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NBA trade rumors: Do Celtics, Knicks or Lakers have best trade package for Anthony Davis?

With the NBA Draft order now set, the Anthony Davis sweepstakes begin (again). Which team should be the favorite to land the Pelicans star in a blockbuster trade?
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Scenarios where Knicks can trade for Anthony Davis, including one where they add 2 max free agents

If the Knicks are only able to pair him with one max free agent, they could potentially acquire Davis into cap room without regard to salary matching. Pairing him with two max free agents would require both precise timing and salary-match considerations. Another is Davis' trade bonus, which would pay out up to an additional $4.1 million on top of his $27.1 million salary for next season if he's traded this summer.
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Pelicans VP David Griffin says he's planning sitdown with Anthony Davis after draft lottery win

Zion Williamson has changed the conversation around the New Orleans Pelicans and Anthony Davis.
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Whicker: Frank Vogel finds himself a stranger in an increasingly strange Lakers franchise

EL SEGUNDO — Allen Edwards and the other Kentucky players lived at the Wildcat Lodge. Right across the street was Memorial Coliseum, where Adolph Rupp used to coach and where Rick Pitino’s offices were, in 1996. Edwards and friends would often be going out while a group of droopy-eyed coaches was just coming in. One was Frank Vogel. “I’d say, ‘Really? You’ve been over there all this time?’ And then he and the rest of them would go back early the next morning,” said Edwards, now the coach at Wyom...
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Anthony Davis, John Wall snubs inspired Zion Williamson to sign 'every kid’s autograph'

Zion Williamson credits autograph snubs from Anthony Davis and John Wall for inspiring him to sign for every child who asks.            [Author: For The Win]
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Magic Johnson: Former Pelicans GM Dell Demps leaked Anthony Davis trade-talk details

The Pelicans reportedly blame the Lakers for details of Anthony Davis trade negotiations leaking. Former Lakers president Magic Johnson blames former Pelicans general manager Dell Demps. Johnson on ESPN: I told Dell Demps, “Let's just do it in private.
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After playoff performance, some teams reportedly down on chasing Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving remains one of the absolute lynchpins of summer free agency, and his decision may have the most ripple effects. Kevin Durant may leave Golden State for New York, maybe Kawhi Leonard bolts the Raptors for the Clippers, but the choices there tend to be more binary. One or the other. Irving, whatever he decides, will impact the fates of a lot of teams, including the looming Anthony Davis trade (which, despite David Griffin's protestations, is still going to happen).
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Heisler: What can Lakers pull off after stroke of luck ends their month-long follies?

A.D. or not A.D.? Contrary to widespread reports, there were two players in NBA teams’ dreams at the lottery, not just one, with the fate of New Orleans big man Anthony Davis as much at stake as that of Duke’s Zion Williamson. Here’s how delicately those fates were balanced: Even the Eastern Conference semifinalist Philadelphia 76ers, owning Sacramento’s pick if it landed at No. 1, had a shot at Zion and a new start for their issue-laden young team. Instead, the Kings’ pick came up No. 14. The K...
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Anthony Davis trade rumors: Pelicans star to the Lakers? 'Over my dead body,' owner Gayle Benson says

Los Angeles reportedly emerged as one of Davis' preferred trade destinations after he requested to be moved at the end of January.
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Anthony Davis to Lakers? Pelicans owner Gayle Benson says 'over my dead body' report is 'completely untrue'

Anthony Davis reportedly still wants to get out of the New Orleans Pelicans organization, but his preferred landing spot with the Los Angeles Lakers might be a no-go. Pelicans owner Gayle Benson is reportedly against sending the superstar to team up with LeBron James and has been very clear with that. From ESPN's Jackie MacMullan on Friday: “We have been told, I think, through channels — most of us have heard this same scuttlebutt — that Gayle Benson has basically told him, 'To the Lak...
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Report: Lakers interested in trading for Kyle Lowry

The Los Angeles Lakers are desperate to pair a second star alongside LeBron James, and they'll explore other options in the event that their bumbling pursuit of Anthony Davis falls through. One potential target would be trading for Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry, who will be entering the final year of his three-year, $90-million contract next season, according to Sean Deveney of The Sporting News. Deveney notes that Lowry may become available if Kawhi Leonard were to leave in free a...
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NBA trade rumors: Latest news on market for Mike Conley, Lakers' non-Anthony Davis targets

Which team will trade for Grizzlies guard Mike Conley? Who will the Lakers pursue outside of Pelicans star Anthony Davis? All that and more in the latest trade rumor roundup.
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Anthony Davis still wants to be traded despite Pelicans landing No. 1 pick

Senior NBA Insider Chris Haynes discusses the future of the New Orleans Pelicans and Anthony Davis and the New York Knicks free agency plans.
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How potential Knicks' package for Anthony Davis could compare to what Celtics, Lakers offer

Only Pelicans executive VP of Basketball Operations David Griffin - and maybe a select few others close to him - knows exactly what New Orleans wants in a potential Anthony Davis trade. Griffin reiterated on Tuesday that he's committed to trying to keep Davis in New Orleans. Landing the No. 1 overall pick in June gives him another potential selling point for Davis, but the smart money says he will still want to leave New Orleans.
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Rumor: Danny Ainge's plan in Boston still trade for Anthony Davis, re-sign Kyrie Irving

Boston president Danny Ainge has taken the long view of things. He can afford to, he has the kind of job security that allows for it. So a few bumps in the road — like a rough playoffs for Kyrie Irving, or the results of the NBA Draft Lottery — does not change his plans, which have long been to pair Anthony Davis and Kyrie Irving.
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Who has the best Anthony Davis trade package after the NBA draft lottery?

The New Orleans Pelicans won Tuesday's NBA draft lottery, which poses a karma conundrum. On one hand, their fans endured a hellish season in which superstar Anthony Davis requested a trade, and the promise of Zion Williamson — the most anticipated prospect since Davis — is a heck of a consolation prize if that request is finally granted this summer. On the other, the organization's failures have driven the last two faces of the franchise — Davis and Chris Paul — to ask out before the e...
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2019 NBA Draft Lottery Winners and Losers: Pelicans, Tanking for the W; Bulls, Knicks take an L

The 2019 NBA Draft Lottery, the most bizarre ritual in the four major American sports, has taken place and the New Orleans Pelicans have won the Zion Williamson sweepstakes. In early February, former Cavs general manager David Griffin tweeted that the Pelicans should drive a hard bargain in trade talks for Anthony Davis because the Pelicans, in Davis, "have a Top 3 most attractive trade asset in the league." At the time, Griffin was an NBATV analyst and SiriusXM host, and was responding to an ES...
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NBA Rumors: How Pelicans winning lottery impacts Anthony Davis trade

NBA Rumors: How Pelicans winning lottery impacts Anthony Davis trade originally appeared on The Anthony Davis trade saga just went from interesting to fascinating. Tuesday's 2019 NBA Draft Lottery saw the best asset to lure Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans go to ... the New Orleans Pelicans, who now can draft Zion Williamson at No.
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Gentry ecstatic for top pick, says AD 'will be fine'

Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry didn't hold back in celebrating the team winning the right to draft Zion Williamson, which he hopes can convince Anthony Davis to rescind a trade demand and stay in New Orleans.
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'Not So Fast, My Friend.' Inside the Pelicans' Lucky Lottery Win

With the Pelicans' 6% odds resulting in the No. 1 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, New Orleans' Anthony Davis decision just got a lot more complicated.
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Pelicans coach takes shot at Knicks, fellow tankers; GM believes Anthony Davis could stay

Alvin Gentry couldn't contain his emotions as New Orleans won the NBA draft lottery and the right to sign Zion Williamson.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Zion gives Pelicans hope, with or without AD

New Orleans stood firm with Anthony Davis’ trade demand, and its patience paid off with the biggest prize of all, despite the odds, and plenty of options. 
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Even if Anthony Davis still wants out, Zion Williamson gives Pelicans a bold future

In the middle of a season gone bad, the New Orleans Pelicans found themselves on the brink as a franchise — their star player wanted out, his high-powered agent was trying to orchestrate it and plenty of fans were left trying to figure out whether they still cared enough anymore to even be outraged. Anthony Davis went nowhere. The team destroyed whatever chemistry there was on the Los Angeles Lakers by dangling him as trade bait (the same Lakers who employ LeBron James, whose best friend and age...
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New Orleans wins NBA draft lottery, right to pick No. 1

CHICAGO (AP) — New Orleans has bucked the odds and won the NBA draft lottery, and now will have the first chance at choosing Zion Williamson next month. The Pelicans won the lottery for the first time since 2012, when they selected Anthony Davis. And the lottery win comes after a season when Davis wanted […]
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Is Zion enough to completely change the Anthony Davis trade sweepstakes?

After months of trade speculation surrounding Anthony Davis, GM David Griffin and the Pelicans suddenly have a new path in front of them, thanks to winning the Zion Williamson lottery.
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Lakers get lucky, vault to No. 4 pick in NBA Draft Lottery

At least on Tuesday night, it was better to be lucky than good. Entering the draft lottery in Chicago with just the 11th-best odds at a top-four pick (9.4 percent), the ping pong balls favored the Lakers, vaulting them to the fourth overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. After a disappointing 37-45 season in the first season of the LeBron James era, the Lakers’ pick represents a valuable asset – and potentially a promising star – for a franchise that has struggled for the past six seasons. The Lake...
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Reports: If Knicks get No. 1 pick, they'd try to trade it for Anthony Davis

But for New York, Anthony Davis – not Williamson – might be the real prize. Stadium: Shams Charania: I'm told, if the Knicks get that number one overall pick, they would then shift their focus toward a potential deal for Anthony Davis. Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News: Considering contract status – Williamson set to begin a four-year rookie-scale deal then hit restricted free agency, Davis only one season from unrestricted free agency – the No.
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NBA rumors: Knicks will shift focus to Anthony Davis trade if they win lottery

NBA rumors: Knicks will shift focus to Anthony Davis trade if they win lottery originally appeared on New York Knicks fans are very excited right now. The franchise is hoping to lure one or two of the marquee NBA free agents expected to hit the open market this summer, and the two names most often linked to New York in rumors are Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant and Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving. The Knicks also have a large stake in Tuesday night's N...
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Against long odds, Lakers could get a boost from a draft lottery bounce

For the past season, the Lakers and luck have been poor bedfellows. When it comes to injuries, fate has been disproportionally unkind: from groin tears to broken hands to sprained ankles to pneumonia and even a blood clot. The Lakers were hit hard on their way to a second-half slide in which they finished 17-31 after LeBron James’ injury on Christmas day. If the same strings that guide such misfortunes also have some influence on the thousand ping-pong balls that will be bouncing in the NBA Draf...
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Report: Anthony Davis 'wouldn't completely rule out' staying in Boston without Kyrie

Anthony Davis still wants to be traded out of New Orleans. David Griffin — the new Grand Poobah in New Orleans — made a very public play about trying to keep Davis in a Pelicans' uniform, but that was always mostly about perception (both with fans and other agents/players about how the organization is different now). Talk in Boston about Davis has picked up in the wake of their disappointingly early exit from the playoffs.
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