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‘Nothing but fish nests’: huge icefish colony found in Antarctic sea

Researchers make unprecedented discovery of 60m active nests while collecting data in Weddell SeaResearchers exploring Antarctica’s seabed have discovered a thriving, unprecedented colony of icefish “about a third of the size of London”.The surprise discovery of about 60 million active nests was made by a team of biologists while collecting routine data at 1.5-2.5 metres above the seafloor of Antarctica’s southern Weddell Sea. Before this discovery, the largest found colony contained only 60 nes...
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The Antarctic is Signaling Big Climate Trouble

Around the frozen continent, a vast current circles the world. New science is revealing the power it holds over the future. Ice shelves are in retreat, and researchers are alarmed at what they're learning. From a report: The immense and forbidding Southern Ocean is famous for howling gales and devilish swells that have tested mariners for centuries. But its true strength lies beneath the waves. The ocean's dominant feature, extending up to two miles deep and as much as 1,200 miles wide, is the A...
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Shift in atmospheric rivers could affect Antarctic sea ice, glaciers

Weather systems responsible for transporting moisture from the tropics to temperate regions in the Southern Hemisphere have been gradually shifting toward the South Pole for the past 40 years, a trend which could lead to increased rates of ice melt in Antarctica, according to new research published in the AGU journal Geophysical Research Letters.
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Antarctic sea ice loss explained in new study

Scientists have discovered that the summer sea ice in the Weddell Sea sector of Antarctica has decreased by one million square kilometres -- an area twice the size of Spain -- in the last five years, with implications for the marine ecosystem. The findings are published this month (June 2020) in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.
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Antarctic sea-ice models improve for the next IPCC report

All the new coupled climate models project that the area of sea ice around Antarctica will decline by 2100, but the amount of loss varies considerably between the emissions scenarios.
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Benthos in the Antarctic Weddell Sea in decline

Over the past quarter-century, changes in Antarctic sea-ice cover have had profound impacts on life on the ocean floor.
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New research first to relate Antarctic sea ice melt to weather change in tropics

While there is a growing body of research showing how the loss of Arctic sea ice affects other parts of the planet, a new study is the first to also consider the long-range effect of Antarctic sea ice melt. It estimates that Arctic and Antarctic ice loss will account for about one-fifth of the warming that is projected to happen in the tropics.
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January 2020 was the hottest January on record

Citing 141 years of records, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), has called last month the hottest January of all, to date. Meanwhile, the 10 warmest January temperatures all took place this century, since 2002, highlighting the accelerated climate crisis. Typically, the first month of the year is the coldest. But recent recordings reveal significantly warmer average temperatures. As NOAA reported, “January 2020 marked the 44th consecutive January and the 421st consecutiv...
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Impact of climate change on Arctic terns

New study shows how changes in Antarctic sea ice is driving one of the world's smallest seabirds to forage further for food.
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First evidence of the impact of climate change on Arctic Terns

New study shows how changes in Antarctic sea ice is driving one of the world's smallest seabirds to forage further for food.
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Larsen ice shelf: Mission to explore uncovered Antarctic ecosystem

Scientists want to reach a section of Antarctic sea-floor exposed by the world's biggest iceberg.
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Scientists Will Once Again Try to Explore Alien Ecosystem Exposed by Giant Antarctic Iceberg

Last year, a team of scientists embarked on a mission to explore the seafloor exposed when a Delaware-sized iceberg popped off the Antarctic Peninsula in 2017. Frustratingly, their ship had to turn around mid-voyage thanks to impenetrable sea ice. This year, amidst near-record low Antarctic sea ice levels, another…Read more...
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Antarctic Sea Ice Is In Record-Low Territory Again, and Nobody Knows Why

What’s happening to Arctic sea ice is pretty straightforward: Earth is getting warmer, and everything’s melting. But on the other side of the planet, things are more complicated, as evidenced by the latest Antarctic sea ice slump that has scientists scratching their heads.Read more...
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Perfectly rectangular iceberg

When we think of icebergs, we imagine jagged towers of ice, like frozen mountains coming out of the sea. That’s why this particular iceberg, shaped like a perfect rectangle with 90-degree angles, looks like such an anomaly. It was discovered near the east coast of the Antarctic peninsula by NASA’s IceBridge aircraft, near the Larsen C ice shelf. According to NASA’s tweet, the iceberg’s “sharp angles and flat surface indicate that it probably recently calved from the ice shelf.” The iceberg is...
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Secret life of an enigmatic Antarctic apex predator

Scientists have, for the first time, tracked the lives of leopard seals as they migrate around Antarctica. The team followed these formidable predators as they move from the frozen Antarctic sea-ice to the more northerly sub-Antarctic islands where they prey on penguins, seals and krill.
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New study provides information on the secret life of an enigmatic Antarctic apex predator

Scientists from British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have, for the first time, tracked the lives of leopard seals as they migrate around Antarctica. The team followed these formidable predators as they move from the frozen Antarctic sea-ice to the more northerly sub-Antarctic islands where they prey on penguins, seals and krill. The study is published this week in the journal PLOS ONE.
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ScienceTake: Breathe Deep: How the Antarctic Sea Spider Gets Oxygen

They don’t have lungs or gills, and they are encased in hard exoskeletons. But somehow these marine creepers are getting oxygen from the water.
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The Coast Guard is asking for help responding to a 'mini arms buildup' with Russia in the Arctic

The Coast Guard is asking for help responding to a 'mini arms buildup' with Russia in the ArcticSEE ALSO: China and Russia have their eyes on the Arctic — and Rex Tillerson says the US is 'late to the game' Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Arctic and Antarctic sea ice just hit record lows — here's what would happen if all the ice melted
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Critical climate record satellite program at risk after Congress slashes funding

Scientists all over Earth depend on sea ice data from United States military satellites. But one of those satellites recently broke down – and only three aging ones remain. Even worse, the United States Congress said a new backup probe had to be dismantled because they reportedly didn’t want to pay to keep it in storage. Almost four decades of essential Arctic and Antarctic sea ice satellite measurements could soon be disrupted. The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) puts together a sea...
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Hole The Size Of Maine Forms In Antarctic Sea Ice

A large hole has opened up in the sea ice cover that sits around Antarctica, satellite images show. The hole that’s the size of the state of Maine has been there for about a month or so but researchers aren’t really sure where it came from or why it formed.
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Antarctic sea ice levels hit record low, but experts are not sure why

Unpredictable nature of Antarctic sea ice levels the focus at conference of meteorology experts in Australia this weekSea ice levels in Antarctica dropped to a record low this year, but experts say there is not a clear link to climate change.More than 60 meteorologists and scientists from around the world are holding a week-long meeting in Hobart, Tasmania, to better understand sea ice changes on the frozen continent. Continue reading...
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How openings in Antarctic sea ice affect worldwide climate

In a new analysis of climate models, researchers reveal the significant global effects that seemingly anomalous polynyas, or openings in sea ice, can have. Their findings indicate that heat escaping from the ocean through these openings impacts sea and atmospheric temperatures and wind patterns around the globe and even rainfall around the tropics.
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This Week in Books: Comic-Con is on, Kermit gets fired and Antarctica is breaking up

Pop quiz: Where can you go to hang out with director Steven Spielberg, Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot and a slew of Stormtroopers? If you said San Diego’s Comic-Con, then you’re probably already there. The once-humble gathering of geeks and cosplayers is now a massive showcase for some Hollywood’s splashiest blockbusters. Even if you’re sitting this one out, you can still get into the spirit of the event. Here are three stellar books making the leap from page to screen and generating buzz at this year...
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This Is Why Antarctic Sea Ice Crashed This Year

The disappearance of Arctic sea ice is a well-documented trend with a well-established cause. But this past summer, Earth scientists were startled to see Antarctic sea ice take a nosedive, too. Now, scientists at the British Antarctic Survey are blaming the event on a spate of freak weather, underscoring how much we…Read more...
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Boaty McBoatface Has Returned From Its Inaugural Mission With a Trove of Data

The world’s most famous yellow submarine has returned home after a successful mission to Antarctica’s Weddell Sea. Expedition organizers say Boaty McBoatface captured “unprecedented” data during its maiden voyage, analyzing deep sea currents at depths exceeding 13,000 feet. Read more...
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This week from AGU: Remarkable 2016 storms caused massive Antarctic sea ice loss

Weekly AGU news from Geospace, The Landslide Blog, and research spotlights.
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France is offering US scientists 4-year grants to move to the country and do research

If you are an American scientist, student, teacher, or business person working on climate change solutions, France would love for you to stay awhile. Following President Trump's June 2 decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement — a multi-country pact that acknowledges global warming poses serious threats to humanity and the environment — the French government has created an outlet for people from all countries who still want to fight climate change. The website is called Make Our Plan...
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Japan Returns With 333 Minke Whale Carcasses After 'Scientific Expedition'

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A Colorado appeals court sided with a group of teenagers who sued the oil industry for not protecting the environment

The Colorado Court of Appeals ruled in favor of a group of teenagers on Thursday, reversing a lower court ruling and opining that the state must hold public health and environmental protection to a higher level of importance than the interests of its oil and gas industry, the Denver Post reported. The case was brought when teenager Xiutezcatl Martinez, with the backing of a number of environmental protection and advocacy groups, filed suit against the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commissio...
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Antarctic Sea Ice Crashed This Year and Scientists Don't Know Why (gizmodo)

Just about every month, it seems, we get a report on the dismal state of Arctic sea ice. By contrast, the shiny white stuff surrounding the Antarctic continent has been remarkably stable in a warming world. This year, however, the sea ice at our planet’s south pole is crashing, and scientists don’t know why.Read more... [Author: Maddie Stone]
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