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The Most Exciting Update to Dyson's New Cordless Vac Is...  a Battery Meter?

If something runs on batteries, you’ll find a battery meter somewhere on it. Your smartphone, your vape; even batteries themselves can tell you how close they are to dying. So why am I excited about Dyson’s inclusion of a redesigned battery meter on its new V11 cordless vacuum? It finally alleviates the anxieties of…Read more...
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10 Easy Pieces: Best Appliances for Small Kitchens

We’ve all heard stories about professional chefs and cookbook writers cooking up a storm in cramped quarters with just the basics—a range, a refrigerator, maybe a dishwasher—all within arm’s reach. Now a slew of appliances stand ready to take on the task. Here are our top picks for the small but mighty kitchen. Ranges and Ovens Above: Professional performance downsized: The BlueStar 24-Inch Culinary Series Sealed Burner Range in stainless steel has four open burners with up to 21,000 BTUs. ...
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Breathe purified air from the outside with Airnanny on the inside!

The quality of the air that’s circulating our homes is of growing concern, and one which can be addressed with the implementation of an air purifier. The AirNanny is a fresh air system that increases the quality of the air through a series of innovative features. Removing the magnetic front from the sleek, yet inconspicuous, unit reveals three levels of filtration which are set with the task of eliminating 99% of bacteria, viruses, fine particulates and even odors, from the air!The user has the ...
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A More Efficient Approach to Cleaning

Whilst nifty robotic vacuum cleaners make a tedious and laborious task far more convenient, they are simply not as efficient as the real-deal; their inability to maneuver around complex obstacles or ascend and descend stairs leads them to require a human to return to the areas that it missed, with a more conventional vacuum. This observation led to the creation of Lizard, which aims to offer a smarter and easier cleaning experience!The bottom section of Lizard operates as a smart robotic vacuum;...
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6 Countertop Smart Ovens That Will Change the Way You Cook

Even we can admit it: Ovens are not the most exciting topic. But smart ovens? Now this workhorse household appliance sounds glamorous and intriguing: “Let me preheat my smart oven while you park the Tesla” has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? All kidding aside, the market seems to be exploding with cooking gadgets that take the guesswork out of roasting, let you control the temperature from your phone, and even claim to replace all your countertop appliances. Here are a few we’ve seen: Abo...
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Bring the Warmth of the Sun, Inside.

This beautifully designed concept aims to give us an alternative to washing our clothes in the energy-sapping dryer. The SOLEIL brings the outside, in. Unlike conventional drying racks that clash with their surrounds and interrupt the flow of the room, SOLEIL brings with it a desirable aesthetic, that features soft, considered curves paired with minimal, yet welcome detailing. This has led to a product that enhances the room even when it isn’t in use!As opposed to just being reliant on the ambie...
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This coffee machine is for addicts like me

If you require a coffee to kick-start your day, then this product is the one for you! With a form inspired by a familiar sight in the mornings, a bathroom sink, Tap and Drop aims to revolutionize how we start our days, making efficiency and simplicity the key features.The satisfyingly smooth curves used for the top of the device guide the coffee beans into the machine, eliminating the possibility of the beans from getting stuck, and making the filling process far smoother. Although, you may not ...
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How to Move an Oversized Appliance

Regular cleaning of your kitchen requires you to either ignore what’s going on underneath your fridge, or moving it so you can clean properly. Here’s how to do the latter, because eventually the former will catch up with you.Read more...
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Built with graphene based technology, Solus is the most efficient radiator

The humble domestic radiator is something which is often overlooked within the design world, and because of this the inefficient, money-sapping and visually out-dated product is in need of a much-needed re-design. Luckily the team at KOLEDA have created an alternative… and it changes the game. Designed with efficiency firmly in mind, SOLUS could save you over 80% on your next heating bill due to its clever use of the completely new graphene-based technology. The nanotech coating has returned t...
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The Air Purifier Got a Redesign!

The Air Column isn’t ‘just another’ air purifier, it uses its carefully considered design and unique form to stray away from the mechanical vibe that conventional purifiers may carry. It flaunts a rather minimal and simplistic design, and it’s this that makes it so eye-catching! Long, vertical vents are present on the façade, these elongate the design and emphasize the height. Rounded-off corners paired with a matte finish soften the design and move it away from the machines that we are used to ...
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A Modern Reinterpretation of a Traditional Product

A traditional method of heating a home was by using a Brazier, however, these charcoal-burning devices are both impractical and unsafe for use within the modern home due to the release of smoke and ashes. The Home Warmer is a modern reinterpretation of the Brazier, which warms the room whilst simultaneously retaining the social-element that is so iconic with the traditional Brazier.This beautiful electric heater has a welcoming aesthetic, that has been created through the introduction of soft-to...
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10 Easy Pieces: Best 24-Inch Counter-Depth Refrigerators

If you’re dealing with a kitchen full of tight corners, the depth of a refrigerator is just as important as its width. What you need is a slender 24-inch wide counter-depth fridge; counter-depth meaning 24 to 29 inches deep (to stand flush with standard 24- and 25-inch cabinets). Essentially, measurements are around 24 by 24 by…however tall your fridge stands. Here are 10 of our favorite models—all with depth measurements that include doors and handles. (N.B.: Looking for wider but just as flush...
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Please Don't Put These Things Down Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are designed to take a lot of abuse, but nowhere near what some people put them through. As magical as they seem, these powerful machines do have their limits—and if used improperly, you can do just as much damage to your plumbing with a disposal as you can without one. Read more...
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A Fresh Take on The Vacuum Cleaner

With considerable assistance from the incredible engineers and innovators at the likes of Dyson and Vax, the domestic vacuum cleaner has seen a dramatic transformation within the past couple of decades, with power levels and capabilities increasing whilst the size and weight is reduced. However, designer Ja Heon Lee felt like there was room for improvement when it came to the ergonomics and user comfort… and thus, LVC was born!As its name would suggest, LVC, or the Lofstrand Vacuum Cleaner has b...
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Miele TWI180 WP dryer review

Miele’s Heat-Pump Dryer is a compact machine that steams your clothes by recycling the water collected during the drying process. But how well does this technique work for getting clothes dry? The post Miele TWI180 WP dryer review appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Do You Really Need a Stand Mixer? 

I love my KitchenAid fiercely, but I’d be lying if I said it’s because I can’t live without it. It’s a family heirloom, handed down from my great-grandmother to my mom to me; according to the model number, it turns 50 this year. I’ve moved it across the continent twice—from upstate New York to Oregon and back to…Read more...
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10 Hacks For Remodeling Around Your White Appliances

White kitchen appliances are losing their popularity as many people switch to stainless steel appliances when they upgrade. For those of you that can’t afford to upgrade your appliances or you don’t want the added upkeep of keeping fingerprints off your stainless steel appliances, sticking with white appliances is a great option. White appliances can be worked into a variety of kitchen design ideas rather easily. White is also especially suitable for small or dark kitchens, as a bright,...
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ENSEMBLE mirrors your need for crisp ironed shirts

To be honest, not only shirts, but all your laundry can be ironed with easy on the ENSEMBLE. Given the space crunch in most homes, it’s not easy to hide an ironing board, so most of us find innovative ways of masking them as contemporary furniture. (I use mine as a sideboard!) The designers of ENSEMBLE have an innovative solution – a mirror ironing board. On one side you have a full-length mirror and on the flipside you have an ironing board that is very modern and equipped with the latest tech....
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Is This a Vacuum Cleaner or a Piece of Art?

The humble vacuum cleaner now has a commonplace within our homes, as it is seen as a necessity as opposed to a luxury. However, this doesn’t stop it from carrying a rather unimaginative and uninspiring form. Until now that is, the Drip handheld vacuum cleaner puts aesthetics first.Drip flaunts a sculptural form that oozes sophistication, from the bold, powerful stance that the form creates, through to the distinctive finish that elegantly conceals the electronic nature of the product, making it ...
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Get Slim with a Fisher & Paykel Column Refrigerator

You can squeeze more into a Fisher & Paykel Column Refrigerator than, well, a refrigerator of greater width—and substantially lesser aesthetic appeal. These fridges are surprisingly svelte—giving them the wiggle room to integrate seamlessly and stunningly into many diverse kitchen configurations. Yet they’re also quite spacious. Not only that, but they come chock-a-block with food safety features. A short list of innovations includes ActiveSmart Foodcare technology, (airflow adjusts when foo...
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Lora is not your typical air conditioner

Winter is on its way out soon, but you can keep it coming every day of the summer season, thanks to the atypical Lora. Unlike most air conditioners, Lora is not boxy nor an air curtain. It’s more like a pendant lamp that hangs from the ceiling and showers you with cool air. Adding a touch of ambient lighting to the mix (think Northern Lights), Lora goes on to showcase the fan speed, temperature and air blast in correlation to mesmerizing twinkly lights.What I really appreciate is the attempt to ...
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Mizzle brings microgreens into my kitchen

Every little step that you take, when you want to eat clean, is a leap in the right direction. Quit the crust of the pizza, cut down your sundae portion or add microgreens to your meals … everything works. Supporting you in your eating-clean-habit is the Mizzle, a smart aeroponic kitchen appliance that helps you grow microgreens. This smart cultivator comes with three compartments, one for the germination process (a little dark and humid place), and two for the growth and harvesting process.What...
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A Characterful Humidifier!

This little desktop humidifier completely goes against the conventional form of its competitors, and instead features a far more unique and playful form! As opposed to vents, the mist exists through three long pipes; constructed from a flexible material, the air channels can be adjusted by the user to point in almost any direction, giving them control of the air flow!The full user experience has been greatly considered; filling up the device is a pain-free task and is executed by simply lifting ...
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Make better breakfast with the best toasters you can buy

Is your current toaster old, shoddy, or just not toasting well enough? Check out the best toasters on the market today, from high-tech models with smart features to solid, durable toasters that can stand up to heavy-duty work. The post Make better breakfast with the best toasters you can buy appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Tetra Countertop Dishwasher by Heatworks

If you’ve ever lived without a dishwasher, then you will undoubtedly value Tetra, the new compact countertop dishwasher by Heatworks, designed in partnership with Frog. The problem with washing dishes by hand goes beyond the time it takes: “Did you know that handwashing dishes takes 10 times more water than using a dishwasher?” asks Heatworks. The water-saving, energy-efficient Tetra dishwasher, recently named a CES 2019 Best of Innovation Award Honoree, is also beautifully designed and eco-sm...
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Hang On! This Hairdryer Is Great!

Traditional hairdryers often carry a form where the handle seamlessly molds into the body, but, does this always have to be the case? Hyunseok Kang thought not, as he set out to challenge the familiar form! The solution came in the form of Just Hang On, a hairdryer that carries a design which centers around the exposed cable.The cable, that appears to travel uninterrupted through the handle of the hairdryer, not only connects the two bodies together, but also acts as a hook, allowing the device ...
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The best vacuums of 2019

Our expert reviewers took some vacuum cleaners for a spin to see which worked best. Whether you're looking for a traditional upright, stick, or robot vacuum, check out our picks for the best vacuums on the market. The post The best vacuums of 2019 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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10 Easy Pieces: Electric Towel Warmers

I’ve always wanted a towel warmer for the bath, but as a renter, it’s one of those trivial luxuries relegated to the “someday” list. There is however one other option: the electric towel warmer. As self-contained units that operate independently from your heating system (as opposed to hydronic towel warmers), the electric variety power up with a switch or a timer; some plug right in without the need for professional installation. Here are our favorite hardwired and plug-in electric towel warmers...
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How to clean a microwave safely and correctly

If you don't regularly clean your microwave, it's time. The process is easy and only requires things you have around the house. We'll walk you through a simple step-by-step guide on how to give it a deep clean. The post How to clean a microwave safely and correctly appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Save big on these multicookers that make great Instant Pot alternatives

While Instant Pot might be the brand we hear the most about, there are a number of alternative multicookers that offer features, capabilities, and price points that meet and beat the more recognizable name brand. The post Save big on these multicookers that make great Instant Pot alternatives appeared first on Digital Trends.
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