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PlayStation 5 Will Be Backwards Compatible with Some PlayStation 4 Games

One of the official accounts for Sony PlayStation in Japan has elaborated on the upcoming PlayStation 5’s backwards compatibility, explaining how it will work with the disc reader version of the console. The message and a translation of the tweet explaining the PlayStation 5’s backwards compatibility: If the PS4 game is supported by PS5’s compatibility […]
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Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2 Will Race Endlessly in 2021

The main Uma Musume Pretty Derby anime is looking set to embarrass those responsible for the smartphone game as a second season has been announced, bound to have many pondering if the gacha-laden title will ever see the light of day (it was initially announced back in 2016). An official teaser for the second season […]
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Final Fate/stay Night Heaven’s Feel Movie Sells Over 1 Million Tickets

Aniplex has announced on the official Fate/stay Night Heaven’s Feel movie website that the latest and final movie adapting the Heaven’s Feel route of Fate/stay night has sold over a million tickets. The third movie, Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] III.spring song, debuted in Japan on the 15th of August and managed to sell a total […]
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Baki: Son of Ogre Anime Formally Announced

The leaked magazine scan was proven right as an official anime for Baki‘s Baki: Son of Ogre book has been confirmed, promising plenty more crazy and bewildering fights as the show builds up to the final confrontation between Yujirou and Baki. The PV for this announcement showed almost nothing from the anime itself, instead opting […]
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Funimation Denies Claims of Azur Lane BD Censorship

Funimation has responded to the controversy that has been floating around online claiming that their release of the Azur Lane anime BD will be censored, stating that they are actually not censoring it and bound to leave their many critics skeptical of this assertion. Funimation provided a statement through the usual toxic sources: “We’re aware […]
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RPGMaker Game Mad Father Being Remade for Nintendo Switch & PC

Cult classic RPGMaker game Mad Father is being revived for the Nintendo Switch and PC, a remake that will grant the ancient title new graphics that will hopefully induce a new level of gruesomeness into the horror game. Initially released in 2012, the title managed to attain a large following in the RPGMaker community, eventually […]
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Lowering the Primary Barrier to Legal Innovation – Access to Good Data

[Editor’s note: does not typically publish releases or announcements, but we are making an exception here below. We wish Colin the best of luck in his new non-profit initiative.] Ottawa, September 21, 2020 – The Legal Innovation Data Institute brings the power of many to meet the interests of all. Imagine trying to write a story with only a partial alphabet. Or trying to write a song with access to just a few notes. It’s the same with legal data – the more you can access, the more you ca...
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Pocket Monsters Anime Preparing a Sword & Shield Arc

It has been announced that the Pocket Monsters anime will now be trudging over to the Galar region for an arc based on the Pokemon Sword and Shield games, a tradition of the anime that could not be passed up as all sorts of familiar characters will be seen (and hopefully no low resolution trees). […]
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Hiro Mashima’s Eden’s Zero Being Adapted Into a Game

Hiro Mashima, who is likely best known as the creator of the now concluded Fairy Tail, will be receiving yet another video game based on one of his works, this time being his currently ongoing Eden’s Zero series and bound to excite those avidly keeping up to date on it. Fairy Tail recently got its […]
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Sword Art Online: Progressive Anime Announced

The raving otaku fans of the Sword Art Online franchise were handed a treat come the final episode of Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld, as a PV teased that an anime for Sword Art Online: Progressive is coming. The official Sword Art Online Twitter also relayed the news, along with the initial PV: […]
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Food Recall Warning: Loblaw Companies Limited is Recalling PC Blue Menu brand Artichoke & Asiago Dip Due to Undeclared Egg

Loblaw Companies Limited is recalling PC Blue Menu brand Artichoke & Asiago Dip from the marketplace because it may contain egg which is not declared on the label. People with an allergy to egg should not consume the recalled product described below. What you should do If you have an allergy to egg, do not consume the recalled product as it may cause a serious or life-threatening reaction Check to see if you have the recalled products in your home. Recalled products should be thrown out or ret...
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Baki: Son of Ogre Anime Adaptation Possibly Coming

A supposed leak of a magazine scan has potentially confirmed that an anime adaptation of the next book of the Baki series is coming, instilling joy in avid followers of the fight-heavy series, especially due to the fact that the coveted rematch between Yujirou and Baki might be present. According to those online, the magazine […]
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Rune Factory 5 Conquers Nature & Monsters Next Year on Nintendo Switch

The latest Nintendo Mini Direct livestream showcase revealed the latest 5th entry in the farming and adventure RPG series Rune Factory will be releasing next year in Japan and the West. An overview of the game from Nintendo’s official page along with a trailer in both Japanese and English: A new stage, a new adventure… […]
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Have Your Own Concert With Kizuna AI in Kizuna AI – Touch the Beat!

The first ever virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI has potentially achieved a higher level of grandeur as the fictional maiden has secured herself a game for virtual reality headsets in the form of “Kizuna AI – Touch the Beat!”, a rhythm game that will task players with waving penlights to the beat. The game, which will […]
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Monster Hunter: Rise & Monster Hunter Stories 2 Hunting More Monsters in 2021

Nintendo’s Monster Hunter Direct has announced that more titles are coming for the gargantuan beast-slaying Monster Hunter franchise, as Monster Hunter: Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will soon be arriving to test the monster-hunting mettle of players once more. The English trailer for Monster Hunter: Rise, which features wolf-riding: Monster Hunter: […]
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Final Fantasy XVI Finally Unleashed, Is Another Action Game

Those foolishly hoping the Final Fantasy franchise would return to its turn-based roots with its next installment have been thoroughly disappointed as Final Fantasy XVI has been revealed to be yet another real time “action RPG”, one that is typically rife with more fantasy world drama. Unveiled during the recent PlayStation 5 showcase event, the […]
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Touhou Cannonball Smartphone Game Ending Service in October

Publisher Aniplex announced the Touhou smartphone tabletop RPG Touhou Cannonball will be closing services in the middle of October, perhaps serving as an indicator that the title was not very well-received. Announced through the game’s official website, Touhou Cannonball featured the whole cast of Touhou characters as they battled one another atop a board, with […]
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Spinoff Manga One Piece Episode A Launches

A manga adaptation of One Piece Novel A has launched in the form of One Piece Episode A (Ace), bound to offer a journey full of tears, hardships, and triumphs as the tale divulges the story of Luffy’s brother Ace. Boichi (who did work for Dr. Stone) served as the artist for the manga, which […]
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Twitch Streamer Pokimane’s Virtual YouTuber Debut Not Warmly Welcomed

Highly controversial Twitch streamer Pokimane recently decided to jump on the bandwagon of Virtual YouTubers by debuting her own VTuber model, to the dread of many people following her on social media. The streamer’s tweet and a sample of her VTuber avatar: Pokimane, a popular Canadian gaming streamer with 5.5 million subscribers and 583 million […]
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Space Brothers Fully Supports Japanese Astronaut Soichi Noguchi

The popular science, comedy, and adventure series Space Brothers is once again collaborating with real astronaut Soichi Noguchi, who previously appeared in the series’ anime as well as the live-action movie. This time, the new collaborative effort between the franchise and Noguchi will follow the astronaut’s preparations towards his new SpaceX mission to the International […]
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KonoSuba Seiyuu Sora Amamiya Thanks Fans for 150,000 Subscribers

Established anime seiyuu and singer Sora Amamiya, probably best known for her work as KonoSuba‘s bumbling goddess Aqua, has thanked her fans for accruing her 150,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, additionally thanking overseas fans in English. Her thankful video comes about a week after the seiyuu performed her first question and answer livestream on […]
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Citizens Asked to Not Visit Shibuya for Halloween to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

Tokyo’s Shibuya ward has requested that all the usual comers not visit for Halloween this year due to the influence of the Coronavirus, yet another instance of the deadly disease cancelling cherished events. Every year, a surplus of individuals head to Shibuya ward in costume to celebrate Halloween, parading about Shibuya Center Street and spreading […]
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More Erotic Version of Dokyuu Hentai HxEros Will Be Free for Limited Time

The team responsible for the irresistibly luscious Dokyuu Hentai HxEros have been courteous as they are offering the sexier “H-energy limit breaking” version of the show’s first episode for free, albeit for only a brief span of time so as to encourage purchasing the BD. While the exact details behind what all will be different […]
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Ubisoft CEO Apologizes for Company’s Misconduct & Harassment of Employees

CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, has issued an official apology ahead of Ubisoft’s Forward livestream presentation regarding the recent misconduct and harassment allegations put forward by multiple individuals against the company. The full video message from Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot addressing the controversy surrounding the company for the last couple of months: Earlier in the […]
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Over 15 Million Nintendo Switches Have Been Sold in Japan

Nintendo’s latest console has made some decent headway in the region of Japan as over 15 million Nintendo Switches have been sold in the area, sure to have Nintendo fanboys hoping the company will continue to push out coveted titles. Over a period of three years and six months, it is said that about 15,073,025 […]
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Hatsune Miku Now Serving as Coronavirus Countermeasure Supporter

Crypton Future Media, the creator of Hatsune Miku, has declared that the recognizable mascot and songstress will be assuming the role of Coronavirus Countermeasure Supporter to spread awareness of the Chinese disease. Announced through their official website, Crypton notified users that Hatsune Miku will be assuming this position until March 31st of next year, and […]
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Re:Zero Season 2 the Most Watched Show of Netflix Japan

In a turn of events that will instill awe in no experienced anime veteran, the second season of Re:Zero has become the most watched show of Netflix Japan, an award influenced by the colossal popularity of its first season, which aided in ushering in the now overly abundant isekai genre. The second season of Re:Zero […]
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Funimation Selects Monica Rial as Uzaki Hana’s Actress for English Dub

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! is receiving an English dub after all as Funimation selected the despised Monica Rial to serve as Uzaki Hana, who will likely be pelted with even more hatred considering Twitter’s rejects and Western anime “journalists” completely abhor the fictional girl. Monica Rial earned an abundance of infamy (likely more than she ever […]
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No More Heroes 3 Delayed Due to Coronavirus Impact on Development

The main director for the No More Heroes franchise, Goichi Suda (more commonly known as Suda51), has announced No More Heroes 3 will unfortunately be delayed due to Covid-19 Coronavirus concerns. While Grasshopper Manufacture has been working diligently to make the 2020 release date a possibility, the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted […]
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Be Sure to Join Me at this Year’s “Virtual” Construction Law and Public Contracts Seminar

In case you hadn’t heard, there is a virus going around that has thrown us all a “social distancing” curveball.  Most, if not all, large public events have either gone “virtual” or been postponed or canceled.  Luckily, this year’s 41st Annual Construction Law and Public Contracts Seminar is in the former category. I have discussed the great marketing and learning opportunities to be had at this seminar, usually held at the Boar’s Head Inn in Charlottesville, VA.  This year the focus will be on...
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