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3% Daily Cash With Apple Card Now Available at Over 11,500 Exxon and Mobil Gas Stations Across U.S.

ExxonMobil today announced that it is the first U.S. gas station chain to offer 3% Daily Cash to customers who pay with an Apple Card using Apple Pay at Exxon and Mobil stations. 3% Daily Cash is now available for fuel, car washes, and convenience store purchases at over 11,500 Exxon and Mobil stations across the United States. To avoid inserting their card and touching the pin pad, Exxon and Mobil customers can use the Apple Card with Apple Pay in the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ app for iPhone to p...
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'Gender Pay Scorecard' grades 50 major U.S. companies

The report was conducted by the investment firm Arjuna Capital, which has been publishing the Gender Pay Scorecard for the past three years.Only three companies — Starbucks, Mastercard and Citigroup — received an "A", as defined by the report's methodology.It's likely that discrimination explains part of the gender pay gap, but it's a complex issue that often gets oversimplified. How wide is the gender pay gap at some of the world's largest companies?For this year's Equal Pay Day on March 31,...
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20 Most Influential Graphic Design Companies From Around the World

Graphic design is a notoriously competitive field and it can be tough for companies to stand out. But, at least twenty graphic design firms from around the world have proven to be the best in their field, with gorgeous portfolios filled with impressive clients and prominent design campaigns. These are the design firms that clients with virtually unlimited budgets turn to when they need a brand identity, packaging design, or help with other types of design. These design firms drive graphic desig...
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4 Ways Search Engine Optimization Can Help Your Business

The internet is a big place, with more websites being created every single minute. It is easy to feel that your small business’ website will be swallowed up and forgotten, which is why search engine optimization, or SEO, is crucial to boost your online visibility. What exactly is search engine optimization? It is a grouping of digital marketing techniques with the goal of increasing your online visibility by bringing high quality and willing to convert potential customers to your website. ...
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Synching The Customer Journey With Brand Value

The battle for consumers’ hearts, minds and wallets won’t be won in R&D labs. Sure, shoppers love new gadgets and there’s always room for innovation. However, the sad truth is that for the most part consumers don’t see that much difference among competing brands – unless they’re loyal followers of a cult brand like Apple, Nike or the Boston Red Sox. And when they do form a strong preference for one particular offering, shoppers know that they have a multitude of ways to get it home. Some path...
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The Rise Of Sacred Brands And Experiences

Traditional marketing communications erected a big wall between what anthropologists term Sacred vs. Profane. Sacred consumption occurs when we “set apart” objects and events from normal activities and treat them with respect or awe. Note that in this context the term sacred does not necessarily carry a religious meaning, although we do tend to think of religious artifacts and ceremonies as “sacred.” Profane consumption in contrast, describes objects and events that are ordinary or everyday; ...
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How I Did It:  Choosing a Book Title

Writing a book can be tedious and grueling at times.  Having written three books, I can attest that organizing all those ideas in your head and then conveying them in written word, 60,000+ words actually, is not for the faint of heart.  But one of the hardest parts of writing a book is choosing a book title. A book title has to be differentiating, descriptive or at least evocative, pithy, memorable, and available (in some form) as a URL — all the same criteria of a brand name.  And if you’ve e...
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What the Firearms Industry Can Learn from Apple & Nike

What the Firearms Industry Can Learn from Apple & Nike U.S.A. –-( It’s been known that older generations of hunters and target shooters were given a firearm as a child and viewed their sport as a family tradition and as part of American culture. Now, it’s a different story. The face of the firearm customer is changing as younger, more ethnically-diverse consumers and women are going to the shooting range and the fields. The changing consumer indicates the same old tried and true ...
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Apple Watch gets new bands for spring

Apple has unveiled new Apple Watch bands for spring. Bands include Woven Nylon bands direct from Apple, Nike bands, and Hermès bands. Long story short, there are a bunch of new colors and styles. [gallery ids="1610118,1610119,1610120,1610121,1610122"] The Woven Nylon bands focus on stripes, alternating white with another color (Black Stripe, Blue Stripe, Gray Stripe and Pink Stripe). Meanwhile, the Sport band is coming out in Denim Blue, Lemonade, and Red Raspberry, while the Sport Loop co...
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What Makes a Great Logo?

No doubt, many generations of advertising executives have pondered on this exact question when testing revealed the general public hated their latest design. The GAP fashion brand certainly did when they tried to introduce a new logo and it bombed. British Airways made a similar faux pas when they ditched the British flag in favor of a multi-cultural icon. To the initiated, what makes a great logo is not always obvious. With big brands like GAP, British Airways, and CocaCola, the public becomes ...
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Ford hires Apple, Nike and Burberry alum to lead global branding efforts

 Ford has picked up a new executive with a strong history of success in marketing and communications across a range of verticals; the automaker announced today that Musa Tariq will join as vice president and chief brand officer at the company, acting as the senior-most creative and strategic branding employee at the company across its global operations. Tariq will join Ford on January 30,… Read More
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Trends with Benefits: Google calls out Apple, Nike delivers us Back to the Future

Firing more than just warning shots, Google takes square aim at Apple's iPhone with the new Pixel smartphone. Should iPhone loyalists consider switching sides? Also, Nike produces real-life self-lacing shoes! The post Trends with Benefits: Google calls out Apple, Nike delivers us Back to the Future appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Design Job: If Supporting a Healthy World is Your Passion, Look No Further—Modo Inc. is Seeking a Lead ID'er in Portland, OR

Modo designs and builds products that make healthcare more affordable, more effective, and more human. Our customers include Intuitive Surgical, Medtronic, Philips and GE Healthcare. We hold the same design awards as Apple, NIKE and BMW. Our designers work closely with senior managers around the world. There is no better place to learn about research, business, design and how to make a difference. Everything we do makes lives better around the world every day. View the full design job here
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Why Your Business Needs a Thriving Online Community [and how to get started]

As a business owner, can you think of anything more wonderful than a thriving online community of fans who love your business and can’t wait to make purchases? Apple, Nike, and Volkswagen are all examples of companies that have built enthusiastic communities. The Internet is now the main thoroughfare through which like-minded people connect with each other and discuss what they love. From photo-sharing ops to diet tips, online communities drive a flourishing world of sharing, connecting, and gen...
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China is using manufacturing robots because it's getting too expensive to pay people

This story was delivered to BI Intelligence IoT Briefing subscribers. To learn more and subscribe, please click here. Companies in Asian nations are starting to bring manufacturing operations back into their largest sales markets. In doing so, they are using robots and new automated technologies to create factories without human workers because it's getting too expensive to pay these employees. In China, for example, manufacturing wages are currently nine times greater than they were in 2000, ac...
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Marketing and Grilling Have More in Common Than You Think

May is my favorite time of year. In Indianapolis, it means everything is in bloom, Memorial Day is around the corner, and you can literally smell the burning rubber from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway! In my house, it also means it’s time to fire up the grill. I must have had marketing on the brain during my last cookout because the gears started to turn on why I love them both. Then it occurred to me—they’re actually more similar than you might initially think. Here’s why. 1. Both Require th...
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Brand new Xbox1 1TB forza bundle (daly city) $350

Brand new Xbox1 forza bundle Got it from Christmas present $350 firm. Email me. Thanks! Pick up only SF. If posting is up, I still have it! Tags: Jordan's air Jordan's Apple Nike iPhone Samsung note 5 iPhone 5 iPhone 6 iPhone 6s Plus Lebrons S [...]
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Air Jordan white metallic 5 size 8.5 DS (daly city) $220

Brand new air Jordan white metallic 5 Size 8.5 DS comes w/ original box $220 firm. Email me. Thanks! If posting is up, I still have it! Tags: Jordan air Jordan's Apple Nike iPhone 5 Samsung note 5 iPhone 6s iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 5 Lebrons Sony G [...]
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Air Jordan cavs 4 size 8.5 DS (daly city) $250

Brand new air Jordan cavs 4 Size 8.5 DS w/ original box $250 firm. Email me. Thanks! Tags: Jordan air Jordan's Apple Nike iPhone Samsung note 5 iPhone 6 iPhone 5 iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus lebrons Sony Galaxy PS3 ps4 Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox 1 Xbox one
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