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How do steam ovens work?

A convection steam oven gives you the best of both worlds. Steam ensures that your meals are juicy, while the circulating heat speeds up your cooking time.
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Do You Really Need an AI-Powered Smart Range?

As the pandemic has forced us to spend more time at home than we did previously, many of us have invested in making these spaces—which are now our offices, daycares, cafeterias, and entertainment hubs—a little more conducive to an always-home lifestyle. This has presented a unique opportunity for electronics makers,…Read more...
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This smart sustainable kitchen cutting board has 10 features including a 99.99% germ-killing UVC light!

Chop it like its hot! I’ve always wanted to say that but this chopping board truly is one of the best designs I’ve seen and it is 100% going on the top of my kitchen essentials list. Chopbox is a smart chopping board that has so many unique features but the most relevant one in these ‘unprecedented times’ is the fact that it can actually kill germs on your cooking tools and space! Get rid of counter clutter and those extra kitchen accessories with this much-needed upgrade. You can easily sani...
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This portable electric grill is great for indoor use and camping trips, but for $750, the char marks simply don't compare to a charcoal grill

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. James Brains/Business Insider The Kenyon Frontier Portable Electric Grill preheats quickly, heats evenly without any dead spots, and can be used it on my dinner table for a fun dining experience.It's expensive at around $750 but it might be useful for people who love to grill year-round, or those who might want to bring a grill for camping or during RV road trips. It also comes with a 30-day money-...
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The best KitchenAid stand mixers

A KitchenAid stand mixer serves as an indispensable tool for many baking and cooking needs. If you swap out the generic mixing attachment with specialized ones, you can even use your KitchenAid to knead dough, make pasta, and more.The KitchenAid Artisan Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer tops our list because it does all of these things and more.KitchenAid mixers make home baking a cinch. Aside from the satisfaction of a job well done, making your own baked goods from scratch tastes better, is...
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10 Easy Pieces: Bedside Alarm Clocks

As an alternative to your smart phone alarm clock, here is a roundup of our favorite small-scale bedside alarm clocks that work just as well for travel. Above: At Schoolhouse, the Flip Clock in White is made by TWEMCO, one of the original flip clock manufacturers since 1956; $99 at Schoolhouse. Above: The Jasper Morrison-designed Punkt AC 01 Alarm Clock has glow in the dark hands and comes in white, black, or red; $185 at Luminaire. Above: Designed by Arne Jacobsen, the classic Station Alarm ...
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6 Smart Kitchen Appliances Every Fashionable Housewife Needs

Having the latest greatest smart kitchen appliance is all the rage right now. The reason is they make kitchen-related activities energy and time saving and efficient. Maybe you are trying to upgrade your kitchen. Or perhaps you want to furnish the lovely kitchen in your new home the listings at helped you find. Whatever the case, below are some recommendations for amazing machines and smart kitchen appliances that would be the perfect addition to your home. Smart WiFi Instan...
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How Long Will Your Freezer Stay Cold After Power Goes Out?

I believe ruminating on worst-case scenarios is often unproductive, but I also was a Boy Scout and the motto “Be Prepared” is an indelible part of my psyche. One of the best ways to “be prepared” for any kind of emergency is to have extra food stored in your freezer. However, freezers require power, and if you lose…Read more...
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NewAir Wine and Beverage Fridge

Having a fridge JUST for drinks is genius, y’all!!   I received this NewAir wine & beverage fridge for review and I wasn’t sure what I was gonna think of it, but man, it’s so awesome and I’ll tell you why! There are several reasons to have one, especially if you like to entertain, but my reasons are simple. I want my husband’s dang beer out of my fridge!  We live 30 miles from the nearest store so we always buy things in bulk. Beverages are no exception.  They tend to take up a lot of food i...
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10 Easy Pieces: Front-Loading Dishwashers

After a few of decades of fine tuning, almost all conventional built-in dishwashers perform admirably in the cleaning department. The differentiating factors come down to questions of: How quiet is the operation? What are the energy-saving options (such as shortened cycles, half-load options, condensation drying, and water-flow control)? Are the heating coils and controls concealed? Is the unit Energy Star rated (which means it’s 41 percent more energy efficient than the minimum federal standard...
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Just Buy a Damn Rice Cooker

It all started with a video dropped into our cooking Slack.Read more...
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10 Easy Pieces: Portable Air Conditioners

If you’re in the north hemisphere, now is the time of year to consider an air conditioner. If you’re in an older building or small space (or both), a portable air conditioner can be unearthed or wheeled out every summer for that extra dose of needed cooling. There aren’t many portable A/C units that are good looking, unfortunately, but we’ve rounded up the 10 best looking, and top-performing air conditioners. N.B. For more see our post Remodeling 101: The Ins and Outs of Smart Air Conditioners. ...
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Top-load vs. front-load washer: Which is better?

There's a whole lot more to the top-load versus front-load washer debate than how the machine's door opens.
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Frequent Fryer

It’s the culinary equivalent of the Tickle Me Elmo craze that swept children into a nationwide temper tantrum in the final late days of the 1990’s. All the cool kids have one, or are getting one, because no other toy can compare. This particular modern marvel is considerably more functional, more respectable, but one could argue, no less frivolous than the furry robotic puppet. I’m talking, of course, about the air fryer. Leading holiday sales for retailers of small appliances all across the ma...
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The best outdoor grills for 2020

We've rounded up the best outdoor grills of 2020, with options suited for both beginners and barbecue experts.
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Delightful cover of A-ha's "Take On Me" performed on a washing machine

this is the greatest thing ive seen all day— glitch! @ tired (@GlitchyFur) May 20, 2020 I hereby dub this genre: "Appliancewave."
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Dyson’s First Cordless Vacuum With Swappable Batteries Is a Proper Replacement for Corded Vacs

In 2018, Dyson released its V10 cordless vacuum and said goodbye to corded vacs forever. But while cleaning without wires is undoubtedly more convenient, batteries still limit how long a vacuum can run between charges. It’s an unfortunate downside, and one the new Dyson V11 Outsize specifically addresses by finally…Read more...
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Car and Truck Waffle Maker Is Like Eating Hot Wheels Vehicles For Breakfast

It doesn’t take much to convince anyone to eat a waffle; one of the few meals you can soak in syrup without feeling guilty. But that hasn’t stalled waffle maker innovation. Once you’ve constructed a waffle house from edible building blocks, you can now fill its driveway with edible waffle cars and trucks.Read more...
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One simple thing sellers can do to offer buyers peace of mind

Ben Joseph and David Moreno of Liberty Home Guard explain the importance of home warranties when selling a home.
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The most common dishwasher problems, and how to fix them

Replacing a dishwasher is pricey, so some opt for the DIY route. Here's a guide to the most common problems.
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Best Espresso Machines

Once you have developed a taste for espresso, there is no going back. Its intense aroma fills the room, and it tastes just like it smells. It contains less caffeine than a regular cup of coffee, but still gives you a nice boost to start your day. It even gets better with crema, which helps give it a fuller flavor and longer aftertaste than drip coffee. If you want a taste of espresso any time you please, it is best to invest in your own machine. Designed to give you a coffee-shop quality cup...
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Best Coffee Machines

There’s nothing like a good brew in the morning. Coffee helps remove the stress from the previous day, and provides people with sufficient energy to get going on a new day. For many, coffee is an integral part of their lives. It is preferred over tea, and the choice beverage during work breaks. But in order to enjoy a hot cup, you will need a reliable coffee machine. A coffee maker fulfills a person’s coffee-related demands. Even if you are not a passionate coffee drinker, you can benefit fr...
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Best Bottom Loading Water Dispensers

We’re all familiar with top loading water dispensers, those with water jugs on top. These, however, are quite a hassle to refill given you are required to lift a heavy bottle up and place it on top of the unit. This is why more and more households and workplaces are starting to switch to the more convenient bottom loading water dispensers. These are much smaller in size and very easy to use. All you need to do is peel the seal of the top of the bottle and fit the dispenser cap over it. There’s n...
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Object of Desire: The Vermicular Musui-Kamado, the Stylish Multi-Cooker from Japan

There are a few of us at Remodelista who never took to the Instapot. Ease and cooking potential: great. Non-stick coated surface and clunky profile: Less great. (Alexa did give it a try but donated hers to a swap shop after a month.) So when I dropped in on the New York launch party for the Vermicular Musui-Kamado, an uncommonly good-looking induction-powered, cast-iron multi-cooker from Japan, I signed up to give it a try. More on the Vermicular: Developed by brothers Kuni and Tomo Hijikata—the...
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From Star Wars to dinosaurs, the 9 coolest waffle irons

These unique waffle makers come in all kinds of cool shapes and patterns for breakfast fun or novelty gifts.
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The best rice cookers for 2020

Want to make perfect rice every time without standing over a hot stove? Try one of the best rice cookers.
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This Building Block Waffle Maker Is Like Eating Lego for Breakfast

Beating Lego to the punch, a clever inventor wants to turn breakfast into not only the most important meal of the day, but the most entertaining one as well with a waffle maker that makes fluffy, edible interlocking blocks for building syrup-soaked structures.Read more...
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This U-Shaped Window AC Unit Looks Nifty If You've Got Noodle Arms

Summer is still a few months away, but for many of us lacking upper body strength, installing a window AC unit is righteous torture. There’s installing brackets, sealing your window, and if you’re in an apartment, doing all that while praying your noodle arms don’t give out and crush pedestrians below. That’s why…Read more...
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The best vacuums for 2020

Our expert reviewers took some vacuum cleaners for a spin to see which worked best. Here are our favorites.
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The best blenders for 2020

The best blenders can make you a breakfast drink, and then turn around and make smoothies for the whole family. Some can even make dough, butter, and more. Here are some of our current favorites.
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