moved into this new house. It feels like home now. We cherish the crisp air in the mornings, the evening breeze, and I must sheepishly admit, I sometimes miss the sounds and cacophony of Marathahalli. In today’s post, I offer you first glimpses into my kitchen: a place that I hold dear to my heart because of the time and effort that went into  its planning, civil modifications, designing, choosing a vendor and execution. Kitchen layout: It is a 14 feet long by 11...
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Short skirts, bad stars, chow mein: why rape happens in India

The 2012 Delhi bus rape case and an ever-longer list of rapes and murders in India have prompted politicians and public figures in India to cite plenty of implausible reasons why rape happens and why men brutalise women or portray women in ways that suggest they had it coming. Many people, when speaking out, tend to minimise the crime or rationalise it in ways that sound ludicrous to many. We created this list of such comments a few years ago, but it seems like it’s time to add some new entries...
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