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7 doctors got COVID-19 days after going to an anti-vax conference in Florida

A protester holds an anti-vaccination sign in California. The protest is unrelated to the November 2021 conference.David McNew/Getty Images Seven doctors tested postive or got COVID-19 symptoms after attending an anti-vaccine conference. The event organizer told the Daily Beast that he didn't see the event as a superspreader. One of those infected bragged about using ivermectin while at the conference. Seven doctors who went to an anti-vaccine conference in Florida tested postive for COV...
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Anti-vaccine protesters held posters with Nazi symbols outside the office of a Jewish lawmaker in New York

Detail of an anti-vaccination patch resembling a holocaust badge as people protest the Covid-19 vaccine mandate for municipal workers during a protest at Gracie Mansion on October 28, 2021 in New York City.David Dee Delgado/Getty Images At least two anti-vaxxers donned anti-Semitic symbols outside the office of a Jewish New York legislator. NY Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz called the display of the swastika and yellow Star of David "repugnant and offensive." Protestors gathered outside his off...
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MyPillow's Mike Lindell is sponsoring anti-vaxxer Sherri Tenpenny, one of the 'disinformation dozen'

A composite image of Mike Lindell (L) and Dr Sherri Tenpenny (R). Octavio Jones/Reuters / Dr Sherri Tenpenny/Instagram Anti-vaxxer Dr Sherri Tenpenny has been receiving sponsorship from Mike Lindell's MyPillow. She touted his products on her Bible study chats, which center around vaccine misinformation. The deal showcases the growing alliance between election denialism and anti-vaccine sentiment. MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell recently became a sponsor for the prominent anti-vaxxer Dr Sher...
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A North Dakota lawmaker who organized an anti-vaccine-mandate rally pulled out after catching COVID-19

North Dakotan anti-lockdown protesters at an April 2020 rally in at the statehouse in Bismarck. James MacPherson/AP Photo A North Dakota lawmaker skipped his own anti-vaccine rally after he caught COVID-19. Rep. Jeff Hoverson, a Republican, said his illness was "rough" but was treating it with ivermectin. Lawmakers in the state are considering legislation meant to counter Biden's incoming vaccine rules. A North Dakota lawmaker and organizer of a rally against vaccine mandates pulled o...
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That MAGA hat may indicate a higher likelihood of dying from COVID-19

The death-by-COVID gap is widening between Blue and Red America. People who don't get vaccinated are far, far likelier to die of COVID-19 than folks who simply got the shot. The New York Times: In October, 25 out of every 100,000 residents of heavily Trump counties died from Covid, more than three times higher than the rate in heavily Biden counties (7.8 per 100,000). — Read the rest
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Republican lawmaker misses his own anti-vaccine rally after catching Covid-19

Anti-science pastor and lawmaker Jeff Hoverson (R–ND) organized an anti-vaccine rally, set for today. The Q-injected gentleman then caught Covid-19 and was forced to miss his own rally. Although yesterday Hoverson posted about his case of Covid on Facebook, saying "Quarantining and each day is getting better," today the ailing gentleman changed his tune. — Read the rest
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Sherri Tenpenny, leading 'disinformation dozen' anti-vaxxer, described having COVID-19 symptoms and getting on planes

Dr Sherri Tenpenny on Instagram Live on October 7, 2021. Instagram/Dr Sherri Tenpenny Dr Sherri Tenpenny, a well-known anti-vaxxer, said she's been traveling with COVID-19 symptoms. She described symptoms consistent with COVID-19 such as fatigue and trouble breathing. Tenpenny did not respond to Insider's requests for clarifications about whether she was diagnosed. One of the leading proponents of COVID-19 misinformation and conspiracy theories described traveling, and seemingly b...
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Newsmax distanced itself from its White House correspondent after she claimed COVID vaccines contain a 'bioluminescent marker' to track people

Newsmax White House reporter Emerald Robinson reporting from outside the White House in March 2020. Newsmax/YouTube Newsmax's White House reporter Emerald Robinson tweeted a bizarre conspiracy theory. The tweet falsely alleged the COVID-19 vaccine contains a "bioluminescent marker" to track people. The network quickly released a statement disavowing Robinson's position. Right-wing news network Newsmax distanced itself from one of its top reporters Thursday after she tweeted a biz...
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A judge slapped down Oath Keepers accused of joining the Capitol riot for citing anti-vaxx conspiracy theories in their legal filings

Surveillance footage of the Capitol riots showing Kenneth Harrelson (left, circled) and Kelly Meggs (right, arrow), according to the DOJ. DOJ Men awaiting trial over the Capitol riot cited anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories in a court filing. They said they were being pressured to get vaccinated in jail and argued for their release. The judge slammed them for pushing "fringe views" and denied their request. A judge shut down Two Oath Keepers awaiting trial over the Capitol riot in their attem...
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Some Americans were primed for vaccine skepticism after decades of mistrust in Big Pharma

How distrust in pharmaceutical firms gave rise to the anti-vaxx movement, according to experts in the anti-vaccine movement and the history of Big Pharma. Samantha Lee/Insider Claims of mismanagement and greed in the pharmaceutical industry may have contributed to vaccine hesitancy. Of Americans who said they would "definitely not" get a COVID-19 vaccine, 20% say they trust drug companies, according to KFF. Pharma companies are now lobbying against waiving intellectual property protections...
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Schools received threatening letters from ant-vaxxers warning teachers they would face 'Nuremberg-style trials'

A protester with a model Covid 19 vaccine syringe is detained by police officers at a demonstration against a COVID-19 vaccine education event in London, United Kingdom on November 24, 2020. Ray Tang/Getty Images The UK will soon offer COVID-19 vaccinations to 12 to 15-year-olds in schools. Anti-vaxxers have been writing threatening letters to teachers in warning of "Nuremberg-style trials." A report found that 79% of schools in England have received emails threatening legal action. Teache...
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A confused school in Miami bans students for 30 days if they receive a Covid shot

The Centner Academy, a Florida school who claims "we are not anti-vaxxers," is banning students who dare to get vaxxed from showing up at school for 30 days after each shot. This is the same misinformed, up to $30,000-per-year Miami private school that discourages teachers from getting vaxxed. — Read the rest
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Watch these "freedom" defenders bully masked families walking to school in Beverly Hills

Anti-vaxxers bullied families walking to school in Beverly Hills Wednesday, which happened to be National Walk to School Day. One woman in particular, Shiva Bagheri, is seen on camera (below) telling a mom that masks are propaganda and that her son "is going to be traumatized" for wearing one. — Read the rest
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Dean Mcpherson: The poster boy for whiteness

Paddy Harper finally got his second Covid-19 jab, but he feels that it's pity there’s no vaccine for stupidity — or arrogance The post Dean Mcpherson: The poster boy for whiteness appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Gift of the jab: Six tips for when you speak to the Covid unvaxxed

Vaccination campaigns that promote how having the Covid-19 vaccination will benefit individuals rather than society are more effective to convince people who are neutral or hesitant about getting vaccinated. The post Gift of the jab: Six tips for when you speak to the Covid unvaxxed appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Watch: Anti-vaxxers destroy mobile Covid testing set-up in NYC

Loud anti-vaccine protestors booed, displeased with a mobile Covid-19 testing site that had set themselves up on a sidewalk in New York City. The crazed mob chanted "Shame on you!" and later "No vaccine mandate!" Meanwhile, one Qnut flipped over the table and knocked over a sign near the Covid-testing truck, while another toppled the entire tent for good measure. — Read the rest
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Amazon prominently touts work by anti-vaxxers and COVID conspiracy theorists, even after other platforms cut them off

A sample of four books on the first page of a search for "COVID" on's bookstore. Amazon/Insider Anti-vaxx and COVID-19 conspiracist books loom large in Amazon search rankings. As social media companies increasingly shun anti-vaxxer material, Amazon has done little. Experts and campaigners told Insider this is having a real-world impact on people's health. See more stories on Insider's business page. Books pushing COVID-19 and anti-vaxxer misinformation are displayed...
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Pro-Trump cartoonist Ben Garrison says he has COVID-19 and is treating it with ivermectin and beet juice

Ivermectin tablets in India. Photo by Soumyabrata Roy/NurPhoto via Getty Images Pro-Trump cartoonist Ben Garrison says he is treating a bout of COVID-19 with ivermectin and beets. Neither are proven COVID-19 treatments. Garrison said he will "never" go to hospital to treat it. He repeated many false claims about the virus and the vaccine in an interview with Gizmodo. See more stories on Insider's business page. Right-wing cartoonist Ben Garrison said he has a "rough" case of COVID-19 a...
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Man beat up nurse for giving his wife a COVID-19 vaccine

In Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada on Monday, a man walked into a Brunet Pharmacy and allegedly beat up a nurse who he blamed for administering a COVID-19 vaccine to his wife without his permission. "Right at the beginning, the suspect was very angry, very aggressive, he asked the nurse why she vaccinated his wife without approval, without his consent," Sherbrooke Police spokesperson Martin Carrier told CNN. — Read the rest
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Alabama population shrunk in 2020 due to Covid, first time in state's history

Last week, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall announced the state's plan to "sue to block the implementation of Biden's vaccine mandates," according to the Alabama Political Reporter. Meanwhile, new data shows that Alabama had more deaths than births in 2020, thanks to Covid-19. — Read the rest
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Anti-vaxxers in Vancouver delayed an ambulance carrying someone bleeding out from getting to the hospital

Protestors hold banners during a protest against BC Vaccine Card outside Vancouver City Hall on September 13, 2021 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Starting September 13, by order of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO), proof of vaccination is required to access some events, services and businesses. Photo by Mert Alper Dervis/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images A Vancouver paramedic said her team struggled to get a patient with an arterial bleed into the hospital. British Columbia Ambul...
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Right-wing activist Laura Loomer, who once said 'bad fajitas' were worse than COVID-19, has tested positive and says she's in 'so much pain'

Laura Loomer has said that she doesn't plan on getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Stephanie Keith/Getty Images Laura Loomer, a right-wing activist, said that she has tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday. She has described her symptoms as "brutal" and said she feels like she "got hit by a bus." Loomer has previously said she hoped to catch COVID-19 to prove that it's a "hyped up virus." See more stories on Insider's business page. Right-wing activist Laura Loomer, who once said t...
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The true history of Ivermectin

This 11-minute video looks at the history of the horse dewormer Ivermectin and how an unpublished, fraudulent paper (which was later retracted) became the basis of the current Covidiot cure. Trigger warning: Contains lines like "Could it be that their intestinal lining is sloughing off because they're taking concentrated doses of horse dewormer?" — Read the rest
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Truffles, the Trumpian anti-vaxxer Floridian clown, dies from COVID

Denise Lyonnais (68) of Florida, died from COVID last week. She was well known in her retirement community for performing as Truffles the Clown and for posting spiteful anti-vaxxer propaganda on her Facebook page. Lyonnais also appeared resplendent in American flag themed clothes and accessories at a golf cart parade in support of Trump the day after he lost the election. — Read the rest
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How a rogue doctor who called the vaccine 'needle rape' was made an Idaho public-health official in its worst COVID crisis yet

Dr Ryan Cole talking to KTVB from his Boise, Idaho lab in December 2020. KTVB/YouTube A doctor who called the COVID-19 vaccine "needle rape" made it to one of Idaho's top health boards. Dr Ryan Cole, a pathologist with no public health experience, was championed by the GOP. His victory came as Idaho was overrun with severe COVID-19 cases, its lowest ebb in the pandemic. See more stories on Insider's business page. In Boise, Idaho, a doctor in a lab coat offered comforting words to ...
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Italian Police Warn of Armed Attacks by Anti-Vaxxers

ROME (Reuters) - Italian police warned on Thursday that anti-vaccine campaigners had called for armed attacks during planned anti-government...
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An anti-vaxx paramilitary group which discussed violent insurrection via Telegram was disbanded after a newspaper exposed it

A "No Vaccine Passports" protest sticker on a Vaccine Centre billboard outside Wembley Stadium, London. Yui Mok/PA Images via Getty Images An anti-vax paramilitary group planning a violent insurrection was disbanded after a newspaper exposed it. The Mail on Sunday infiltrated 'Veterans 4 Freedom,' whose members discussed attacking vaccine centers. The group comprised more than 200 former servicemen and servicewomen, some of whom were armed with crossbows. See more stories on Inside...
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Here is an anti-vax rally in a 49-second Qnutshell

If you want to see what goes on at an anti-vax rally, look no further than this 49-second recap of New York City's shindig earlier this month. These science deniers teach us that Covid vaccines are really just "poison," "bio-pharma injections," and "a trick to get us to have digital IDs," and that even socialists and opera singers drink the Kool-Aid. — Read the rest
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Alabama man threatens Walmart with "execution" for giving Covid shots

Christopher Keys, an anti-vaxxer from Alabama, stood in front of a Walmart in Missouri and, speaking to his livestream camera, threatened pharmacists who administered the Covid vaccine with execution (video below). The misinformed gentleman, who called himself the "vaccine police," said, "We're outside of Walmart about to go in. — Read the rest
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Republican lawmaker attends anti-vaxxer rally just days after his unvaccinated wife died of COVID-19, reports say

State Rep. Chris Johansen lost his wife to COVID-19, according to reports. Maine House GOP A GOP lawmaker attended an anti-vaxxer rally shortly after losing his wife to COVID-19, the Daily Beast reported. State Rep. Chris Johansen and his late wife Cindy had not been vaccinated, the Bangor Daily News said. Cindy Johansen died on August 10, according to reports, but her husband has not publicly confirmed her passing. See more stories on Insider's business page. A Republican lawmaker in ...
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