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Study calls budding octopus farm industry unethical and unsustainable

A new study by an international group of scientists denounces the up-and-coming octopus farming industry as both detrimental to fragile marine ecosystems and unethical given their high intelligence. As countries like Japan announce they will start selling farmed octopus in 2020, researchers call on companies and governments to discontinue funding the new industry, claiming there is still an opportunity to prevent the same unethical and destructive mistakes that have already been made with land-...
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Scientists Say Octopus Farms Would Be 'Unethical' and Awful for the Planet

I still remember the first time I tasted octopus. After an exhausting day reporting the troubles in Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria, Gizmodo video producer Raúl Marrero and I headed to a seaside restaurant where I tried ensalada de pulpo as an appetizer. It was love at first bite.Read more...
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Tech investors see bugs as a big business as Ÿnsect raises $125 million

A company using advanced technologies to grow and harvest mealworms (larval beetles) at scale is on track to become one of the venture capital industry’s oddest billion dollar investments. Ÿnsect, (pronounced ‘insect”) is a Paris-based producer of insect protein that has just closed on $125 million as the company looks to expand into North America selling bug-based nutrients to fish farms, animal farms, and the everyday harvesters of vegetables.  The company isn’t worth $1 billion… yet. But...
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These fish and meat options are the most environmentally costly

Farmed seafood, wild-caught fish, or livestock: which one is the most environmentally costly to produce? A University of Washington-led study probed that question by scrutinizing 148 life-cycle assessments for animal protein production. Lead author Ray Hilborn, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences professor, said in a statement, “If you’re an environmentalist, what you eat makes a difference. We found there are obvious good choices, and really obvious bad choices.” (function(d, s, id) { var ...
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What do fish and ethanol have in common? A lot more than you think thanks to Fluid Quip Process Technologies

Feeding the Fish Back in 2015, Fluid Quip Process Technologies made it to #149 on The Digest’s Hot 50 List, showing that it is worthy of attention, but it didn’t quite make it up to the actual top 50 that year. But here’s why we think they might be worth another look for next year’s Hot 50 list. Oh, clean sugar technology, how I love thee, let me count the ways… First, FQPT has been around forever…well, these days over 20 years seems like forever. What started as engineering and manufacturing...
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Cape Cod sees growth in kelp fishing interest thanks partly to biofuels

In Massachusetts, Cape Cod is seeing a huge growth in kelp fishing and farming thanks to farmers and fishermen who want to farm it for biofuel or sell it to food markets. There has been an increase in permits and requests for permits for kelp fishing over the last two years. According to WCAI Cape and Islands, “In 2015, there were zero kelp farming permits, currently there are two in Oak Bluffs and Chilmark, and there are five more permit requests in the pipeline.” In fact, the U.S. Army Corps o...
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Salmon Spill Sends Thousands of Invasive Fish Swimming Up and Down the Pacific Coast

Last month, a pen in Washington State holding hundreds of thousands of fish broke, sending swarms of silver Atlantic salmon swimming to the south and north. As you’re no doubt aware, Washington State is not on the Atlantic. Now, these invasive fish have been reported as far as 150 miles away in Canada.Read more...
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Entocycle uses larvae to fuel a more sustainable food chain

 No matter how many tears are shed watching “Okja,” people are still going to eat meat—and the raising of meat is hard on the planet. Even feeding livestock and fish has an ecological cost. Soybean farming can lead to soil erosion and farmed fish still contributes to overfishing if their food is caught from the ocean. Entocycle, which is currently participating in Y… Read More
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Aquaculture fills the protein demand gap

Marine ecosystems are being lost to land reclamation and urban development. The majority of aquaculture production is freshwater, marine aquaculture is still substantial, accounting for 40 percent of production in 2012. Reclamation of China’s coastal wetlands causes a loss of $31 billion annually in coastal ecosystem services, equivalent to 6 percent of gross marine products in China. Wetlands loss in China has contributed significantly to the decline of migratory bird populations. China ha...
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KnipBio Looks to Partner with Biofuels Leaders for Fish Feed

In Massachusetts, biotech company KnipBio completed the last phase in producing its new aquaculture feed, KnipBio Feed and is now looking to partner with biofuel industry leaders to get to commercial scale fermentation. As reported in Biofuels Digest before, KnipBio developed a series of naturally occurring microbes that convert low-cost feedstock into premium, nutritious, single-cell proteins laden with pigment-enhancing carotenoids to produce healthier, more vibrant fish. National Research Cou...
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Inside the Race to Invent a Fish-Free Fish Food

Fish farms are supposed to be a sustainable replacement for ocean fishing—but most of them rely on fish-based feed. Enter science. The post Inside the Race to Invent a Fish-Free Fish Food appeared first on WIRED.
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SeaDrone simplifies underwater exploration and inspection

It’s the year, or perhaps the decade, of the drone, and the popular craft are only getting cheaper, better, and easier to control — but why should drones be limited to the air? The SeaDrone, demonstrated on-stage at Disrupt NY today, brings the benefits and simplicity of multi-rotor airborne drones to underwater applications. Read More
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Could Omega-3s from Algae Save the World’s Oceans?

TerraVia, formerly known as Solazyme, announced that it is entering the aquaculture sector with an algae-based feed product that it says can help reduce destructive overfishing in the world's oceans. [Author: Leon Kaye]
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Feeding The Animals We Eat: Fish Farming vs. Land Farming

We need more sustainably-raised and nutritious food, and aquaculture is certainly poised to contribute meaningfully to our future food needs. Here, Scott Nichols of Food’s Future, LLC compares the crop-based resources needed to raise salmon, beef, pork and chicken. [Author: 3p Contributor]
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World’s first farm to grow food and fuel in the desert opens in Abu Dhabi

The world’s first research facility to grow both food and fuel just opened in the United Arab Emirates. Located on a 2-hectare site in Abu Dhabi, the desert facility uses coastal seawater irrigation to raise fish and shrimp for food, while growing salt-tolerant plants that can be harvested to create biofuel. --> --> --> Read the rest of World’s first farm to grow food and fuel in the desert opens in Abu Dhabi
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Florida researchers weigh risk of arapaima for fishery farms in state

Brad Buck, University of Florida University of Florida researchers are studying whether arapaima could be a viable food fish in the United States. read more
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Growing Power raises 100,000 fish and 1 million pounds of food year-round on just 3 acres

Gardeners and farmers who live in colder climates are well aware of the limitations posed by a short growing season. But these challenges often yield outstanding innovative practices, such as those used by Growing Power in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Growing Power harnesses natural cycles to power a farm that produces over one million pounds of food every year. Because of its ultra efficient greenhouse system, Growing Power is able to continue its harvest even through the frigid Great Lakes winters. ...
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Fishackathon – Fishing for Sustainable Code

No, we’re not talking about the worst Perch fillets you’ve ever seen. We’re talking about bringing talented people together across 15 cities around the world on a three-day coding marathon to support our global fisheries! The challenge is to use technology to help solve real world problems in fisheries management, conservation, aquaculture, and traceability. Fishackathon Continue reading
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