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Why the penguin post office is desperate for some non-feathered customers

Based in Port Lockroy, Antarctica, it’s the post office at the bottom of the world. Now Ranulph Fiennes is calling for action to ensure it survivesName: Penguin post office.Age: Built in 1944. Continue reading...
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The mysterious metal monolith that was found last week in the Utah desert has vanished.— The New York Times (@nytimes) November 29, 2020 I question whether the monolith has vanished. If you're with me in a room, then you leave and come back a week later, and I am not there, it would be a gross failure to follow Occam's Razor to say that I had "vanished." In all likelihood, I walked out, and I continue to exist. I've gone somewhere else. You just don't know where. The qu...
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Lorde on Antarctica: Thrilling and intense... but eerie

The singer says she found inspiration for her next album during a visit to the bottom of the world.
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Satellite Photos Show Gigantic Iceberg Possibly Drifting Away From Ecologically Sensitive Island

Iceberg A68a—currently the world’s largest iceberg—is rotating and possibly moving in a westerly direction away from South Georgia Island, according to new satellite photos. This is potentially good news, as the enormous chunk of ice appeared to be on a collision course with the wildlife-filled island.Read more...
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Things to do – online and in-person – in the San Fernando Valley, LA area, Nov. 26-Dec. 3

  Leon Keer’s “In Case of Lost Childhood,” acrylic on hand cut wood panel, is part of the “Nexus Three” online exhibit from Brand Library and Art Center in Glendale. (Photo courtesy of Leon Keer/Brand Library and Art Center)   Take a chance on cultural and educational experiences, Nov. 26-Dec. 3   EVENTS   Los Angeles Christmas Market: A pop-up shopping experience, opens 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Nov. 27. Check website on Covid-19 precautions. Photo with Santa Claus — in a sleigh with non-reflective...
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Lorde urges climate action ahead of new book on Antarctica trip

New Zealand singer says Donald Trump, Great Thunberg and California wildfires spurred her to visit before it turns ‘to slush’The singer Lorde has written an impassioned entreaty for the world to face the climate emergency head-on after visiting Antarctica.Lorde said Donald Trump, California wildfires and the advocacy of Greta Thunberg spurred her to “head south” in a bid to visit the frozen continent before it turned “to slush”. Continue reading...
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Silversea Cruises: 2022/2023 Itineraries

CLICK TO VIEW 2022 2023 ITINERARIES AT A GLANCE Silversea Cruises: 2022/2023 Itineraries Silversea Cruises has just released their 2022/2023 itineraries. You can view the itinerary at a glance by clicking the image to the right. We shared with you last week that Silversea Cruises is now more all-inclusive than ever .  And it all begins with their 2022 cruises. Silversea Cruises 2022 & 2023 Collection For 2022 & 2023, the Silversea collection will include: 315 new voyages on 10 ships begin...
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A rich source of nutrients under the Earth's ice sheets

Trace elements such as iron and zinc are essential micronutrients for all kinds of organisms. Below ice sheets, which cover around ten percent of the Earth's land surface, larger quantities of these substances are mobilised than previously assumed. This is shown by new data from Greenland and Antarctica, which were collected and analysed by an international research team led by Jon Hawkings from the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences and Florida State University (USA).
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New clues shed light on importance of Earth's ice sheets

Researchers examining subglacial waters both from Antarctica and Greenland found that these waters have higher concentrations of important, life-sustaining elements than previously thought, answering a big unknown for scientists seeking to understand the Earth's geochemical processes.
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Shift in atmospheric rivers could affect Antarctic sea ice, glaciers

Weather systems responsible for transporting moisture from the tropics to temperate regions in the Southern Hemisphere have been gradually shifting toward the South Pole for the past 40 years, a trend which could lead to increased rates of ice melt in Antarctica, according to new research published in the AGU journal Geophysical Research Letters.
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CS Interviews: Werner Herzog and Clive Oppenheimer Discuss Fireball

CS Interviews: Werner Herzog and Clive Oppenheimer Discuss Fireball The fascinating new documentary Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds is now streaming on Apple TV and was able to sit down and talk with the film’s directors, Werner Herzog and Clive Oppenheimer, who discussed what it was like to travel around the world to discover the power behind meteorites. Here’s the synopsis: A journey across the planet and universe explores how meteorites, shooting stars and deep impact...
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Blue whale sightings off South Georgia raise hopes of recovery

After single sighting in 20 years of surveys, new expedition and analysis bring 58When the Antarctic blue whale – the largest and loudest animal on the planet – was all but wiped out by whaling 50 years ago, the waters around South Georgia fell silent.Twenty years of dedicated whale surveys from ships off the sub-Antarctic island between 1998 and 2018 resulted in only a single blue whale sighting. But a whale expedition this year and analysis by an international research team resulted in 58 blue...
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Six months of darkness for 15 years

In Antartica, sunset takes a long time, and night lasts for half the year. Most of the workers leave, and those who are left behind get no supplies for nine months. Astrophysicist Robert Schwarz has "wintered over" in Antarctica 15 times, more than anyone else on earth. — Read the rest
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Recent climate extremes have driven unprecedented changes in the deep ocean

New measurements reveal a surprising increase in the amount of dense water sinking near Antarctica, following 50 years of decline.
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Researchers assess risks posed by SARS-CoV-2 to Antarctica wildlife

An international team of researchers from Spain, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, France, Australia and Chile have assessed risks posed by the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic on Antarctica wildlife. Their study has now been published in the latest issue of the journal Science of the Total Environment.
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Atmospheric rivers help create massive holes in Antarctic sea ice

Warm, moist rivers of air in Antarctica play a key role in creating massive holes in sea ice in the Weddell Sea and may influence ocean conditions around the vast continent as well as climate change, according to Rutgers co-authored research.
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Cool sound from dropping a chunk of ice down a borehole

Peter Neff demonstrated what happens when you drop a chunk of ice down a 300-foot borehole in the Antarctic ice. Hint: pew! Bonus video: Star Wars laser sound: Image: YouTube / Storyful via Peter Neff Previously:• Pouring water down a 165 foot well sounds surprisingly odd• What does a big chunk of ice sound like being dropped down a 450 foot hole in Antarctica?
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Antarctica's head chef plans almost 1 million meals in advance

Keeping everyone in Antarctica fed is a massive logistical undertaking. McMurdo Station in Antarctica houses about 900 scientists in peak season, and the head chef has to plan out months in advance because of limits on when food can be shipped: Throughout their one-month stay in Antarctica, hosts Caitlin Saks and Arlo Pérez discover the secret sauce of Antarctic cooking from experts at McMurdo's galley (Hint: Need to reconstitute a meal? — Read the rest
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Researchers discover the secret of how moss spreads

University of Copenhagen researchers have discovered how mosses became one of our planet's most widely distributed plants -- global wind systems transport them along Earth's latitudes, to rooftops, sidewalks and lawns worldwide, and as far away as Antarctica. This new knowledge can provide us with a better understanding of how other small organisms are spread, including airborne bacteria and organisms that produce airborne spores.
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As US tries to close 'icebreaker gap' with Russia, its only working icebreaker is making a rare trip north

The Coast Guard cutter Polar Star breaks ice in McMurdo Sound near Antarctica, January 10, 2018. US Coast Guard/Chief Petty Officer Nick Ameen. A fire in August left the US with one operational icebreaker, which the Coast Guard said in October would head to the Arctic this winter to protect "security in the region." The US is scrambling to expand that icebreaker fleet, as are a number of other countries, including Russia, who all see potential economic benefits in the increasingly accessib...
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Follow Me On An RV Trip Out West!

4 DDF (DansDeals Forums) members have been driving an RV from NYC to San Francisco this week on a Photo DO organized by Something Fishy, who worked with me to make the Antarctica Cruise. Inspired by PBaruch, I signed up for my first RV trip. They stopped at places like the Smoky Mountains, Mammoth Caves, […]
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World's Biggest Iceberg Is on a Collision Course With Wildlife-Filled Island

The world’s biggest iceberg—called A68a—is heading directly towards the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia, where it could wreak havoc on the local wildlife for years to come. Read more...
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Giant Antarctic iceberg on collision course with British territory of South Georgia

Fears the 150km long A-68A iceberg, which broke away from Larsen C ice shelf in 2017, could disrupt wildlife and shipping routesA massive Antarctic iceberg the size of a small country is heading for the island of South Georgia with concerns it could disrupt the British territory’s economy and its wildlife.Iceberg A-68A broke off the Larsen C ice shelf on the east of Antarctica’s peninsula in July 2017 and is about the same size as South Georgia, where it’s feared it could be heading. Continue re...
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Antarctica is Earth's one virus-free continent: science fights to keep it that way

The giant land is the only place on Earth not touched by Covid. A British team is on a mission to protect it while also doing vital researchThis week, 40 men and women will emerge from quarantine and board the Royal Research Ship James Clark Ross as it prepares to sail from Harwich in Essex to the South Atlantic. Their mission is straightforward. They will attempt to salvage scientific operations in Antarctica while also keeping it Covid-free.The continent is the only place on Earth that is stil...
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Regent Announces 2022-2023 Cruises

Regent Seven Seas Cruises: 2022-2023 Collection Regent Seven Seas Cruises announces their new 2022-2023 Voyage Collection. And do you want to get your mind blown? After releasing this new collection, Regent also announced their largest booking day in the company’s 28-year history. They also just announced that their newly released 2023 World Cruise sold out in a matter of hours with the longest waitlist for a world cruise in its history. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE NEW CATALOG New Bookings Ar...
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Warren Miller’s ‘Future Retro’ Launches In The UK With New Virtual Platform

Warren Miller’s 71st feature film, Future Retro, will stream across the United Kingdom at 8pm on November 27, 2020 Early bird ticket price of £12.00 (plus £1.48 booking fee) up until November 6, then £15.00 (plus £1.62 booking fee) All ticket sales qualify for 3 months FREE subscription to ADVENTURE+ with access to watch the 3 previous Warren Miller Films; Timeless, Face of Winter, and Line of Descent All ticket sales up until November 20 will qualify holders for a discount coupon code of 20% o...
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Narrative Adventure Game 'South of the Circle' Out Now on Apple Arcade

New adventure game "South of the Circle" arrived on Apple Arcade today. Made by State of Play, developers of developers of "Kami," "INKS," and "Lumino City," the title is notable for its unique aesthetic inspired by mid-century screen printing. South of the Circle has a narrative focus set in 1964 in Antarctica. Following an aircraft crash, Cambridge academic Peter must fight for survival as he crosses desolate terrain in an attempt to reach British, Norwegian, and Soviet Antarctic bases. As co...
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Birds With 20-Foot Wingspans Once Patrolled the Skies of Antarctica

A re-analysis of two fossils found in the 1980s has led to the discovery of an absolutely enormous Antarctic seabird.Read more...
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Updates on the Animorphs Movie, Marvel's Moon Knight, and More

André Øvredal has an update on the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark sequel. Disney+’s Moon Knight show has seemingly found its director. Hasbro’s bold new Power Rangers reboot has tapped a writer. Plus, a new look at Freaky, and what’s to come on Soulmates and Moonbase 8. To me, my Spoilers!Read more...
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