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Amy Coney Barrett confirmed.

Just seen on TV.  [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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At the Monday Night Café...

 ... you can talk about whatever you like. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"The best taste on the planet."

  It's a podcast... of the odd last few posts on a blog called Althouse. Topics: Kanye and Black History Month, abortion, and the best taste in the world, Chinese millennials don’t want democracy, the abstruse sexual inaction of politics, Cher sings for Joe like Sinatra sang for JFK, Kazakhstan adopts the Borat catchphrase, and the idea that voting for Biden will push back the left. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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This time around, Kazakhstan rolls with the "Borat" satire and makes tourism ads with the catchphrase "Very nice!"

  The NYT reports:  [Dennis Keen, and American who lives in Kazakhstan] hosts a travel show on a state television channel. (“I’m kind of like the American Borat,” Mr. Keen said.) When Mr. Keen learned about the sequel, he thought... Kazakhstan should embrace the Borat character’s catchphrase and turn it into the country’s tourism slogan: “Kazakhstan. Very nice!”...  Two weeks ago, Mr. Keen and a friend, Yermek Utemissov, who helps foreign film companies arrange shoots in Kazakhstan, pitched ...
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"But fears of a Biden presidency leading to a woke takeover misunderstand the way public opinion moves in America."

"Because Trump’s ample failings have given the most misguided claims of the far left a superficial veneer of plausibility, Trump himself has been the far left’s biggest ally. And if the Biden administration does overreach on key cultural issues, that will likely set the stage for a course correction—a cascade back to moderation. If you want to combat illiberalism, casting a vote for Donald Trump is the worst possible thing you can do.' Writes Yascha Mounk in "Trump Is the Best Candidate for t...
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"Right now our country's gloomy/Fear is in the air/But when Joe's president/Hope is everywhere/Troubles fly away/And life will easy flow/Joe will keep us safe/That's all we need to know...."

  Cher weighs in — that's all you need to know — at the 2020 I Will Vote Concert last night.  As New York Magazine explains, "Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe" is an old song — Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg song from the 1943 film musical "Cabin in the Sky." Here's its original context — question whether there's a problem of racial appropriation — with the devastatingly sweet Ethel Waters:   Original lyrics: "It seems like/Happiness is just a thing called Joe/He's got a smile that mak...
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"We are witnessing a new sexualization of politics, something quite other from 'repressive desublimation,' the term made famous by Herbert Marcuse in the 1960s..."

"... to describe the way an advanced industrial culture uses a mix of technology and partially satiated consumer desires to neutralize any potential working-class revolt. We might call it promiscuity in its psychotic mode. Brazenly, it displays itself without apology to a world excited and repelled in equal measure by unconscious forces—lust, greed, hatred, and rage—that no one readily admits to and that are being harnessed on behalf of everyone. No point, therefore, asking how bad it can get, ...
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Millennials in China look askance at American democracy.

Or so we're told, in "Who needs democracy? China’s 400 million millennials prefer iPhones" (in the London Times):  “These millennials represent a radical change from previous generations,” said Keyu Jin, a professor at the London School of Economics and consultant to Richemont, the world’s second-biggest luxury goods company. “They are confident. They’re prosperous. They’re privileged. And, most importantly, they’re incredibly proud of their nation and its economic prospects.”  Despite the cav...
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"Anything I go into — producing, rap, homes, clothing, anything — once I'm given the right information, I apply my taste. And I have the best taste on the planet."

"It was something that God put in my heart back in 2015. A few days before the MTV awards it hit me in the shower. When I first thought of it, I just started laughing to myself and all this joy came over my body, through my soul. I felt that energy and spirit. Two days later, I accepted the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the MTV Awards. Instead of performing my array of hit songs, I gave just my perspective on awards shows.... It even took heart to say it in that context and people were...
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"We're given Black History Month and we take that like it's some gift to us.... What if we had, Remember When I Cheated on You Month? How does that make you feel?"

Kanye West on Black History Month, quoted in "10 Takeaways From Kanye West's Conversation With Joe Rogan" (Billboard): Most Black people, we don't know where we came from. We think we came from slaves. We don't know our bloodline. We're given Black History Month and we take that like it's some gift to us. No, it's programming to us. Racism doesn't end until we get to a point where we stop having to put the word 'Black' in front of it, because it's like we're putting the rim a little bit lower fo...
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At the Sunrise Café...

  ... you can write about anything you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Alone in the closet."

  It's a podcast...  Topics: "The Supreme Court doesn’t need reforming, we’re all running out of steam, Kanye’s Coliseum for God, Mr. Bojangles, shaming men for acting like women, remaking 'Rebecca,; family love among the Bidens and Trumps, Obama knows you’re exhausted." [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Harvard lawprof Noah Feldman answers no to the question "Does the Supreme Court really need reform?"

"It’s worth remembering that the undoubtedly conservative Supreme Court that has existed over the last 30 years give us [sic] gay rights, gay marriage, and now statutory protection for the rights of trans people. The same court has chipped away at affirmative action, but has not (yet) eliminated it. Ditto for abortion rights. Yes, it eviscerated the Voting Rights Act, but in a way Congress could repair if it so chose. In fact, in the almost 90 years since Franklin Delano Roosevelt became presid...
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"We’ve got a president who actually suggested selling Puerto Rico. Believe it or not, it could have been worse. He once asked our national security officials if he could nuke hurricanes."

"I mean, at least he didn’t do that. A nuclear hurricane seems like it would have been bad. I mean, it would be funny if it wasn’t. Look. Some of the rhetoric you’re hearing down here in South Florida, it’s just made up. It’s just nonsense. Listening to the Republicans, you’d think Joe was more Communist than the Castros. Don’t fall for that garbage, don’t fall for that okey-doke. Joe Biden is not a socialist. He was a senator from Delaware. He was my vice president. I think folks would know if ...
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"In 1938, the dread in taking over a big house like Manderley came from the idea that one could end up an inept matriarch, a woman who could not fulfill her obligations."

"Today, the story could have been fertile terrain on which to explore issues of control, abuse, and the sheer terror of becoming a wife at all. Hitchcock’s version was shaped in other ways by the mores of the time. Because of Hays Code restrictions, the homoeroticism of Mrs. Danvers’s longing for Rebecca could be addressed only through innuendo.... A new film could have explored the violence and sensuality of du Maurier’s tale any way it pleased. And yet Ben Wheatley’s superficial, slapdash new ...
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"He grabbed his pants for a better stance — whoa, he jumped so high... He let go a laugh, let go a laugh, shook back his clothes all around...."

   Goodbye to Jerry Jeff Walker, who died in Austin, Texas last Friday at the age of 78.  The song "Mr. Bojangles," written by Walker and recorded by him in 1968, was a pretty big hit song for Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in 1970. Others who've recorded it include: Chet Atkins, Harry Belafonte, David Bromberg, Garth Brooks, JJ Cale, Jim Croce, Sammy Davis Jr., John Denver, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Bobbie Gentry, Arlo Guthrie, Tom T. Hall, Whitney Houston, Billy Joel, Elton John, Frankie Laine...
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Kanye West envisions a "Coliseum for God" with 100,000 gospel singers and imitates the sound of 100,000 people singing "glory, glory" in unison.

I've just clipped out one section of this podcast, so please listen to the end of my cut. There's some great stuff about running everything on water and how we would all be happy by now if Edison had not defeated Tesla: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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A WaPo perspective on family love.

A screen shot from the home page of The Washington Post right now: Not going to click. Not going to make links for you. I am fed up with the stupidity... the mere thought that we should want to read such dreck. It's an insult. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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It's the season of fading — click on your favorite view of fading.

A view, yesterday:     This morning, Real Clear Politics gives us our choice of which of 2 roads diverged in a woods you want to take to view the fading foliage:   Maybe we're all running out of steam and continuing to fade. After watching years of this presidential campaign, to be left with these 2 dismal candidates and — knowing they both have terrible problems — to resort to clicking on articles by partisan writers who promise to show readers that the other guy is fading. Pick one...
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At the Saturday Night Cafe...

 ... you can write about anything. ADDED: I'd forgotten to upload my sunrise photo so I put up the café without documenting my run to the sunrise, but here it is belatedly: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"A weird obsession with skin and blood."

  It's a podcast about Kamala’s womb rhetoric, Obama’s cages, football patriotism, a female socialist President, bleeders, books bound in human skin, believing or disbelieving that Hunter’s laptop is real, anti-racist Boogaloo Bois, and the chimney-top dandelion. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Insisting that the Hunter Biden laptop is fake is a trap. So is insisting that it’s real."

A WaPo headline that made me laugh. I am a little desperate for laughs, but still. I laughed. This is a column by Thomas Rid, who wrote "Active Measures: The Secret History of Disinformation and Political Warfare" and a professor of strategic studies at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. Excerpt:  [I]n the likely continued absence of certainty either way, the Biden leaks deserve the full potential-disinformation treatment. This means three concrete things. First...
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"It’s easier to believe that objects of human skin are made by monsters like Nazis and serial killers, not the well-respected doctors the likes of whom parents want their children to become someday."

Says Megan Rosenbloom, author of "DARK ARCHIVES/A Librarian’s Investigation Into the Science and History of Books Bound in Human Skin," quoted in "Yes, Books Were Bound in Human Skin. An Intrepid Librarian Finds the Proof" by James Hamblin (NYT). In fact, anthropodermic bibliopegy was not the practice of some singularly heinous regime.... Human skin leather looks indistinguishable from that of other mammals, and only recent developments in DNA sequencing technology have made it possible to tell ...
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The term” female” is outdated and disrespectful. From now on, I demand to be referred to as a bleeder.— Titania McGrath (@TitaniaMcGrath) October 24, 2020 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"By the way, Kamala will not be your first female president. She will not be your first female president. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be."

"We’re not supposed to have the socialist… Look, we’re not going to be a socialist nation. We’re not going to have a socialist president, especially any female socialist president. We’re not going to have it. We’re not going to put up with it. It’s not going to happen."  Said Trump, at his rally in The Villages, Florida. Transcript. He chuckles over "especially a female socialist president" — so it's a joke, an inside joke for you people who think women are irrational and disabled by empathy. ...
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"The NBA and the NFL are struggling with lower ratings, as fans clearly do not want political messaging mixed with their sports."

"So how should the leagues support and promote an anti-racism position without becoming political and alienating fans?" — Brett Favre asked President Trump (at the White House), WaPo reports, here. Trump said the sports leagues could “promote an anti-racism position without becoming political and alienating fans,” but they need the players to "stand and salute, or put their hand over their heart, or at least stand for the national anthem and salute" — “They’re going to have to start respecting...
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"But if Biden wins, your borders will be gone and your country will be gone, frankly. Look, this is not a man that’s capable."

"When I meet with these heads of state, the one thing I can tell you, they’re sharp. They’re sharp. They’re not off. They’re sharp. This is not a man that can handle the job.... All he talks about is COVID, COVID, COVID because they want to scare people. And we’ve done so well with it. Now it’s 99.8%. I mean, you look at what’s going on and we’re rounding the turn. We’re rounding the corner. We’re rounding the corner beautifully. But Joe Biden was very disrespectful last night to President Barac...
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"If you are black and hold elected office in America, coming to Atlanta is like coming back to the womb."

Said Kamala Harris, yesterday in Atlanta. Transcript.   [Donald Trump] had the gall... to suggest that he keeps a ledger, and you’re on one side of his ledger if you don’t wear a mask, you’re on another side of his ledger if you wear a mask. And now look where we are. Now look where we are.…  Even before he was running for office when he questioned the legitimacy of the birthplace of the first black president of the United States, has been so weirdly obsessed with trying to get rid of whatever ...
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The chimney dandelion.

  Photo by Meade. I don't go on the roof! Write about whatever you want in the comments. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"In the wake of protests following the May 25 killing of George Floyd, a member of the 'Boogaloo Bois' opened fire on Minneapolis Police Third Precinct with an AK-47-style gun and screamed 'Justice for Floyd'..."

"... as he ran away, according to a federal complaint made public Friday. A sworn affidavit by the FBI underlying the complaint reveals new details about a far-right anti-government group’s coordinated role in the violence that roiled through civil unrest over Floyd’s death while in police custody. Ivan Harrison Hunter, a 26-year-old from Boerne, Texas, is charged with one count of interstate travel to incite a riot for his alleged role in ramping up violence during the protests in Minneapolis o...
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