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How to Reject Someone on Social Media

I have to deal with so much stupid on social media, it makes me want to quit nearly every site I’m on at least once a week. Surely you’ve had this feeling as well—perhaps it’s because of an annoying friend, a trend that refuses to die, or some political discourse packed with racism and idiocy.Read more...
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Psychology Around the Net: February 20, 2016

Good afternoon, Psych Central readers! First, I have to apologize for the late post. Generally, I try to publish these earlier in the day, but, alas. Technology is a wonderful thing, but unfortunately there are some blips along the way — and I’ve had a few connection issues over the last couple of days. Fortunately, that didn’t stop me from collecting some fascinating pieces for you over the week, so let’s get down to business, shall we? Read on for the latest about mountaintop removal’s affect...
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