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‘Take Back The Second’ Gun Rights Rally Planned For Saturday At Colorado Capitol

Rally for our Rights Take Back the Second Event Flyer DENVER, Col. – -( Saturday, May 18th, 11am to 2pm, Rally for our Rights is hosting a TAKE BACK THE SECOND rally at the Colorado State Capitol. This event has been in the works since the Colorado Legislature passed HB19-1177 “Red Flag” Emergency Risk Protection Orders ERPO. Event speakers will include: Evan Todd – Columbine High School Shooting survivor Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams – leader in opposition to ERPO and Second...
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No Means No, Originally Aired 7.14.18 Gun Freedom Radio EP118

Gun Freedom Radio USA –  -( This week on Gun Freedom radio we will hear from Antonia Okafor, founder of EmPOWERed and Brian Bledsoe Host of TrendChat and Frank DeSomma the owner of Patriot Ordnance Factory. Tune in and listen. Hour #1 Guests: Antonia Okafor  – founder of EmPOWERed: a self-defense movement of women on college campuses across the country, who is also seeking the nomination to run for election to the NRA Board of Directors. Alan Gottlieb  – the Founder of the Se...
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College cancels speech by advocate for guns on campuses

AMHERST, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts college has apologized for canceling a speech by a woman who advocates for allowing guns on college campuses. Antonia Okafor says Hampshire College in Amherst canceled her speech two hours before its scheduled start Wednesday because it was “too controversial.” The college issued an apology saying it was canceled […]
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Why the Political-Left Hates Women & Blacks ..Who Own Guns

By Rob Morse : Opinion Why the Political-Left Hates Women & Blacks ..Who Own Guns Slow Facts USA –-(  You can name the stereotypical liberal voting blocks with your eyes closed.  For socialists in the US, losing women and minorities as a part of that block would be like California leaving the union.The political support for Democrats is hanging by a thread while socialists ideology drives away more and more voters. Look at all the taboos in the Socialists’ culture.You are no...
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A New Day for the Second Amendment: Donald Trump Addresses the NRA ~ VIDEO

This article appears in the July 2017 issues of the Official Journals of the National Rifle Association. A New Day for the Second Amendment: Donald Trump Addresses the NRA NRA-ILA's Chris W. Cox Fairfax, VA – -( The drumbeat of fake news continues as the elites disappointed by the 2016 election dedicate themselves to “resisting” the Trump administration.Among their many false narratives is that Americans are no longer interested in firearms now that Barack Obama is out of t...
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New Bigotry from Old Civil Rights Icons- the failed fantasy of gun-control

By Rob Morse Slow Facts Louisiana- (  Bigotry works for politicians.  Blaming the innocent worked after the civil war.  White Democrats promoted fear of newly freed blacks.  Bigotry works today.  Now, black Democrats promote fear of free blacks who will defend themselves and the people they love.  Politicians always wrap themselves in the cloak of public safety.  In fact, that cloak is usually the white sheet of bigotry directed against minorities and the poor.Democrat Congressm...
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Leftist Media’s Pot Calls Out NRA’s Kettle

Concealed Carry AUSTIN, Texas -( When we at Students for Concealed Carry saw that The Trace—the news media arm of the gun-control group Everytown for Gun Safety—has called out NRA News—the news media arm of the National Rifle Association—for espousing baseless conspiracy theories, we at SCC couldn’t help but laugh at such hypocrisy from a “news” outlet that once targeted us with a baseless conspiracy theory of their own.A July 5, 2015, article from The Trace posits that Students ...
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Students for Concealed Carry Welcomes New Southwest Regional Director

Students for Concealed Carry on Campus Austin, TX -( Students for Concealed Carry (SCC) wishes the best to outgoing Southwest regional director Antonia Okafor, who is moving on to the next stage of her career, and congratulates Brian Bensimon, who previously served as SCC director for the state of Texas, on his appointment as the new Southwest regional director.Michael Newbern, SCC assistant director of public relations, commented, “This past year was one of the busiest ever for ...
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Why These College Students Are Carrying Sex Toys On Campus

Photographed by Ben Sklar Rosie Zander is standing in the sweltering late August heat, swinging a massive artificial cock.The 20-year-old junior at the University of Texas, Austin, is 5-foot-2. The dildo, officially sold under the name “Cockzilla,” is 14.5 inches, or about as long as a quarter of her entire frame. She thinks it weighs more than her dog. “Run for the hills! Cockzilla is coming!” one online description of the "monster cock” reads.It’s the eve of the first day of class, and th...
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A Short Reply to Ramiro Martinez, Regarding Campus Carry

Police Support Concealed Carry Students for Concealed Carry on Campus AUSTIN, TX – -( In a recent interview with USA Today, Ramiro Martinez, one of the two police officers credited with shooting and killing the perpetrator of the August 1, 1966, tower shooting at the University of Texas at Austin, offered an unfounded criticism of campus carry.Journalist Rick Jervis quotes Ramirez as saying, “[Campus carry is] going to open up a Pandora’s box of problems in the future…We now ...
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Antonia Okafor: I Am Not The Victim You Need Me To Be

Antonia Okafor: I Am Not The Victim You Need Me To Be The NRA has released “I Didn’t Listen,” a powerful new commercial featuring Antonia Okafor—a millennial woman who refuses to be put in box. She opens her commentary saying, “I’ve been told that black women aren’t supposed to support the Second Amendment.”A passionate advocate of women’s issues and Southwest Regional Director of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, Okafor has been told her whole life that she shouldn’t want to have the ri...
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What the Experts Say About UT-Austin’s Empty-Chamber Requirement for Campus Carry

What the Experts Say About UT-Austin’s Empty-Chamber Requirement for Campus Carry Students for Concealed Carry on Campus AUSTIN, TX – Students for Concealed Carry reached out to four highly qualified, well-regarded firearms instructors, to get their opinions on the University of Texas at Austin campus carry policy requiring every semiautomatic handgun to be carried with an unloaded chamber.Although SCC has written extensively about this issue, there is no substitute for the opinion of an u...
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CPAC Attendees Aren't Sure Why People Think Donald Trump Is Racist

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. -- There may not have been much mention of Donald Trump on Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference, but one thing was clear: The idea that the Republican front-runner is a racist hadn't really taken hold here. " What did he do for [people] to think he’s racist?" said Michael Nabjer, a Trump supporter from South Texas who was dressed head to toe in "Make America Great Again" gear. When presented with some of the possible answers to that question, Nabjer off...
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